Terror for Passover

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It’s only a few weeks until Passover, a holiday that Jews throughout the world will be celebrating. And throughout the world, Muslims appear to be doing their part to help in the celebrations. In Milan, home of trendy fashions, a Moroccan Muslim man was arrested for organizing a bomb plot against a synagogue. Mohamed Jarmoune, a namesake of the prophet, had set up a covert Facebook group which included American and British Muslims to crowdsource the terror using social media.

Over in London, a Muslim woman was arrested for involvement in the same plot. Meanwhile in New York, the trial of two Muslim men accused of plotting to blow up synagogues continues. The two men, Ahmed Ferhani and another Mohamed, Mohamed Mamdouh, had contemplated dressing up as Hassidic Jews and walking inside with a hand grenade and a gun. But in all fairness, Ahmed and Mohamed hadn’t limited their homicidal interfaith fantasies to synagogues; they also considered blowing up churches.

After briefly flirting with becoming a model, Ahmed Ferhani had announced that he wanted to become a martyr instead, and in court his lawyer was doing her best to make him one. Ferhani’s lawyer, the appropriately named Elizabeth Fink, told the court that her client was just an innocent mentally ill violent ex-con who had been set up by the Islamophobic cretins at the NYPD.

Fink, who presents herself as a civil rights attorney and has an article on her website titled, “Attica is All of Us” seemed to be doing her best to exhaust the patience of even a liberal New York judge. When she began comparing the surveillance of Muslim terror suspects to the detention of Japanese-Americans, Judge Obus sighed and foreseeing a closing argument consisting entirely of Fink reading from “A People’s History of the United States”, said, “This could be a long trial.”

For her part, Fink, having spent the previous night watching a marathon of earnest lawyer movies like “And Justice for All”, “To Kill a Mockingbird” and “Legally Blonde”, declaimed, “What’s happening in the city of New York is evil, judge. It is wrong, and this case will expose it.”

Fink, like all finks, didn’t mean that blowing up synagogues was evil; she meant that arresting people who want to blow up synagogues is evil. There are of course plenty of finks out there. Some of them argue cases before the bench while others sit comfortably on the bench.

When Judge Colleen McMahon sentenced four Muslim terrorists to prison over a plot to blow up synagogues and aircraft at a National Guard base, she accused the government of having “made them terrorists” by helping them fulfill their fantasies of killing Jews, which she assures us they would have never acted upon on their own.

The Shadow radio program used to begin with the words, “Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men?” The answer apparently is Judge Colleen McMahon, a Clinton appointee and former speechwriter for Carter’s UN ambassador, whose husband works as a senior advisor to Soros Private Funds Management, and who can assure us that a charming fellow like Abdul Rahman, who said that, “With no hesitation, I will kill 10 Jews”, didn’t really mean it.

In a brilliant bit of legal reasoning that is sure to go down in history, McMahon told the final terrorist she convicted, “You were prepared to do a terrible thing, and you tried to do a terrible thing, and you tried to do it for a terrible reason. Maybe it doesn’t make you a terrorist, but it makes you a criminal.”

Over in Washington D.C., Amine El Khalifi had considered attacking a synagogue, but settled for trying to attack the U.S. Capitol instead. A few months from now, another Fink will be declaiming that he was the victim of entrapment by the government and another Colleen McMahon will “tsk” sympathetically at the poor boy who was turned into a terrorist by the government, and not at all by the Koran.

Attacks on synagogues are as much a staple of Islam as Ramadan and Zakat, a sizable percent of Muslim terrorist attacks in America, included either attacks on synagogues or proposed attacks. Al-Qaeda’s largest post September 11 attack in America, the Chicago bomb plot, included synagogues among its targets. There have been more Muslim attacks on American synagogues than on Israeli consulates and other “Zionist” targets discrediting the myth that Muslims are Anti-Zionist, rather than Anti-Semitic.

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  • Schlomotion

    During the original Passover, Egyptian Jews were instructed to remain in their homes and paint a big red x on their doorway so that the "angels" running through the streets spreading the plague and killing every firstborn child in Egypt would "pass over" the Jewish houses, killing only Egyptian infidels. In the living present, Passover will be held in concrete houses inside a massive concrete slab security wall, and the author still wonders aloud if the Jews will be safe this holiday season.

