Soros Firsters Bash Israel

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When the far left took on the far right’s habit of referring to Jews who don’t support their drive for the destruction of Israel as “Israel Firsters” they forgot one important thing. To accuse someone else of being unpatriotic, you have to be able to assert your own patriotism. To accuse someone else of dual loyalty, you first have to be loyal to the United States.

The Muslim bloggers at the Center for American Progress, an Obama Administration think tank funded by George Soros, a Nazi collaborating billionaire, along with a secret list of other rogue titans, have no such credibility, not because they are Muslim, but because they have a long record of undermining and attacking American national defense and national security. The Soros Shadow Party may use the name “American” in organizations such as the Center for American Progress or the New America Foundation but those groups are invariably Anti-American.

When Zaid Jilani, a blogger at the Center for American Progress, uses “Israel Firsters,” no one bothers to ask him the obvious question. What country does he put first? It certainly isn’t the United States whose foreign policy Jilani has blamed for Muslim terrorism against America. When making that argument Zaid Jilani claimed, “saying that instantly gets you labeled a Blame America Firster or some other kind of nonsense.”

Jilani, like most of his colleagues, is indeed a Blame America Firster. The Center for American Progress is really The Center for Blaming America First, which gives it very little credibility when it decides to tar anyone to the right of them, a wide swath of the populace that covers anyone who doesn’t believe that all our problems with Islamic terrorism are due to a few million Jews living in the 9 miles between Tel Aviv’s view of the Mediterranean and the West Bank’s Muslim terrorist encampments filled with people so angry and hate-filled that they could only find work as Jihadists or blogging at the Center for American Progress.

But when Jilani complained two years ago that Americans irrationally hate and smear Pakistan, no one called him a Pakistan Firster. When he wrote last year, “As a Pakistani-American, I’ve grown up caught between two worlds: the United States, the rich country that is the world’s lone superpower, and Pakistan, the troubled land of my parent’s birth (sic)” and concluded with an observation of the book he was discussing that “the motivations of Al Qaeda were obscured or misinterpreted in the major media narratives about the attacks, and that the terrorists viewed themselves as retaliating against American foreign policy,” he had done far more to earn the label of a Pakistan Firster than any of his targets had to earn the label of Israel Firster.

Ali Gharib, another Center for American Progress blogger, accused a Republican Senator who supported sanctions against Iran of not caring about anyone but Israel. But Gharib, CAP’s point man on opposing sanctions on Iran, cares mainly about Iran acting like, dare one say it, an Iran Firster. What kind of sanctions on Iran is Gharib opposed to? Any sanctions really. An extensive Think Progress post by him last month warned against barring American companies that do business through Iran’s central bank. Iran’s central bank CBI is government owned and finances its terrorist activities. Its governor is a stooge of genocidal lunatic Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Opposing bipartisan sanctions that would undermine the Iranian regime and its leading madman is not exactly the behavior of a great patriot.

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  • UCSPanther

    I can't wait until Soros is nothing more than a bitter memory.

    This carpetbagger has caused a lot of trouble and it needs to end.

  • Nakba1948

    What a backwards article. So people who decry the Zionist stranglehold on American politics are now un-American? It's putting the interests of a foreign nation over one's own that's unpatriotic. And naturally, the author of the article has to invoke the "evil Mooooslims," a cheap diversionary tactic at best. Zionist Jews in American and their wingnut evangelical buddies are a veritable fifth column, and it's a national disgrace. You Zionazis are traitors to America; spin it however you like.

    • kafir

      allahu snackbar, nakba! Allahu snackbar! Are you one of them moon god worshippers, and follower of that pedophilic madman mohamat the child molester?

      • randy

        Pediphiles like the catholic church?

        • Indioviejo

          There are over 1 Billion Catholics in the world, it is pretty stupid on your part to label the entire Church as pedophiles. You make no sense.

    • ziontruth

      This just in:

      Marxist/Islamist Traitors Discover Patriotism!

    • JEM

      As long as the Jews were dominated by Islamic governments all was supposedly well, but when the Jews finally got a little sliver of their land back where Islam and the Arabs could no longer dominate them, it is Nakba. The victim hood of the Arabs and their lack of taking responsibility for their own plight will be a continuing source of violence for the Middle East. That is the real tragedy. There will be no solution until the Arabs and Islamists judge themselves in the true light of history. Because of sinful pride, that is not likely to happen anytime soon.

