So Much for Background Checks, Lanza’s Guns Were Bought By His Mother

All the regulations that are meant to prevent “tragedies like these” from happening don’t really work that well. Like most prohibitionist efforts, they are limited by the practical matter of human cleverness. People can and do find ways around most regulations if they really want to. A wall of regulations cannot stop a killer. Only armed people can stop an armed man.

A law enforcement official familiar with the investigation says the three guns found at the shooting site were legally purchased by Nancy Lanza, the mother of the suspect in the shooting.

And no background check would have found anything wrong with Nancy Lanza. The man who might have been flagged by the background check never had to go through it.

  • Thomas Wells

    A "wall of lead" can stop a killer.

    • scum

      We always hear these 'get tough' cries after the fact. Put your rocket back in your pocket, you don't know how to use it.

  • Viet Vet

    This good for nothing little sob had to break into that classroom. If only that poor teacher had had a weapon, she could have stopped him right in the doorway. The left makes 'gunfree zones' as if that means anything at all to these limpdick little b*a*s*t*a*r*d*s.

  • MsRowdyRedhead

    All the mass killings have happened in gun free zones…
    Also, The administration has been withdrawing funds for school security and eliminating programs…

    • scum

      That's because people are bringing guns into gun-free zones. Of course, we could hand every schoolchild a gun for protection, that would solve everything. Millions have been spent on security, with little result, We need to try a different tack and stop the PRODUCTION of guns, not just ownership. Assault rifles are weapons of mass destruction. Of course, Greenfield is advocating for shoulder-to-air arms in every household.

      • Gail McBride


      • MsRowdyRedhead

        It's because they know they will not meet resistance there. If we halt the production of guns we may as well bend over and kiss our remaining freedoms goodbye. The only thing that has kept us from war on our soil is our gun ownership.
        We have some serious cultural issues to address, and gun laws will not fix that. It sounds easy, and i wish it were as easy as passing a law and our kids would all be safe.
        Most of our public schools are woefully inadequate in the area of student and staff protection, and a great deal of that is due to groups such as the ACLU who may be well meaning in their quest for "rights" but all to often end up protecting the criminal's rights, while leaving the kids rights to be schooled in a safe environment by the wayside.
        We no longer allow any discussions that may have moral basis in our grade schools, citing the parents rights to teach their children.. but when are they supposed to do that?? Additionally, we tend to do little for kids with mental issues other than throw pills at them. This young man had Aspergers. How did that factor in and what could have been done for him before this??
        Nonviolent behavior does not grow from rules alone.. the sense of what is good and right needs to be instilled so that these acts would be as unthinkable to today's generation as they were to mine.
        After 911 and the number of smaller terrorist attacks that have taken place on our soil and at our embassies, I do not consider the right to bear arms trifling. Given the fact that help is needed in seconds and it takes the police minutes.. often many.. to respond, the idea all are unarmed is an open invitation to those who would break the law.
        Gun laws may work well elsewhere.. but right here in the US we have glaring examples that repute their efficacy.
        Chicago has some of the strictest gun laws in the country, yet Chicago Homicides Outnumber U.S. Troop Killings In Afghanistan. (Huff Post 06/16/2012)
        Possibly the cause for this is that we actually enforce few of our laws, and when someone does get arrested, the courts give more rights and consideration to the criminals than the victims. Perhaps it's the fact that many of the prisons are nicer than the places those who get sentenced came from.
        We are broken. expecting gun control to fix this in any way shape or form is perhaps the most simplistic view of solution that I have seen. It is comforting to think of no more guns. But gun laws would not achieve that in any way. They would only disarm those that might potentially save a victim.
        No… we need to address the things that are tougher to look at.. and tougher to consider.
        IMHO gun control laws would work no better than drug laws do now.
        We have serious cultural issues here. For many many families, stuff is worth more than kids, and parents spend the majority of their time in pursuit of stuff. Kids get dropped off at daycare and picked up in the evening to be fed and put to bed shortly thereafter. They don't get the love and physical contact they need at an early age. They also do not get the moral guidance they need in most cases. Parents, multitasking, tell them not to do this or that but often not why. They do not see their parents interacting with the world long enough to get an example. Then off to school for more of the same. Their heroes become sports figures, movie characters, or video game warriors (NOTHING wrong with any of those, but not what I would want my grandson to use as his model)
        They see news of people dying in war or on the streets of some city, and often see only the numbers.. not the sorrow. After a while, life holds little value.

      • coast watcher

        There are NO school shootings in Israel–NONE. Why? Because many Israeli teachers and administrators pack a loaded pistol, kept in a secure place. If Sandy Hook's principal had kept a pistol in her desk, or if the school had had a police officer on the premises(as many urban schools do), the death toll would have been much lower. Gun laws didn't prevent this tragedy, and I'm sure Connecticut has very strict gun laws. More gun laws won't work, either.

