Somalia’s Dire Lessons for Afghanistan

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The Transitional Federal Government with UIC Islamists and Sharia law is no better at stabilizing the country than the TFG was without the UIC and Sharia. The deal that brought the Islamists into the government didn’t improve governance or get rid of the Islamist militias still determined to do things their own way.

Afghanistan with some Taliban warlords in the government will be no more stable than it is in its present form. Bringing in “moderate” Islamist thugs into a government doesn’t stabilize it; all it does is increase the chaos and destroy a government’s credibility as a source of law and order. When the machete and the bomb are the paths to political office, then there will be more beheadings and bombings than ever. The Palestinian Authority is an ugly lesson in what happens when terrorists are given their own government to play with.

Back in 2006 the New York Times ran an op-ed from Salim Lone, the former spokesman for the UN Mission in Iraq, blasting the Bush administration for its “illegal war of aggression against the Union of Islamic Courts.” “The best antidote to terrorism in Somalia is stability, which the Islamic Courts have provided,” Lone asserted. “As in other Muslim-Western conflicts, the world needs to engage with the Islamists to secure peace.”

Such editorials praising the UIC, which engaged in the same brutal antics as the Taliban, were not unusual at the time. Lone went on to become the spokesman for Raila Odinga’s coalition, which inserted itself into the Kenyan government through mob violence and forced Sharia and the end of civil rights for Muslim women into the Kenyan Constitution. Odingo, who is best known to Americans as Barack Obama’s cousin, was then brought in to “mediate” the Muslim civil war which forced out Cote d’Ivoire’s legal president, Laurent Gbagbo, and replaced him with Muslim thug Alassane Ouattara.

The two disputed elections in which Christian leaders were forced out in favor of Muslim or pro-Muslim leaders moved Kenya and Cote d’Ivoire one step closer to becoming Somalia. But Afghanistan will likely get there first as the ISAF NATO force rushes out the door eager to turn over the keys of power to the first Taliban warlord willing to sign his name on the dotted line.

To make matters worse the Obama administration has put a leading Muslim Brotherhood figure in charge of deciding who those warlords will be so that after thousands of Allied soldiers died to liberate and secure Afghanistan, it will be the Brotherhood that will reap the geopolitical rewards. But that will be a larger challenge for the Brotherhood than it has ever faced before. Planting IEDs on roads is one thing. Trying to run a tribal civil war is another. Whatever takes place after the American flag has been folded and put away is likely to look more like Somalia. And the lessons there, as in Somalia and Iraq, will be the same.

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  • ObamaYoMoma

    Anyone interested in seeing the future of Afghanistan need only take a short plane trip from Italy across Libya and Sudan to what is the most dysfunctional territory in Africa. Somalia can’t be properly called a state, more of a prolonged clumsy civil war fought between rival gangs of Islamists, some of whom have American backing and some of whom don’t.

    I don't understand, why is this bad? How is this harmful to US interests? Shouldn't we all be hoping and praying what is happening in Somalia will last for as long as possible? Shouldn't we also be hoping that Afghanistan and Iraq turnout the same exact way? Indeed, when Reagan was President, the US did everything in its power it possibly could to ensure the Iraq – Iran jihad was prolonged as long as possible, and we should be heeding Reagan's lessons, by also striving to ensure that any and all jihads fought between Muslims last as long as possible.

    Indeed, when Reagan was President, our policy with respect to the jihad between Iraq and Iran was to attempt to ensure it lasted as long as possible. Then in 2000 GWB gets elected, and he not only abandons Reagan's “Peace Through Strength” defense policy, he adapts Powell's insane “You Break It, You Own It” defense policy.

    Hence, we no longer use overwhelming brute force to swiftly eliminate our enemies while deliberately leaving behind our death and destruction to fester and to serve as deterrence. Instead, we employ a much more compassionate 21st Century cutting edge defense strategy: Indeed, we try to win our enemies' hearts and minds by foolishly occupying them for years on end in order to compassionately lift them up out of poverty and despair to democratize them, which is absolutely impossible, and the splendid inevitable outcome of our new compassionate 21st Century cutting edge defense strategy, of course, is the two biggest strategic blunders ever in American history. But don't worry though, they will both be covered up by the politicians, the generals, and the media.

    Somalia is what Afghanistan will look like if the Obama administration and its Brotherhood friends succeed in convincing some Taliban leaders to split off and join the government.

    Again…why is this bad and against our interests? Indeed, if you believe what are in reality two Sharia States in Afghanistan and Iraq will ever be the loyal friends and allies of the USA, Israel, and the West, then by all means contact me because I have a bridge in excellent conditions I need to sell you.

    Apparently, like GWB too, you swallowed the false PC multicultural myth that Islam is a so-called Religion of Peace™ and that virtually all Muslims, with the minor exception of only a tiny miniscule minority, are moderate Muslims. Damn….and to think that at one time I actually thought you were sane. Obviously, my rush to judgment was premature. Live and learn.

    Nevertheless, I hate to rain on your naïve parade, but ALL MAINSTREAM ORGHODOX MUSLIMS ON EARTH are jihadists. A tiny minority of them are violent jihadists, while the vast overwhelming majority of them are non-violent stealth and deceptive jihadists, and the few of them that are not jihadists are not Muslims at all, but instead blasphemous apostates that per the dictates of Islam must be executed.

    Hence, since ALL MAINSTREAM ORTHODOX MUSLIMS ON EARTH are our eternal enemies, otherwise they are blasphemous apostates that must be executed, then why should we not render them into chaos and abject poverty whenever possible?

