The BDS Nazis are Back in Berlin

79 years ago Nazis stood outside Jewish stores daubed with Stars of David urging good Germans to boycott them. Now Judith Butler, a BDS enthusiast of boycotting the Jewish State, showed up at the Jewish Museum in Berlin to be feted for her achievements in hating and persecuting Jews. Butler is a member of the American Anti-Jewish Left and her presence is a telling sign of how the axis of Anti-Semitism has shifted so completely from the right to the left.

The internationally renowned Jewish Museum in Berlin hosted a podium discussion on Saturday with US academic Judith Butler, who renewed her calls to boycott Israel. It appears to be the first anti-Israel event held in the Jewish museum since its opening in 2001 with the aim of exhibiting the 2,000- year history of Germany’s Jews. At least 700 people attended the event.

The German taxpayer-funded museum’s decision to showcase the speaker Butler in the capital city, which during the Nazi period served as the launching pad for a boycott movement against German-Jewish businesses, has raised eyebrows about the management’s direction of the museum.

Professor Gerald Steinberg, who heads the Jerusalem-based NGO Monitor, termed the cultural institution the “Berlin anti-Jewish Museum.”

Butler triggered intense criticism in Germany, Israel and the US because of her 2006 comment at a “Teach-in Against War “ event that “Understanding Hamas/Hezbollah as social movements that are progressive, that are on the Left, that are part of a global Left, is extremely important.”

What Butler’s case demonstrates is that

1. There really is no distinction between her kind of attacks on Israel and support for Islamic terrorism

2. The left is continuing with its old program of attacking Zionism, even when the genocidal implications of that are painfully clear

3. Anti-Semitism is as common on the Jewish left, as it is on the left in general

4. Holocaust memorialization is not in and of itself a defense against Anti-Semitism when that memorialization seeks to universalize the experience with a view to incorporating it into the larger program of the left.

  • Fred

    The Nazis were not on the right. They were always left. National Socialism. Left. Since nazis gave socialism a bad name they sold the big lie that Nazis were really not part of the left, therefor they were on the right. But that's false. Nazis were socialists, fascists, totalitarians and those are all leftists… Left = totalitarian.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "The Nazis were not on the right. They were always left."

      The right and the left is a dichotomy to simplifyy discussions concerning politics in a 2-party systems, or in some cases it simply indicates the sides they sat on for parliament or congressional sessions. Applying this as an acid test outside the context of a single 2-party context (like American politics) is just nonsensical. The parties themselves are complex. We can say that Soviet Communism or Socialism is on the left because of broad support on the left for socialism. But which party supported the Nazis?

      There are aspects of conservatism, socialism, and many other ideologies without any connection with the paradigm of left vs. right. You can make nuanced claims, but your opening sentence is a loser.

      "Since nazis gave socialism a bad name they sold the big lie that Nazis were really not part of the left, therefor they were on the right. But that's false."

      Your entire statement is false when you make it so simply. In essence, Nazism was messianic with complex arguments to support who the true "messiah" and "chosen people" were to annihilate the "lies" of the Bible.

      "Nietzsche and the Nazis" is a lecture-as-film from Stephen R.C. Hicks.

      It's actually a very good discussion on the composition of Nazi ideology where you can gain some evidence for your views along with a more detailed and nuanced theory that will hopefully lead you away from simplistic unqualified statements. You are not entirely wrong, you've just simplified what you think you know so much that you've made it easy to argue against you.

      "Nazis were socialists, fascists, totalitarians and those are all leftists… Left = totalitarian"

      I sympathize with your view, but most leftists are not totalitarians. Many may simply not see the *implications* of their views. It would be better to say that collectivism *leads to* totalitarianism and that most sincere liberals don't understand the implications of their ideologies. That does not make them totalitarian per se. You lose the chance to reach out to people who might otherwise listen to reason, because your presentation is not reasonable. Given that even most extreme conservatives believe in some measure of a safety net, your simple arguments come across as totally naive. Safety net = collectivism. Conservatives want to conserve. Some of what they choose to preserve includes a degree of collectivism. It's really about balance. Your ideas are about extremes and litmus test dichotomies, at least as you've articulated them here.

      And if you are interested, I've given you some good tips for further research. On the other hand, it seems like you want to use the history of the Nazis as a simple weapon against the left in America. That is very stupid and won't work well for much of anything.

