Tape of Obama Imitating Jeremiah Wright Finally Released

Featured, Obama keeping it real with a Saturday Night Live quality “Street” voice, shout outs to Jeremiah Wright for providing him with the material and the fake accent. No wonder Wright was angry about being dumped by Obama. Obama’s entire image, pre-election, was a prolonged imitation of Wright, complete with divisive race-baiting.

Disturbing moments. The crowd cheers September 11. Not anything Obama says, just the very mention of September 11 brings a rousing cheer. This really is the Jeremiah Wright crowd.

When Obama isn’t ripping off Jeremiah Wright, he’s ripping off Kanye “Bush don’t care about black people” West.

Obama says Wright introduced him to Jesus. Before that was Obama homies with Mohammed, the way Wright has claimed? And then he easily switches, with the same weight of fake gravitas and passion from talking about religion to talking about highway construction.

What this tape really shows is that there is no Barack Obama. The Obama we see is as fake and artificial as the one on the tape. Neither of them is the real Obama and the odds are that we haven’t seen the real Obama yet. What we can see on both tapes is a consummate con artist who learns his lines and manipulates audiences by projecting what they want to see, whether it’s an angry militant or black JFK.

  • Jamie

    Scary dude. The scariest part is that the mainstream media is so in the tank for this con artist, that the clueless voter will remain clueless and re elect this wackjob. God help us. We need a Romney victory!! Our President is a socialist, a liar and we don't even know who he is.

  • Paula

    He is an empty suit….just as we've always said from day one. There was no vetting because he was the Manchurian Candidate.

  • http://twitter.com/aSlowClock @aSlowClock

    This isn't new!

  • queasy

    He is an expert panderer,manipulator and actor. Which just means he is a professional liar and someone willing to sell his soul for political power and financial gain.
    Like most sociopaths he has no morals or ethics.

  • https://www.facebook.com/karl.henry.77 Karl Henry

    For some it must be horrible to hear what some people say in public. Just imagine if this had been an invitation only event behind closed doors. A copy of this tape is available at my local public library. Let's make a big deal out of it because that's who we are and that's what we do. If we were richer and perhaps smarter, we would be part of the !%. As it is, we are part of the 15% that say "yea man" when the fundraising Romney tape comes out and we say "Mitt's telling it like it is." We like him better now. Last time I checked, 15% on the fringe won't win a grade school election let alone the White House. That's why we're on the fringe, disappointed yet again when Election Day results are known. We're disappointed and surprised. Why are we such dopes?

  • Ray

    Stilling voting for Obama