The Crisis of Jewish Leftist Islamism

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Every now and then the left discovers someone who tells them what they already think, but puts a glossier edge on it, and elevates him to the status of “Serious Thinker.” This is the office for which Peter Beinart has been briefly nominated.

The chief prerequisite for becoming a serious thinker on the left is to state what is obvious to the left without actually seriously considering its obviousness. This is what Peter Beinart delivers in his new book, The Crisis of Zionism, by providing an indulgence for leftist Israel bashing by telling the bashers that they aren’t bad Jews, it’s the Israelis who are bad Jews, bad Democrats and bad people all around.

As ideas go, this is about as original as old lefties reassuring each other that all the Kulaks had it coming or Bund members telling themselves that the Jews brought this on themselves. It’s the feeble mutterings of bad people trying to convince themselves that they are good people because their victims have it coming. And what’s a few more dead Jews in Toulouse, when Peter Beinart has a book deal.

There are two basic ways to resolve the “crisis” of liberal Zionism. One is to question liberalism, the other to question Zionism. The people most likely to screech “Israel Firster” at dinner parties and op-ed pieces have chosen their side. “Israel Firster” isn’t their denunciation of disloyalty to America, but disloyalty to progressive ideals. It’s an old charge delivered by Lenin and repeated by the left in its long crusade against Zionism.

Is there really a crisis of liberal Zionism? Beinart insists that there is a split between a conservative and liberal Zionism. It would be more accurate to say that there is a split within liberalism between the left and more traditional liberals. There is no crisis of liberal Zionism; there is a civil war among liberals, particularly Jewish liberal who are being edged out by the radical anti-Jewish left.

There is no crisis of liberal Zionism. There is a crisis of Jewish leftist Islamism, that horrible chimerical beast which insists that cheerleading for the Muslim terrorists is somehow the essence of Jewish values, while supporting Israel is a betrayal of those values. That is the crisis which is being articulated by serious Jewish liberal thinkers. That is the crisis that Peter Beinart is covering up under a cloud of Israel bashing.

The left rejected the Jewish national project before the modern state was even created. The Beinarts can pretend that the latest round of their rejection is somehow premised on settlements and civil rights, but that’s a shameless lie. The left’s rejection was based on a constellation of reasons, some of them anti-Semitic, some anti-nationalist, but that rejection did not derive from Palestinian rights cooked up much later in Moscow by the machinery of the same Communist state which had outlawed Zionism.

The liberal Zionists believed that Israel had a right to exist and defend itself, as they also believed that America had a right to exist and defend itself. They saw Islam and Communism as totalitarian ideologies. There was no contradiction between liberalism and Zionism, because they measured both Jews and Arab Muslims by the same standard, and chose between the two.

They did not agree with everything that Israel did, but they saw it in a larger context. This larger context does not exist in Beinart’s screeds, which recycle all the usual attacks on Israel with a feigned tone of sadness teetering into outrage, without any of the context at all. The reason there is no context is that there is a Crisis of Leftist Islamism.

There is no contradiction between traditional liberalism and Zionism. There is a contradiction between the left and Islamism. But that contradiction is never addressed, instead it is funneled into more denunciations of America and Israel.

Is there more of a contradiction between a liberal cheering on the IDF, or the left standing together with the Muslim Brotherhood? That is a question which genuinely serious thinkers on the left like Nick Cohen have addressed. But that question would demand genuine soul searching, rather than Beinart’s shoddy mainstreamed propaganda, which hasn’t altered much from its original sources in the copy boys of the Arab League and its strutting whores in the American Council for Judaism.

If the modern left really opposed Israel because they oppose colonialism, checkpoints, settlements and all the rest of the 99 theses that the Martin Luther Pipkins keep nailing to the synagogue while pounding their sunken chests and beaming for the cameras, then they would be at least as outraged at Turkey or China. But it isn’t Israel’s deeds that outrage it is — it is its existence.

There is nothing Israel could do that would appease its enemies, and I don’t mean the House of Saud, Hamas or Abbas — I mean its leftist Jewish enemies like Norman Finkelstein, George Soros or Peter Beinart.

Their enmity toward Israel is not uniquely Jewish, but their Jewishness gives it an edge. They are “Left Fisters” who are perpetually shamed by the Zionist Entity and its resistive form of Jewish identity. Unitarian, Presbyterian and Jewish leftists hate Israel for the same basic reasons that they hate America, but the Jewish leftist uniquely experiences both leftist guilt and Jewish guilt over Israel, and kills one to appease the other.

Peter Beinart isn’t a liberal Zionist. He’s a leftist anti-Zionist. In a better and more honest world, he would own up to that and make his argument. But the midden camp of the leftist anti-Zionists is oversaturated and there aren’t nearly as many book deals to be picked up by rehashing the same old bashing as if it were new.

