The Blood Price of Afghanistan

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The alleged attack on Afghans by an American soldier in Kandahar, where 91 soldiers were murdered last year alone, is already receiving the full outrage treatment. Any outrage over the deaths of those 91 soldiers in the province will be completely absent.

There will be no mention of how many of them died because the Obama Administration decided that the lives of Afghan civilians counted for more than the lives of soldiers. No talk of what it is like to walk past houses with gunmen dressed in civilian clothing inside and if you are fired at from those houses, your orders are to retreat.

Air strikes are for days gone by. The American soldier in the ISAF is expected to patrol and retreat, to smile and reach out to Afghans while they shoot him in the back. After risking his life to hold back the Taliban, he is expected to take it calmly when his government announces that it is trying to cut a deal with the Taliban. As he waits out the final months until withdrawal, seeing his friends lose their limbs and their lives, knowing that the enemy has won, that he has been betrayed and is being kept senselessly on the front line for no objective except the diplomatic position of a government that hates him, that is taking away his health care, his equipment and his job; how does he feel?

The Panjwai district, where the shootings happened, are the cradle of the Taliban. Smiling civilians plant IED’s and children serve as lookouts. Obama’s Surge pushed hard into Panjwai and the Taliban pushed back. American soldiers were caught in the middle, dying for a handful of dusty towns where the inhabitants took their presents and shook hands with them, and then shot at them from cover.

The Montreal Gazette tells us that Belanday, one of the villages where the shootings took place, was a model village. What it omits is that Belanday was a key Taliban base, the houses were used for IED factories and it served as a transit route on the way to Kandahar City. The model village concept was supposed to change all that, but it didn’t change the sympathies of the local population.

All of that doesn’t matter though. The feelings of the men and women sent into the heart of the beast don’t matter. Only the eternally tender sensibilities of Muslims do. When Muslims kill us because we disposed of Korans that they marked up, we are at fault. This is the modern Catch 22 of the military which requires officers who have only one skill, sensitivity to Muslim feelings, and soldiers who die to keep the peace among their killers.

The life of an American soldier is worth less than a Muslim’s feelings. Under Islamic Sharia law, the blood price for a non-Muslim was only a third that of a Muslim. At Islam’s homicidal Wal-Mart, you could kill three Christians for the price of a Muslim. And we have cut prices even further by placing the feelings of a Muslim above the life of a non-Muslim.

When American soldiers die to protect Muslim feelings, denied air support and the right to defend themselves so as not to outrage the IED planting populace, there is no outrage from the mass media organs of outrage who take the liberal bumper sticker about always being outraged by their attention deficit disorder to heart. But when Muslims die, then the outrage machine grinds to life and begins making blood sausage out of any members of the military unfortunately enough to caught in the crossfire between CNN, CBS and FOX.

This is yet another opportunity for the Apologizer-in-Chief to apologize. By the time American soldiers leave hellholes like Kandahar behind, he may have racked up nearly as many apologies as the bodies of American sons and daughters, not to their parents naturally, but to the parents of their killers.

These days Obama hates the military more than ever for inconveniencing him by urinating on Taliban corpses, burning Korans and carrying out night raids. His only consolation is that if enough of them from key states die at the hands of the “moderate” Taliban, that the Muslim Brotherhood is negotiating with on his behalf, it might be enough to swing a key state in a close election. And if the soldiers get their revenge by urinating on dead Taliban, he gets his revenge urinating on live soldiers.

The soldiers, those who survive, can expect no parades, they can expect to have their health care benefits cut at the urging of the Soros-run Center for American Progress and they can expect to be hounded by the media and Hollywood, which is already doing its best to turn the veteran of Kandahar or Fallujah into the new Vietnam veteran. They can watch on television as the Taliban sweep back into Kabul, firing assault rifles into the air, taking back every inch of the ground that they fought to defend for the ungrateful Afghans and D.C. drones. And they can watch some of the Afghans who have received visas, bring over large families and set up shop smuggling cigarettes and engaging in wire fraud, while receiving hefty government benefits, while they look for work.

