Terrorist Missiles Hit Tel Aviv

The sentiment among the insular Tel Aviv left was that Israel should withdraw from Gaza instead of wasting manpower and risking the lives of soldiers keeping the peace and protecting the thousands of Jews living there.

Israel withdrew from Gaza, forcibly ethnically cleansing the Jewish residents of the area, while leaving it in the hands of Hamas. The outcome was predicted beforehand and it’s here. Withdrawing from Gaza put Tel Aviv on the firing line.

The Iron Dome missile defense system, while reasonably impressive, is also expensive and unable to stop all the attacks. No merely passive defense, whether a wall or a missile defense system, can.

Israel has been haunted by its Disengagement from Gaza. And with the fall of Egypt, it now has a Muslim Brotherhood regime in Gaza which can extend its control into Gaza, without taking responsibility for it. There are few alternatives except to retake Gaza, but no one is seriously considering it. And so there is no end in sight.

  • Mary Sue

    It is just absolutely amazing to me how not-seriously the rest of the world seems to be taking this. If it were anyplace else on earth the UN would be up in arms.

    Freaking anti-semites…