    • stern

      Well done, Schmo. Not good enough for you to hate today's Jews. Your hatred has to go all the way back to biblical times. How do you bear such a heavy burden?

      • Schlomotion

        All I do is read and make inferences. I read the Pentateuch. I didn't write the Pentateuch.

        • stern

          You're not G-d? Just omnipotent?

          • aspacia


            Schlock is probably impotent, and suffering from envy. You know what The Happy Hooker said about large male noses. LOL

        • aspacia

          What about the inferences regarding Ramses' crimes?

    • UCSPanther

      If the Pharaoh had heeded God's warnings, none of the ten plagues would have happened.

      • Schlomotion

        That sounds like something Osama bin Laden would say.

        • stern

          but I thought you said you read the Pentatuach? If you had actually read it, you wouldn't have demonstrated your ignorance as you just did.

    • aspacia

      Schlock, remember Egyptian slavery, which continues today in the ME and is sanctioned by Islam.

    • hajid

      If that unfortunately happened again, Jewish people will still pass over the unfortunate, but you unfortunately will not pass over it.

    • Anonymous

      schmuck, pay attention and learn: every minute we Jews, and Israel, are here, you lose.

      guess what?

      you lost today, little pisher, so kish mich in tuchus

  • KarshiKhanabad

    I'm not happy reading this. Possibly the only thing worse than a Muslim terrorist with murder in his heart is a terrorist enabler, especially when embedded in the U.S. legal system as attorneys and judges.

    Thank you Clinton, thank you Obama, for making this possible.

  • tagalog

    The Islamic terror attack on Jews at Passover and Christians at Easter continues. We Christians are encouraged to try to imitate Christ. Most of us Christians will attempt a Christlike forebearance with non-Christian oppression. Jews in the mainstream also exercise forebearance against these beasts. A few of us will engage in an effort to neutralize our oppressors. God bless us and give us success.

  • stern

    Oh dear, Daniel, you seem to have missed the General Instruction to Media and All Writers: there is no "terrorism", no "Jihad", and nobody anywhere, ever, is inspired by Al Qaida. In fact, now that Bin Laden is dead, we don't have to worry about Al Qaida ever again. Every example you cite is just another "lone wolf" acting alone. It has nothing to do with Islam because Islam is the Religion of Peace, and if you disagree with that, you must be Islamaphobic. Oh, and there's no such thing as anti-Semitism either. It's just one more Jewish plot designed to silence the rest of the world.

    • waldemar

      Just a minute, Stern. A phobia is an UNRESAONABLE fear of things. For example, if I am a Protestant my Islamphobia could be say, due to the fear that Muslims will force me to be baptized. However, the fear that I may be beheaded is NOT UNRESAONABLE; it is more than justified.

  • Western Spirit

    One of the reasons I believe in God is the truth of Biblical prophesy that keeps proving itself. For instance, in Daniel's interpretation of a dream where a man was seen with a gold head, silver upper body,iron thighs and legs, and the feet replete with toes was composed of clay and iron combined.

    Daniel said the man represented the empires the world would see such as the iron legs and thighs represented the Roman empire and so on. The clay mixed with iron represented the world of today. Of course this is my interpretation but the Left and conservatism surely represent the iron and clay mixture of the feet and toes of the dream.

    • Bartimaeus

      One thing for certain, it is the condition of the final world gentile power. It is a mixture of that which is strong (perhaps military power such as the old Roman Empire had) and that which is weak (the lack of moral discernment, etc.) It is in the time of these ten kings (political rulers) that God will bring in the messianic kingdom. See Daniel 2:44-45

  • Lady_Dr

    Western Spirit – the clay mixed with iron is more probably the Left and Islam who are in bed with each other.

    • WilliamJamesWard

      This would make for stinkey feet indeed…………………………………William

    • Western Spirit

      Could be. And also could be a description of the whole world we live in today—half clay and half iron as in half weak half strong. Certainly it describes America today with its values split between two groups those who obey Judeo- Christian values that make us strong because they are in accordance with reality such as actions have consequences and the illusions of the Left that make us weak.

