Springfield Church Shooter’s Insane Islamic Rants and Racism Claims

Mahmoud Yousef Hindi, the Springfield Church Shooter, left behind some of his letters and notes explaining his ideas and his state of mind. While this seems deranged and insane by American standards, it’s not all that out of the ordinary in the Middle East where property disputes often turn violent… and I’m not just talking about the big stuff.

All original spellings have been preserved. Despite being a doctor, Hindi did not appear to know who Hippocrates was.

First, Mahmoud Yousef Hindi, predictably, accuses the homeowner’s association and gives them a lecture on the Koran.

“Kincaids don’t know how to be neighbors. They are ruthless, selfish and egocentric old couple. Are they racist? You tell me. Allow me here to educate you on racism/prejudice. I’ve been telling colleagues and friends in all hospitals i’ve served for the past 24 years, prejudice by definition means stupidity. Any creature who prejudices others based on color, race, ethnicity, religion/belief or accent is mentally retarded. Their IQ (intelligence quotient) is less than 69.

We, humans, stemmed out of one origin, Adam peace be upon him. Read in the holy Qur’an. If you ever to have the honor of sitting before the glorious words of our almighty god- ALLAH and recite verse 13, chapter 49: “oh people we have created you from one couple and made you into different nations and tribes so you need to get to know one another and deal/patronize among you. Let it be known the best amongst you are those (Muslims) who fear god (Allah) the most.”

“Do you know why stupid Anglo-Saxons adopted Darwin’s obsolete theory and still teach it in schools? They think it serves their wicked evil endeavors. By denying god’s (Allah’s) creation, they can deceive naive assholes. They have convinced themselves they’re superior and other races, Black, Brown, Wheatish, Olive… etc were still evolving from monkeys.”

I assume the “olive” race are med people? But wheatish baffles me.

“My oldest brother lives in Saudi Arabia. I haven’t seen him in five years. It is a shame not to be good neighbors. It is disgraceful to both of us, as responsible intelligent doctors, to provide ample opportunity for Mike Kelley and alike to exercise their hatred, prejudice and racism against us especially with the help of your money.”

That was a letter to a Hindu neighbor whom Mahmoud Yousef Hindi tried unsuccessfully to convince that to leave the homeowner’s association and become a dhimmi member of his imaginary homeowner’s association.

That’s followed by this rant emphasizing his status as one of the smartest men in Jordan. This says more about Jordan than it does about Mahmoud Yousef Hindi.

“If I wanted to become stupid and accept Communism, I would have gone to the Soviet Union when I was 18 to pursue my higher education. They offered me full scholarship in addition to a monthly stipend when I graduated high school in 1975 as one of the “Top Ten” in the whole Kingdom of Jordan.

For your information, arrogant sparrow, I had dinner with King Hussein in August 1975.

“I am about to enjoy of my fasting today the 25th of Ramadan holy month. So I am going put this ordeal in a nutshell. Tell Rod and Carolnn Kincaid to back off. Or else I will make them my business and make their lives hill.

Finally he gets to the point.

I will see to it Carolynn will never preside, I will establish my own True Spring Creek Home Owners Organization and carry out legal elections, I will rib their gate apart and trash it out of property… Cowboys only care for green dollars. They are thinking of their house appraisal when they will see it. Where is loyalty to Spring Creek, Hippocrates!… For your surprise I have seven kids, three of them are still under age. I will never hesitate to die for them.

There’s nothing particularly out of the ordinary here by Middle Eastern standards. It looks insane by American standards, because we haven’t actually turned into a Muslim country yet. In the Muslim world this would be the beginning of a long feud that would only end with the forced marriages and rapes of underage girls.

  • Ghostwriter

    What a nut job!

  • yitzchak770

    How did a mentally ill Muslim get any sort of residence status in the United States?

    • EccoLa

      He's not mentally ill. He's simply Muslim. No need for a modifier. And when you presume this mindset and behavior is "abnormal" you make excuses for the worldwide carnage Islam inflicts against infidels and Islamic groups of which it disapproves. Or do you think the thousands of "honour killings" perpetrated against women every year are all performed by "mentally ill" Muslims? And do you think the highly educated, upper middle class, well-trained jihadists of 9/11 were all "mentally ill"? What about the Muslim Brotherhood crucifying people in Egypt and mowing down Egyptian Coptic Christians today? What about widespread female genital mutilation? How about the slaughter of Armenians by Turkish Muslims in the 20th century? What of the Christian school girls beheaded on their way to school in Indonesia? I could go on for the next several hours. Do you REALLY think all these Muslims are mentally ill? If there is anyone having psychological difficulty coping with reality, I would say it is the useful idiots who maintain denial about just what ruthless, violent, evil ideologues these theocratic, misogynistic, totalitarians are. Take a look at what Sharia teaches and ask yourself: designed by mentally ill people or evil people? If you think they are mentally ill, you are kidding yourself. Hitler and the SS were ALSO not mentally ill. If we cannot recognize evil when we see it, we will never succeed in fighting it. Not understanding Islam and Muslims means not respecting them. We need to have more respect for them, and recognize they mean what they say, and their effed up values are NOT insane – merely evil, repulsive and dangerous.

      • TheFaceOfEvil

        This is true. If you have ever spent any time over in the Middle East it's very hard to ignore the fact that the bulk of the population appears to be a very uneducated group of religious zealots that have not yet learned what tolerance and compromise mean. If it's not their way, it's no way. And so the story of Middle East underdevelopment and continual conflict continues. They possess a very different mindset that is not familiar to those of us here in the US that value critical thinking, logic, and evaluated decision making. Overall, this can be blamed on the religion of Islam and the very poorly written and uninspiring book known as the Quran. Are they evil? Yes, I do believe that their evil nature cannot be denied, but ultimately they were normal humans as young children before they became corrupted by Islam. Islam IS the root of all these problems. I'm not talking about the moderate, watered down, more modern Islamic thought streams that are possessed by many in Turkey and other more developed nations. I'm talking about the garbage taught throughout the Middle East. The true Islam as taught in the Quran and their other toilet paper worthy texts.

  • Herbie bente

    I have a question that I have wanted an answer for a long time. Is it not obvious that the muslim, " allah", is satan? Muslims are ordered to steal, kill and destroy, the exact description our Holy God gives us of the enemy in His Holy Word. The devil is firstly a deceiver and a liar, Look what he has already done to the left- wing in the West! My question: When are the righteous going to start calling a spade a spade?

  • drcrazycatkid

    I'm obsessing about Wheatish. Is this a color? Or maybe people who are not gluten free? I'm concerned that I may look Wheatish. Interesting that his tirade doesn't blame Jews.
    Did I miss the ending of this awful story? Is he imprisoned now or no longer among the living? If alive, he will be defended as mentally I'll (insane) but I agree he is perfectly sane in his world where I only wished he had stayed.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      He's in prison. Maybe he meant yellow?

      • QuranIsSatansWork

        Wheatish sounds like it means yellow-ish. Maybe it's half caucasian-half asian.