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  • Kaiy

    What sort of poorly written (IEDs, not IED’s), poorly researched example of the malignant tumuor, ‘Internet journalism’, is this? Overtly inflammatory, insulting and racist, as well…”dusty Afghan towns; Afghans bringing in large families, smuggling cigarettes and engaging in wire fraud”. Just, wow.

    • Ewm

      Why is it poorly written ? Are you equating a misplaced comma with a lack of truth in the article? The Taliban do find being killed by western troops very inflammatory ,Afghan towns by and large are dusty. You do seem more concerned with scoring liberal points rather than considering what Daniel has written. Inflammatory, Racist, Insulting, ? …To whom?… It would be wonderful to poll the troops who actually fought in Afghanistan and see who they agree with

    • Ron Carnine

      Dear Kaiy, calling a a town "dusty" and reporting that people engage in certain acts isn't insulting or racist or even inflammatory. It simply is reporting what happens there. The soldier who shot civilians is innocent until proven guilty. He hasn't had a trial yet. If he is mentally ill then he should be found innocent. PTSD is a horrible disease and it causes you to see things that aren't there and then to act irrationally against them. If this is what happened to this soldier then he isn't responsible for his actions. As far as killing children, you must remember that in Islamic society strapping a bomb to a child has happen over and over again.
      I would like to tell you a story that is true and really happened to me. It happened right here in the good ole USA. I am a retired LEO. While I was patrolling, I saw a small (2yr old) child on the porch of a house. As I normally do, I waved and smiled. This little kid flipped me the bird. Where does a child get such a hatred for the police? His parents. His family. What will he be like when he hits 13? Now if a child can be raised with such hatred in this country, think of what hatred can be developed in a war torn country? Its no wonder a child overcomes his natural fear of dying and thinks for a child blowing up American troops is an honorable thing to do. This is why young kids get shot. So why don't you wait for the truth to come out before you condemn this writer. The soldier, he is innocent until proven guilty. This goes for you too "RealAmerican".

  • Alvaro

    "American soldiers are there to free the Afghan people from the Taliban rule"

    That statement is so 2001… Joe Biden says Taliban is not even the enemy, and the US has helped the Taliban set up an office in Qatar to pave the way for peace talks.

    I don't know what the hell ISAF is doing there any more if the Taliban isn't the enemy. Obviously someone else have been shooting at them and planting IEDs for over a decade. Who on earth could that be? In any case: What a giant misunderstanding. I am so glad we got that sorted out.

    Obama should really apologize again for his former hostile acts against the Taliban, dig deep in his pockets and maybe pay a trillion dollars in jizya… erm.. compensation.

    Just before they leave, the troops should do something to get their moods up. What better things to do than attend a few public executions in Kabul. Maybe watching a naughty man having the nerve to drink alcohol getting hoisted by his neck by a crane. They could all have a good laugh together, take photos and point at the man up in the air kicking his own sandals off.

    Or maybe join in on a stoning of an adulteress. The shovels that formerly were used to bury IEDs are not used with joy to dig a hole in the ground while the whole ISAF and Taliban is are waiting with pointy rocks in their itchy hands, ready to make good throws.

    The night ends with a joyful embrace, and everyone parts as friends.

  • oldtimer

    How about the Ft.Hood incident? Didn't the administration state that it was workplace violence? Another slap in the face of the American citizens and especially our military.

  • LotusL

    Oh, the old Bill Maher called Sarah Palin the "c" word routine. What the right does best, deflect. It is all you have left.

    No mention in the article of the Kill Team, from the same Lewis-McChord base as this solder. Check out Rolling Stones article and explain to me why there are not more attacks on our soldiers. Imagine if someone invaded our country for some past bloodshed we have committed and occupied us for 10 years. What would we do?

    I once believed in God, I loved the teachings of Christ but the right wing has shown me that Christianity is a farce. Christianity has morphed into a belief that you are special. , chosen by God to have guns, war and any resource in the world that is desired. .