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  • Schlomotion

    I was reading this, posted just under an hour after jumping off the Jamie Glazov show, wondering how it is you can say the various Protestant Americans are Communists and the Jews are Muslims. How you can hate a guy who is putting out a book, when you just said you are putting out a book? But you did just say on a show a few moments ago that "the right" is an oppressed minority, boxed out of mainstream media and is only beginning to find its voice on the internet. You did just extol the virtues of the corrupt swindler Mikhail Khodorkofsky. You did just claim that everything is wrong with the United States and that it is a hindrance to Israel, except where it might have to bail Israel out if it launches a preemptive strike on Iran. In this topsy-turvy view, it is to be expected that you project neoconservatism on the Jewish left, saying they "fake right and play left." It is par for the course for you to say that Israel Firster is a criticism of betrayal of the left and not a betrayal of America. Because really, like your recent interview, a pile of leading questions from Glazov, interrupted by a caller and FPM "reader" who was really Mark Tapson, these opinions are simply recitations before a folding mirror.

  • Jerome

    Sew Peter Beinert's foreskin back on so he can then get it circumcised as part of his identification with the Islamofascist jihad against the Jews.

  • MikeWood

    Perhaps the left is gradually being crucified on its own contradictions.

  • MethanP

    I understand why people like Beinert are popular on the far left. Their anti-semite/Zionist mentality is long established. But why are so many "Jews" among them? It's not just Beinert. Check out any BDS, or other anti Israel demonstration, and you will find Jews. Jewish college organizations sponser pro Palestinian rallies and boycott pro Israel events. Why! And I have no answer. Can anyone explain this.

    • stern

      These Jews have a completely perverted understanding of just about everything in both Judaism and Zionism. They have latched onto the concept of Tikkun Olam (repairing the world) without understanding what it truly means, and they have bought the Palestinian narrative hook, line and sinker.

      Their version of Tikkun Olam appears to mean siding with everyone who hates Jews, Judaism and Israel, in a perverse attempt to get those haters to like them, the perverse Jews, the anti-Jewish Jews. They regard the Jewish religion, heritage and traditions as old, old-fashioned and disposal, easily replaced by a modern "we love everybody except ourselves" philosophy. They seem to feel that the world would be better off without 3,000 years of deep contemplation about the meaning of existence.

      And when it comes to the Palestinians, well, here we have it all. They see a people that claims to be oppressed by THEM! And they will do everything they can to loudly and publicly demonstrate that "Hey, it's not me. It's my brother! So when you decide to kill my family, remember! And only kill my brother. I'm the good guy, the one who loves you, who sides with you."

      The only problem is that Hitler didn't care what kind of Jew you were, only that you were a Jew. And that's exactly how Abbas, Hamas, Nasrallah and all the rest feel.

      G-d help the anti-Semitic Jew, because nobody else can.

      • Choi

        Actually,the JEW-HATING Jew is a CURSED individual.

        • MAD JEWESS

          Its sad that they hate themselves for being Jewish.

          Rabbi Antelmans book really explains these folk.

          "To eliminate the opiate"
          Vol 1 & 2

      • SHmuel HaLevi

        About seven years ago I coined the term unJews for that folk.
        Woe the Gentile that trusts them. They will be just as faithful to them as they are to those they would like believe are their own. unJews are the nemesis to the Jewish and its Heritage people, nemesis to themselves and anyone else that in any way trust them.

      • MAD JEWESS

        The only problem is that Hitler didn't care what kind of Jew you were, only that you were a Jew

        And neither will America as it is becoming a Bolshevik/NAZI place now.
        We have to keep this in mind, b/c in the end, we will end up defending some of these idiots.
        They REALLY need to repent

    • Juddea

      Some view Judaism as a heritage, not necessarily an ideology or way of life. Much like someone with Italian ancestory views themselves as "Italian/Americans" some Jews view themselves as Jewish/Americans. So many years ago, the religion itself was dumbed down in a failed attempt to keep less observant Jews involved in some way and they stopped teaching what was really att he heart of the religion. Now, even more orthodox segments are not focusing on the parts of the religion that are important, the teachings of Torah and Mitzvah that used to lead our lives. Guidelines for a happy productive, successful and fulfilling life. And in return, with the watered down teachings, many can't see the positives our religion has and can bring to the world and they are left with a picture of a watered down formulated worship that carries very little substance.

      • MAD JEWESS

        I don't. I am an American of Jewish origin and ethnicity.
        I am also 1/4 Seneca Iroquois.


      Stolkholm Syndrome.

      • Raymond in DC

        Actually, according to Dr. Kenneth Levin, it's actually OSLO Syndrome, which he lays out in well regarded book of the same name. Subtitled "Delusions of a People Under Siege", it's clear Beinart is just the most prominent in a long line. (Levin is a clinical instructor in Psychiatry at Harvard Medical.)

  • waltjr

    "Sultan Knish" you have summed it up well in just 1 short sentence.

    "But it isn’t Israel’s deeds that outrage it is — it is its existence."