    • ObamaYoMoma

      So people who decry the Zionist stranglehold on American politics are now un-American?

      There is no stranglehold. The imagined stranglehold is a paranoid delusion and a product of your obsession with hating Jews and with sympathizing with Muslims.

      It's putting the interests of a foreign nation over one's own that's unpatriotic.

      Not really. Maintaining Israel as an ally is very worthwhile, as Israel is the only true Western style democracy in the Middle East. Israel is also like having a gigantic military based right in the heart of the Islamic world, and Israel is also our eyes and ears in the Islamic world.

      Indeed, if we loss Israel, we'd have to build several smaller military bases to replace Israel and we would have to exponentially ramp up our intelligence gathering capabilities in the region as well. All of which would easily cost exponentially far more than the measly amount of foreign aid we provide Israel on an annual basis. Thus, by maintaining Israel as an ally, it saves us tons of money.

      And naturally, the author of the article has to invoke the "evil Mooooslims," a cheap diversionary tactic at best.

      Although this writer is blinded to the hilt by PC multiculturalism, he is nonetheless at least smart enough to understand that the Muslims you sympathize with and apologize for like a useful idiot are not only at war with the Jewish unbelievers in Israel, but also at war with all non-Muslim unbelievers in the world as well, including useful idiots like you.

      In fact, if you weren't so narrow-minded, you'd notice that Christians and all other non-Muslim unbelievers living throughout the Islamic world as second-class dhimmi citizens are violently oppressed and systematically persecuted when not outright slaughtered altogether without exception, and while at the same time they are violently oppressing and systematically persecuting the Christians and non-Muslim unbelievers living in their Islamic countries, they are using useful idiots like you to do their bidding for them in the USA to incite hatred and violence against Jews.

      Indeed, why don't you prove me wrong by listing all the Muslim countries in the Islamic world that do not violently oppress and systematically persecute when not outright slaughtering altogether the Christians and non-Muslim unbelievers that live in their countries?

      Meanwhile, at the same time that Christians and non-Muslim unbelievers as a rule are violently oppressed and systematically persecuted throughout the Islamic world, you condemn America for remaining an ally with Israel who doesn't oppress anyone. What's wrong with that picture?

      Well it indicates that you are incredibly narrow-minded for one, that you have had your ignorance's exploited to the hilt, that you are incredibly gullible and stupid, that you are a useful idiot, that you didn't receive an education or otherwise was indoctrinated, that you are a Muslim sympathizer and apologist even though all Muslims in the world are at war with you and all unbelievers including Jews, that you are addicted to inciting hatred and violence against Jews, and that you are completely obsessed with fomenting another mass genocidal holocaust of Jews.

      Meanwhile, besides the Jewish unbelievers in Israel, the Muslims are also waging jihads of conquest against the Hindu unbelievers in Kashmir, Jammu, and India, the Buddhist unbelievers in Thailand, the Christian unbelievers in the Philippines, the atheist and Orthodox Christian unbelievers in Chechnya and Russia, the animist and Christian unbelievers in Cote D'Ivoire, Nigeria, Sudan, Somalia, Ethiopia, and Kenya, the Orthodox Christian unbelievers in Bosnia and Kosovo, etc., etc., etc. Including the stealth global jihad against the West via mass Muslim immigration with all of its excess baggage for the purpose of stealth demographic conquest to make Islam supreme, as Muslim immigrants never ever assimilate and integrate but instead form segregated Muslim enclaves that in time morph into Muslim no-go zones ruled by Sharia as fifth columns and in direct contravention to the laws of the states in which they reside.

      Hence, considering all of the many jihads currently being waged simultaneously by the Islamic world against non-Muslim unbelievers around the world, why are you singling out only the jihad that is being waged against the Jewish unbelievers in Israel, while at the same time ignoring all the others? Never mind the answer is obvious.

      Zionist Jews in American and their wingnut evangelical buddies are a veritable fifth column, and it's a national disgrace. You Zionazis are traitors to America; spin it however you like.

