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Sarah Silverman: When Horrible People Play Victims

Posted By Daniel Greenfield On October 16, 2012 @ 2:08 pm In The Point | 8 Comments


Sarah Silverman is a horrible person. That part isn’t in dispute. She’s a horrible person on a professional basis, because her career consists of being a horrible person in public. It might be faintly possible that she isn’t a horrible person in private but standup comedy isn’t like playing Colonel Klink. You can’t spend a lot of time being a horrible person in public without also being a horrible person.

Sarah Silverman being an awful human being isn’t the topic here. The topic is the phenomenon of being a horrible human being and playing the victim when you’re called on it.

Sarah Silverman can make Anti-Semitic jokes on a regular basis, but call her behavior “vulgar and sickening”, as Rabbi Yaakov Rosenblatt did in the Jewish Press [2], and suddenly Sarah Silverman is a precious flower who can’t possibly be called such awful things.

Rabbi Yaakov Rosenblatt’s letter to Sarah Silverman was much too nice. It was the letter of a clergyman trying to reach out to a woman that he imagines must share some similar values with him. It was clearly a waste of time. But what came out of it were the hysterical liberal defenses of Silverman.

Rob Eshman at the LA Journal claims that Rosenblatt went “over the line” by getting personal. Really? Is getting personal now the definition of “over the line”. If so Sarah Silverman and her enablers, like Eshman, who publicize her personal attacks, are also over the line.

Rabbi Yaakov Rosenblatt’s letterĀ  has been described as “offensive”. What is offensive is that the media arbiters insist on making a horrible person like Sarah Silverman into the standard of their diseased culture. What is offensive is trying to make Anti-Semitism cute because it’s done with a smile and a dollop of irony. What is most offensive though is when the offenders dish it out but can’t take it. When they celebrate jokes about Holocaust or 9/11 but run crying to mommy when that same behavior is described as “vulgar and sickening”.

You can celebrate offensiveness and the power of hurting others, as Sarah Silverman and her fan base do, but then they have given up the right to complain about being called on what they are.

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