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Taliban Attack Destroys Six Harrier Jets at 180 Million Dollar Cost

Posted By Daniel Greenfield On September 16, 2012 @ 12:01 pm In The Point | 6 Comments


This is yet another disaster in Obama’s failed war in Afghanistan and it also gives the lie to the notion that these worldwide coordinated attacks timed at around September 11 were due to popular outrage because of a movie. The media talking heads still spewing that nonsense in their way on free speech are engaging in criminally irresponsible reporting and are covering up the real scope of events [2].

At least two U.S. Marines were killed in the brazen strike late on Friday, and six jets were destroyed, ISAF said as it released more details about the raid. Well-trained, well-rehearsed fighters carried out the sustained assault in Helmand province, ISAF said.

About 15 insurgents organized into three teams penetrated the base’s perimeter fence and did considerable damage, destroying six refueling stations and damaging six aircraft hangars. The attackers toted automatic rifles, rocket-propelled grenade launchers and suicide vests.

They destroyed six AV-8B Harrier jets and damaged two others before the attack ended, the coalition said.

This is a disaster. It’s also a black eye for the management of the war. And it again completely discredits the idea being put out by the Obama Campaign that there is a steady withdrawal plan underway that will leave Afghanistan secure. That is clearly not the case.

Obama’s Afghanistan surge has failed badly and cost the lives of thousands of Americans. It’s time for the lapdog media to begin asking him some serious questions about his plans for Afghanistan, the way they would have if he were a Republican.

But instead the media insists on reporting ridiculous lies like these

Afghanistan’s Taliban claimed responsibility on Saturday for an attack on a base which U.S. officials said killed two American Marines, saying it was in response to a film that insults Mohammad

Was an attack that required extensive knowledge of the base, US uniforms and specially trained personnel really put together and carried out in a few days… especially considering that the Taliban had threatened to kill Prince Harry a while back and were aiming for him?

These lies are becoming ridiculous and the media is using free speech to undermine the right of free speech for others. This is a dangerous course of action that will backfire on it sooner or later.

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