  • Joe A

    These JEWS are nothing but what I call oven walkers.When the time comes again they will just walk right into the ovens.Thank GOD we are not all like them.


      But I will tell you something… In the end is the Jew, and the Jew stands alone.

      IF they were to gather all of us up, I can guarantee you, 100% that you would then stand with them.
      Its a reality that we must face.

      I cant stand leftist anything, but these leftist Jews must realize that all of their stupid efforts that are always wrong will end them standing with us, who they think is wrong.

      Its insane.

  • Elliott Alhadeff

    Beinert is another example of a common Jewish instituion of pseudo-intellects priding themselves in being able to "see the other side" irrespective of how evil it may appear,, In fact, the more evil the more they seek to defend it. The merits of the issue are irrelevant. What is important is how others perceive them, i.e. ingeniusly perceptive, intellectually courageous and undaunting defenders of minority opinions. Another reason Jews make good lawyers.

  • Dena

    Organized education seems to give people a corresponding lack of common sense. The "well" educated especially don't seem to have a clue about the most common associations between cause and effect in real world situations, from repairing a faucet to understanding how easily their thinking can be manipulated. Any Jew that is against Israel is looked at like a fool behind their back, and their weakness is taken advantage of. Fortunately, brain science is fast evolving, and perhaps soon there will be a cure for such stupidity.

  • sedoanman

    In an interview for… , Peter Beinart "seeks legitimacy" for America’s power and holds America up to the "highest standards" of democracy and human rights. The notion of holding America to a "higher standard" than other nations is nothing more than what is known as "Cultural Leninism". Thus, morality of a nation is not determined by its actions measured against any objective standard such as international law, but inversely to its perceived degree of military power. Because America is strong, it is immoral and needs to be made "legitimate". Now this is being applied to Israel. So, Israel has the same problem that America does. The more America [now Israel] does to correct its moral deficiencies, the more, not less, unbearable the remaining ones become, however slight.

  • Ghostwriter

    What world is Schlomotion living in? It sure isn't the real one.

    • kentatwater

      And even its fake world…is fake. It's here for no other reason, than to stir the pot, attempt to discredit FPM, and cause its diverse readership to turn on one another.

      It did exactly the same thing, when it posted here under a different screen name.

  • Juda Engelmayer

    Peter Beinart is the typical leftist Jewish apologist who is so ingrained with old fashioned Jewish guilt; he needs to scream how sorry he is. He is sorry for his privileged up-bring, he is sorry for Yale education, and the Harvard of his mother and MIT of his dad. He is the typical Boston tweed wearing, pipe smoking, academic that he feels he not only knows better than everyone else, but he has to pay it back somehow – and by paying it back, it can't be to the Jews.
    The Jews, in his opinion, were better off when they were persecuted and kept down by nations and religions. Jews with money, Jews with education (other than he and his ilk), but do not accept their apologist way of thinking, and Jews with positions of authority, are an embarrassment to people such as Beinart.
    There is a psychosis among Jews that makes them ashamed of who they are. Kept down and victimized for so long, that even when they no longer live in the shtetl, they think as if they do; so fearful that if they don’t conform and accept the commonality of the world – which means the hatred of Jews rising above their “stations” – they may fall back into the dark days. Then, so protective of their own status, they fear if Jews rock the boat, they want to be the ones to get the free pass later on for “agreeing” that Jews have been so awful.
    Sorry Peter. You need to see a shrink for that, not sell out your people.
    America is the first place in centuries where Jews have had the freedoms, the access and the abilities to rise and achieve, and there is nothing to apologize for. Some Jews do bad, others do great things, in that, we are no different than everyone else. You should not be ashamed of who we are, what we’ve done and what we can build together.
    Zionism is not an anathema, it’s a pride in being Jewish, a pride in being part of a nation that has maintained itself longer than most others, and has survived some of the worst attempts to destroy it. Israel is a great nation of success and achievers. Your own academic prowess comes from a long lineage of learned, academic and knowledge seeking ancestors – many of whom also helped build the State of Israel and have produced the science, technology, medicine and economy that emanates from the small country. If the Palestinians really want peace, they know how to get it. You’re a tool for their real goals of undermining and dismantling Israel – which I hope is not your goal too.
    Don’t be the Judenräte, of our time. Remember your history; they didn’t get spared either in the end.


    The Protestant "Christianity" I was taught at Sunday shcool in the 50's is not the same "Christianity" taught in most places today. Americans seem to change everything they touch. Judaism is not immune from this phenomenon and I am loathe to say it is good or bad. I admire the Rabi who studies the Torah and debates its every word with a dozen other Rabi's and debates the subtle nuances discovered a thousand years ofter it was first written. I am glad that Jesus was a Jew. Mohammad was a camel driver and caravan pirate who "borrowed" elements the then most intellectual religions of his day for his own illegitimate purposes. I am unaware of any rabi or preacher or priest who preaches anything like murder or hatred unlike at the mosque where it is spoken often.