Sharia in Moscow

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“You think that we are coming here as foreigners, but we believe that we are at home here and maybe you are the foreigners. We will make those laws that suit us, whether you like it or not, and any attempts to change that will lead to spilled blood. There will be a second dead sea here and we will drown the city in blood.”

Those were not the words of some back alley preacher, but of noted Moscow lawyer, Dagir Khasavov, giving an interview to a television station about his proposal to implement Sharia courts in Russia. Interspersed with footage of death sentences being executed, Khasavov spoke about his new organization that would protect Muslim rights and claimed that his proposal was only the beginning of a worldwide expansion.

“We are going to expand this net, we will begin in Russia, first Asia, and then everything will be encompassed, as it was in the Caliphate,” Khasavov said. According to Khasavov, Russian security services already unofficially refer cases involving Muslims back to Sharia courts and his proposal to officially establish such courts would only legitimize the parallel justice system that already exists for the millions of Muslims who now live in Moscow and other cities.

There is no official count of the number of Muslims who have migrated to find work in Moscow, but it might be as high as a third of the population. Muslim prayers spill out into the streets and take over portions of the city. After the demolition of the decrepit Cathedral Mosque, eighty thousand Muslims took over the streets to celebrate Eid al-Adha while the police scrambled to control the streets.

Halal cafes are easier to set up than mosques and have proliferated much faster. Unofficial Sharia courts already operate out of Moscow mosques with Imams acting as the arbitrators, but Khasavov would like to go much further. Last year he proposed the creation of a Council of Imams, the first step toward establishing a united Muslim legal system. Nor is Khasavov a man who can be easily dismissed as a bearded lunatic playing Al-Awlaki sermons.

Khasavov has an extended background with the MVD, Russia’s Ministry of Internal Affairs, a section of its security services, and graduated from two of its institutions, including one named after Felix Dzerzhinsky, the godfather of Russia’s police state. Until recently he served as an aide to a member of the Federation Council dealing with social policy. And media coverage of his Sharia courts proposal was generally positive until a hostile interviewer on REN TV baited him into a rant that led to a catastrophic backlash causing him to temporarily leave the country.  It is entirely possible that his proposal was a trial balloon from higher up the food chain.

One of the stranger acts of Muslim terror in Moscow was the assassination of a Russian Orthodox Priest who had spent a great deal of time campaigning against Islam. Fr. Danill Sysoyev was killed in his own church by a masked man armed with a Makarov pistol tipped with a silencer. Security services supposedly turned up the pistol in the hands of a dead man they had killed, but no one appears to believe this version of the story, including the Moscow Patriarchate.

The method of the killing would have been out of character for Muslim terrorists, but entirely in character for the Russian security services, which have assassinated enemies of the state in the exact same manner. Opposition figures have been killed by masked gunmen armed with silenced pistols in public places, with their murders added to the list of unsolved crimes or attributed to some convenient career criminal. It would not have been the first time that the Russian security services had murdered a priest who fell out of line with government policy and treated it as an unsolved murder. The case of Alexander Men comes to mind.

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  • Alvaro

    The common Russians are wearing blind folds. They are so extremely anti-western that they think all Muslims are their good friends, and that Breslan, the Moscow theatre hostage crisis, Moscow subway bombings, Moscow airport bombing, is not caused by jihadists, but by paid agents of the West or their allies in Saudi-Arabia.

  • Nakba1948

    Yawn…typical Islamophobic hysteria. Do you really expect any rational person to believe that a few radicals with negligible political clout in the top-heavy Russian government stand to fundamentally alter the way of life for nearly 150 million people? The same question could be posed vis-a-vis the argument that Sharia is slowly supplanting the American way of life (that's a nod to resident Ziocon nutjobs Horowitz, Spencer, Geller, and friends). Give me a break! If you had any sense of loyalty to America, you would instead be concerned about how Zionists with Israel's best interests at heart have *demonstrably* infiltrated every organ of the American government and are steering this country towards a proverbial iceberg. You Zionazis are a much bigger threat to the American way of life than your fabled "islamofacists" could ever be.