  • ex-infantry

    He actually DID go through it. The FBI said yesterday that Adam Lanza – the same Adam Lanza who killed these children – attempted to purchase a rifle the week before the shooting and was declined after the NICS check.

    This does show, though, that a person intent on acquiring a gun will still do so no matter the checks we put in place.

    The simple fact of the matter is that it takes a man with a gun to stop a man with a gun. If a teacher or administrator at the school were armed, the body count would have likely been much smaller and many of those children might still be alive today.

    • scum

      It shows the checks do work, if only his mother had been denied as well. Stop the violence.

  • scum

    This is exactly why we have to stop both the MANUFACTURE and distribution of guns. The United States had something like 10,000 gun related fatalities last year, dwarfing countries like Israel, Germany and Japan. Greenfield is arguing for a more guns with less oversight, and is obviously a fan of Fast and Furious. Clearly, he didn't live in West Oakland during the crach epidemic in the 1980s when the Black Guerilla Family was battling the Bloods for control of the streets, using the AK47 as its preferred weapon. Greenfield pretends that Progressives are pushing for police WITHOUT guns (see his previous article). This is flat wrong. By the way, check out the time to reload with a Revolutionary Era gun compared to a modern assault rifle. And thanks Scalia, for your broad constructionist interpretation of a well regulated militia a few years back. I'm sure those kids in Newtown will enjoy their freedoms in heaven. Disgusting.

    • Nam Vet

      I agree, it is the MANUFACTURE AND DISTRIBUTION of semi-auto's and auto's that NEEDS to be addressed. Limit the MANUFACTURE AND DISTRIBUTION of these types of weapons to military and police. PERIOD! END the availability to purchase these WEAPONS OF DESTRUCTION on-line.

    • Lucia

      And by stop manufacture and distribution of guns you mean stop LEGAL manufacture and distribution of guns. Because as long as there is demand – and there will ALWAYS be demand – there will be production and distribution of guns, it will only be ILLEGAL, and you won't even be able to know who owns guns. Do you think most criminals own their guns legally? Do you think mad people like that kid would've aborted his murderous plans just because his mom didn't own any guns legally? He had criminal thoughts stuck in his head and would've looked for a way to steal a gun or maybe blow up the entire school. When people want to kill, they find a way to do it. Laws are made for harmless, honest, sane people, not for murderers and madmen. Weak up, you fool!

    • Gail McBride

      stop manufacturing cars and alcohol too.

      • Zionista

        and knives, and hands – they can strangle!

  • scum

    Greenfield has also blamed the media, as if the media started with Columbine. Wrong.

  • scum

    I'm just waiting for ANN COULTER'S latest. After the right-wing Breivik's little outburst she tried to squirm out of it by arguing that he must be a 'liberal' (and yet magically he never conceded as much), because he mentioned the NYTimes 7 times in his 1200 pg. manifesto. Of course, because she frequently mentions the NY Times in her so-called articles (never mind that she's the worst political scientist in the world who guaranteed Romney's victory), she must be a liberal. What's remarkable is that FPM fell for her drivel, and published her 'article' on Breivik which was one of the worst ever published by this right-wing shill site for the NRA and Scaife Foundation. Wow Horowitz, REALLY!!??

  • Steve Smith

    Yes, too bad those six year olds were not packing! Reasonable regulations may not stop every nut, but it contributes to ending this crazy gun culture. How many children need to die?

  • Lucia Sorrente

    You can ban all the guns in the world, you won’t stop human nature.

  • Graham Ford

    Living in the UK, with both a low rate of gun ownership and low rate of intentional homicide, I expected to write this comment saying, rather smugly, that if the USA had the UKs level of gun ownership it would have the UK's intentional homicide rate. Only, when I checked the correlation around the world, I found out that rates of gun ownership has no effect on intentional homicide rates one way or the other. The things that drive high intentional homicide rates are poor policing and drug-related criminality.

  • @oefforusa

    Liberal kooks will take this time to reflect on their anti-gun kill unborn babies agenda, while in China the same day 20 children were killed by man with a KNIFE!It is not guns, knifes, umbrellas, airplanes kitty liter boxes, bricks tire iron rods, etc that kill people it is imbeciles.
    I live in Vermont and have 5 guns of all kinds and sleep with my door open, no one will break in here as they all know every household is armed.Why are we armed, and we should be- because we are peaceful and dont mean no harm to anyone, unlike mentally unstable people, that are always going to be around , and we never know when one of them will snap.Blame the movies, video games and society dont blame the object which was used to fulfill the madness.

  • @oefforusa

    On the same note i am sure muslims were happy that this happened, another thing we have to watch for as they have already infiltrated our politics and our politicians are bowing down, to the Muslim brotherhood.Research it.
    My hearth goes out to the families of these children.