Susan Rice: Incompetent or a Liar?

Susan Rice has been doing her defensive press tour and press release thing claiming that she did not intend to lie to anyone about what happened in Benghazi.

This is actually a really terrible defense. Because there are two positions to take after you spent days claiming something that was not only untrue, but also implausible, and which you had the intelligence access and the status to know was both untrue and implausible.

The first position is that you were lying for some greater good.

The second position is to claim that you really were this stupid.

Rice has decided to take the second position while blaming the CIA talking points, which were not from the CIA, for her lies. Even if this were true, then Rice has just admitted to complete and total incompetence.

If you occupy a highly placed position in a national government and yet you are unable to intelligently read and assess the information that you have, but rely entirely on talking points, then you have admitted to being completely incompetent and unfit for your job.

This is not a good position to take if you want an upgrade to Secretary of State. Rice’s entire defense is that her understanding of what happened in Benghazi was so crippled by the talking points that she was unable to understand what was going on. Is this supposed to be an argument for making her Secretary of State?

  • Eric

    this is the most racist-sexist article! how dare you attack a young black woman? haha

    • Mary Sue

      cool story bro.

  • κατεργάζομαι

    RE: "Susan Rice: Incompetent or a Liar?"

    Susan Rice: is BOTH an Incompetent & a Liar!

    …….bye bye black bird.
    Bye (bye) bye (bye) blackbird.
    (tchoo tchoo tchoo tchoo tchoo tchoo)

    • BS77

      nah, she's just a sock puppet .

      • AdinaK

        It is six of one…half a dozen of another.She is both a tool and a liar. They are not mutually exclusive. And it remains to be seen, whether or not the Congress still has any say so, or is just a tool of the Liar-in-Chief too.

        But the real action is in the facts being uncovered re Benghazigate –
        Many are still digging…..

        Adina Kutnicki, Israel –

        • fluffy matzo balls

          Replying to AdinaK – "It is six of one…half a dozen of another."

          Six PLUS Six equals a DIRTY DOZEN lies!

    • alan fox


  • macdougal

    Rice is your typical democrat-raised in and helped by politics all the way through her life-she never did or got one thing that she did on her own…black? I think not-there are very few 'blacks' in this criminal administration ie Holder, etc. They are crossbreeds like obama

  • Dave Smith

    Lack of non-academic accomplishment is entirely in line with, and predicts, what happened in this episode. Without skills to discern the truth from the narrative, lack of courage, or abject denial of the truth – knowing the narrative, it is enough to say that not only is she disqualified from SOS consideration but also that she should be immediately relieved from her current UN Ambassador position. That Hillary is no better makes this lack of standards quite annoying and perplexing.

  • Marshall Buss

    She was the "Designated Liar".

    • gerry

      She was rotered as liar of the day!

  • Lynn Cee (Ms.)

    Rice stepped up as the flack du jour. It was Libya and 9/11 and security was lax … please. Benghazigate.

  • gerry

    She has got to be a liar as she willingly works for one, the pathological liar in chief.As for her competence,Ithink the recent events prove the lack of it.She got everything wrong about the ME.She as the infortunate distintion to be both,a liar and an incompetent.Just like her boss!

  • messy thomas

    Rice didn't do anything wrong. It's Republicans who are failing at leadership and decision making.

    Peter King for example is now criticizing Rice for sticking to the Unclassified talking points. As if Republicans wouldnt have attacked her if she had spilled Classified Intel..

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    • DaveS

      Another incongruent comment by an Obama flack.

  • SmokeTNT

    Either she's an idiot or she believes everyone else is.

  • Garrett

    I thnk, therefore I am a racist.