    • zemplar

      A real nice case of ‘projection’, there…

      • ziontruth

        My thought exactly. Plus, we know who it is that's in control of world policymaking, because we know who it is that has a vise-grip over the oil spigots holding today's industrial economies to ransom.

        • evy

          nakba, blind, and with marshmallows in your ears. what a rude awakening awaits.

    • Anthony

      Your belief that what Greenfield writes ( it is scary, it is manifestly true), is to be dismissed is no surprise. If it were truth you wished to embrace and not Anti-Zionist, more accurately, anti- Semitic sentiments, the scales would fall from your eyes and you would realize you too, as a fellow traveller and useful idiot, are slated to be under the oppressive power of Islam.

      I notice that many anti–Semites like you post here. Usually they accuse Frontpage of being a Zionist entity. You post here in the hopes Horowitz reads your comment, and is sobered that perceptive patriots like you, are on his plans.

      Well, have you ever considered that the person Horowitz, was, a dangerous subversive, and is now, an effective champion for the defense of the West, are worlds apart? Have you ever considered that he more than the average person, has intimate experience with the psyche and strategy of the left, his former comrades? Yet despite his heavy leftist credentials, his work for the struggle, the swc rife of his daughter who was heir to his example of a good comrade, once he smartened up, is was vilified and marginalized by those I ideologues like you, who do not seek truth.

      Greenfield is right. The demographics font lie. The conquest of the West, of the East, of the entire world has begun. Islam is the agent of this reality, but the actor, those who are secretly marshalling their forces, of “Islam”, of “class warfare”, of anti-Christian, anti-capitalist , pro-immigration destruction worldwide, are not Jews.

      This manifestation is far more complex my friend. Think about what I’ve written.

    • frank keefe

      did you hear about the Brit who had his head cut off with a knife by the Taliban.He had converted to Islam and worked there for the Red Cross Charity.It made no difference to them he was British and Sharia law permits the cutting off of infidels heads.Either you are a Muslim which means your comments should be taken on board by intelligent Russians for them to realise what a dangerous position their in if you are not a Muslim then you are without doubt the most naive unintelligent guy Ive ever met on a forum.

    • Tiburius

      @nakba1948-Oh yea you Nazi-the Jews are to be blame for everything. Somehow I do not see Jews holding school children hostage in theaters and then start executing them. I see more Muslims involved in most of the wars occurring around the globe where ever they are. Seems StormFront gotten a little boring for you?



      Happy Nakba and Happy Death of your furher osama bin laden!!!



      Please explain why You Sand nazis, Koranazis, Islamofascists and useful idiots are at war with the entire world.

      – 9/11
      – 1993 truck bombing of the WTC
      – Bombing of Pan Am 103
      – 7/7 2005 London transport bombings
      – Madrid train bombing
      – Bali bombing
      – Beslan school hijacking massacre
      – Mumbai India massacre
      – 2012 Toulouse France massacre
      – Saddam Husseins poison gas attack on the Kurds – 5,000 dead
      – assassination of US Senator Robert F. Kennedy
      – richard reid sneaker bomber
      – Nigerian underwear bomber
      – Times Square SUV bomber
      – Death fatwa on writer Salman Rushdie
      – Death threats on Danish cartoonists over pen and ink drawings
      – Near nuclear war between the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and India
      – Beheading of journalist Daniel Pearl
      – Various other kidnapping and video taped executions
      – $100 per barrel Oil – Thanks OPEC
      – $4 per gallon gasoline – Thanks OPEC
      – 8 year Iraq / Iran war
      – Genocidal death threats by the Islamic Republic of Iran
      – Death threats against Europe by Muslims living IN Europe – see British Muslism
      – Honor killings of Muslim girls over "family honor" in the US too
      – Murder of Dutch filmmaker Theo Van Gogh
      – Fort Hood massacre
      – Assad kkklan of Syria murder of over 9,000 Syrians AND the absence of "anti-imperialist", "anti-war" protests outside the Syrian consulate
      – attack on the 1972 Olympics and murder of atheletes
      – hijacking of the Achille Lauro and the murder of a wheelchair bound innocent
      – Current Day Slavery in Sudan (Darfur) and Mauritania
      – Empire State Building observation deck murders
      – Muslim-Only city of mecca in saudi arabia
      – wahabbi / salafi fascism
      – Luxor Egypt massacre of tourists
      – murder of Coptic Christians in Egypt
      – synagogue bombings in Turkey
      – church bombings in Nigeria
      – church bombings in Pakistan
      – mosque bombings in Iraq

      Happy Nakba!

