Spain to Deport Christian Refugee over Mohammed Film

Spain has begun deportation proceedings against Imran Firasat, a Christian refugee from Pakistan, for making a documentary about Mohammed and thereby threatening the national security of Spain. If Firasat is deported back to Pakistan, he will face the death penalty proving that it’s a short step from the Spanish Inquisition to the Pakistani Inquisition.

The United States has a man sitting in prison for making another blasphemous movie, which the government spent weeks blaming for worldwide attacks on American embassies. And he isn’t the first man persecuted or prosecuted for offending Islam. Offending Islam has become a national security issue involving all levels of government.

When Bubba the Love Sponge, a Tampa DJ, proposed to burn a Koran, the commander of the Afghanistan war contacted his girlfriend, who would later be stalked by Petraeus’ girlfriend, to contact the Mayor of Tampa to keep Bubba from burning a Koran. Instead of explaining how the American system works to the Lebanese temptress and her four-star general, the mayor wrote back that the city was working on it.

That month 50 percent more Americans were killed in Afghanistan in the long slow death march of the war, but a Koran was not burned in Tampa. Mission accomplished.

Muslims did not have to kill a great number of Americans to enforce blasphemy law. Counting the various reactions to burnt Korans, rumors of a flushed Koran and assorted things of that nature, the number is still well below a hundred. Even counting every casualty in the war from September 11 onward, it took fewer deaths to make the United States give up on the Bill of Rights than it took to liberate it in the War of Independence.

Muslims have restored blasphemy prosecutions to the United States and Europe through violence. Like Khrushchev banging his shoe on the United Nations delegate desk, they did their best to convince the rest of the world that they were violently irrational and liable to do all sorts of terrible things if their demands weren’t met. And their demands were met.

For the moment blasphemy prosecutions still involve trying offenders on some charge other than the obvious one. Low-hanging fruit like Imran Firasat or Mark Youssef are the easiest to deal with. Any man whose freedom depends on the whim of a judge can already be locked up or deported any time without the need for actual charges of heresy to be brought. When that isn’t possible, there is always the ubiquitous hate crime which increasingly extends to anything that offends anyone regardless of consequences or intent.

These trials are a contradiction, 21st Century legal codes built on sensitivity and tolerance being used to prosecute deviations from a medieval code of insensitivity and intolerance. But that very same contradiction runs through the modern state’s entire approach to Islam. It is impossible to embrace medievalism without becoming medieval. The need to accommodate Islamic medievalism is forcing the medievalization of the modern world’s political and legal systems.

The conflict between the modern world and the Muslim world is being waged by the modern rules of international law and peacemaking on one side and by the medieval rules of brutal violence, insincere offers of peace and bigoted fanaticism on the other. And the modern world is instead trying to accommodate the Muslim world on its own terms by accommodating its blasphemy codes.

War often compromises freedoms, but it rarely compromises the freedom to hurt the enemy’s feelings. But this is a different sort of war. A war whose only hope is that one day our enemies will become better people and stop trying to kill us. Our enemies are fighting to take away our freedoms and we are fighting to take away our own freedoms in the hopes that if we give up some of them to the enemy, he will settle for them and give up on the rest.

In this sort of war, blasphemy is a serious national security threat, not because it truly is, but because our leaders desperately need to believe that if they crack down on Koran burnings then they can reduce the fighting by 5 percent or 8 percent and that gives them hope that they can one day reduce it by 100 percent.

The actual numbers don’t matter. On the month after Bubba the Love Sponge did not burn the Koran, 50 percent more Americans died in Afghanistan, but the statisticians can always argue that if he had burned it, then 75 percent more or 100 percent more would have died. Islam runs on magical thinking and any effort to appease it must also embrace that same medieval magical thinking.

The sort of men who deport filmmakers, when they aren’t locking them up, and treat the stunts of shock jocks as a matter of national security, fail to understand that they are not fighting some vague notion of “extremism” which is fed by “extreme” language and actions, but an organized ideology whose goal is not merely preventing Bubba the Love Sponge from burning the Koran, but compelling the Mayor of Tampa and the American commander in Afghanistan to compel Bubba not to burn a Koran.

