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The Cutest Little Jihadist Ever (VIDEO)

Posted By Daniel Greenfield On September 29, 2012 @ 2:30 pm In The Point | 3 Comments


On the first anniversary of September 11, President George W. Bush said, “As we mourn tomorrow, we must remember that our enemy is a radical network of terrorists, not a religion; that governments which support them are our enemies, not faithful Muslims who love their families, who yearn for a more peaceful and safe world for their children.”

But do Muslims really yearn for a safe and peaceful war for their children? Or do they yearn for their children to die with their hands around a non-Muslim’s throat.

We go now, not to Saudi Arabia, not to some horrible backwater in Afghanistan, but to Sydney, Australia. [2] Meet Ruqaya. She’s only 8 years old and her parents are already turning her into a killer in the name of Islamic supremacism.

“My dear brothers and sisters in Islam, as the world gathers against the believers in Syria … seeking to hijack our sincere and blessed uprisings, children in Sydney would like to send their message of hope and support to the Muslims of (Syria), especially to the children and mothers.

“These uprisings have demonstrated that this umma (global Muslim community) is alive and well, her love is for jihad, she is unshackled herself from the fear which she held, and she yearns to once again live under the banner of (the Islamic state).

“Children as young as myself can be seen on the streets joining the uprisings, risking their lives to bring food, water and medicine to their wounded family members, some of them never returning to their mothers … Nobody is too young,” she said.

“We must work hard to achieve victory. It is enough that your generation and your parents’ generation were raised in the absence of the khilafa (caliphate). Do not allow my generation to be added to that list.”

Now don’t get the idea that this kind of thing is exclusive to Muslim. There were Hitler Youth and Red Pioneer brats reading similar missives back in the day. You can still find Nazi and Communist parents trying to turn their kiddies into little monsters bent on nothing but killing in the name of an ideology… the difference is that there aren’t hundreds of millions of them.

Do Muslims love their children? There’s no doubt that they do. They just love their children less than they love Mohammed, the Koran and the idea of an Islamic Caliphate that will turn every non-Muslim on earth into a slave. They often love them less than they love family honor and kill them when they violate that honor.

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