    • Freedom1948

      Bobka1948<—– I'ts not islamophobia. We are not afraid, we just see you for the dogs that you are. Rabid ones.

      • Foolster41

        I like your name, a good counter to disastor1948's, which shows his true feelings about Jews.

    • Looking4Sanity

      This country was Founded by "Zionists", you rag-headed moron. Your lame rant only bolsters my case that Muslims are idiots deceived into worshiping Satan. Satan's greatest trick was making people believe he doesn't exist…and here you are emulating his best work.

      I smell sulfur.

    • UCSPanther

      Plenty of room in Palestine for losers like you.

      You sound just like the German-American BUND. Always blaming Jews and actively supporting the cause of hostile regimes.

    • Captain America

      It's simple, even for an uncritical, unquestioning, unrigorous & uneducated, brainwashed mind like yours. Islam is evil; Judaism & Christianity are GOOD.Jesus taught love & tolerance, islam teaches Kill the non-muslim. Jesus taught equality, including men & wmoen. mohammed taught muslims are superior, and women are mere mens' chattel. The satanic Allah has 99 names; not one of them is LOVE.

      P.S. last week was Israel's 64th birthday!!!! Here's to another 64 Years & more, devil worshipper!!!

    • Atikva

      You are good, but we don't need yet another clown, thank you.

    • Antinakba

      The problem with this moron nakba is the problem the Western world has with the 4,876,871 thousand-trillion muslims: That islam disguises itself as a religion, rather than being taken for what it is: a discriminatory, blood-lust-driven and antisemitic totalitarian ideology bent on conquest and pillage. Nazism, communism and fascism didn't make it through the Western's inner layers because they never gained the clout that a "religion" would have achieved among the wishy-washy elites, namely respect for others' beliefs. Just like "nakba" moron here demonstrates, he has no respect for anything other that his sharia-crazed cohorts. Whether he is a flatulent muslim or a neo-nazi retard, same garbage, different prophet.

    • Jimi Belton

      You Putrid mullas from hell and your RAG called the koran, can all go to hades, or change from YOUR evil ways…..There is five hundred million legal guns in the USA and it is NOT going to be easy for you rag heads to muscle us Americans

    • Ross Lloyd

      Hey Dickhead, the Israelis don't go around stoning chicks to death because they have no dicks to speak of. I subscribe to the laws of Chivalry – that puts me and most of my Aussie brothers at odds with the disgusting towellheads and their supporters like Putin and his Chechin puppet….

    • RoguePatriot6

      "…you would instead be concerned about how Zionists with Israel's best interests at heart have *demonstrably* infiltrated every organ of the American government and are steering this country towards a proverbial iceberg. You Zionazis are a much bigger threat to the American way of life than your fabled "islamofacists" could ever be."__
      Hey, when was the last time these "Zionazis" killed over 3000 of U.S. citizens in a few hours and called us "infidels"? When was the last time you saw a bunch of Jews burning an American flag? Do they teach their kids to hate Americans or Christians? When was the last act of terror, AND I MEAN "TERROR" not the retaliation against it, have the people of Israel committed? It's simply amazing that people can somehow blind themselves to the centuries of attrocities committed Islamic Fundamentaists and somehow come up with some comspiracy to mask their hatred for Jews. In many cases what it boils down to, is "your successful where as I'm not" so obviously you are trying to rule the world and make us miserable" REALLY? (cont'd)

