Saudi Cleric Promises “Paradise” to 14-Year-Old Girls Who Have Sex with Terrorists

According to Sheikh Mohammed al-Arifi, these “temporary marriages for intercourse” (an Islamic legalistic way of permitting prostitution or concubinage) will satisfy the militants’ sexual desires and boost their determination in killing Syrians.

I’m not sure I completely follow the logic of that last part, but I imagine that the Al-Nusra Front, despite its boasts that it is forcing its fighters to live a clean lifestyle without any smoking or drugs, may be having trouble keeping homicidal maniacs in the fight without sex and Islam is a practical enough religion that there’s always a wake to take the forbidden and make it permitted in the name of Jihad.

The Jihadis get to molest an underage girl and the girl is told by her family that if she goes through this, she’ll earn paradise and unlike most women, who are hellbound according to Mohammed, will not have to worry about the afterlife.

Islam. It’s really feminist.

A hard-line Wahhabi cleric in Saudi Arabia has recently issued a special religious decree that permits the militants in Syria to engage in short-term marriages with Syrian women.

Sheikh Mohammed al-Arifi said that the marriages between the foreign-backed militants and Syrian women will satisfy the militants’ sexual desires and boost their determination in killing Syrians.

He added that the marriages, dubbed by him as “intercourse marriages,” can be with Syrian females as young as 14 years old.

He also promised “paradise” for those who marry the militants.

Arabic sites provide more background stating the Sheik was upset that the Mujahadeen have gone for two years without sex, and that a temporary marriage of a few hours for girls over 14, divorced women and widows, will help them attain paradise.

The source for this story is Press TV, an Iranian propaganda outlet, so I wouldn’t usually post it, but Sheikh Mohammed al-Arifi has a history of saying similar enough things so that it’s not completely implausible, though the Sheik has taken to Twitter to deny it. As Robert Spencer further points out, there’s an irony in Shiite Muslims in Iran who routinely use temporary marriages for premartial and extramartial sex to complain about the Saudis.

Sheikh Mohammed al-Arifi has a certain history of liking them young, really young, so I’m surprised that he drew the line at 14.

Islam Does Not Set a Minimum Age for Marriage

In the days of Prophet Muhammad and his companions, people would get married at a younger age. For example, how old was ‘Aisha when the Prophet Muhammad married her? I will give you a hint.

Member of panel of Saudi youth: She was seven years old.

Muhammad Al-‘Arifi: And how old was she when he had sex with her?

Member of panel: Fourteen.

Muhammad Al-‘Arifi: Fourteen?! No way, she was nine. You are getting married tonight and you still can’t count…

She was nine years old. People might think it is strange that he married such a young girl. But this was the age at which they used to get married. The proof is that when the Prophet told Abu Bakr that he wanted to marry ‘Aisha – what did Abu Bakr say? He said: “You are more than welcome, oh Messenger of Allah, but my daughter is already married.” At seven years old she was already married.

And if your 7-year-old wife misbehaves, Sheik Muhammad Al-‘Arifi will tell you the proper Islamic way to beat her.

  • JacksonPearson

    Another of Islam's dirty little secrets
    1. Muslim slave trade in Africa has lasted 14 centuries and continues to this day in places like Mauritania, Saudi Arabia, and Sudan.

    2. Over 17 million slaves (mostly black women and children) were transported out of Africa by Islamic traders. Another 85 million are believed to have died en route.

    3. The Prophet Muhammad practiced and approved of slavery, and directed his men to do the same.

    4. The Qur’an devotes more verses to informing Muslim men of their right to keep women as sex slaves, than it does to telling them to pray five times a day.

    5. The Arabic word for “black” (Abd) is synonymous with the word for “slave”.

    6. Muhammad's father-in-law, Umar declared that Arabs could not be taken as slaves, and freed all Arab slaves. This led to the wide Islamic campaign to capture slaves in Africa, Europe and Asia.

    7. Western slave trade exploited Africans primarily for agricultural labor. The Arab slave trade on the other hand, has more often used men for military service, and women for sex and for their wombs – to produce children who will be Muslims.

