Swedish Authorities Helping Hunt Down Muslim Christian Convert

Sharia law in the West? What Sharia law? Besides in this case Sharia is best spelled “Petrodollars” and “Street riots.”

Since late July Saudi media have been buzzing with reports that a 28-year-old Saudi woman has embraced Christianity and fled the country, staying initially in a church in Lebanon before moving on to Sweden. According to the Saudi Gazette, the woman, Maryam, appeared on an Arabic TV channel saying she was tired of performing prayers and fasting during Ramadan — rituals that never brought her any benefit. She also criticised Saudi Arabia’s Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice. She claimed to have been converted through a dream and said that though she was raised to hate Judaism and Christianity she has come to love those religions since finding peace in Christianity….

Prosecuting lawyer, Humood Al-Khaldi, said that whilst the penalty in Islam of death for apostasy is clear, ‘the roles played by the two men, the Saudi and Lebanese, in making the girl become Christian should be taken into consideration’. He said ‘the court should make sure first that the girl was coerced into converting to Christianity and fleeing the country’. According to Gulf News, ‘Most Saudis reacting to the Khobar woman saga . . . have been calling for stringent action against the Lebanese and Saudi nationals for their alleged roles in the case, claiming that they were “well aware of the consequences of their act”.’…

On 2 September the Saudi Gazette reported that ‘Interpol is co-ordinating with the Saudi Embassy in Stockholm and Swedish authorities to return the girl to her homeland before her “kidnappers” move her to another country.’ The embassy reportedly has started a search for the woman, with the aid of Swedish authorities.

  • rocksblues

    You Swedes do realize that playing neutral this time wont work.

  • Don P

    Why Sweden have to play slave to the saudis, they are the worst when it comes to human rights and funding terrorism worldwide. This woman should be allowed to practice what she wants, what is the use of her running for your protection if you are so spineless?

  • http://rau.3littlefoxes.com Lfox328

    The Swedes are hearing "woman kidnapped" and think "oh, no, how can we protect that poor woman!".

    The Saudis are just using Interpol and the Swedes to find her – if she IMMEDIATELY leaves, she MIGHT live. But, I'm guessing that she will "accidentally" die, or by "unknown" assailants.

    Shame on the Swedes for being so spineless!

  • Bader

    i wanna convert to christian , can somebody help , im jordanian guy

  • Staffan_Sundqvist

    Here in Sweden we have a new upper class, new nobilitys, the muslims! Our governement and our politicians supported by our Quisling journalists, are doing all that they can to provide the Swedish people that native swedes are second class Citizens and islam is what we need in this pagan country. Our Prime minister Fredrik Reinfeldt has even declared that we swedes have ever, never had any Culture at all. The Culture has been brought here by muslims and other immigrants.