    • tagalog

      I don't suppose the fact that Muslim extremists in both Afghanistan and Iraq have killed more Iraqis and Afghans than Americans have, by several orders of magnitude, makes any difference.

    • Harry

      You equate God with the political aspirations of the right. You haven't understood or really read your bible then. Jesus never once got involved in the political asperations of others. His responses to political questions was to "give to caesar what is caesar's." God is beyond the politics of our world, but he is not beyond the individual humans that occupy this planet. It is the individual that He loves and calls, not the power and authority of some government agency and the egotisical power hungry political hacks running the show who call on their god for support. The claim people make that God is on their side means nothing. It is the one who claims God that is important, but the one who God claims as His that is the end word. God is Love. Men are stupid, greedy, capricious, arrogant and presuming. Why He loves yet is the mystery.

    • curmudgeon

      imagine someone invading our country? imagine? i dont have to imagine. muslims are here, and our treasonous government invited them, and our treasonous government will not send them home. i dont have to imagine the murderous barbarians invading our country. they are here, at our government's request, subsidized by our treasonous government, and already killing and abusing americans just for sport. the real killing will begin when the government sponsored, government protected, government subsidized barbarians gain the majority. imagine, you say. you are a fool.

  • maturin20

    There's no good way out of a bad war.

    • mrbean

      Sorry, despite Hannabal, the Romans at Carthage proved otherwise!

  • mrbean

    Listen and learn you twinkle toed liberal f__ktwit. In war bad things happen and better that it happens to them instead of the American Soldiers. The combat soldiers have far too many tours of duty with candyassed Harvard mother's boys making up ridiculous rules of engagement that are getting alot of soldiers killed. Thatmeans a few are bound to crack and go on a rampage. And this nation building crap for Muslims is suicidal idiocy. America is in war with Talibans not with Afghan people you say – perhaps you missed the street demonstrations by these Muslim fanatics over the Quran burnings and the murdering of 4 soldiers. I would kill 'em all and let Allah sort 'em out,

    • Roger

      When we can reliably and effectively know who is the extremist muslim over the 'peaceful' muslim then these kinds of things won't happen.

      But until then this is what might happen when their militants hide behind civilians constantly.

  • ObamaYoMoma

    America is in war with Talibans not with Afghan people. American soldiers are there to free the Afghan people from the Taliban rule,

    I hate to rain on your incredibly naïve and gullible parade moonbat, but all Muslims on the planet are the eternal mortal enemy of all non-Muslin unbelievers in the world, otherwise they are not Muslims at all, but instead blasphemous apostates that per the dictates of mainstream orthodox Islam must be executed, and that includes the millions of Muslims living in America as a fifth column of covert jihadists as well. Oh, and by the way, in case you are too dense to figure it out, it also includes those Afghanis you claim we are supposed to be freeing from the Taliban.

    Apparently, after 11 long years of nothing but abject failure in Afghanistan, you aren't astute enough to figure out yet that every last false fantasy based PC multicultural myth and misconception about Islam that the Afghanistan occupation was premised on are all false, including the biggest one of all, the existence of so-called moderate Muslims, as all Muslims on earth are either covert and deceptive non-violent jihadists, by far the largest contingent, or otherwise violent jihadists, the smaller contingent.

    You got a long way to go bud, especially since apparently you are slow as molasses. Of course, that obvious nasty bad habit you have of emoting as opposed to rationalizing is one of the biggest reasons you are so damn slow.

  • ASG

    Great article. Thank you for you unwavering support Daniel.

