Soros-Manufactured Chaos in Israel

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In the warm summer of 2011, a twenty-something Israeli named Daphne Leef set up a Facebook protest page agitating against the high cost of housing in Tel Aviv. She pitched a tent and helped touch off a social protest movement that received national and international attention.

While the protests were billed as grassroots, there was nothing grassroots about them. The protests had been organized and funded by the New Israel Fund. Daphne Leef worked as a video editor for the New Israel Fund.

In the winter of that same year, as the protests had died down, a woman named Tanya Rosenblit boarded a bus which runs through religiously hyper-conservative neighborhoods and staged an incident with the passengers. Rosenblit was dubbed an Israeli Rosa Parks and her stunt helped generate waves of articles about major social problems in Israel.

Rosenblit was associated with One Voice, an organization funded by the New Israel Fund, whose board included Alon Liel, the husband of New Israel Fund director Rachel Liel. Hardly had the NIF gotten through manufacturing one phony social protest movement than it was hard at work on another.

The pattern in both social protests was traditional divide and conquer methodology that pitted the segments of society against each with the goal of creating maximum disruption and mobilizing warm bodies to call for political change.

The New Israel Fund is the local Israeli version of Soros’ Shadow Party and it receives money from Soros. The Liels are the ultimate insiders. Rachel Liel worked as the Deputy Director of Rehabilitation Services in the Ministry of Labor and Alon Liel was the Director General of two ministries and a foreign affairs advisor to former Prime Minister Ehud Barak. Their real program is to bring the left to power.

As the mothership organization of the Israeli left, the New Israel Fund seeds funding to smaller NGOs, which go out and do their community organizing best to carry off the same sort of social conflicts on a communal level, mobilizing protests, manufacturing outrage and recruiting local activists to embed their agenda into a communal identity.

This program is a vital one for the Israeli left which has no voting base left to cling to. The Labor Party, once the dominant establishment, has become a shadow of its former self, forced into a coalition with the ruling conservative Likud Party. To understand their plight, imagine if the Democratic Party lost almost all its seats in Congress.

The Labor Party had alienated Israeli immigrant groups and the country’s religious population. The only minorities willing to vote for it were Arab Muslims, which wasn’t enough to keep it in power. The fringe left-wing parties meanwhile attracted the local version of the Berkeley vote but couldn’t get past their small number of parliamentary seats.

Most plans to revitalize the Israeli left as a political force beyond the ministries and organizations still controlled by its bureaucracy hinge on giving it a political base in Israeli society. While the Western left’s parties have become successfully identified with immigrants and identity politics, the two primary immigrant groups in Israel tend to skew conservative.

The current center-right consensus in Israel is reflective of Israeli society. Disrupting that consensus to create a mandate for change is the agenda of the New Israel Fund. Class warfare was the obvious opening shot.

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  • elixelx

    Daniel, from the VERY FIRST DAY of the Summer Protests here in Israel it was obvious there was an agenda…here's the lowdown.
    On that first day one of the organizers was on the IBA News Channel. She was asked "you are protesting against the high cost of housing; there are Haredi (religious Jewish) groups who are in the same boat. Will you let them join you?"
    Reply: "We will NOT! Because if we did we would lose the sympathy of the Media"
    That's all I needed to hear to appreciate the sub-text! This is all about capturing the narrative aided and abetted by the press-dogs.
    You must know whereof I speak; exactly the same situation obtains in the USA, where, unfortunately for your country, the Soros-surrogates, the George-grovellers, are almost totally (TGIFOX) in control of the argument.
    We have not yet arrived at that dire pass here, in Israel, and this summer will be make or break for us, as the election of 2012 will be for you

  • NotaBene

    Haha was the author of this article a spokesman for the White Citizens Council in a previous life? Rosa Parks was an activist and provocateur too – and that darn NAACP was just 'trying to stir up trouble'.

    Oh yes, nothin' going on in Israel. Nothin' at all…

    • Fred Dawes

      I love trees.

    • InRussetShadows

      I notice you provided no facts, but just the usual hip and trendy sarcasm and name-calling. This demonstrates that you cannot rebut the article. So then, you do agree with the points the author has made, I assume.

  • 66trooper99

    Totally agree!

  • teq

    Is Greenfield saying that the left have no right to protest? In a democracy everyone has the right to protest, not just one side. In the US the Occupiers have the same right to protest as the Tea Party, and in Israel, the tent city folk have the same right to protest as the Haredi. The Tea Partiiers were accused by the left of being funded by the Kock Brothers. The Tent City folk are accused by the right of being funded by Soros. Maybe it's true in both cases, but so what? In a democracy both sides have the right to protest and to fund protests.

    • Izzy

      1st the Koch accusation is false!!!
      2nd Even if true they are US citizens exercising citizen rights.
      3rd George T(S)zoros is not an Israeli citizen. He does not have the same rights. His funding of left wing extremist NGOs is interfering in domestic affairs by a non-citizen foreigner. He has no citizen rights in Israel.
      This is not so what!!!!

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Did anyone say that they have no right to protest?