    8. Many Muslim leaders since Muhammad have had harems of hundreds (or even thousands) of non-Muslim young girls and women to service their desires.

    9. Converting to Islam does not automatically grant a slave his freedom, although this is said to increase the slave master's heavenly reward.

    10. According to Islamic courts, slave masters may treat their slaves however they choose without fear of penalty.

    • Arlie

      These 10 things you have written are the most horrifying and unthinkable I have ever read. I truly feel blessed beyond measure to have lived as many years as a free person under the protection of the US Constitution, Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights. These were given to America by men guided by Divine Providence and the Holy Scriptures of Torah.

      Islam and Sharia are surely spawned of satan.
      What a ugly world their unrepentant power has created against G-d, women and innocent children. I can only pray it will be defeated by whatever means.

      • JacksonPearson

        Ever since it's inception, Islam have been involved in slavery, and still are. Another dirty little secret of slave trade is presently happening with the oil rich countries and their wealthy on the Saudi Peninsula with little boys from Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India. If you can imagine, grown Arab men, paying for, and getting aroused watching little boys dancing, and the destroyed lives these youngsters have to forever endure after being sexually abused by them, is sickening! This is just another BS, unseen, and unreported thingy that petro dollars are contributing to in the Middle East.


        • JennyJi

          :) have you looked at Thailand, dirty white men paying for young boys..and wanst' the US built on slavery ? Hate to draw your attention to that fact my sweet, but … a fact it is……very selective memory you have Mr Jacksonpearson…mmm, distorted by outright racism? surely not

      • Martin L. King

        According to an American Source – one that is truely reputable the above is simply misconstrued. In fact I wonder why Mr Greenfield likes to propogate such material. Has he posted anything about Sir Jimmy Saville of the United Kingdom? Don't believe everything you read and certainly not from bias sources such as SKY news network and the monopolised Jewish Media Monster that controls the worlds "free" press. (Will you delete my comments again Daniel simply as they dont fit your agenda?)

        • JennyJi

          yaaay!! I agree absolutely.. totally misconstrued, and hilarious in its impracticality.

  • RoguePatriot6

    I'm a little confused as to why they even make this promise to these kids when they can just get away with sexually assaulting them anyway. I imagine the parents of most (not all) of these kids don't really by into this BS but fear of their entire family being massacred is probably a good deterrent for resistance.

    This is truly sick however considering that some Islamic terrorists permitted sodomizing others too make it easier to carry more explosives in their rectums, doesn't exactly make this a shock to read.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      They could, but this way Islamic forms are maintained and there are no honor killings or feuds. And the families will provide the girls willingly.

  • jleinf

    No wonder Obama loves these kooks thay share the same bizaro-world submit and obey ideology.

  • UCSPanther

    The Roman Polanskis of the Middle East will love this…

  • Jim

    The picture is not of child brides in Syria. In fact it is of newly converted Jews in Israel and has nothing to do with marriage or sex.

    • Mary Sue

      The picture there is for illustrative effect alone.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      No it's not a picture of Jews in Israel.

      It is however being used for illustrative purposes.

    • Raymond in DC

      They're not Jews. Notice the keffiyeh scarfs worn by the two guys at the front.

  • Mary Sue

    No wonder Muhammad said to beat their wives…they're still children (presumably theoretically in need of a "spanking"?)!

  • Ade jamil flaifel

    Hi did not say that,, here the evident but in arabic

    • Daniel Greenfield

      It's not evidence, it's a denial. And as I already mentioned in the post, he denied it on Twitter. But he has backed away from other statements in the past when they proved controversial, as with Kuwait.

  • Ghostwriter

    Is THIS guy serious? I knew that terrorists and the people who support them were filth but THIS takes it to a whole new level.

  • joan

    This is so disgusting. There doesn't seem to be any meaningful morality in Islam — they seem to come up with technical loopholes for just about any depravity or vice.

  • tanstaafl

    Islam – it's all about older men having sex with underage children.

    • JennyJi

      Jimmy Saville ? maybe he was a secret muslim !! Gary Glitter too maybe… I beg to differ, paedophilia is a sport of the west my sweet.. watch documentaries on Thailand and watch the business men uring in for child sex..US and Europe

      • tanstaafl

        The prophet of Islam, Mohammed, was a pedophile.