  • David

    What is the purpose of war? To defeat your enemy. What has the American Gov run by people who have given away there reason for belief in the Godless left ideology done? Go to a nation of people who believe in the doctrines of devils ` Islam, whose culture will never change until they deliver themselves from that hateful ideology ` Islam, and try to make them become the friends of America

  • David

    A little child can tell the difference between a cute little dog he can play with and a dog infected with rabies that will tare him to pieces, but the intellectuals and the duds in Gov do not understand what they face in a fanatical enemy. Let me tell you the difference between Christians and Muslims and it is very easy to verify this for yourself if you take the time to do the reading. In both religions you have the true and the hypocrite believer

  • David

    . First the true Christian strives to live his life firstly for God the Lord Jesus Christ and then his fellow man. Then you get the hypocrite Christian who belong to the vast majority of professed Christians, who says that he is a Christian but he only lives for himself, his honour his pleasure his will. He loves the world and the things of the world. Kind of like real Levi jeans and fake Levi jeans the label says Levi but only one is true, and this is the message from God that the hypocrites hope will perish.

  • David

    Now the Mohammedans faith is the same in some ways. The true Muslim will live his life for Allah and the cause of Allah, he will not rest until every breathing human being on the face of the earth will submit to or be in complete subjugation to the teachings of Mohamed. To achieve his end the true Muslim will lie for lying is commanded by his God Allah to further Allah’s cause, he will blow himself up in the midst of his fellow human beings to go to his Gods heaven of lust because his God commands him to kill the unbelievers to the last.

  • David

    Then you get the Hypocrite Muslim who claims to believe in the Koran and the rest of Mohamed’s life teachings, but he says that he does not condone the murder of civilians through jihad, that Islam is the religion of peace, that true Islam teaches respect for woman and other cultures. The only problem for the Hypocrite Muslim is that he is become a blasphemer of his own religion and its prophet and that Allah is against him according to the Koran and Mohamed’s teachings. Finally when you hear of wars and rumours of wars of trouble and unrest there is a more than 90% chance that Islam is somewhere in the equation.

  • SoCalMike

    Greenfield spells it out and says it like it is.
    He may singlehandedly save American journalism from extinction.
    I think people who take umbrage with his message simply don't like hearing the facts while others are so conditioned to the propaganda pollution of the main stream they feel uneasy in the presence of pure unadulterated truth.
    To those folks I say "Give my best to Jason Blair and Walter Duranty."

  • KarshiKhanabad

    "Rolling Stone as an irrelevant music magazine run by hippies"

    That's just what it is. What's your point?

  • j12rez

    For all you people supporting this author, let me ask you a question: If China invaded the US and tried to install a pro-China dictator, would you fight back? If you answered yes, you are no better than the Afghani soldiers you criticize.

    • Ewm

      To the best of my knowledge China has never attempted to fly jets into buildings or infested the planet with suicide bombers. Are you saying Hamid Karzai is a US installed pro Afghan dictator? As far as I am aware he is a Pashtun and elected.. What Afghan "soldiers" are you talking about? Do you mean the Taliban who actually were a pro Afghan dictatorship? No moral equivalence there then as far as I can see. In fact as I write I see the Taliban have just blown up and killed another 4 women and 9 children with an IED. Well done guys, nothing like fighting those pesky invaders…

  • Flowerknife_us

    Fundimental change=changing sides.

  • Wesley69

    Time to leave this God-forsaken country, but before we leave, we need to take home or destroy everything we built or brought to that country. They want to live in the 7th Century, fine. They try attacking us, its back to the Stone Age for them.

    Obama, your strategy has failed. You never intended to win. Now, the Taliban, who won't even negotiate with you, are spitting in your face. You and YOU ALONE have lost Afghanistan, along with Iraq and Egypt.

  • Tanstaafl

    In the past 1400 years, Muslims have killed an estimated 280 million infidels.

  • outseln

    LOLOL, really then tell the Afghan people to stop killing their own……..they just blew up 50 more people oh, it was their own people………they have be fighting and killing each other for THOUSANDS OF YEARS………yeah, they have…………12th Century mentality, they don't live in the world of today……….excuse me with all your f-ing words……and swearing……… don't sound to bright either………..where did you put your rug………ummmm……..need help finding it..?

    This is one American………that wishes this Hero well !!! Bite on that