Islamists have not launched a thousand years war over Bubba; they have done it so that the cities and countries where Bubba and Imran live submit to Islam. Locking up filmmakers and warning off DJ’s is not quite up to Saudi and Iranian standards of submission, but it’s a start. Once the principle has been established, then the rest is a matter of negotiation. And the negotiations always begin and end with a bang.

There are two laws that govern men; the law of faith and the law of force. The law of faith is followed when you do a thing because you believe it to be right. The law of force is followed when you compel others to do a thing or are compelled to do it by them. Faith at its strongest is more enduring than force, and yet force can be used to change faith.

America has lived under the law of faith, following the laws that it believed to be right. Islam conducts its affairs under the law of force, as it has since the days of Mohammed. American leaders are abandoning their laws of faith to force, giving up on freedom of speech to accommodate the violence of Islam, while forgetting that when you give up faith to force, then you also abandon any further reason to resist that force. Without faith, it is easier to let force win.

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  • IRL

    Great analysis yet again: Faith and force can only be defeated by faith and force. We have plenty of force, but little faith.

    "That month 50 percent more Americans were killed in Afghanistan in the long slow death march of the war, but a Koran was not burned in Tampa. Mission accomplished."

    NATO should start fighting that war like the Russians did in Chechnya. Like NATO they were plagued by ambushes and bombs and were in reality defeated by a much weaker opponent in the first Chechen war.

    In the second Chechen war they changed tactics and started killing everyone who were not supporting them. It forced the enemy to fight a conventional war where the Russians were far superior.

    If anything loses the Afghan war it is our own inner weakness.

    • R.C.

      Both Afghanistan and Iraq–were much like Vietnam–those who sent the military–did not send them there to win!

      • TexRanger

        R.C., you are absolutely correct. our American soldiers have not been sent into a battle since WII that the political leadership of the U.S. intended to win. The president, senator and representatives should be required to lead our soldiers into battle. That way, the politicians would not start wars unless they were serious about winning.

        • Aki

          Yeah, right. How about korea? And also you really would have risked a bigger confilct with nuclear armed China and USSR over Vietnam? Make the WW III, a cold one go hot? Thank god the politicans had more sense than you.

        • curmudgeon

          you need to read up on wwii. our soldiers were ordered to stand down at the elbe and allow our enemy the soviet union to capture most of germany. yes, our ally, the ussr, was an enemy in fact, just as our ally saudi arabia is our enemy. but we had a communophile in the white house. the only question about our current infestor of the white house is this: is he a true muslim, working to aid islam in its effort to conquer the world, or does he just hate america, and doesnt care who conquers us? regarding the question whether the mole in the white house is a muslim…………just ask yourself this question: if our traitor in chief really was a true muslim, what would he be doing differently? i submit, nothing.

  • Mary Sue

    More proof that when Spain is run by Leftists (practically commies), it's also run by a bunch of pussies.

    • Drakken

      Where is Franco when you really need him, say what you want about the man, he keep the muslims a bay by the mailed fist, the pols now think that by showering the savages with special rights and flowers that they will win their support, they are dead wrong.

    • Les H

      Spain needs to go down in flames!!

  • jakespoon

    Spain should go ahead and build minarets on all their cathedrals and be done with it. Europe has no Charles Martel to save them this time,and they've done it to themselves. America can't be far behind.

    • Drakken

      If you have the chance, go to Europe and go to the coffee shops and pubs and hear what the folks there say, they are seething and they are becoming more vocal by the day, there will be blood and the savages will rue the day they took us for fools.

      • Barbara Griffith

        The UK is already lost , once the government allowed the Muslims into the country that was the beginning of the end for that country as it is for the rest of Europe.

        • Drakken

          Barbara, Britain is far from done, the Brits are just about to get started, the same with the rest of the Europeans. The more the leftist govts move to suppress the common folk from speaking out, the result will be the common folk will be speaking with rifles.

  • @alKidya

    This is what can happen when you allow a parasite to enter the body, nurture it, and allow it to feed off the host…It multiplies and eventuallly takes over the host.
    The only cure is a good cleansing…

    • Drakken

      The day of cleansing is coming faster than anyone realizes and it will make the Balkans pale by comparrison.

  • Anthony

    Mr. Greenfield, thank you for exposing this awful circumstance to a slightly broader readership, but as I read your article, my anger quickly turned to a desire to hold someone accountable, but I did not see the names or contact information for anyone in Spain who we could hold accountable.

