The Cult of Obama

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The Corporate Cult evolved in the United States as a hybrid of the sales force of the corporation and the religious devotion of the cult. This type of entity might be a cult like Scientology, which used the aggressive and organized sales tactics and marketing campaigns of a corporation, or it could be a corporation like Apple, whose employees earn little, but feel a sense of satisfaction at being part of a meaningful entity.

The Obama Campaign is a fantastic marketing machine. It is constantly discovering new ways to sell things to people. But the problem is that it has no actual product. A company that goes corporate cult uses some of the tactics of a cult to inflate the value of its product. But a cult has no product except the sense of satisfaction that comes from being in the cult. The only things it sells are images of its leader, emblazoned everywhere, his books, speeches and photos, and these are used as tokens of membership in the cult.

In retrospect, the Cult of Obama had much in common with other cults. Like them it recruited young volunteers on campus. Its recruitment materials leaned heavily on books by its beloved leader. It promised them that a new age was coming and that they could be a big part of bringing it about. And its vector of introduction to older viewers was through a woman who has been accused of promoting cults on her popular television show.

Strip away the politics, wipe the polar identities of the parties from your minds and take a fresh look at the 2008 campaign. Then compare the pitch to any of the major cults in the seventies and eighties. There really isn’t all that much of a difference. They’re all “Transformative” movements that promise to solve society’s problems by using new insights to create a wave of change that begins with “us”.

Even the political angle isn’t new. Jim Jones and his murderous child-abusing cult started out as community organizers for California Democrats, and leading politicians, including saintly hero Harvey Milk, covered for his crimes until the whole thing got too big and Jones got too crazy. Long before Obama, Lyndon LaRouche went the campus cult route and if you are morbidly curious, you can find videos where “LaRouche Youth,” who have broken ties with their families and friends, shout insane slogans while their glazed eyes stare fixedly into the camera.

The corporate part of the Corporate Cult deals with adversity by redoubling the sales pitch. If sales fall, it finds more things to sell. The Obama Campaign is insanely intensifying its sales efforts, without understanding that its sales are falling because the value of the brand is failing. When businesses hysterically deluge you with offerings for their product, it’s a sign of fear. Obama’s campaign rolling out invitations to dinner with him and suggestions that you use your wedding to raise money for him stinks of that same fear.

It’s ingenious from a marketing standpoint, but from that same standpoint it’s also a bad tactic. The last thing that a company or a campaign wants to do is wear people out. But that is exactly what Obama is accomplishing by burning through his base for a short-term cash grab, when what he really needs is to have those people committed to him at the end.

This is the part where the marketing consultants spend six months on a study and inform the company that their brand is done and has to either be retired or salvaged through a high-profile campaign that will reinvent it as cutting edge. But when your brand is a man, how do you reinvent him? And when your brand is “Transformative Politics” and even your staunchest supporters don’t feel like anything has been transformed, how do you move the product?

Cults shift the burden of failure from the guru and the program to the participants. It isn’t the man or the idea that failed, but the people.

There are the outside enemies who make enlightenment impossible. “How very much I’ve tried my best to give you a good life. But in spite of all of my trying a handful of our people, with their lies, have made our lives impossible,” Jim Jones said at Jonestown. That is the epilogue of the Obama campaign. The one being scripted for him by the media.

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  • mrbean

    Youse beez talkin' dah blastfamy about dah black massiah, Prez Obama. Mah main man Louis Farrakann duntolt meh he gonna git meh mah resparations fum dah white mans in dah form uf millions uf acres uf land.. Den weez goona farm a seprate nation faw only dah bruthas and sistas an keeps dah white mans out. Yassah… yonowatahmsayin' metttt….mettttt…..mettttt..

    • Ghostwriter

      Please,mrbean. Stop with the "Amos n' Andy" routine. It makes you look stupid and unintelligent.

    • KarshiKhanabad

      Heh, heh, yo' shuck n' jive talk be Hillary-ous to da max! You go, bro!

  • Harmenian

    As punishment for voting for pharaoh Hussein, ship off all the Africoon Americoons to Liberia – they should have their own country, at their own intellectual and social levels, they have caused enough damage here. Any volunteers (eg Hitlery xCunxton who want to go with – no problem, let them go to).

    • stern

      No, not funny, not acceptable. Please go away.

    • mrbean

      Africa is a continent, not a race and not a country. The hypenated term African-Americans was invented by the race baiter Jesse Jackson in the 1980's because he did not like the correct name for the race "negroes" As for Wolpoff, his claim to fame is that he is the originator (which he is not) of the proposal for the origin of the species (humans) was out of Africa about 100 to 200 thousand years ago. Who knows? By the way, negroes have ruined America, and contributed nothing but violent crime, coarsened the culture, and they are parisites who depend on white people even to feed bastard kids. Now nthe Supreme Court has seen it the negroe and all the negrolets will get free health care paid for by white people.

      • Danny

        Yeah but I'm sure that in private, he's a helleva nice guy to go drinking and lynching with.

