Six Million Jews Must Die for Palestinian State

Unnamed BDS Protester

The new Nazis are here and they call themselves Human Rights Activists.

“How many have to die to achieve “One State”?”

That’s the question I always ask advocates of ‘One State’ – meaning the antisemitic act of eliminating Israel as a Jewish State, the one Jewish State alongside 57 Muslim States. I ask it because the vast majority of Israelis – Jews and Arabs – do not want ‘One State’ under any circumstances, so it could only be achieved by force.

I asked it of Antony Loewenstein tonight at SOAS. Loewenstein (“As an atheist non-practising Jew”) has co-edited a book advocating “One State”.

Loewenstein answered “Six million. That’s my answer. Write that down.“

As the Anti-Israel campaigns get uglier, diving into Jewish boycotts and calls for the destruction of Israel, the BDS camp is showing its true hideous face. The mask keeps coming off and what’s underneath should be familiar to anyone who is also familiar with history.

These people are not human rights activists, they could give a fig for the “Palestinian People”, despite ranting about them all day, they are a force of utter destructive evil. They exist only to hate and to destroy.

  • John

    It's great to see Mr. Greenfield defend the state of Israel in explicitly ethnic terms. He correctly writes of "the antisemitic act of eliminating Israel as a Jewish State, the one Jewish State alongside 57 Muslim States." I agree. Israel must be defended (and defend itself) as an ethnostate. The Jews must have (and have a right to have) a country specifically set up for and by Jews and run for the benefit of Jews.

    As a non-Jew, I applaud Israel's commitment to maintaining the ethnic/racial identity of their country. From throwing out illegal African immigrants to building an impenetrable border security system, the policies of Israeli Jews should be a model for white, Western countries.

    Sadly, they are not. Even more sadly, Western Jews tend to be wildly in favor of policies that seek to undermine the ethnic composition of Western nations. Overwhelmingly pro-immigration and pro-multiculturalism, Western Jews would do well to take a close look at the wise policies of the state of Israel. They might learn something.

    • @crazycatkid

      Thanks John. & thanks, as usual, to Daniel for telling it like it is.

    • Don'tbegullible

      Your missing the fact that western Jews put their alliance towards Israel before their alliance to western countries. That's why they want to undermine the Christian nations of the west. Your also missing the point that the Jews in Israel seek to eliminate Christian settlements in the Middle East. There are many Christian Palestinians and Lebanese and Armenian and Syrian people alike! Stop eating up what the Jewish lobbies feed you.

  • Herbie bente

    It can be disheartening to see all the anti-semitism in the world, and Jewish hate even!! Who in their right mind cannot see that Israel belongs to the Jewish people and he/she who knows anything about history would deny the Jews the country God Almighty gave them a thousand years before Islam was concocted. Stand strong O Israel, your Redeemer, Meshiah is near!!

  • july

    Palestine is a joke. It could never function as a state. It's nothing more than a EU – US wlfare state lapping up a steady diet of hate and victimization .
    The only truly productive country in the ME is Israel .If muslims took it over it would turn into another muslim ghetto .

  • chowching259

    Palestinian squatters in Israel, West Bank, and Gaza should be given the boot. Let their Muslim brothers support those useless dummies. But the ones that can do Algebra or can write an understandable article should be allowed to stay.

  • Will48

    "Palestine" isn't even a word in Arabic. Imagine "natives" who call "their" land by a foreign word – that word meaning "INVADERS", no less, in Hebrew!!

  • Kevin Bly, UK

    Destroy Israel, murdering scum!