    So rage quickly turned to the idea of action, but against who? A nameless, faceless bureaucracy mired deep within the confines of a legal system that is run by enemies of the people? Of course if you recently heard Sam Donaldson who remarked that he did not like the slogan of the Tea Party, ” We want to take our country back”, because in his words, “it’s our country now”, you can see why I said that the bureaucracy (and of course it’s functionaries ) are the enemy of the people and NOT the state, because the STATE is the enemy just as much as Donaldson slipped and revealead the media/leftist nexus that has given is the Orwellian/Planet of the Apes Anerica we inhabit today.

    In Spain, a grand Mosque is being erected in Tours. Christians are threatened with deportation to a Moslem land where surely his life would be over. This is tyranny, and baring a revolution, which will not happen for decades, Spain will be once again the mythicalogical utopia the liars on the left like to tell us about called Al-Andulusia where their fantasies of harmony between Islam and Christians was a model for us and our messed up multicultural society they created today.

    • Cassandra

      Anthony, Yes you are right ,WE NEED NAMES to complain to. Also I am sorry to tell you that Tours is not in Spain but in France. Tours is the place where Charles Martel stopped the Muslims from going further. What is sad now is that there is no more Charles Martel to save France and the Muslims are all over France and Europe because the idiocy of the people themselves who forget that A Muslim is always a Muslim. There is no difference between the Muslims from other centuries and our century.

      • Anthony

        Thanks Cassandra. I meant France and I read a bit about Tours 732 and Martel.

        An evil monster name Adam Lanza thought well about expressing the pure satanic impulses he entertaind and decided on an act so depraved, so devoid of humanity , something so wicked and horrific, that I think he devil lived in his soul.

        How else can one explain the slaughter of children, and the murder of your own mother?

        Adam Lanza’s act of maximum evil was committed near Christmas, a time much of the the world once considered a holy period of reflection on the birth of the light of the world, Jesus of Nazareth.

        Lanza’s purpose was to offer his own dark sacrifice to the prince of lies, the evil one as a sort of diabolical pact he may not have even known he was a willing agent of.

        This brings me to my point. The Hollywood tribe as evidenced by the likes of Foxx and almost all his peers are whether they know it or not, agents of the very evil they now are shocked, shocked we all witness going on everywhere. Doubtless violent video games and evil and perverse movies marketed as “entertainment” and God forbidden in polite company and sex and porn everywhere played no role. No sir.

        It is not that America needs gun control such that our 2nd Ammendment right is taken avay by the evil tyrants who masquerade as benovelant sages whose smart ideas ruined Anerican society in the first place, its that we need a moral and God fearing population that , unlike Lanza, is aware of divine providence and not radically secularized and perverted like Foxx and his Hollywood misfits who are the number two reason for the disintegratin of our society, the number one being the over reach of the federal government which now sees this supreme act of evil a way of disarming us.

        Obama was right. America must change. But the change he embodies IS the change that twisted this country into the evil Soddom it is today.

        So my mind blended two great events into one, the expulsion of the Moslems from Spain, and the repulsion of the Moslems at Tours. I believe this represents the typical psycholigical victory won in the Islamic conquest, bit by bit, of Europe.

        Thanks for pointing out my blunder.

        • Anthony


          My iPhone is doing things on its own. My reply to you contained a post I made a while ago. It was not intended.

    • Paul Bateman

      Hello SIr, I would like to help in any way if you have any ideas how we can help Imran. He is a brave man thats done a lot to show the world about the evil cult of Islam. I am English and now live in Poland. One of the few sane European countries left that sees the NEW political Islam for what it is. The Muslim tartars have lived in Poland for hundreds of years without even a slight conflict. The New political Islam is the third Jihad. Any ideas at all I would gladly help.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    Spain is broke due to Socialist thinking and conduct, deporting perceived problems becomes
    a measure of charachter, having lost charachter through socialist agendas, what is one person
    no matter the cause. When they turn Communist entire populations will be expendable, it
    is the top of selfishness that is until Islam enslaves all of them, first points do appear. To bad
    for this man Imran Firisat he will be the victim first of cowardly expediency and then of Insanity.