  • Mohammed

    I couldn't find the source of your so-called news from Presstv. can you provide its link if you are right?

    • Daniel Greenfield

      There's a link on top that goes to Jihad Watch and that links goes to PressTV.

  • United Against Islam

    Boost their determination in killing Syrians? Here's a better idea. How about we lock up all of these Muslim men as the animals they are, and give the women freedom from their oppression & murderous ways.

    • JennyJi

      oh you mean like we already have in the west.. gee thanks.. .. rape, abuse of women of course does not exist on christian societies, the west ? Paedophiles . ..these are lall western problems my poor deluded Islam hater

  • Jenny Thomas

    Have you actually read what you have written people ? I mean seriously ? Loving the way muslims are now bing blamed for slaevry, gets all those white folks off te hook taht dragged them halfway across the world, where many died, set them to work on theor planattions and used thme like animals ? or were the muslims to blame for that too.
    The girls n your picture above are not 14..and I think the statement actually was something along the lines of minimum age of 14, and widowed or divorced..that pretty much excludes most teenagers ?
    I think what this really is , is permission to go with prostitutes .. letting a few people off the hook..from someone who isn’t that senior anyway… i suppose ‘research’, checking your facts just wasn’t an option..o o the involbement of calm rational thought…
    you;re a bunch of KKK wannabees..clutching at any excuse to go after muslims… surprised you;re not diverted yourselves to supporting Erika Memendez..shame on you guys…

  • Wide Awake

    The Sheikh denied issuing the fatwa. Most importantly, Robert Spencer is the #1 well-documented Islamophobic hate-mongering fool in the entire US. WAKE UP people, this whole fatwa thing is BS propaganda to promote falsities of Islam. If you truly care about NOT harming innocent lives, then STOP spreading lies, false rumors and pure ignorance.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Yes he denied it. And that denial was noted all along in the original story.

      As I recall Clinton had a denial of his own.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      It's not there to promote falsities of Islam, it's a slap fight between Sunni and Shiite Muslims.

  • rookie

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    Are these rules only for muslims???

    News for you all:

    Greetings from Kosovo

  • wajeeh

    this is a fake story…………………a simple google search will show it is fake……….

    • Daniel Greenfield

      The only proof that it's fake so far is the denial that was mentioned in the original story.

      Denial however is not proof. It's denial.

  • ChristianDH

    Believe it or not, the cleric's declaration is fully supported by the qur'an, hadith and sunnah. Muhammad's definitions of acceptable standards are as true today as they were circa 630 AD.

    Now remember this, Muhammad is portrayed as the model Islamist. Muhammad taught his followers that his god allowed for behavior we would expect from hell itself. Lets keep that in mind when we examine his ministry. Although he married a 6 year old, he at least had the decency to wait till she was 9 before forcing himself on her. Islamists would have you believe that she was more than willing, but those of us from free societies don't believe a 6 or 9 year old girl could give reasoned consent to this 53 year old.

    So what's changed since 630 AD? Nothing has. Islamists must still uphold the blessed model that M provided us with. The issue of pedophelia, rape and temporary marriages just scratch the surface of our model Muslim. So what is our role in this Islamist paradice on earth? Our responsibility is to read and understand what Islam teaches. Don't go to your neighborhood Imam for this. You must read it for yourself. Arm yourself with knowledge and God willing…not allah willing…we can help shore up our world against the out and out hatred that this religion of peace teaches.

  • John H

    Another right wing hoax. Do some research and think for yourselves.

  • Sahra

    You know how damn much this makes me laugh? How dare you. How dare you all blame Muslims for slavery and prostitution. You know nothing. Why don't you stay on the topic and keep it on one thing. Instead of going around spreading rumors. You just embarrassed yourself, severely. You other religions always name us the bad guys. But if only you gave us a chance. And this is fake, always will be. Just like Wajeeha (Beautiful name) said, 'A simple google search and prove this is fake'. Well, it can. And guess what? You'll be known for the 'person who tried call muslims pervs'. And you failed, big time.