      If anyone is a wing-nut, part of a fifth column, a traitor, a national disgrace, a severely mentally handicapped moonbat, a narrow-minded loon, and a perpetual useful idiot, go look in the mirror because you will be staring at it.

      • Foolster41

        "Although this writer is blinded to the hilt by PC multiculturalism,"

        The thing is, I don't think this person is, judging from their name (Nakba1948, "The disastor" and the year Isreal was created) and attitudes,it's pretty clear Nakba1948 is not a loopy leftist, but a jew-hater, a Islamist supremacist and a terrorist sympathizer.

        (And Nakba, if you do respond, please answer these questions:
        1.)How you feel abut Hamas?
        2.)About Hezballah?
        3.)Does Isreal have a right to exist and defend herself?
        4.)If yes to 3, then please explain the origins of your name.
        5.)Do you believe a nuclear armed Iran is a threat to peace, and Isreal?

    • ASG

      So maybe in the land of opposite to reality Marxist thinking, a person only has the capacity to give a crap about one country at a time. Some of us more evolved human beings can care about both without placing one over the other or assigning a priority list. I have two children, a boy and a girl. If I go out and play catch with my son am I putting him first over his sister who prefers to play with dolls? Of course not. Monday was Martin Luther King Jr day, and as he once put it, "". . . You declare, my friend, that you do not hate the Jews, you are merely 'anti-Zionist.' And I say, let the truth ring forth from the high mountain tops, let it echo through the valleys of God's green earth: When people criticize Zionism, they mean Jews–this is God's own truth. __"Antisemitism, the hatred of the Jewish people, has been and remains a blot on the soul of mankind. In this we are in full agreement. So know also this: anti-Zionist is inherently antisemitic, and ever will be so. "____

    • Zionista

      Israel is here to stay – get used to it and go have a good cry in your koran

    • UCSPanther

      Last time I checked, 70% of Americans support Israel.

      Now you think about that.


      There is no "Zionist" strong hold.
      You are idiotic.
      There is a BOLSHEVIK stronghold that is comprised of mostly NON Jews.

      Evangelicals made this nation, maybe you should move to Iran, where your ideas would be very popular.
      Come to my website tomorrow and I will send you a one way ticket, pronto.

      • Flipside

        Right. There is no Mafia either.

  • Maher

    I allready asked Nakba for ever a question he didn't answer. Let's try again:
    The Arabs occupied peoples since the 7th century A.D. The nature of their rule never change: ethnic and religious cleansing. It turned native Jews and Christians into minorities in their own lands, forcibly converting them to Islam, appropriating their shrines and erasing their history. Jews in Arab countries were stripped of their rights and dispossessed of their property. In 1925 the Chaldeans (non Arabs, non Muslims) were a majority in Iraq (British census); less than 1% today. Same for the Copts in Egypt. So you are lecturing us about what, Nakba?

    • ObamaYoMoma

      The Arabs occupied peoples since the 7th century A.D.

      No not really. Christian Arabs never have occupied anyone. However, Christian Arabs in the Islamic world have been subjugated into harsh and degrading dhimmitude by Muslims for over 1300 years. Indeed, Christian Arabs like all other non-Muslim Arab unbelievers living in the Islamic world are violently oppressed and systematically persecuted when not outright slaughtered altogether throughout the Middle East and they have never ever occupied or oppressed anyone. That's false.

      • Maher

        Historically, prior to the “Arab conquest” there were very few and small Christian communities in the Arabic peninsula where the Arab tribes used to live. The Jewish presence was indeed very strong, with some tribes completely Jewish. Medina was a Jewish city. The Christians all over the ME and the Maghreb were not ethnically Arabs.

        Historically, prior to the “Arab conquest (aggression)” there were very few and small Christian communities in the Arabic peninsula where the Arab tribes used to live. The Jewish presence was indeed very strong, with some tribes completely Jewish. Medina was a Jewish city. The Christians all over the ME and the Maghreb were not ethnically Arabs.

        • ObamaYoMoma

          What about the Christian Arabs that lived in the Holy Land, what about the Christian Arabs in Lebanon, Syria, and Iraq? Not to mention that there were several Christian Arab tribes and some cities in the Arab peninsular were mixed. In fact, Mecca was a mixed city.