    • erc

      liberal and conservative or left and right really does not explain totaltatirnism . good and evil do . And evil or good can be liberal or consevative and left and right . We are all evil and good . evreytime a government wants all the power to do good or evil they are taking that choice away from us . So it is liberty that we lose under totaltarism . communists have proven over and over that invention and produtivity declines under theit totaltarian rule . Nazis still think they can do better .

    • Claudio

      If they were on the left, why did they had the support of all the biggest corporations? And since when all the totalitarian governments from South and Central America, for example, where leftist governments?

  • Rochelle Owens

    An Israelphobic Jew is more influential than Goebbels

    • objectivefactsmatter

      Many of them are. This is true.

  • @crazycatkid


  • Omar

    Remember, the main difference between communists and fascists is the concept of nationalism vs. internationalism. Other than that, the two movements are almost identical to each other.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      Well, at the start of a discussion you could make that statement but nationalism in any given nation can have a lot of distinction from one to the next. Nationalism in Nazi Germany is not morally or politically equal to nationalism in say, the USA. Internationalism might be a euphemism for totalitarianism in some cases, and if not, that where it leads eventually. Yet Nazi Germany was a totalitarian state. So how useful is this statement in this thread?

      Just asking.

    • eric siverson

      Also under communists the government owns the means of production , were as under Nazism the cooperations own the politicians and therefor the government. This makes Nazis more productive or responsive to economic needs . Both are evil totalatarians unable to deliver freedom , justice or liberty .. The western democracies are as much Nazi as communist now . The republicans more favor nazi ideals while the democrats more favor communists . We can take our choice but we are not allowed to consier less government power or thrrow of the yoke off totaltarian government rule of evreything away … I think they both are international globalists now .

      • Omar

        You're wrong, Eric. The Nazis despised free-market capitalism and advocated for complete government-controlled economy.. Hence the name "National-Socialism". You should read Jonah Goldberg's book "Liberal Fascism" to learn the truth about fascism in general. The fact is that both communism and fascism had a lot in common. the chief difference between the two movements is the concept of nationalism vs. internationalism. By falsely equating fascism and Nazism with modern conservatism, you are repeating one of the left's most notorious lies.

        • eric siverson

          I think cooperations despise free market captalism too , thats why they support the government to get laws passed to reduce competition . This is why the republicans favored deregulation to get bigger and greater monopolies . Republicans have nazi tendancies and democrats favor communist unions and redistributing the wealth by confiscating the cos . Both philosophies are bad for the other groupe . Captalism and free enterprise has the advantage over evreything else is only becuase greed is aloud to fight greed . the liberals favor one side of the greedy and the conservatives favor the other greedy side . The losers tend to be anybody without government power to take .. My democratic friend said he did not like the conservatives becuase they always preached free enterprise . but their own buisness was so organised up it didn't even resemble free enterprize .

  • RLStevenson

    This is absolutely absurd. The whole crazy reaction to Judith Butler is hysterical. I can assure you that probably not none of the people who applauded Judith Butler is anti-semitic and most probably there were people there who count Jews amongst their close friends. They are actually mostly very well-informed people, who are sick of the repression of free speech by the Zionist lobby and who uphold humane values and jsutice for everyone, as does Judith Butler.
    This ill-advised attempt to demonize them and defame them as Nazis will only cause a backlash against Israel and Israelis. It is a stupid and dangerous game you are playing. Israel has got away with the most outrageous behaviour since it was founded on the dispossession of another people.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      "most probably there were people there who count Jews amongst their close friends"

      Well if their best friends are Jews, then that fixes that.

      Hey didn't a certain Austrian painter have a Jewish art professor he really liked?

    • גבר עצוב

      No, the reaction to the ugly, over-lauded, untalented, self-hating feminazi buffoon Judith Butler is just about right. Normal Americans instinctively support Israel. Your candidate is going to lose in November, by the way, jerk.

      Stick your toe in your mouth and hum after me: November 2010 redux. Then hold your breath. Keep holding.

    • Omar

      How has Israel dispossessed people? Jews have continuously lived in the Holy Land for over 3000 years. The Arabs started moving into the area around the 7th century, when Islam was established. For over 60 years, Israel has tried to make peace with its neighbors, but Israel's neighbors don't want peace. In fact, the Islamists are anti-Semites who want to destroy the Jewish state. Israel is a tolerant society, where everyone is treated equally. Arabs living in Israel have more rights as Israeli citizens than citizens of other countries in the Middle East. That's the reality. The BDS movement is financed by the far-left and the Islamists. That's a fact.

  • Steve B

    It would make things much simpler if Hamas, for instance, did not base its Charter on the "Protocols of Zion".