School District with %58 Graduation Rate, 50 Million Budget Deficit Spent 2.7 Million on Plastic Surgery for Teachers

The sooner we kill the myth that education spending has anything to do with educating children, the sooner we can break up the teacher’s union and school administrator mafia and pioneer some crazy ideas like actually teaching children.

The Buffalo City School District is Obama’s educational ideal. The class sizes are down to 17, falling every year. 29 percent of the teachers have a Master’s Degree plus 30 hours doctorate. The amount of non-teaching staff has climbed sharply. And naturally the district also has a 50 million dollar deficit and a 58 percent graduation rate… below the state average of 80.

The average high school student there is functionally illiterate and the teachers are living it up because “more money is being spent on education.” Which really means the same thing that “more money being spent on health care” does. It means more money is being lavished on the bureaucracy.

The amount spent on cosmetic surgery for teachers came to $2.7 million. The total cost for hotels, airline tickets, limousines and the like came to $196,986. You read it correctly. A struggling public school district with a budget deficit of nearly $50 million spent almost $3 million in one year on plastic surgery and travel. District officials declined an invitation to explain these expenses before publication of this story.

Their explanation, unofficial, is “You can’t touch, so we can do whatever the hell we want because if you don’t give in to our demands, we’ll bring a thousand parents and union members out to picket on behalf of ‘our children’”

And really, how will our children learn if their teachers have long noses unibrows?

As the Atlantic put it in a 2010 story, “Hair removal. Miscrodermabrasian. Liposuction. If you name the procedure, it’s probably covered. This is a city where the average teacher makes $52,000 a year. The plastic surgery tab would pay salaries for 100 extra educators.”

But we can just raise taxes on the rich. Or we could if Buffalo’s per capita income wasn’t $37,000 a year.

At one point the school board offered to cancel 100 teacher layoffs if the union would drop the cosmetic surgery program for a year, according to The Atlantic. The union declined the offer.

Obviously. The union members have no investment in more teachers. They do have investment in free fat sucking treatments. Now if could just suck their fat out of our system.

  • Mary Sue

    wow, the school district pays for plastic surgery for the teachers?

    That's outrageous! (man, where's that feature in the Readers' Digest when you need it?)