          Anyway, my point is Muslims don't seek world domination because they are Arabs. They seek world domination because they are Muslims. Hence, call them what they are, as they subjugate and oppress all non-Muslims unbelievers including Arab Christians, Arab Druze, Arab Yazidis, or whatever. All that matters is that they be non-Muslim unbelievers.

          Further, Muslims fighting against Israel always call themselves Arabs or Palestinians deliberately to camouflage the permanent genocidal jihad of conquest the Islamic world is waging perpetually against the Jewish unbelievers in Israel. Hence, by calling them Arabs it detracts away from the fact that what is really happening in Israel is not a conflict between Arabs and Israelis at all, as they want everyone to believe, but instead it is a permanent and perpetual genocidal jihad of conquest. Meanwhile, most haters of Israel, on the other hand, believe it is a conflict caused by greedy land grabbing Jews and that Islam doesn't have anything to do with anything.

          • Maher

            No track of Arabs in Palestine, where early Christians were simply Jews, for Jesus never meant to create a new religion (the evangelists did) and to be a disciple you had to be circumcised. There where no Arab tribes in what are Lebanon and Syria today and in Iraq the Christians were almost exclusively Chaldeans (non Arabs). Same for the Copts, Berbers (prior to the Arab aggression there were 168 roman catholic bishops in Algeria and San Augustin is native of Annaba) and Tamazight .
            You are absolutely right when you say that we must focus on Islam. An obscurantist foe. A genocidal one

  • Sashland

    What an insightful article. In busting their propaganda game, the anti-Israel's have their cheap tactics exposed and turned against them.

    Might I also add that a large number of the "hate Zion" pro-PLO/hamas crowd are actually "Islam Firsters" who ultimately have no historic or national affiliation called "Palestine", and definitely not to the US. Palestine is the name of the land designated for Israel, in the same era and way that the Arab principalities were created, but the arab Imperialists stole the name and tried to steal the land. They got most of it, but not all. And that's the problem. Zionism mean that Israel exists as a Jewish Country. That is the real "crime" those who mourn the "nabka" seek to remedy – the Jews had the gall to survive the attempts at genocide by the arabs.

    Interesting how people who's hearts are with hamas call Jews "Zionazis" and "traitors" when the heros of the PLO and Hamas are the REAL nazis. The "nabka" celebrates a failed genocide. Islam and the Nazis have joined forces in genocide, before, during and after World War Two, and today with the neo-nazis in their lying tactics. The US public see through your BS and stands with Israel. We know who killed RFK.

  • FriendofGaryCooper

    So, Nakba1948, you call Zionists "traitors to America?" Fact: Obama waited four whole days before he uttered a word about the Ft. Hood massacre; and now he calls this type of attack "workplace violence." Fact: Bush visited Ft. Hood BEFORE Obama.
    Fact: The Ft. Hood shootings were made possible by a climate of Jihadi-induced political correctness that left administrators powerless to stop Nidal Hasan before he opened fire. And you call yourself an American patriot? You won't see any Zionist supporting the Ft. Hood shootings. Outstanding article, and necessary.

    • kafir

      Leave nakba alone. She's one of those moon god worshippers, and speaking logic to her is like explaining the train schedule to your dog. It'll lol its tongue, wag its tail, but at the end of the day, doesn't have the capability to understand. It's not her fault any more than it's the dogs fault. But if the dog contracts rabies…………

      • MAD JEWESS

        Probably a Ron Paul supporter.

    • ObamaYoMoma

      " Fact: Bush visited Ft. Hood BEFORE Obama.
      Fact: The Ft. Hood shootings were made possible by a climate of Jihadi-induced political correctness that left administrators powerless to stop Nidal Hasan before he opened fire.

      Actually, the Fort Hood Massacre is GWB's fault. Indeed, it was GWB that came out immediately after the 9/11 jihad attacks to proclaim that Islam is a Religion of Peace™ being hijacked by a tiny minority of extremists, despite the fact that 3,000 innocent Americans had just been murdered in cold blood by Muslim violent jihadists in a violent jihad attack.