  • maria

    Great country can not be defeated without treason from inside. Leftists/socialists/progressists/democrats are traitors. They betray our country and their own children some consciously, some by naivety (minority) this great country out of cowardice, for benefits, advantages, etc. They don't want to realize that at least majority of them will be the same victims of Muslims barbarians as all other. islamists and their proxy are using them as "useful idiots".

    • Western Spirit

      This is true. But the Left is living in a world of illusion. We have to want to see the truth and conform to its disciplines which the Left does not want to do. They want to have their cake and eat it too, do whatever they want without consequences.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    The NYPD has the job of maintaining law and order in NYC and to thwart all criminal activities. It seems
    that even crime must be covered by PC, there are no terrorists no matter what their conduct, just law
    breakers. Terrorism has been eradicated by the Obama administration on down by denying that it
    exists, how wonderful the terrorists do not know they are simply common criminals with a desire to
    murder and maime. Fink is nauseating. We need political leaders that will call a spade a spade.

  • Anne Wilson

    I have tried God. He has proven Himself many times. You have to be faithful to Him not just once. I had rather KNOW I am going to Heaven than have some doubt. It is a KNOWING.John 3:16;23 in faith believing. If you pass this up you will go to Hell just as the Bible says. The people did not go into the promised land because they did not obey God. Obey & go to Heaven.

  • Ghostwriter

    Well,people like muchiboy,Bashy Quraishy,Nakba1948,and others like them would love to see synagogues attacked,especially in America. They love nothing more than to see dead Jews,especially on one of their most important holidays.

  • Whitefield


    Another set of lies and lies to distort the truth, no mention of the killings of the Palestinians and the suffering of the children. These articles are all biased and unfair…

  • whitefield

    6440 – Palestinians killed by Israeli security forces from 29.9.2000-31.12.2011, which you will never talk about in your one sided and biased reporting and commentary.

    • stern

      See, it's easy to quote numbers. But how many of those were terrorists dressed up as civilians? How many of those were the result of terrorists hiding amongst civilians while firing rockets and mortars into civilian populations of israel? How many of those were suicide bombers, who killed themselves in the process of killing Joos?

      And you have the ffing gall to accuse Daniel of bias?

      Do yourself a favour and go away. You cannot get away with your one-sided anti-Israel, Jew hating shtick here. The people who read this site and post here generally know what's really going on and are far better read and informed than you are.

      So go on, buzz off. Pig.

    • Anonymous

      we're not "happy" to talk about it, since Israelis take ZERO pleasure in having to engage in self defense, you deformed slime mold, but we sure as hell aren't ashamed of it: all this will end the nanosecond the arabs (and their nazi allies, such as yourself), stop trying to kill US

      so , obergruppenfueher veisfeld… piss off, you mamzer

  • Whitefield

    An annual report from the Jerusalem-based B'Tselem showed that in 2011 Israeli security forces killed a total of 105 Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, of whom 37 were confirmed as non-combatants.

    • stern

      Gee, just like that. Darn Joos. I mean, it's not as if the Palestinians ever did anything to them. I mean really, a few thousand rockets? I mean, who should care about that? So what if the Joos have to run to bomb shelters? The Palestinians don't even have bomb shelters, so why should the Joos complain. And gee, the Joos have this Iron Dome thing, so what gives them the right to fire back when the Palestinians shoot rockets? I mean really, the only thing Joos are supposed to do is die, right?

    • stern

      Oh, and one other thing. Have you ever wondered how B'Tselem gets its numbers? Give you one guess. No?

      It's simple really. THEY ASK THE PALESTINIANS!

      That's right. They ask the one side in a war, how many have been killed by the other side. And then they take everything the Palestinians say as gospel truth. they don't' ask for proof, they don't ask for corroboration, they just ask for more propaganda that they can use against Israel.

      B'Tselem has been shown up time and time again. So has Peace Now. And just about every other pro-Palestinian organization run by self-hating Jews. That's just too bad for you, isn't it? Seems you can't rely on anyone these days, not even a Jew who hates being Jewish.

    • Kasimr

      37 non-combatants, they had already thrown their petrol bombs!