    • RoguePatriot6

      Even if there was some truth to this ridiculous claim of the "Zionazis" infiltrating every part American government, I would sooner trust them then I would a bunch of goons who have in every way expressed their hatred of American beliefs, values and people in general. They, ISLAMISTS, have infiltrated and influenced very crucial part of American government to include the very strategy in which she we fight them, through people JUST LIKE YOU. Hint: Why do you think it's against procedure to link Islam and terrorism now in reporting from government agencies? Did Jews do that? Lib/progs have been the most versatile and useful tool for Islamists all over the world to destroy the nations they wage jihad against, from the inside out. for example, Obama inviting the Muslim Brotherhood to the WH and his financial aid to them. Yet when it comes to funding them and Palestinians (creator of HAMAS), lib/progs have nothing to say about that. You get the same type of double standard gargbage with the ACLU denouncing and masking their resentment of Christianity, with "separation of church and state" yet when it comes to shariah and Islam's desire to impose it upon us, (crickets).

      WARNING, useful idiots are usually the first to be exterminated by tyranny.

  • Alexander Gofen

    Russian "marriage of convenience" with islam is not all new. Sovetskih had always exploited islam abroad trying to pit it against the West and Israel.

    The only new element is that now Russia courts islam with cooperation of … the Russian Orthodox Church: unthinkable in the Thsarist Russia.

    Russian brand of orthodox Christianity had always been anti-Semitic even before the 1917 coup. Soviets distilled the "new" so called KGB-reporting church whose anti-Semitism and later anti-Zionism was well in-line with the state policies. Therefore the Russian physiological hatred of anything Israeli and Jewish push them to embrace islam having the same goals.

    They had already gotten the taste of their own medicine in the Moscow explosions, theater, metro, and in Beslan. Yet the desire to harm the western "enemy" and Israel still overpowers any other reasons:

  • truebearing

    It is increasingly apparent that what was once an ugly possibility is now an inexorable destiny: the world will experience WWIII, thanks to the combined evil of the Left and Islam.

    It is a truly pathetic testimonial to human beings that so many people from so many countries continue to harbor such insensate rage toward Jews, somehow all arriving at the mindless conclusion that all problems emanate from that small minority of people. This collective idiocy maintains that an absence of Jews would usher in some kind of utopia. They are oblivious, apparently, to the disproportionately large contributions they themselves have made to the world's misery, and none more so than leftists and Muslims. It is sheer insanity, and it is evil.

    • Bert

      Those whom the gods would destroy they first make mad. This process is happening before our very eyes and it is ugly and terrifying.

      • truebearing

        Well said. We are witnesses to some terrible truths being revealed. This is an epic struggle between Light and Dark. As was observed at the inception of this country by Thomas Paine: "These are the times that try mens souls." It is just as true today, and arguably more.

  • Gamaliel

    The U.S. is importing thousands of Muslims a month.


      Send them BACK to their islamofascist hell holes.

      The blind snake, the spiritual leader of the islamofascist 1993 truck bombing of the World Trade Center was from Egypt in in a US prison for the rest of his rotten life

      As the saying goes.

      "The road to Hell is paved with good intentions".

      • WilliamJamesWard

        I think the importing of Muslim/Islamists into America was a very evil and destructive intention on
        the part of those in America like Putin that want power at the price of destroying America to form
        a large part of the new world government and global slave empire……………….William

  • oldtimer

    Sharia is evil. There are no moderate muslims. If it comes down to a choice, they will side with their satanic religion.

    • frank keefe

      spot on..look at Egypt where a survey of its people after their revolution found 88% wanted Sharia law including the stoning of women for adultery and cutting off the hands of thieves..such a peaceful religion I DONT THINK


    Tzar Putin and the KGB support of world-wide islamofascism is about to experience blow-back first hand.

    The commies deserve all the pain and suffering they have pushed on the rest of the world.


  • BS77

    Before the West is consumed by a hideous, barbaric, Dark Age ideology…there will be Armageddon…as it is written….and THEN, all accounts will be settled. Humankind was meant to be free, with free will and inquiring intellects….not to live as slaves of some seventh century insanity. Live free or DIE. Motto of New Hampshire.

  • AntiSharia

    Serves them right. They knew the barbarians were at the gates so what did they do? The flung the doors wide open and let them in. You can't have foxes watching hen houses and you can't have Muslims behaving like civilized human beings.

  • Stephen_Brady

    Shock! Surpise!

