Saudi Arabia Lashes Abused Woman for Remarrying Without Consent

The war on women… this is what it actually looks like. And the warriors are members of the progressive coalition whose interests are represented by Barack Obama who bowed to the man responsible for all this.

A Saudi court sentenced a local mother of four to five days in jail and ordered her lashed 10 times for marrying a Syrian man without getting official approval in violation of Saudi laws governing mixed-marriages, press reports said on Thursday.

Muna Mohammed Ladan said she married that man in 2005 and had two children from him before she filed for a divorce for mistreatment.

In 2008, she remarried him after he assured her that he had changed and that he would not abuse her again. They had two other children but she filed for a divorce again last week on the grounds he started to be abusive.

“I have appealed the sentence and I hope the court will abolish that sentence for the sake of my children,” Ladan said.

So Muna left an abusive marriage with a Saudi man, tried to remarry a Syrian (refugee?) and is getting lashes not because she’s being accused of adultery or any form of Zina, but because her remarriage came without official approval, presumably because the Saudi government does not want Saudi women marrying foreigners. Even though Syrians are fellow Arabs, it counts as a mixed marriage.

But remember, Americans are the ones waging a war on women and Israel is the Apartheid State. But just out of curiosity when was the last time Israel lashed an Israeli woman for marrying an Arab… never mind a Jew from another country.

  • Mary Sue

    WOW. Saudis are only allowed to marry Saudis? They can't marry Syrians, Jordanians, Egyptians, Qatari, Yemeni, Bangladeshi, UAEers, Bahrainians, Iranians, Pakistani, Afghani, Serbians, Malaysians, Indonesians, Weegurs, Libyans, Algerians, Morrocans….geez.

    Also the woman's kinda dumb for believing her first husband would change, the first time. But at least she eventually got out.

    • jeansasson

      It's always been that way in Saudi Arabia. In the past, there was no chance, but now a woman can get her father to sign and then take it to the courts and often get approval, but most times, the answer is a big no. However, the men can marry any woman in the world, Christian, Jew, Hindu, and so on… Sort of an unfair system, all set up in favor of males…

  • maurice

    The Syrians are not Arabs at all. Two differing peoples.
    That being established, Saudi Arabia is miserable to the women.

    • Mary Sue

      Well at least they're *Muslim*…that should matter more than Race to the Religion Of Peace™, right?

      • JacksonPearson

        There's a big difference. Most, if not all Syrians are Shiite Muslim, while Saudi's are Sunni, or Wahhab Salifis. Historically, the two hate each other. The so-called rebels currently fighting in Syria are Sunni.

        • Mary Sue

          ah, ok. That makes sense.

        • Kenneth

          Saudis are permitted to marry citizens who are members of the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council – i.e. Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman). They need permission to marry other foreigners.

  • g_jochnowitz

    It's no wonder that feminists hate Israel.

  • g_jochnowitz

    A woman was raped in Dubai. When she reported the crime, it was SHE who was arrested–for drinking.
    A new reason for feminists to hate Israel more than ever before.

    • LibertarianToo

      I'm a feminist. I support Israel.

      Why would support for equality before the law mean someone hates Israel?

      • g_jochnowitz

        I am happy to learn you support Israel. Unfortunately, you are in the minority as far as feminists are concerned. It makes no sense whatsoever for those who support equality before the law to hate Israel. Nevertheless, that's the way the world is.
        The Left licks Islamic ass.

      • Mary Sue

        well, you're not a radfem…

  • JenniferWard

    Golly, first time I agree with the Saudis- stupid women need saving from themselves.

    Setting aside all the serious consequences of government intervention in private matters- it must be said, abusers never change.

    • LibertarianToo

      So you agree with them jailing / lashing her? Or having laws that require her to ask the Big Daddies in the gov for permission to marry?

      What is surprising about this courageous woman is that she is able to think and act autonomously despite living in such a society.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    How disgusting to know of these types of degredations taking place where so many billions
    of our dollars are spent to keep these Muslim thugs in power. Islam is a form of rule that
    enslaves all of the populace, when will the people catch on……..actually they know but
    prefer to not have their heads cut off…………………………..William

  • Moe

    "So Muna left an abusive marriage with a Saudi man, tried to remarry a Syrian (refugee?) and is getting lashes not because she’s being accused of adultery or any form of Zina," What exactly does "any form of Zina" mean. Please explain. Thank you!

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Specifically adultery, but it's applied to immorality in general.

  • W. C. Taqiyya

    Don't worry, Hillary Clinton is the king of feminists and she went to the ME to make sure all of the women were free. I know, because she said so. I'm quite certain the women in Libya are free, isn't that war over and didn't we win? Pretty sure that's how it is. And the Kuwaitis, the women there are all free, Bush and general Schwarzenegger freed them a long time ago. And likewise in Iraq and Afghanistan. Bush, Bush and Obama accomplished much, with help from their women of course, to free the women over there. Or, so I've heard. And I should know, I'm an American feminist and I vote.

  • Gabby

    The article actually seems to say that the woman divorced her Syrian husband – whom she presumably had married with permission – and then remarried the same man. The problem came about because they did not get prior approval for the remarriage. To my mind, that makes things even worse…