The Brain Dead Israeli Left

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The Israeli left is dead. It’s politically dead, conceptually dead and brain dead. But like the fabled Norwegian blue parrot, there is an industry dedicated to assuring us that it’s still alive and well, just pining for the peace process.

The left in Israel is one of the few in the world to exist on foreign subsidies. Without generous funds from the European Union, the State Department, George Soros and assorted members of the Shadow Party, the last remnants of the Israeli left would have packed up their suitcases, their degrees in art philosophy and their framed photos of Amos Oz and Leon Trotsky and moved to Paris or San Francisco.

Israelis are about as eager to vote for the left as chickens are to saunter into a KFC restaurant.  Israel’s equivalent of the Democratic Party, the once dominant Labor Party has shrunk to being only the fifth largest party in the country. Meretz, the Israeli equivalent of the Green Party, the vanguard of the left, has three seats in the Knesset, the Israeli parliament. Only the Arab parties seem to be doing well, led by Hadash, the Arab Communist Party, where Israeli leftists who think Meretz is too moderate go.

And just to remind Israelis of why they left the left behind, a few hundred left-wing activists gathered in front of the Habima Theater in Tel Aviv to protest against any strike on Iran. The old slogan of the left, “An entire generation demands peace” had given way to signs reading, “The nation demands Iranian friends”, which sounded more like a nursery school slogan. Equally idiotic signs read, “Social justice does not equal war with Iran” and “No to pre-emptive suicide”.

The entire event was a cliché complete with red banners, colored scarves and dopey participants who seemed to have no knowledge whatsoever of the world outside Tel Aviv. A number of protesters urged negotiations with Iran, apparently unaware that Iran does not recognize Israel as a country making any negotiations impossible. Iran’s Islamic leaders have repeatedly called for Israel to be wiped off the map, which is not the behavior of a regime interested in negotiating anything.

The rally followed the even more ridiculous, “Israel Loves Iran” Facebook campaign which combined the grandiosity of social media with the empty mindless sentimentality which has characterized the rhetoric of the Israeli peace camp.

“Iranians We Will Never Bomb Your Country: We Love You”, read posters that looked like they were designed by teenage girls. There are photos of narcissistic young couples staring into the camera, Israelis kissing Iranians, Iranians kissing Israelis, Israeli hippies kissing other Israeli hippies and bored Europeans looking to fill a vacuum after the Arab Spring trying to join in the fun.

“Israel Loves Iran” turned out to be the perfect campaign for those too lazy to stand in front of the Habima Theater for an hour holding up a hand-lettered sign and made for excellent headlines. News stories reported on the 50,000 likes for the Facebook group, a small number even in a country as small as Israel, and much of the activity on the group appears to consist of German and Spanish language posters.

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  • Larry

    The left generally have their brains on life support at best, but the Israeli left really do take the cake for complete and utter cessation of all brain function.

    • Benyamin Solomon

      Amen, Larry.

  • crackerjack

    …quite to the contrary. The Israeli Left seem to be the only ones in touch with reality at the moment. All parties that would be involved and carry responsibility in an Iran strike either oppose the idea or have publicly stated their non commitment. The Pentagon, NATO, UN and all allies other than the Saudis and the Gulf Kingdoms, who would be the first to go on neutral default as soon as the heat is on. And let's not forget the repercussions to be expected from Russia and China, who's vital economic interests would be involved.

    A t this moment in time, a unilateral Israeli strike on Iran would be a historic diplomatic and military fiasco. Apparently, the Israel Right has lost touch with reality and is falling for its own propaganda.

    • stern

      Hey cracked, does it not cross your mind to wonder why the Israeli left has dwindled to such a tiny minority? Is there some kind of mass hysteria that has taken over almost the entire population of Israel? Or is there, perhaps, a rational explanation for the death of the left? For example, do you think it could possibly be that their so-called "peace partners" have demonstrated their absolute inability to begin or keep any kind of true peace? And do you think that maybe the collective attitude to Iran just might have something to do with Iranian behaviour?

      Nah, that would mean you're wrong – and that could never happen, could it?

    • David, Thailand

      The propaganda you refer to must be the looney Left's, that Israel is not prepared to slit its own throat in order to prevent Islam from proudly soiling itself, or the one that has the Palestinian cry babies being butchered by the evil Zionists.

      Face it, the world is neither big nor strong enough to accommodate both Islam and civilisation.

      • crackerjack

        If the world was big enough to accommodate for Christianity, that brought us both World Wars, the genocide of whole continents and the Holocaust, it should be able to accommodate for Islam.

        • Laura

          Christianity had nothing to do with those world wars. Nazism was socialism and nazis were not Christians but rather pagans. Communism and islam are responsible for the greatest massacres in history. islam does not accommodate for non-muslims.

        • Laura

          Christianity didn't bring us world wars. The nazis weren't Christians, they were pagans and socialists. Communism and islam are responsible for the greatest massacres in history. As for accommodating islam, well islam does not accommodate for non-muslims

  • Dispozadaburka

    There's a little bit of "Bud McFarland" in all of us.

    • Dispozadaburka

      Spelling correction (sorry)

      " Bud McFarlane"

  • crackerjack

    Haaretz & Tel Aviv University poll – 58% of Israelis against strike on Iran…….. a dwindled tiny minority?

    • stern

      … without US support.

      Perhaps before you jump on something, you should take the time to acquaint yourself with ALL the facts?

    • stern

      Oh, and incidentally, this is just one issue. The same poll "also showed that the prime minister's Likud party would win big in the next election" (direct quote from Haaretz). so yes, the left in Israel is a dwindled, tiny minority. And the same question arises: why?