        And I bet he looks good with a white sheet over his head.

    • Choi

      Harmenian is a TROLL who posted those RACIST SLURS to than claim that FPM "allows this"
      @ ADMINISTRATORS: Harmenian's post needs to be "administrated",or he/she will suceed in their FALSE FLAG against THIS site.

    • Ghostwriter

      What are you,Harmenian? A KKK member? Most people on this site can criticize President Obama without resorting to racial slurs. Sadly,it's people like you and mrbean that will make people not want to listen to any criticism we have.

  • Bernard B.

    Above two ridiculous comments most probably posted by frustrated democrats in an I'll conceived attempt to once again smear Republicans with their own " liberal" prejudice

    • Danny

      Don’t know about Harmenian but Bean has posted many times here before and has always expressed clearly conservative views in addition to his racist taunts. I’ll let Bean speak for himself but you’ll have to admit, he’s one of yours. Sorry.

      • davarino

        We all have our faults, including the liberal side, but that kind of $hit is not welcome here. We are against the ideas and politics of obama, not his race, sorry

      • lovethyneighbor

        … and then those Republicans switched to the democratic party, and southern pro-jim crow Democrats flocked to the Republican party. C'mon man, read some history books.

        • johnnywoods

          Hey neighbor, you do realized that you are an ignoramus don`t you?.

      • Raymond in DC

        Buckley also banned Pat Buchanan as an anti-Semite, though Buchanan's since been welcomed on TV talk shows (as has that race-baiter Al Sharpton).

      • Ghostwriter

        I don't like mrbean's "Amos n' Andy" routine. Anyone who wants to know what I'm talking about,look it up online. You'll find out why I use it so much.

  • davarino

    The cult leader has not delivered on his vague promises, which he never fully divulged. His real promises were to far out there for most Americans to stomach so they had to be kept secret.

    • Doyle

      Wow, how blind / naive are you? Obama's policies are clear to anyone who takes time to look into his past. Mother and Father both of Socialist / Communist leanings and definitely anti-America, hero was Saul Alinsky, protege of Frank Marshall Davis, attended the anti-America anti-white church of Jeremiah Wright. How much more does it take to convince one that Obama was trying to sculpt a Utopian society based on Liberal ideals? Socialized medicine, redistribution of wealth, class warfare (1% vs. 99% – Obama and the Dems are large supporters of the OWS movement) – all are leading indicators of a person who wants to tear down the Capitalist society that is America and replace it with the Union of Soviet Socialist Amerika.

  • Spider

    Obama is nothing but a stuffed shirt celebrity invented by the corrupt mass media and funded by the Intrenational Left and George Soros the billionaire Com-munist.

  • dmw

    Yes, a cult. It seems that over the last 3 1/2 years there seems to have been a diminution of exposure of other members of the Executive Branch. Perhaps that's because Commandante Sub-Zero seems to be in the news, like, everyday — seeming to be doing something (but mostly travel, speeches, vacationing, golf). Others get attention only when there's gaffes (like Joe Biden). Can't have a Congress that does something that takes away the limelight, unless it does an Obama promoting task. There seems to be lacking a concept of, er, team. No bench. No camera time allowed.

  • popseal

    The cults I've confronted as a Christian pastor did not have much affect except upon those direstly involved. The Obama cult will sink us all even though many of us are awake to it/his nefarious agenda.

  • dennis x

    FOUR MORE YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Stephen_Brady

      Of what?

    • Choi

      Dennis X is posting FOR Farrakhan

      • dennis x

        You really need to get out of that trailor park. I have nothing to do with Mister Farrakan.

        • rudy

          four more years to keep your welfare and food stamps coming

          • dennis x

            I have never gotten welfare of any kind including food stamps. But since you offered, how about I don't pay capital gain or income tax and I'll call it even. Since all of us Black Folk are on welfare. And we'll cut the taxes on your meth lab and trailor park costs also.

    • Maxie

      Uptown — is that you!!

  • mrbean

    To all of intellectually challenged, RACISM is the dispensing of and/or withholding of privileges ( you are White or Asian and these jobs, slots, contracts, grants., etc.,.. are reserved for Blacks, and/or the dispensing of and/or withholding of punishments based on race (the moratorium edict on execution of black murderers in Maryland and Illinois) and the act there even is such a thing allowed as the "Black Caucas" in the Congress of the United States. What I do is ridicule and exactly how "dah bruthas an dagh sista convers in nagra – yonowatahmsayin"

    • Ghostwriter

      But you do in such a nasty way. You make yourself sound like you're from 1912,not 2012.

    • dennis x

      Therefore Black People are incapable of racism because we do not control nor withhold privileges. We might be the recipient of some privileges, but we don't control them. The Black Caucas has a constitutional right to assemble.

      • kafir4life

        So long as it's "free stuff", right? Yes, you're capable of racism by your own definition. Otherwise there is not one person that you've called racist is racist unless they are from the gov't. The KKK can't be racist. They have no power to control or withhold privileges.

