Senate Bill Blocks Obama’s Plot to Transfer Gitmo Bay Terrorists to US

Obama did not set out to kill Osama bin Laden. He set out to capture him in order to give him a civilian trial and dismantle Bush’s War on Terror infrastructure. But like his plan to give Khalid Sheikh Mohammed a civilian trial, there was a hitch. Bin Laden was killed during the operation. The American people did not want Khalid Sheikh Mohammed to get a civilian trial. And New Yorkers did not want him here.

Now a Democrat controlled Senate has dealt another blow to Obama’s terrorist dreams by barring the transfer of Gitmo inmates, including Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, to the United States, at a time when there has been a push underway to finally shut down Gitmo for Obama’s second term.

Senator Kelley Ayotte’s NDAA amendment to close off funding for the transfer or release of any Guantanamo inmate held by Obama passed narrowly. Naturally both of New York’s corrupt senators, Schumer and Gillibrand, voted against the amendment. But a number of Democrats, including Kay Hagan from North Carolina, Debbie Stabenow from Michigan, Manchin from West Virginia, Inouye from Hawaii, Webb from Virginia, and of course Joe Lieberman, who co-sponsored it, decided to do the right thing and the amendment passed.

Will Obama find a way to bypass it? Unfortunately a lawless administration that acts as if it encompasses all three branches of government in the body of one man, might. But it’s still important to do the right thing if only to protest against an administration that behaves every bit as lawlessly as the terrorists it seeks to set free.

  • riverboatbill

    The current prime site for Gitmo North is the prison in Thompson Illinois. This facility is located right on a remote part of the Mississippi river. This would be a great place from which to stage a jail break and terrorists attacks. There are many critical infrastructure targets in the area.

    A better place for this type of clientele would be an island in the middle of the South Atlantic. Perhaps they could call it : "Devil's Island South".

  • Mary Sue

    Wow, some senators have a conscience! DEMOCRAT senators! In this day and age?

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Or concern over red state voters. Most of these are red states. Hawaii is the exception and Inouye is usually fairly liberal.

  • fanlad

    We must hold to our principles and values and fight a delaying tactic for four years, like Washington had to do during the revolutionary war. He delayed confronting the enemy until he was assured a victory.

    Newt Gingrich made an outstanding observation recently about the power of our house of representatives. He stated a fact that we must not forget, that congress 1. Appropriates 2. legislates 3. has Oversight 4. Communicates 5. Negotiates. we are not powerless.

  • jakespoon

    Bring them all to NYC and give them all trials,even if it takes 25 yrs. NYC went whole heartedly for their mess-iah so let him tie the city up where no one can move or take a deep breath because of strict security, they wanted him,let 'em have him.

    • riverboatbill

      What makes you think they would have strict security,or could have?

      • jakespoon

        Why ,Bill,the most competent administration ever,the security would keep NY'ers from endangering the terr's… the terr's probably escape the first week. He want's them here,and what 0 want's 0 gets.