    While the “moderate” Islamists

    That's utterly hilarious. Meanwhile, Bruce Thornton said this yesterday about so-called “moderate Islamists:” “Exploiting the naivete of Westerners who believe in the oxymoron “moderate Islamist.” Indeed, you guys are a riot. I haven't laughed this hard in years.

    the “immoderate” former members of the UIC’s militias try to push them out while forcing children and the elderly to fight for them

    Hilarious. That's a new one.

    –continued below

    • Fred Dawes

      You can see.

  • ObamaYoMoma

    The political solution allowed the LIFG to join in a broad front civil war that will likely see Libya end up under Islamic rule.

    Uhm…it's not likely. It's inevitable.

    That is probably what Qaradawi also has in mind for Afghanistan.

    What do you think the so-called democratic government of Afghanistan already is?

    the stage could be set for the kind of prolonged and bloody insanity that has seen multiple Islamist militias fighting each other across Somalia.

    That would be our dream come true. Why are you complaining? What's wrong with you. Indeed, we should always be looking for ways to render our Islamic enemies into chaos and abject poverty. Indeed, the more chaos and poverty the better.

    Somalia also represents the early phase when the War on Terror descended into an incoherent mission whose purpose was no longer to fight Islamic terrorists, but to find some Islamic terrorists willing to run for office.

    I hate to rain on your clueless parade, but the so-called War on Terror never wasn't misguided. For instance, terrorism is a Western manifestation only, while jihad, on the other hand, which can only be holy fighting in the cause of Allah against non-Muslim unbelievers to make Islam supreme, is an Islamic manifestation only.

    Hence, like an unhinged loon, Bush was so mentally incompetent that he actually declared war on what really is a Western manifestation only and it just doesn't get any more incompetent than that. Indeed, the reality that Iraq and Afghanistan would devolve into becoming the two biggest strategic blunders ever in American history was preordained. I just couldn't foresee that at the end of it all, that it would render so many people that formerly were rational and logical people so insane.

    When the machete and the bomb are the paths to political office, then there will be more beheadings and bombings than ever.

    Please learn from Reagan: chaos and poverty is good and we should be encouraging more of it, while pretending to be appalled.
    The Palestinian Authority is an ugly lesson in what happens when terrorists are given their own government to play with.

    I hate to continue raining your PC multicultural blinded parade, but terrorism, because is a Western manifestation only, is blasphemous and a capital offense in the Islamic world because it is un-Islamic. Meanwhile, jihad, on the other hand, which in stark contrast to terrorism can be both violent and non-violent, targets primarily non-Muslims unbelievers instead of indiscriminately targeting civilian non-combatants as with terrorism, and is always in the cause of Allah as opposed to being for any number of political causes the same way that terrorism is. Hence, jihad and terrorism are two separate and mutually exclusive manifestations and indeed two entirely different and very distinct things altogether. Hell, obviously the writer doesn't even understand what he is writing about. No wonder he is so confused.

    Of course, the intention of your article was to smear Obama. No problem, he deserves smearing, but the Republicans under Bush were just as mentally incompetent and deserve even more of the blame since they did far more damage because they stayed in power longer.

    • Fred Dawes

      5 billion in drug money and 20 billion in U.S Tax payers all good for the world bankers, blood means nothing.

    • Fred Dawes

      Just keep a good eye on this one that country has no future it will always live in 690AD

    • tanstaafl

      What you are describing is a rational approach to foreign policy regarding the Islamic conquest of the civilized world. Neither the Republican or Democratic party seems to realize the danger we are in or have a coherent plan to stop and reverse the penetration of Islam into our beloved country.

      However, the last thing out of Pandora's box was Hope.

  • Fred Dawes

    Most people who can see also understand that The Muslim Brotherhood and the Taliban? Al Qaeda all work in one way or the other for the boys in NSA/ CIA Guys all hate our freedoms.

  • tagalog

    One way of looking at U.S. military doctrine is that our fighting forces are committed to reducing our enemies to chaos so that their ability to fight us is destroyed. Anything that contributes to our terrorist enemies destroying each other without us having to undergo the expense, risk, and trouble of confronting them directly is a good thing. When we reduced Iraq and Afghanistan to chaos, we should have left them to work things out for themselves, thus insuring a considerable lessening through attrition, of our enemies' ability to do us harm.

    One value of the Battle of Mogadishu is that it eliminated a rather large number of people who might have otherwise been sighting down on our fighting men over their AKs at some future point. It should also have informed us of the following truisms: (1) no good deed goes unpunished; and (2) our army is in the business of closing with our enemies and destroying them, not trying to mediate between the starving and those who would enslave them, or being the U.N. Police Force.

  • Ron Carnine

    Obama is either insane or clueless. He withdraws our troops, closes down a good portion of our military and lets the Islamist run wild. Meanwhile, the civilians are caught between bullets. This guy acts like the world is at peace and claims we need only fight on one front at a time. He also withdraws much of the support for Israel, the only country in the middle of the Middle East that is democratic and stable. Our country is in danger and he spends millions on a vacation. I don't know about you guys but I haven't had a vacation in over 5 years and struggle on a daily basis to live within my means on a disability income. He needs to be put in his place and he needs to be impeached. He is the most dangers President we have ever had.

  • tanstaafl

    Islam is not a religion, it is a system of governance which allows the strong to oppress the weak. Islam's goal is to become the only government on earth through either force or deception. There is no compromise or tolerance in Islam.

    How then should the civililized world deal with this stone-aged savagery? Isolation, confinement and education. Encouraging the conflict between the various sects of Islam is also within our best interests, as well.