      Exposing the agenda behind a protest is different from outlawing it.

    • PAthena

      The Occupiers have the right to protest – they have freedom of speech, and can use their mouths to protest. But they do not have the right to occupy private or public property, live there, creating filthy conditions. They are would-be communist tyrants, who claim, like all tyrants, the support of the people, 99% of Americans, they claim – with no evidence. They represent no one but themselves and those like George "Moriarty" Soros.

    • InRussetShadows

      Uhm, the tea party is NOT being funded by the Koch brothers. How much money do you think they have, anyways? Or do you have any idea just how many tea party groups there are out there?

  • mrbean

    Fahima, Tali [also spelled Tayla Pahima] The Jewish "peace activist" from Tel Aviv,29-year-old Tali Fahima, has been arrested on suspicion of planning terrorist attacks against Jewish targets and aiding arch Arab terrorist Zakaria Zubeidi, her Arab "Palestinian" terrorist lover, in planning murderous atrocities against her own people. She had been a long time "peace" activist in Israel’s pro-"Palestinian," anti-Israel Left. Along with the rest of her comrades, she frequently demonstrated for peace and justice and against Israeli oppression and occupation of "Palestinians." Like the rest of her Self-Hating Israel-Threatening "progressive" radical leftist Jews, the real rights of the "Palestinians" she was interested in defending were the rights of "Palestinians" to conduct mass murder and genocide against Jews.

  • dave

    Daniel great article, i think you missed a part the early beginning of soros sponsored class warfare in israel, in summer of 2010 the sgregated girls school in Emauel, that the media claimed to segregation a fact that was 100% false.

  • Fred Dawes

    WEll yes Soros murdered jews in world war two so why not kill jews now? he is evil but why has the mossed not killed that evil pig?

  • Jim

    so no wonder the russians threw him out.

  • Jerry

    Jews come to the modern era with a literary history that supports some aspects of Leftist activism – social justice was a theme in the Bible, the Prophets, Psalms, Talmud, and prayer. Soros' activities are not based upon social justice goals, but upon a continuous revolution that consciously foments economic disturbance. Like Obama, his stated principles and his actions are not in accord. But in his pursuit of continuous revolution, he has failed to understand that it takes too much energy (and money) to maintain discord over the long run. He fails miserably to understand the nature of the world that he tries to control. His World Government is perhaps the worst idea that mankind has thought of. Too much centralization of power guarantees failure more quickly and dependably than localization of efforts through small business and local government. Complex systems of control always have unintended consequences. For Mr. Soros, one of those unintended consequences is that he will leave the world friendless, since everyone around him has been bought and paid for. But to a psychopath such a result makes little difference. I am certain that other unintended consequences will arise very unexpectedly, because that is really the way the world works. "Man works and God laughs."

    • InRussetShadows

      The phrase "social justice" is not found in the Bible; only justice. Now, when this justice is mentioned, it is mentioned in two forms: the responsibility of the government (which was divinely ordained by God — not applicable to any modern government), and calls for the individual to behave in a charitable, merciful way. The problem begins when people begin to think that government itself is ordained by God and thus any form it takes is good for people and therefore, the government must care for the people…and we all know where that goes.

  • lagunagal

    If I were Soros, I'd buy myself a metal room in a submarine at the bottom of the ocean. Who do you think you're dealing with Soros? Obama? I'll just simply wait until the inevitable press release.

  • Fred

    Why isn't there some type of investigation over this Soros guy? He is in control of Barry Shabazz, Barack Obama or whatever his name is.

  • ron

    its time for us to rid our nation of losers like soros and his loony lefties. they are subversive malcontents that need to be sent to a communist country where they will be happy living in their utopia. we dont want it here!

  • Sevak

    Sad to read such articles. I hope secular and progressive Israel will win over the retarded, ultra-religious and regressive one. "Rosa Parks"s, "Luther"s and other heroes of Israel need to be acknowledged and we need to support them in any way we can. Shalom be upon Israel.

  • Nakba1948

    And this laundry list of lies makes Israel look better how exactly? Typical Zionist tactic: distract attention from Israel by bellyaching about the "evil Moooslims." You're no better than the Saudis who are taught to blame "the Jews" for the various suffering that their own oppressive government visits upon them. Whatever the internal problem of the Muslim world, they have nothing to do with Israel's foundational flaws and unsustainable bellicosity.

  • joe

    soros investing heavily in compant to rebuild palestinin territory

  • APP

    Hey Nakba, I researched the Quran and every word is TRUE. You are actually practicing Taqiya by trying to discredit the truth. BTW, there is no such thing as " moderate" Islam. If you are a believer then you believe in every word in the text. I can name every Sura that is anti-Semitic, intolerant where everyone outside of Islam is dhimi = second class, subjugated.

  • InRussetShadows

    Uhm, the Saudis are taught that because the Koran itself blames Jews for many things. Whatever the internal problems? The largest internal problem is the Koran and the hadith.

  • Fred Dawes


  • mohh

    Which verses in the Koran encourage violence, hatred and anti semitism?