        • dennis x

          Please see bean boys definition of racism. What free stuff? Is your mind set so narrow that you think that all or a majority of Black People are on welfare? No one in my family has EVER been of welfare. Bean boy is typical of what white people really think and say among themselves. Thats why we hate you , not because we feel supierior.

          • Ghostwriter

            And you're just as bad as mrbean. Your bigotry is just as bad as his.

    • KarshiKhanabad

      Your detractors accuse you of invoking "Amos & Andy" (two white actors in blackface, BTW), but in fact your parody reflects how they really talk in `da hood'. And how does a black kid who wants to escape the ghetto get into big trouble with his surroundings? Merely by speaking standard English, leading to accusations of "acting white".

      Hillary Clinton spoke jive before a black audience. Where was the condemnation?

  • mrbean

    The clandestine Muslim Marxist wants a government that creates dependency classes who are supported by wealth seized by force from those who produce it – which in turn takes away capital from investment to create wealth and jobs. And there are alot of intellectual retards with their tongues up Obama's A$$ so far they have hos dingleberries embedded in their chins. The only reason this unvetted empty suit with self seal records ever got elected is because of white guilt, black tribalism, and in large part by younger women with a Kim Kardasian syndrome from the chocolate love hammer !

  • Schlomotion

    In his last article, Mr. Greenfield was complaining about the black people and complaining about non-Kosher brand advertising in political hucksterism. This article is the same. The polynomial has fewer black people in it, but more focus on branding. It also has the very creative reference to Jim Jones, a lost tribe cultist who duped a lot of people to go on an exodus to their deaths. The irony I see, is that this obsession to be a messiah is a warped spinoff of the story of Moses. The other irony is that Mr. Greenfield says that the Obama myth is "being scripted for him by the media." That is remanufactured antisemitism.

    • Ghostwriter

      And you Schlomotion,sound like you've lost your brain.

  • Choi

    "remanufactured Anti-Semitism"?
    WTF is the JEW-HATER talking about?
    The TROLL "schlomotion" can NOT refrain from DRAGGING his OBSESSION,The Jews,into EVERY post.

  • azjohnny

    we're doomed . . . the takers outnumber the producers and this scenario will only continue to grow, and exponentially so, as long as democrats are elected to anything. there is no hope for this country but a gradual but inevitable loss of individual freedom and liberties going forward. it's what our founding father feared would happen in a democracy when its citizens discovered they could vote themselves the benefits of government largesse.

  • tagalog

    Given the recent Supreme Court decisions on the Arizona immigration law and Obamacare, I guess I'd have to say Obama's doing fine. Like the private sector.

    Personally I'm grateful that President Obama is not trying to speak Ebonics.

  • Roger Wilkinson

    I knew when John Roberts decided Arizona strikedown for all but the core single claim, that the Obama Health care law would pass on his vote. What a Traitor. I would like to see his Cayman Island account size now.

  • SoCalMike

    Schlomo is off his meds again.
    Greenfield perfectly describes the Cult of Obama.
    They are a religious cult.
    Their god is the government for the most part. For some it's the environment.
    Their religion is some form of government worship that takes the form of masses of people suspending their judgement so parasites can feel good about themselves.
    This impulse and tradition are both rooted in cannibalism and human sacrifice but the cannibals are masters of speaking the language of service as they serve themselves at our expense.
    And their prophet is a dead white man named Karl Marx.
    Obama has his own cult but the overall Cult of Government Worship is more insidious wide spread and deeply rooted.

  • sniff

    I'd walk a million miles for one of your smiles………O-baaaaamy !

  • Arizona

    As the hand cuffs are placed on their risks their eyes will be as big as saucers, and when the judge says you have been found guilty of treason and are sentenced to summary excution,their eyes will be as big as saucers,and as the soldiers are trying them to the post before their excution their eyes will be as big as saucers,and as they feel the pain of the bullets that killed them, their eyes will be as big as saucers…to all you government scum who have destroying america for a paycheck, LOOK and LEARN this is about YOU………………

  • jereme

    Ok , That's it . CALL OUT THE JUSTICE BROTHERS !!!

  • jereme

    i'm not sure how the race card could ever be played on this. mr. obama is half black and half white . i dont dislike the man , he seems to be personable and nice, but its not racist to disagree with someone based upon his or her political views . thats our right her in the ole USA . just because he's a socialistic , far left leaning democrat that panders to everyone that he can to get his approval and votes has has nothing to do with racism its dissagreement with political philosophy . why cant you all get it through yer heads that this is what it is

    • guest

      Yes, Obama seems nice. His continued usage of Gitmo is nice. His increased usage of killing drones is nice. His desires to invade other nations is nice. His hatred of Whitey is nice.

      Yeah, you hit the nail right on the head. Obama is nice just as Hitler, Stalin, and Pol Pot were nice. You one smart dude. Now, why don't you slash your wrists, you oaf.

  • Danny

    Actually it was Clinton who dodged the draft (legally, I might add). Obama was something like 12 when the draft ended.

    Good try though.