The Chutzpah of Omar Barghouti

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The classical definition of the Yiddish word Chutzpah is a man on trial for killing his parents who asks for leniency because he is an orphan. Next to that definition is a picture of Omar Barghouti, a Qatari-born Muslim who moved to Israel and enrolled in Tel Aviv University to obtain a Masters Degree in Philosophy while conducting an academic boycott campaign against Israel.

Omar Barghouti is promoting a boycott of a service that he makes use of as a platform, and explains the contradiction between calling for a boycott of Israeli universities while studying at an Israeli university by saying that his studies are a “personal matter.” This is a privilege only enjoyed by Omar the Boycott Maker, while ordinary Jewish and Arab students and faculty have their personal academic studies politicized by him and his leftist cronies.

Two years ago when his alma mater was going to hold a series of lectures at London’s School of Oriental and African Studies, Barghouti’s Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel denounced Tel Aviv University for the “oppressive and criminal activities fostered, facilitated and celebrated by that institution” that PCABI alleged were taking place there. Presumably Barghouti didn’t mean his own activities, which certainly met that standard and were facilitated by Tel Aviv University.

It’s not as if this Qatari and Egyptian immigrant didn’t have any other options. Qatar and Egypt have their own universities. So does the United States. Barghouti knows that quite well since he also has a degree from Columbia. Instead Barghouti moved to Israel and set up shop denouncing a country that he wasn’t born in and did not grow up in and can leave any time he wants to.

With a PhD in Philosophy, Barghouti has the perfect background for a parasite whose only real career is political activism on behalf of terrorists. Had he stayed in Egypt, he would have had to live off the family money or get a real job. But in Israel he has a rewarding career of promoting a boycott that he doesn’t actually participate in, while conducting a world lecture tour denouncing Israel.

Barghouti does not just call for a boycott of Israel, what he is really promoting is a one state solution destruction of Israel. And his “passion” for the subject is not the random parasitism of another activist looking for a cause. Omar Barghouti is a distant cousin of Marwan Barghouti and Mustafa Barghouti. Marwan Barghouti is a major terrorist leader serving five life sentences for numerous murders. Mustafa Barghouti was a Soviet-educated Communist leader and a candidate for the presidency of the Palestinian Authority.

The Barghouti clan, that part of it which is still hanging out in Israel, tends to have a lot of PhDs and their own agenda aiming for power in the Palestinian Arab movement. Bashir Barghouti, was a leading Jordanian Communist who served as the Minister of Industry in the Palestinian Authority. Another of the bunch, Mohammed Barghouti was the Minister of Labor.

But the grip of the Barghoutis on power has been a tenuous one. While they do control a few towns in the West Bank, mostly they have had to settle for being academics, whiny writers and poets penning turgid denunciations of Israel. Some of the bunch has made it to America, others linger in Egypt and Jordan, and anywhere else pretentious parasites can find a warm academic nook to crawl into.

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  • Jeff

    Learn more about this terrorist at

  • Marylou

    Israeli taxpayers need to stop playing nanny to the world. Tell these whiners and malcontents to go home, already.

  • Bamaguje

    What were the Israelis thinking when they allowed a hostile foreign-born Muslim Arab with known family ties to terrorists, to study in their country?

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Same thing Americans and Europeans do when they allow the same.

  • kblink45

    "The bigger the lie, the more likely it is to be believed."

  • Lady_Dr

    Great article – I hope you will do something in the future to expose the left's control of Israeli university. It is as bad, or worse than their control of universities in America.

  • jacob

    Sounding repetitive, there is nothing to wonder about this no goodnik taking
    advantage of Israel's stupidity, considering that the Israeli govmt. slaps Israeli
    employers of Arab workers (who actually constitute the bulk of the working force
    of Israel) with a PAYROLL TAX whose proceeds are handed over to the so
    called "Palestininan Authority" or PA in short and which, due to the length of time
    it has been running, is considered already an "acquired right" even by the UN….
    Therefore, is there anything to wonder ????

  • george a. way jr.

    one bullet strategically placed

  • steven L

    Similar things happen in the liberal universities in the US and EU. They get millions of petro$ to attack Jews and deny their right of free speech.
    Nothing is new.
    Will overcome.

  • steven L

    O. Barghouti is a typical brainwashed Muslim from age three or four like the three or four year old Palestinian kid who is brainwashed to hate and kill Jews. His time in an Israeli university was a waste. His software was permanently damaged by those who thought him the Kur' an because he was never thought how to think for himself but to memorize. Poor humanity.