  • Gene W 1938

    Of course it would be unthinkable for USA to offer him a place of refuge. If he were a Muslim [terrorist] or some anti-capitalist then he would be welcomed.
    I'd be shocked if the documentary were not completely true and that is something these crazy liberals and Muslims can not accept.

  • Brujo Blanco

    Donaldson demonstrates clearly the hatred of the left. What is happening to this poor soul in Spain I belie e can.happen here in the USA. There are those that want to get on.with the UN blasphemy laws regarding the defamation of religion. Muslims on a worldwide scale are getting special treatment. We need to start resisting the Islamics and bring them to a point of.civility. There are no go zones.for nonbelievers all over Europe. The first likely no go zone for non Muslims will likely be. Dearborn, MI.

    • Drakken

      The only way your going to bring the muslim to a point of civility is at the point of a gun and a boot on their necks. Always remember the muslim is either at your throat or under your boot, always keep them under your boot.

  • burt

    Offending Christians with statements like: "muslims MAY BE offended by your symbols" is never a problem for useful idiots everywhere…..

  • hatsylady

    The Western world is clueless on this horrid scourge. No appeasement will pacify these fanatics. Everyone in Europe/America is just trying to buy time, but pretty soon our time will be up. Great article from Mr. Greenfield.

  • Gylippus

    I think it's true that some policy makers believe that this kind of appeasement will mollify the Jihadists; but there is also a segment who know it will not. Instead their goal is to curtail our freedoms, and to keep transforming us into a quasi-totalitarian society. They use every instance to do so and will not stop until we are all de-facto Muslims. They have concluded it seems that Islam is the ideal faith through which to a)impose a homogenous world culture or b) use as a constant foil against western power, and an ever present threat requiring a police state apparatus to defend against.

    • JasonPappas

      Appeasement is the word I was looking for. That's exactly what it is. Our leaders cower and gut our freedoms in the hope of appeasing a savage enemy … for a few days. What spineless SOBs.

    • Drakken

      There will be a very bloody backlash before that happens, and make no mistake the traitors who ushered in this age of appeasement and groveling to the savages will hang right along with the muslims.

  • Passer by

    The Left and Islam today are in unholy alliance just like the Left and Hitler were. The Left will not attack Islam unless Islam launches an all out attack against it, similar to Hitler's attack against the Soviet Union.

    • Huck Folder

      Sinister + islam = S I N I S L A M

  • patsjc

    Good article from Mr. Greenfield. Spain must surely protect Freedom of Speech if it is to remain a democratic country. They should not deport this man to a barbaric country with Sharia Law. Moreover, the United Nations should not include countries that practice Sharia Law in their membership. If hate speech laws are adopted by the UN or US as Clinton and Obama want we will follow Spain.

  • Jay

    At school we learned how terrible Ferdinand and Isabelle were and how they ended the multireligious harmony that was moorish Spain and kicked out all the moors. Today I realize why they did not let any Muslim stay behind. It was the only way to keep Spain safe from them. Not that the inquisition wasnt terrible, it was but i see the whole picture now. They would have never stopped waging jihad in Spain if they were allowed to stay. Look what problems Muslims are causing in Spain now. Ferdinand and Isabelle understood the Muslims better than I did I realize now. Better than most Westerners do now. Infinitely better than most leftists any where in the world from India to Spain does now. Spain fought for centuries to liberate their lands from the Muslims, so it is no wonder the Ferdinand and Isabelle understood their enemy well. I doubt any Spanish leader today will free the Spanish from the Muslims violence. No they will throw under the bus, to send to their deaths, the very people fighting the hardest for Spanish freedom from Islamic totalitarianism.

  • southwood

    I have contacted a friend who is a member of UKIP to suggest that he in turn contact Nigel Farage the leader of UKIP so that Farage can raise this issue in the European Parliament. I will also contact a local MEP (Member of the European Parliament). This issue must be given a high profile. BTW I watched Firasat's film and it is based on factual historical data. He actually disclaims that he is trying to offend Muslims.

  • Mannie

    But these scum will fight deporting a murderer to the US, because there is a small chance he will get the death penalty. Eurirnate on them.

