Soros’ Son Boasts of Defeating 7 of 8 Republicans

It took Democrats a while to warm up to super PACs, but their glee over 2012 is — for now — eclipsing any moral qualms about big money eroding democracy, and they’re already busy at work courting their wealthiest supporters and planning even more ambitious efforts for future elections.

Good news. Democrats will continue to pour money into SuperPAC’s while pretending to be absolutely outraged by big money influence on politics.

Shortly after Election Day, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, New York Sen. Chuck Schumer and top White House aides spoke at a three-day secret meeting of major Democratic donors and officials from liberal outside groups gearing up for 2014,

The three-day conference — the annual winter conference of the Democracy Alliance, an exclusive club composed of some of the biggest liberal donors — at Washington’s W Hotel featured presentations by top Obama campaign and administration officials including Mitch Stewart, Matthew Barzun, Gene Sperling and Jon Carson.

Some top Democratic donors — including Democracy Alliance founding member George Soros — continue to grapple with the morality-versus-pragmatism question.

The last time George Soros grappled with morality, there were still concentration camps. And morality lost.

Democrats have also grappled with the morality of accepting millions and millions of dollars from a Nazi collaborator who hates Jews. And morality lost. Again.

It’s good to be a 1 percent progressive. Sure, Jonathan can’t expect to have as much fun as George Soros did when he was playing Nazi collaborator, but going after pro-Israel congressmen must be almost as fun as sorting through the property of dead Jews.

Also at the conference, George Soros’s son sat on a panel that examined the role of money in the first post-Citizens United presidential election and assessed efforts to reduce its influence. Jonathan Soros boasted that Friends of Democracy — the super PAC he co-founded and underwrote with at least $762,000 — defeated seven of eight Republican members of Congress it targeted with ads and mail asserting they were beholden to big special interest money.

Progressives have officially killed irony, cut up its corpse and sent it out on their email list.

Jonathan Soros acknowledged the irony of using a big-money super PAC to call out politicians for big money ties, according to someone who attended.

But that’s the way things are now. If you acknowledge the irony of something it’s no longer an issue. You acknowledge the irony of being an evil billionaire fighting to keep evil billionaire money out of politics. Then you laugh at a racist joke on Family Guy and know that you don’t even have to acknowledge the irony of it. Then your dad starts walking around in a Nazi uniform while smoking a cigar and screaming about Israel, and you don’t know if it’s ironic or not and it doesn’t really matter because irony, like most of the Soros’ Jewish neighbors, is dead.

  • Mary Sue

    Wow, like father like son. Why couldn't Johnathan be to his dad what (the reverse really) Ronald Reagan Jr. was to Ronald Reagan? Like, totally rebelling against his old man?

    • carrie

      Because that would take independent thought and courage. Both of which are seriously lacking in the father and undoubtedly the mother.

      • Mary Sue

        yeah we never hear anything about her. She's probably as brainwashed or it's likely her and Old Man Soros never would have gotten together.

        I read about how Old Man Soros talked about his experiences as a teen and I'm thinking "Good lord, this man is a SOCIOPATH."

  • fanlad

    And the sad part of the story is that millions, billions are pouring in from foreign nationals and foreign countries to further influence and corrupt our national voting system. Deception and darkness are upon us.

    • Mary Sue

      There must be an insidious purple koolaid indeed in the House of Soros (a pox be upon it!)

  • Tom Robertson

    A jew hater he may be,but he is still a Jew.