Slate Accuses Ann Romney of Sexism

There is nothing that enrages the left so much as a challenge to its narrative that it is the only true representative of designated victim groups. That is why MSNBC chose to erase minority Republicans from their coverage. And when an appearance is too high profile to erase, it charges ahead with the same old charges,

Democrats were stunned by Ann Romney’s speech and as they gather their resources, they have to find a way to attack her. Allen West was accused of racism and now Ann Romney is being accused of sexism by Amanda Marcotte at Slate Magazine.

Ann Romney instead stood up and admitted that sexism is real and that it actually structures women’s lives. Instead of fighting, she empathized, and implied that there is some consolation for women in knowing of their own moral superiority to men. Set aside the fantasy of equality, ladies, she seemed to say. We all know how life really is.

But Amanda Marcotte doesn’t actually list a thing that Ann Romney said which dealt with sexism. Instead she lists phrases in Ann Romney’s speech where she mentioned the burdens of being a caregiver. The nearest she came to addressing sexism was in this phrase.

You know what it’s like to work a little harder during the day to earn the respect you deserve at work and then come home to help with that book report, which just has to be done.

But the form of sexism that she was addressing was not one that can be redressed by legislation, but by changing attitudes about what women can do. Amanda Marcotte’s determination to undermine Ann Romney for the benefit of Barack Obama is just another example of what Ann Romney was talking about. From Amanda Marcotte’s point of view women can be many things… just not Republicans.

  • Barrow

    Is this the same Marcotte who had her Akin moment with this rant –

    Like a veracious coddling madame, she wants her ilk to self pimp and run amok in hooker-up psuedo-harems until they get their "careers" figured out and magically walk into the waiting arms of good men so excited to wife up women who have seen more penis than most prostitutes.

  • Rifleman

    To these folks, you're not an authentic Woman, Hispanic, Black, Indian, or whatever designated victim group they are talking about, unless you are a leftist. By doing so they reveal that they don't think well of these groups they put people in, and for them, and their diversity is only skin deep.

  • Omar

    Why must the left always create double standards for demographics group based on ideology? The left and its supporters are the new bigots.