  • HiPlainsDrifter

    We should expect no less from a country like Spain…a ranking member, in good standing, of the PIIGS…

  • john elias

    this is where emperor CONSTANTINE 'S dream of a united roman empire is failing………………………….the empire is todays world ,and democracy is emperor Constantine…………………WE need you you back Emperor

  • Eve

    I cannot see how deporting the "security risk" to his execution in Pakistan squares with the European Human Rights Laws which forbid extradition to jurisdictions with capital punishment. I recall a recent controversy in the UK concerning the extradition to America of a terrorist.

  • Scary

    What´s going on in Europe! Islam is the biggest threath to our piece and independence. Why do large amongs of people wan´t to turn all Europe to muslimian countries?

  • Ghostwriter

    It's sad when stuff like this happens. Although it's a good thing we have a First Amendment in this country and this Youseff character can sue the government for what happened to him. Unfortunately,the refugee in Spain might not have the recourse to do so.

  • LindaRivera

    Spanish leaders you are the GUILTY ones! You are responsible for threatening the national security of Spain by colonizing Spain with millions of Muslims and allowing Muslim illegals to remain!

    Spain, all of Europe and Britain ALLOW Muslims to wage rape jihad across Europe and Britain.

    Many THOUSANDS of Britain’s (and other nations) non-Muslim children have been gang raped by Muslim MONSTERS and forced into prostitution by these filth sons of the devil who look upon non-Muslims as prey.

    An excellent video by Paul Weston of the British Freedom Party:
    Muslim Rape, Liberal/Left Complicity

    Finally! Veil lifted on Muslim rape epidemic

    UK ruling elites stomp on our children who are offered up as a sacrifice to Islam.
    Ruling elites ALLOW and are COMPLICIT in the cruel massive Muslim rape jihad against many thousands of Britain’s defenseless children. Angels weep.

    South Yorkshire Police and Rotherham Council Are Complicit in Child-Rape
    …thousands of predominately Pakistani Muslim gang rapes of white English girls in the Rotherham area…

    Our despicable leaders must heed our cries!

    We must have protection! We must survive! Join in the fight for freedom and safety!

    Join British Freedom! Britain’s last great hope!

    Join the EDL

    Join the European Freedom Parties, European Defense Leagues and

  • LindaRivera

    EDL leader, human rights activist, POLITICAL PRISONER, Tommy, is punished by Islam-adorer, anti-freedom UK leaders for protesting Islamization of Britain and Muslim gang-rape of non-Muslim British children.

    Petition: Free Tommy Robinson!

    • Clare

      Isn't there a UK Freedom Party? Are they helping this fellow?

  • Thomas Wells

    The brain of Spain ,has sadly gone down the drain.

  • Drakken

    The more these leftist govts try to silence peoples voices, the next thing they will hear is the sound of rifles. The more you give into muslim demands, the more they will take and demand more. The time to draw the proverbial line in the sand has come and if the muslims overstep it, come down on them like a ton of bricks.

  • curmudgeon

    "A war whose only hope is that one day our enemies will become better people and stop trying to kill us"

    you got that wrong, daniel. there is absolutely no hope that muslims will change their ways. why should they? the west is falling all over itself to surrender to the worst evil ever to beset free men. without even having to fight, soon muslims will have enslaves us, taken our lands, and they will stock their harems with our women. why would they change? our real hope is that our friends the violent jihadis cannot wait for us to surrender, and will succeed in a nuclear attack on several of our cities. that would be such a good thing that we ought to be doing everything we can to encourage it. after several nuclear attacks, we would be able to expel all our muslims, encourage the rest of the world to follow our example and expel their muslims, and then, if we were wise, we would eradicate islam from the face of the world. but wise is what we are not.

  • LindaRivera

    Obama declared at the UN: "The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam." End of quote. This statement is regarded by many as a DEATH SENTENCE to those who tell the truth about Islam.

    Under no circumstances must we allow Spain's ruthless Islam-adoring, freedom-hater rulers who have chosen the side of evil to deport this brave Christian man and his family to barbaric deaths in Pakistan at the hands of Muslim savages. It is an act of great evil by Spain's rulers against EVERY non-Muslim.

    Massive street protests must be held around the world to stop this crime again humanity against an INNOCENT human being!

  • oldschooltwentysix

    One of your best works in defining what is at stake. Thanks for this and Happy New Year!

