Small Business Owners Now At Most Pessimistic Level Since Before 2010 Elections

Now that we are being treated to another four years of a “You Didn’t Build It” administration, polls show, unsurprisingly, a deep level of pessimism among small business owners.

The decline of small business optimism parallels Obama’s rise to power. As Obama won the 2008 election, small business owners became more and more pessimistic about their prospects with their ratings hitting the lower point in the recorded index on Obama’s inauguration.

During Obama’s first two hellish years of mad spending and repressive regulations, the index hit two more lows, going down to -21 and -28. That’s right negative numbers.

A marked improvement occurred with the 2010 elections that empowered a Republican Congress to oppose Obama’s war on the economy. There was a steady rise in 2012 on the prospect of a change of government. But as that prospect began to fade, the drop began.

And now that Obama won a “hurricane” election based on the false perception that he was helping hurricane victims, small business pessimism is down to -11.

We are in a negative administration and in negative numbers. Again.

  • stevef

    The economic model of Fascism is crony capitalism with an admixture of central planning, not "small business".

  • Mary Sue

    Obama wants to punish anyone who makes money in the non-approved way, this much is clear.

  • Parenthetical Phrase

    To the small business owners who voted for Obama thinking the Democrats were on the side of "the people": MERRY CHRISTMAS SUCKAS! You have exactly two years to rethink your political philosophy before the next Senatorial elections. Now put on your thinking caps boys and girls, it's time to go to work.

    • Mary Sue

      One can only hope that crap gets SO bad, that Democrat senators are dumped in droves, with landslide victories of Republicans so strong that all the voter fraud in the world can't save them.

  • Anamah

    I totally agree.