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Some Cold Water on the Illegal Alien Amnesty “Grand Bargain”

Posted By Daniel Greenfield On November 14, 2012 @ 10:39 am In The Point | 6 Comments


I passed over the Brooklyn Bridge this morning and despite the construction and whatever lingering effects of the storm may have been left behind, it’s a great bridge. And you should buy it. Right now before the price goes up. I know a guy and he knows a guy and you could get rich quick before the bridge goes off the market.

In completely unrelated news, we’re being pitched a Grand Bargain on amnesty for illegal aliens. And since it’s “Grand” and a “Bargain”, it’s bound to be swell.

The current pitch is that we give in on amnesty, gain the Latino vote, and in exchange the Democrats will give us border security and help assimilating all the illegal aliens, when we can’t even assimilate the legal ones.

Let’s break this down

1. A Great Bargain will not win us the Latino vote. It will secure the Latino vote for Democrats. Again. Any amnesty under a Democrat in the White House will only politically benefit him. It will not politically benefit Republicans. Especially with low information voters.

2. No one who wants amnesty for illegal aliens also wants to secure the border. If you believe in amnesty, then you’re not really sincere about border security. And vice versa. Anyone who believes in the virtue of legalizing millions of illegal Mexican aliens does not also believe that preventing more of them from entering the country is a good thing. That applies to Democrats and Republicans.

So please spare us the phony “concern for the border” nonsense. Amnesty will only undermine border security even further by attracting even more illegal aliens.

3. Republicans will get no border security in exchange for such a deal. The only purpose of calling it a grand bargain is, to quote Churchill, a matter of, “Madam, we’ve already established what kind of woman you are now we’re just negotiating the price.”

Border security will go on being a sham. Rand Paul is talking about amnesty in exchange for an end to legal immigration. That’s not a bargain that even Republicans would go for, let alone Democrats, and he knows it. Proposals like these are a sham to whet the appetite of Republicans for a deal that they will never get.

4. There is no urgent reason to make a deal now. No one pushing for an urgent deal has a rational explanation for why this issue is so urgent, except that they decided it’s a way to win Latino votes. And “getting a seat at the table” and “a voice in the process” is DC slang for selling out principles.

5. There really is no middle ground. A pathway to citizenship means citizenship. And any bargain that falls short of citizenship will eventually lead to citizenship.

The bottom line is we are going to either have a rule of law. Or we’re going to have special privileges for illegal aliens from south of the border, while immigrants who want to come here legally have to wait their turn. And what exactly is conservative about that?

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