Senate Homeland Security Committee: Benghazigate was “Administration-Wide Breakdown”

The Senate Homeland Security Committee has begun looking into Benghazigate. The committee is chaired by Senator Lieberman who is retiring and holds no great love for the radical left that embittered his last years in office. The radical left that is in the White House. And the Democrats may come to regret allowing him to represent their Senate majority on a committee that they previously didn’t care much about.

Other members of the Committee include John McCain, Carl Levin, Scott Brown, Susan Collins, Ron Johnson, Rand Paul, Claire McCaskill and Tom Coburn among others. There are some leftists, but over all it’s more middle of the road.

Now staffers on the Senate Homeland Security Committee have begun investigating, although no public hearings have yet been held. A committee spokesperson told me, “Last week, the committee requested documents from State, DNI, and DOD.”

A senior aide close to the investigation tells me that committee chairman Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.) and others are coming to believe that “what happened in Benghazi involved multiple failures — not just by a single department or agency of our government, but by a number different parts of our government — before, during, and after the attack.” The source describes an administration-wide breakdown: “These include potential failures of intelligence, failures of process, and failures of policy.”

Intelligence failures are one thing. That just means finding and firing some scapegoats. But once you begin talking about a pattern of failures, particularly during and after the attack, and use words like “failures of policy” and “administration-wide breakdown”, then you’re getting into territory that may harm the bosses, not just the hired hands.

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