  • maria

    Leftists in Israel made that absurd possible. Leftists destroying country from within in Israel, US and everywhere. They bite the hand which fed them. Useful idiots.
    Barhouti is just a devoted Muslim who follows Koran's ordains: Jihad against all non-Muslims using non-violent stealth as well. Plus taquyya, lie to fool "unbelievers" to promote Islam. They can be successful only with Leftists help. Democratic society should be cleaned from inner enemies Leftists who very often on petro$ payroll.
    McCarty saved US in 50th from communism. Now we need such kind of person.
    I like Gingrich and Santorum as well. They have principals and they are Patriots of our country.

    • ziontruth

      "McCarty saved US in 50th from communism."

      Unfortunately not. He was railroaded by the Commie symps before he could finish the job, thus clearing the way for a Gramscian takeover of the media outlets and education centers in America starting in the 1960s.

      All the talk about Obama this, Obama that bespeaks ignorance of this exact issue. Obama is a figurehead and a symptom. Worldwide in the entire free world (including Western Europe, India and Israel), the Far Left's ownership of the majority of mainstream media outlets allows treasonous policies to be advocated as a norm and enacted on that basis even when pro-nationalist politicians are in power, with not the slightest heed given to the people's say.

      Our countries (I speak as an Israeli, but this applies to America just as much) will not be out of danger until the Far Leftist stranglehold on media and academe is permanently broken and banished beyond regrowth.

  • Ghostwriter

    Well,I speak as an American,and I say,Omar Barguouti is a slimeball.

  • UCSPanther

    The question I have, is why do these morons, if they hate us so much, move to our countries and proceed to make seditious buffoons of themselves.

  • FormerMuslim

    Israel should never have given this man a visa. They should kick him out. But please do not ship him to America, we already have plenty of leftists and occupiers. Let him go back to Qatar or Egypt and get a real job. It is the West that creates these bozos in the first place.
    Israel is not helpless … deport him

  • Kyra

    Really good article. Perhaps, in your spare time you could just go alphabetically down the list exposing each and every one of these dimwit dis-honored muzzies & their leftard dhimmis.
    I really think under all the religious rhetoric, the muzzies/Arabs are just pissed off because Israel routed them again & again. They are humiliated in the way that only an Arab can be humiliated. That is why they work so hard to spill Israeli/Jewish blood. That’s the way of all honor killings.

  • DomusCanus

    Barghouti, a Jaded Jihadi without a cause or a clue. Years ago I read a book on Hollywood types wanting to attach their name to charities to get more exposure for their career, thus making them a patron of this or that cause. The agent of one 'star' in particular was finding it difficult to dig up a worthy charity because "all the good diseases have been taken by the big fish". This is Barghuti today, looking for his disease. Yet Israel allows this specimen to infect their homeland by his very presence? Kick the bum out.

  • DaveedR

    I don't understand why wanting a secular state with equal rights for all (like we have here in America) is a bad thing. It seems to me that Israel should be a state safe for Jews (and all others as well) and should be a state for all Israelis (not just Jewish Israelis). I just don't see why Jews should have superior rights to the indigenous Palestinians. As to Barghouti not being born in I/P, neither were all the Jews who made aliyah to Israel. We need to treat all people with one set of rules and laws…something which currently isn't being done.

  • Robin

    The definition of Israel is one who is a descendant of Jacob who was named Israel (read Genesis). The word Jew comes from Judah, one of the tribes of Israel. Israel was split into 2 kingdoms following the reign of King Solomon. 10 Tribes of Israel were exiled and lost. The Judean Kingdom were exiled as well with the destruction of the 2nd Temple. Jews of today are direct descedants of the Judean Kingdom which were from the Tribes of Judah, Benjamin and Levi who was dispersed among all ther 12 tribes. Israel is the inheritance and Biblical Homeland of the 12 Tribes of Israel. Palestinians do not fit in this category. Strangers are allowed but under the condition that they abide by the 7 Noahide Laws and accept Israels Sovereignty.

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  • garyfouse

    This past week at UC Riverside, Barghouti unveiled his new response to the obvious hypocrite charge for studying at Tel Aviv Univ. In describing himself as a palestinian, he said that he chose to study “at home”. In Feb 2012, at UCI, he refused to answer where he was born saying it is irrelevant.

  • Fra

    Hi are the freedom center pamphlets still available? The link doesn’t work. How to get them?