Sexual Harassment Now Okay for UK Muslims

How quickly is the UK headed toward a two tier justice system, one tier for Muslims and another for everyone else? The following story from Jihad Watch informs us that it’s now okay to sexually harass female colleagues… so long as you’re a Muslim.

A pharmacist who made crude remarks to three of his female colleagues has escaped with a warning after a panel heard he came from a ‘restrictive Muslim background’ and was unaware of the offence his conduct had caused…. a  professional panel ruled his behaviour was not sexually motivated.

Clearly it was not sexually motivated at all.

The General Pharmaceutical Council panel found Jamil acted inappropriately by making the comments and standing too close to his assistants… he asked: ‘Do you have a boyfriend? Do you want a boyfriend?’

The pharmacist approached her while she was at the computer at and asked her if she had a boyfriend and how she liked to have sex with him. A similar incident occurred the following week in which he put his arms around her waist.

Jamil got a pass because as a Muslim he was not used to women. This takes us back to the case when a judge let off a group of Muslim women after they committed a vicious assault, because as Muslims they were not used to drinking.

A girl gang of Somali Muslims who repeatedly kicked a woman in the head during a drunken attack were spared jail after a judge heard that their religion meant they were not used to drinking.

If the September 11 hijackers were tried today, they would probably get off because as Muslims they were unused to flying planes.

  • ★FALCON★

    Face it – Muslims world wide are running amok. And no one seems to care what the end result will be.

  • jemaasjr

    What I want to know is when are you Brits going to kill all this stiff upper lip BS and have a revolution?


    Ever since the uk/scotland released the convicted bomber of Pan Am 103, the uk/scotland are dead to me.

  • Horace Piet

    I am a former volunteer of the Scotland based screaming eagle loyalist brigades that permanently took out thousands of targeted child raping muslims worldwide. i AM 84 YEARS OLD NOW and can't move quickly but am willing to die in the coming civil war to keep the west free of muslim monsters and marxist nazis.