Starving Gazans Snap Up iPhone 5

When the next flotilla heads to aid the beleaguered Hamastanian people of Gaza, they might want to bring a whole bunch of iPhone 5’s with them, instead of expired medicine and aging radicals.

Gazans have plenty of food. What they want are iPhones and not just any iPhones will do. Do not mock the starving people of Gaza with your old outdated iPhone 4s’. They spit on them and on you. Nothing less than an iPhone 5 will satisfy their revolutionary fervor for connectivity through expensive high tech toys.

Apple’s new iPhone 5 is selling well in the Gaza Strip despite inflated prices, reaching the Palestinian enclave via smuggling tunnels even before high-tech hub Israel next door.

The iPhone 5 will not be available until December from mobile operators in tech-mad Israel… But the phones have been available for a couple of weeks in Gaza and they were on display on Monday in three independent mobile stores in a one-block radius in downtown Gaza City.

Prices ranged from 4,500 Israeli shekels (US$1,170) for the 16 gigabyte model to 5,700 ($1,480) for 64 gigabytes.

“I ordered 30 and I’ve sold 20 so far,” said one dealer. “We can order as many as we want. But most people are waiting for the price to go down. They’re pretty expensive.”

Next time Alice Walker boards a flotilla, she might want to bring something that Gazans actually need, like mobile hotspots.

  • mjazzguitar

    When the wall with Egypt came down they came back with motorcycles and all kinds of goodies.
    We have to stop funding UNRWA, I don't see any special UN programs or compensation for the Jews that were expelled by the arab countries after Israel became a nation.

    • Larry

      Notice, too, that nothing, and I mean nothing, goes through on an official basis from Egypt, this despite Egypt sharing a border.
      Egypt didn't want Gaza back when the Israelis gave back the Sinai because they knew all too well what sort of cesspit they had created there in the years it had been part of Egypt – despite not giving the residents Egyptian citizenship.

  • cdnbn

    Is there any way we can get data on how much porn is consumed by the "righteous" owners of those iPhones?

  • Alice

    You can get anything you want at Hamas's restaurant

    • Guest

      "So we proceeded, picking up our shovel, rakes, knives, machetes, AK-47's, Kassam launchers, and other implements of dee-stuck-shun…"

  • Andy

    And the liberal lefty progressives would have us believe that Gaza is a concentration camp, a ghetto akin to the Jewish one in Poland under the Nazis and that Jews are the modern day equivalent of those very same Nazis that gassed 6 million of them.

    The liberal lefty progressive are the true enemy of freedom, they are the real Nazis.

  • riverboatbill

    If you give a muslim an iPhone;they can turn it into a bomb,and have money to buy bullets.