Taxpayers Flee High Tax States for Low Tax States

The People’s Revolution may be experiencing some setbacks due to the notorious propensity of the bourgeois to cling to their guns, bibles, freedoms, wallets and assorted other things.

It would appear that Blue States experiencing a surge of unpatriotic defections as taxpayers flee to places where they won’t have to bleed themselves dry so that the welfare state, and its aligned teachers and nurses unions can enjoy the best benefits in town. They’re leaving the east and going west. And it’s hard to stop them without perhaps building some kind of Berlin Wall.

According to new Census data, New York, Illinois, New Jersey, Connecticut and Rhode Island led the country last year in out-migration (measured as a share of their population). Not incidentally, the Tax Foundation ranks New York, New Jersey and Rhode Island among the five worst business tax climates.

Connecticut, which raised income, sales and corporate taxes last year to the tune of $1.5 billion, is not far behind. Illinois also increased income taxes last year by 67% and the corporate rate by 46% to pay for worker retirement benefits and will likely seek to hike taxes again to backfill the state pension fund, which is $83 billion in arrears.

If, as liberals claim, tax rates don’t much matter, how to explain the exodus from blue states to low-tax havens?

The most popular destination state by far was North Dakota, followed by Wyoming, South Carolina, Texas, Colorado, Florida, Arizona, South Dakota, Nevada and Tennessee. Five of these states—Texas, Florida, Nevada, Wyoming and South Dakota—have no income tax, and all but Colorado are right-to-work states. No surprise, these states are also adding jobs at a faster clip than those losing residents (Unemployment has actually ticked up in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut over the past year).

It’s clearly Berlin Wall time. Build some kind of wall around New York, Illinois and New Jersey and let’s see them try to escape from New York then.

  • cynthia curran

    Well housing is also 200,000 cheaper in Texas than Coastial California. Housing cost are actually a bigger factor during the housing bubble period people left Ca higher then than anyother period.

  • cynthia curran

    Also, most of the East Coast States have higher housing, particulary New York City and Long Island. Rhode Island is a died state it actually I think has lower taxes than Vermont but Vermont isn't quite as died and has unemployment at 5.8 percent.

  • Mary Sue

    This is why states that fall for the 'tax the rich/make the rich pay a "little bit" (ha!) more" nonsense are losing money hand over fist.

  • cynthia curran

    The Blue states that usually are doing good, Minnesota, Wi and Hawaii don't have many hispanics or afro-Americans so if they are charging higher taxes in the case of Minnesota their workforce tends to be better educated less minorties except in the large metro areas.

    • Mary Sue

      "There's only TWO black people in Minnesota: Prince, and Kerby Puckett!" – Chris Rock, back when Kirby Puckett was still alive.

    • Debbie Munoz

      That's an interesting comment. "Better educated" people use proper punctuation and grammar.

  • cynthia curran

    Personality, I don't like the no state income tax, I know of people that paid less taxes in Missouri which has both low income and property taxes than Texas where they had to paid a whopping $2,000 in property taxes. No state income tax, high property taxes. New York and New Jeresy though have both high income states and property taxes.

  • Bart

    If your looking for low taxes . one of the lowest sales taxes in the country with beautiful views & quality of living look at Pueblo West , Colorado. 30 miles south from Colorado springs.

  • cynthia curran

    I mean a whopping $2,000 more in property taxes.

  • Bright Knight

    the problem is that the liberal morons leave the blue states and then these douche-bags vote in the red states for the same clowns with their idiotic agenda that destroyed the blue states, bringing the red states down too.

  • Lady_Dr

    Exactly right Brigh Knight. That is why I'm selective in who I tell about the greatness of some states. Let the fools (aka libtards) stay or migrate among the blue states. I'm red state, through and through.

  • LibertyMan

    NY was the victim of a previous Coumo, where all the fortune 500 Headquarters moved to other states. The Mohawk Valley with cities like Utica became part waste land where whole city blocks with old Victorian style homes were abandoned and boarded up.

    Less than 10% of my property taxes actually go to essential services like police, Department of Public Works. The rest goes to mandated social for which NY has agreed to inforse all Medicaid hand outs and such.

    I won't go into a rant where teacher unions actually displayed contempt for the taxpayer, but send there own kids to private school. Why, because private lowered paid teachers do a better job.

    We are not doing so good in upstate NY.

  • cynthia curran

    Well, New York has been immirgant capitial for years until the 1970's to early 1990's when Blacks and Puerto Ricians settled end. Then in the mid-1990's it once again became immirgant capital of the us. Los Angeles had almost no immirgants until 1970 and Kennedy immirgation act lead to a lot of Mexicans, Central Americans and asians and Aremians using chain migration and La became the other immirgant capital that's why California along with illegal immirgation went Blue.

  • sandyshores

    Think of the fact that even though Florida has no state taxes, they are still highest in the rankings of income taxes collected in the nation. Blue states cause their own tax payers to leave because they can no longer afford to conduct business in them. You have won the people you hate have left but you have lost their revenue! What have they gained?
    Illinois lost a billion dollars in ONE year. You cannot get the money if the money leaves. Why can't they get past their greed to understand there is a certain amount of money a tax paying business can afford and beyond that they must leave and you get none of their money. I just cannot comprehend the math of they would rather have less and say they demand more that turns out to be more of nothing.
    You can have all the blue you want but that wont get you the green.

  • sandyshores

    What good does it do in the long run to grow a population of voters and you can always win when you cannot pay your bills? I just don't get it.