      As a matter of fact, instead of outlawing Islam and banning and reversing mass Muslim immigration with all of its excess baggage ASAP in response to 9/11 when it would have been very easy to do, GWB like a Dhimmicrat on steroids instead used the 9/11 jihad attacks as a crisis to justify doubling the size, scope, and power of the federal government via the creation of the incredibly intrusive Patriot Act, the humongous and totally useless Department of Homeland Security, the exceedingly invasive TSA, and the gargantuan and completely incompetent National Intelligence Directorate at the same time that GWB also usurped our heretofore constitutionally protected rights and freedoms, ostensibly to protect the homeland from so-called terrorist attacks, but in reality to create the false sense of security necessary so that we could continue accommodating mass Muslim immigration with all of its excess baggage so that GWB could pacify his Saudi benefactors. Hell, he not only doubled the size, scope, and power of the federal government like a Dhimmicrat on steroids, but he also increased mass Muslim immigration with all of its excess baggage after 9/11 as well.

      Hence, the instant the economy headed south in 2008 thanks to the financial meltdown, the budget deficits and the national debt inevitably skyrocketed through the roof, because GWB like a Dhimmicrat on steroids had rushed to double the size, scope, and power of the federal government.

      Meanwhile, despite the trillions of dollars that were inevitably wasted and the out of control skyrocketing national debt that inevitably resulted, the truth is we are even more vulnerable to violent jihad attacks today than we were before 9/11 by virtue of the fact that we have even more stealth jihadists living in America as a fifth column today, thanks primarily to non-violent stealth and deceptive jihad, such as mass Muslim immigration to the West for the purpose of stealth demographic conquest, and incompetent useful idiot presidents like GWB.

      Meanwhile, had GWB in response to 9/11 acknowledged the fact that Islam is the enemy of all non-Muslim unbelievers in the world, outlawed Islam, and banned and reversed mass Muslim immigration with all of its excess baggage instead, all of the trillions of dollars we ended up wasting for nothing but smoke and mirrors wouldn't have been wasted and those innocent victims of violent jihad attacks that happened inside America since 9/11 – such as the Fort Hood Massacre – would all still be alive and well today. As zero Muslims living in America as a fifth column would equal zero violent jihad attacks.

      In any event, we are speeding at light speed on a path to become the next Greece, yet there aren't any politicians on either side of the political isles calling for outlawing Islam and banning and reversing mass Muslim immigration with all of its excess baggage so that we can get our financial house back in order and at the same time make our homeland far safer. Indeed, it's really amazing.

      Not to mention also, besides Muslims what other immigrant groups to America has caused Americans to double the size, scope, and power of the federal government, and to sacrifice formerly constitutionally protected rights and freedoms?

      In any event, I won't get into the two incredibly counterproductive and exceedingly fantasy based nation-building missions in Iraq and Afghanistan founded on false PC multicultural myths and misconceptions about Islam that inevitably turned into the two biggest strategic blunders ever in American history, which were also GWB's fault as well.

      • FriendofGaryCooper

        Yes, I agree that Bush paved the way for Obama in many respects; but since Obama was the President on November 5, 2009, we've got to put the direct responsibility for the attacks on HIS shoulders. Obama had the opportunity to respond; and for four whole days, simply didn't. He now calls these attacks "workplace violence;" totally ignoring the Muslim jihadi origins of the attack' thereby giving it his tacit approval. We cannot allow Obama to escape responsibility for choosing to make worse a bad situation he inherited from Bush.

  • Steve Chavez

    And yet AIPAC will welcome Obama with a red carpet, open arms, and open wallets and that's on top of the American Jews who vote for him. FAKE JEWS are also the vocal minority and the main supporters of Obama and his actions against Israel and for those who seek its destruction.

  • mrbean

    Israel and those who attack it are not moral equals. Israel is, like the United States, a "mixed economy," which retains a significant respect for individual rights. Its citizens, whatever their race or religion, enjoy many freedoms, including freedom of thought and speech, and the right to own property. The purpose of Israel's military is only self-defense: to protect its citizens from aggressors. Consequently, Israel has a moral right to exist. Those attacking Israel, by contrast, are terrorist organizations, dictatorships and theocracies, which deliberately violate the rights of their own subjects. Arab Muslims are one of the least developed cultures. Their culture is primitive, and they resent Israel because it's the sole beachhead of modern science and civilization on their continent. When you have civilized men fighting sociopathic savages, you support the civilized men, no matter who they are.