  • LindaRivera

    BARENAKEDISLAM: ITALY: Muslim invaders responsible for 40% of rapes and explosive crime surge

  • LindaRivera

    Western ruling elites must NOT comply with Islamic sharia law and punish innocents with the death sentence for telling the truth about Islam! Western ruling elites clearly believe there's nothing wrong with devout Muslims carrying out murder and terror attacks against non-Muslims, they just don't want non-Muslims to know that that is what the Quran teaches.

    Abu Baseer in London: “One of the goals of immigration is the revival of the duty of jihad and enforcement of power over the infidels. Immigration and jihad go together.

    Koran 9:5 “Kill Jews and Christians wherever you find them”.

    Founder of Islam, Mohammed: “I have been made victorious with terror”, “Wage war on the infidel and kill them until Islam is dominant” (Koran 8:39)

  • RPowell

    Excuse me but…doesn't the EU forbid the deportation or extradition of people to places where they may face the death penalty or torture? Isn't this a violation of the Human Rights treaty? If so, this man should sue because Spain may be in violation. Britain can't or wont deport their radical Muslims for this very reason.

  • Clare

    Following is just one example printed in the "How to Guide to Appease your President". Everyone who works at Obama, Inc. gets a copy of the guide, and has to sign a document that they have read and understand the correct procedure.
    "Instead of explaining how the American system works to the Lebanese temptress and her four-star general, the mayor wrote back that the city was working on it."

  • Clare

    Ooops, we've changed our mind.
    Even though for the past seven years, Firasat has publicly been able to discriminate, in the free country of Spain, between what he considers a religion and a totalitarian political ideology, Spain now rules that to discriminate is "incitement of hate". This really means appeasement – that the "one's who are in submission to the god's will", will most certainly threat mass violence if Firasat continues his exercise of free speech in the free country of Spain. And, by the way, "the resigned one's to the god's will" also might curtail their investments in Spain if said individual is not returned to them at once for execution according to their savage medieval rules of control and domination through tricks, lies, force, and violence. Are the civilized modern rules of free inquiry through protected rights for Firasat sold for a few gold coins or for lack of effort through a national resistance against this kind of crass coercion? To Spain (in this case) and to America (generally): align with the civilized rules of man, not with the savage rules of a medieval ignorant past.

    I just watched the movie. Big deal! Firasat has it just right:

    IBT: Is it morally fitting for you to produce such a movie when you are almost certain that it will be provocative?

    Firasat: Who says that my movie is provocative? Why do people have their mind set that everything about Islam is mocking and [an] insult? Why can't the world take it as a personal opinion? Why not give people [the] chance to express what they think is true?

    My purpose behind making this movie is to express my view on Islam as an ex-Muslim. I never had and will not have [the] intention to hurt someone's feelings. Instead of stopping me, the world should give suggestions to Muslims that you guys stop creating the violent game over small excuses.

    The world is modern. We have [the] internet and social networking sites. Everyone is free to do what he wants. Muslims kill Christians, persecute Hindus, and destroy churches and mandirs [temples] – that is right. But if people like me protest about their violent ideology then we are criminals. I knew that being a jihadist is a crime. But it is [the] first time in my life [that] I came to knew that fighting against jihadists is also a crime.

    IBT: What is the exact message of the movie?

    Firasat: The movie is all about Prophet Muhammad´s life, [from] his birth until his death. This is the first movie which even talks about his suffering, his pain and his loneliness. I try to show how the circumstances converted him into a man who later invented Islam, jihad etc for gaining his own interests.

    And the main message of the movie from the author is Muslims should give serious thought to their future with Islam [and], leaving the way of jihad. Stop persecuting women in the name of Islam and stop hating people who are non-Muslims.

  • H.j.Dcruz

    It is O.K .for Muslims to persecute Christians and blaspheme Christianity.

  • infidelk9

    What type of man is Firasat, who can drag his wife and three kids to Indonesia from Spain, and dump them there, not a nice man.

    Also he is still red flagged by intrepol

  • silentme63

    So the Spaniards believe in Allah and Muhammad? but not in christianity?? Fact christians only group that go around the world to help the hungry, sick, helpless.. Muslims don’t give a crap about preaching the quran and allah… because they are Godless… Christians have the son of God Jesus Christ the one that died for sins of man.

  • mollysdad

    Islam has both faith and force on its side. America has force, but no faith. That is why Islam will prevail.

  • Attorney

    Burning as many Korans as I can : )