      Why has the left lost its prestige, power and ability to persuade? Why is Netanyahu, the "right wing boogeyman" of useful idiots like you, so popular in Israel? It can only be as a result of the failed policies of the leftist dreamers – policies that have created real nightmares for every Israeli.

    • Choi

      FU.The LEFTY newspaper and LEFTY Academics announce a "poll" whose results are MADE-UP to ATTEMPT BRAINWASHING the Israeli Public.
      The "hand" of NON-ISRAELIS is evident.
      That "hand" is the "hand" of American Left-Wing Democratic Party OPERATIVES who have been INTERFERING in Israeli Domestic Politics since 1993.
      Now,with this administration it has reached NEW LEVELS.

    • Choi

      FALSE /FAKE POLL "RESULTS" from a Lefty Newspaper and "academics"

      • johnnywoods

        Hey Choi, Always remember and never forget that"Figures don`t lie but liars do figure".

    • Jerome

      Haaretz and Tel Aviv University, you say? The two worst leftist institutions in teh country? WIth links to Communist Party!

    • Whatsinaname

      Tel Aviv University is like the Jewish version of Beir Zeit University. It consists of only the fringe. If only 58% of the left fringe is against the strike, then it is a tiny minority that is against the strike. You don't know anything about Israel. You're just quoting something you read on the internet and you think it's significant. Go back to sitting on the couch in your parents' basement and eating junkfood, Crackerjack, and leave the thinking to those equipped with a brain.

    • Laura

      Most Israelis Support Military Strike On Iran: Poll

  • BS77

    These people are basically baked potatoes, clueless, lost and deranged

  • effemall

    This kind of distancing themselves from reality among Jews in Germany and Europe made Hitler's job so much easier for him. It has taken 6 million lost lives to convince the survivors and diminish their numbers in contemporary Jewish society of the world and in Israel. But this inability to distinguish friends from foes is still prevalent among American Jews and, sadly, when it comes to Islam's stealth intifada in America, the majority of Americans suffer from the same malaise.

  • David M

    Leftists Are Mental Patients

    There are millions of Iranians who hate Islam and everything related to this barbaric ideology and they have no voice and there are millions of Iranians ( Islamonazis and the Left) who are as evil as Khomeini, Khamenei and Ahmadinejad. Any friendly message to these Muslim and Communist monsters (who hate democracy, freedom of thinking and Western civilization) is considered as a sign of weakness. One must be retarded (like the Israeli Left or any Leftist all over the world) to love his enemy. I wish the worst for my enemies.

    • Trujus

      I hate to say it, as I agreed with you fully up till that point, but didn't Jesus say to love your enemies?

  • Lady_Dr

    There is only one solution to the problem of Iran – the USA needs to put the mullahs and their bomb making apparatus out of business. I say this because the business of the USA is defeating tyranny – that's it. If we bomb Iran, Israel is not the fall guy, America will be respected again (it won't stop the complaints but it will up the respect factor), and Saudi Arabia and other Islamic tyrannies will yell at the top of their lungs (but the truth is according to wikileaks they want Iran 'taken out'). So it is a win-win situation if the USA does it. If Israel does it this might start a wider war.

    • johnnywoods

      You are correct Lady Doc, but don`t hold your breath waiting for that to happen while the "Fearless Leader" is "ruling" here. When it comes to military action this joker could not find his backside with both hands if all ten fingers were flashlights.

  • UCSPanther

    I wager these freaks, were it 1930s Germany, would be 100% behind Hitler, until he started to prey on them.

    • joy52

      You might be right. Even with their delusions, I don't want bad to befall them. However, I wonder how they would feel about being first in line when islam and the fascists start carrying out what they so openly promise?

  • husseiNO

    Khamenei and Ahmadinejad also have signs saying 'Israel, we love you…
    to be extinguished"

  • WilliamJamesWard

    Again……Iranians (Islamists) worship a moon god and leftists are loonatics, made for each other.

    • mlcblog

      Fabulous observation.

  • WeeToddEdwards

    Why we support this rouge nation and attack others is beyond me.

    • Nanushka

      Heh heh "rouge" nation? Rouge is the pink stuff thatt my grandmother put on her cheeks

      • WeeToddEdwards

        They have to wear that pink stuff so they can blend in with the population and hide their state sponsered terrorist activities

    • Laura

      Your blinding Jew-hatred renders you unable to be concerned for your own self-preservation. Do you think the Iranian rogue regime won't send terrorists to our shores to detonate a nuclear bomb?Do you think the Iranian rogue regime reviles America any less than they do Israel?

  • vinni gambini

    Israel insures the U.S. deficit.
    Iran either needs to get it, or they're gonna "get it".
    It's that simple!
    Render unto Caesar that which is Caesars.
    Iran will learn, bulls make money, bears make money, but pigs get slaughtered.
    Shah, Kuwait, Saddam, Gadaffi…..
    The bosses are not happy.

  • Jerome

    Learn the truth about the Israeli Left at

  • WMInfidel

    The Israeli Labour Party should change their name to the Kapo Party.

  • RedDiaperDoperJew

    I love you magic negro and Saviour of Mankind Barak Hussein Obama.
    I love Abortion and Civil Rights and will vote for the Magic Negro, hopefully it will be America's last election…

  • Tony Trenton

    I suggest you all read the Koran and realize that it is the Muslim's duty to cut the throat of us infidels.

    I beg you not to make the mistake of treating the Muslim with our values for life. because they don't want or respect our right to be on this earth.

    Let alone our opinions.

    Read the rule book they were brought up on.

  • BS77

    Being a libtard freak means never having to say you are sorry….even if your idiocy results in the death of others.

  • Ron Morgen

    They are deluded unto their own destruction. It was the same with Hitler the socialist who became a dictator.