  • Moishe Pupick

    W., 01/18/12 common era

    Psalm 83 is relevant to world events right now. George Soros will have a lot of explaining to do before G-d on Judgment Day. I only learned a few years ago that only 20% of the Egyptian Jews followed Moses to the Promised Land. The rest were either killed by the plagues or completely assimilated into Egyptian culture. I also read that the current State of Israel consists of only about 10% of that Promised Land. Reflect on that, all of you G-d haters and Jew haters.

  • PAthena

    George Soros' middle name is "Moriarty" (see Sherlock Holmes).

    • Chiggles

      His real mame is Ernst Stavro Blofeld.

  • Ann

    he's in his 80's and time is running out—

  • Chiggles

    He's everything Lyndon LaRouche wishes he could have been.

  • Cynic

    Ask Nakba and those others, paid by Soros to make the comments they do, to whom the muslims in the USA owe allegiance to.
    They will tell you Islam and Mohammad but not the Constitution if they are Muslims, otherwise they are apostates.
    So run along “Traitors to America” and fool some idiots with your Taqiya as you spout the “Oath of Allegiance” on the Qur’an.

  • johnnywoods

    I`ll bet Swartz/Soros will not say he is a god when he stands before the "Judge of all the Earth".

  • BS77

    I wish I had been spared seeing a picture of Soros . Ugh.

  • speedyjerry

    The Missing Link –

    According to papers filed with the SEC, in the fourth quarter of 2006 Soros purchased nearly 2 million shares of Halliburton.

  • Mohammed was gay

    I'm surprised that Soros isn't a friend of the anti-American anti-semite, Ron Paul.

  • Foolster41

    Are you serious? Isreal existed as a kingdom as recently as 70 AD, and then afterword when the Jews were sent into exile Jews have been living in large numbers there since.
    And even if this were the case, the land was a wasteland beloning to NO ONE. The Ottoman Turks lost it in WWI, and it belong to the British to do with as they wish. They wished to give it to the one people who once had possession of the land as their kingdom ,and who were being persecuted, tortured and murdered and could find no peace elsewhere.

  • ziontruth

    A shadowy money man who happens to be a Jew. Jew-hatred consists in asserting that such and such a nefarious agenda is collectively Jewish.

    Point out the 78% of American Jews who voted Dem in 2008 and I can only lament bitterly the failing on part of so many of my brothers across the ocean. Assert that DemoMarxist values are Jewish values, a Jewish agenda, and I'll lump you with the Stormfronters where you belong. That's the difference.

  • NotaBene

    If Jewish values are values held by a majority of Jews, then liberal values ARE Jewish values, you Jew-hater!

  • ziontruth

    No, Jewish values are what the Jewish sources say they are. A lot of Jews get this wrong. Case in point, Jews who claim "abortion rights" are part of Jewish values. In reality: Abortion is murder according to Jewish Law except for saving the mother's life.

    Jewish values sometimes coincide with liberal values (example: The idea of equality before the law), sometimes are neutral toward them (example: On the question of race-relations, Judaism is neither racist nor anti-racist; it posits the nation, not the race, as the top-level human grouping), and sometimes they contradict (example: Abortion and homosexuality). In all cases, the majority belief of Jews is irrelevant. Jewish existence, from the very first Jew—Abraham, of whom it is said he was on the one side (monotheism) and the world on the other (idol worship)—onward, has never been about catering to the hip and trendy.

  • NotaBene

    So what Jews actually believe is irrelevant to Jewish values, which are whatever you say they are?

    Now it all makes sense…

  • ziontruth

    "So what Jews actually believe is irrelevant to Jewish values,…"

    If what Jews believe is not in conformance with the Torah, then yes, those beliefs are irrelevant.

    "…which are whatever you say they are?"

    Which are whatever the Torah says they are. The Written Torah as authoritatively interpreted by the Sages of Judaism, using the Oral Torah plus the 13 Methods of Interpretation as the key. Not me, not you, and not our fads, trends, whims and emotions.

  • DevoutJew

    Are you really that stupid?

    Soros is Jewish