The Atlantic Claims Not Killing Black Babies is Racist

In one of the oddest arguments against leaving abortion for the states to decide, Brian Fung at The Atlantic claimed that Republicans were racist for wanting to return abortion rights to the states because it would cause the death of more white babies than black babies.  Not only is this argument racist, but it’s also wrong.

Under a model where individual states would decide whether or not abortion is legal within their state, abortion would remain legal in the states where most African-Americans live.

Abortion would remain legal in New York, Florida, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio and California. Any maps showing otherwise are counterfactual. Even assuming that Texas, Georgia and Virginia banned abortion, African-American voters would have a full say in whether abortion should be legal or not.

Fung doesn’t think that black voters should be able to decide whether abortion should be legal or not. Only 30 percent of black Protestants believe that abortion is morally acceptable. A slim majority of African-Americans overall believe that it is morally acceptable. In more conservative states, black voters would be more likely to follow a religiously conservative position.

With black people making up a third of the population of states like Mississippi, Louisiana and Georgia– there is no way that these states could pass an abortion ban over their opposition. Devolving abortion to the state level would allow everyone, black and white, to make the decision that is right for their community and their state. And Fung and The Atlantic, like liberals in general, appear to be afraid of giving black people that power.

  • tramky

    Yes, quite right. It is widely understood that the 'right to choose' is inherently racist. Most abortions are of fetuses of black mothers. Abortions are performed to meet the demands of pregnant women and, for the most part, of no one else.

    It is interesting that Republicans are generally castigated as racist while they support restrictions on abortion, abortions that disproportionately result in termination of black fetuses, while supporters of 'choice' congratulate each other on the rightness of that choice and their moral superiority over right-to-lifers while that 'choice' results in that disproportionate termination of black fetuses, an inherently racist position due to that disproportionality of outcomes.

    This is why liberals are the racists, not Republicans. Well, it's just one reason why–there are numerous others. This is widely understood but NEVER discussed in the mainstream media. The liberal Progressive have America snookered.

  • Omar

    Wow. The left probably categorizes every issue it doesn't like as "racist", even when it has nothing to do with race. Now that's paranoia.

  • Carlos Perera

    Actually, I am not at all surprised by Leftist claims that being against the abortion of black babies is _prima facie_ proof of racism: recall that in early 2008 a thesis by a Leftist-feminist–redundant, I know–graduate student at Hebrew University, one Tal Nitzan, was made public; said thesis argued that the lack of rapes of Palestinian women by IDF men proved, not their high ethical standards, or their admirable discipline, or just the general decency of Israeli men, but, rather, their racist disdain of Arabs. (I guess that, to show themselves properly multicultural, Israeli soldiers would have to go Red Army on the Arab women they encounter.)

    Although the publication of the thesis caused outrage among the Israeli general public, no one who has read this far will be surprised to know that Ms. Nitzan found many stalwart defenders among that country's Leftist intelligentsia, starting with her own institution, Hebrew University. Just goes to show that Leftist "sensibilities" are pretty much the same all over the world.