    Khasavov wants to be the Caliph of Russia … one authoritarian form of government exchanged for another. When has THAT ever happened in Russian history?

    • WilliamJamesWard

      I wonder how much time we have before all hell breaks loose in unbridled violence. When I wonder
      were we sold out to the Islamists. I am unsure just how long they have been being imported into
      America in large numbers. Obama runs America but into the ground enabled by a brainwashed
      electorate, subverted by leftist propaganda hitting them from all sides. There are only about one
      in ten that I know that believe in a wider conspiracy in America rather than mere incompetence on
      the Part of Mullah O'boy……..I am thinking that we will never see truth in the MSM and am suspect
      of self avowed fair and balanced information……….The information highway of the internet may
      be the only way to bring elightenment to our Nation. Will a future Romney administration have the
      insight and backbone to root out all of the Leftist/Maxist/Islamist subversives in America or will he
      settle for being top dog for four years while the subversion continues and Ameristan continues to
      form, it may be a coin toss……………………………William

      • WilliamJamesWard

        Google Patriot Post/Voice of Essential Liberty………………..William

    • Western Spirit


      it happens all of the time, hence the expression out of the frying pan into the fire.

      unless the world sees through this latest illusion by the deceiver, before it's too late, we all are going to be in the fire.

  • Western Spirit

    please excuse me. my keyboard gives me a choice—all capitals or all small letters. and i'm a computer illiterate.

  • Vermont Yid

    It's only a matter of time for Americans to come to their senses and say, "That's enough of this islam bullzhit!" When that day comes it will be open season on muslims with no bag limit.

    • johnnywoods

      I hear you Yid, I am getting my firearms cleaned up and loaded now.

  • RoguePatriot6

    Strange, how no one who follows Islam wants to live in a Islamic country however they seem to be more inclined to immigrate to other countries and create an Islamic nation or republic.

    • esatire

      Strange, how their brains are completely devoid of that simple thing we call logic :)

  • stevefraser

    How far has the USA gone in this direction? Just recall the madness of Col Hassen of Ft. Hood and the bizarre positive evaluations he received prior to his murdering a number of his fellow soldiers. It was quite clear to everyone who knew the Col. at Ft Hood that he was a jihadist, yet absolutely nothing was done to "red flag" him.

    • WilliamJamesWard

      Those higher up than him know Islam is protected from above and wanted him to be someone elses
      problem. Unfortunately in many Army branches there are those who's own career means everything
      to them, I saw this years ago and the rats who get away with to much are a long time in being
      put out. How unfotunate no one acted against Hassan who was made a Major, not a Colonel, we
      must not promote him. Obamazoids will want to protect him and do, If I was in charge he would
      have already been tried and receiving his just deserts. It may be he is Obama's psychiatrist.

    • Mary

      Russia is a Christian country, more than 80% russian popylation are a christian. I believe, that God will help all christian in Russia to follow the words of God in a Bible , who loved the world, and russian christian will bring massege of salvation thrue Jesus Christ, not only to their own people, but to all this people, who are living in Russia and accidently somehow were involved in this fals religion-muslim!
      The people of the USA should take an example from their 1st PRESIDENT, who trusted God from all his heart -bow down your knee before the God – repent your sin and ask HIM to deliver a country from all false religion( including muslim) and He will bring the light of the world, who is a Jesus Christ -our Savior and the Lord. " …If God with us – who can come against us???"

      • johnnywoods

        Mary, I doubt that 80% of Russia is Christian. I don`t even believe that 80% of the U.S. is Christian. That is a mighty high percentage and probably does not exist anywhere in the world. Other than that I appreciate your post.

  • mlcblog

    "We are going to expand this net, we will begin in Russia, first Asia, and then everything will be encompassed, as it was in the Caliphate,”

    There is nothing for us to do then but resist and work to overcome and stop this evil from overtaking our way of life. I would not mind the orderliness of a body of laws being brought but, to use a term, these people do not understand and therefore cannot appreciate freedom and its concepts. Therefore, we are at enmity. We can win, but we have to fight with everything we've got, spiritually, mentally, and physically.

  • Ross Lloyd

    The last Crusade needs to start today!