The Deadly Consequences of Being Pro-Israel in the U.K.

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On the street, the revival of Nazi-era assaults on Jewish stores, in particular Ahava, frequently go unpunished. Judge George Bathurst-Norman set free the vandals who had attacked a factory because he asserted that their animus toward the Jewish state justified their actions and even made them heroes. The escalation of hostility into violence has become routine and vandalism, theft and assault have become the hardly remarked upon tools of anti-Israel protesters.

Fusing together the worst of the red-green alliance between the Marxist left and Islam is the Respect Party, whose leading member is George Galloway. Galloway has just clambered back into parliament after campaigning on his “quasi-Islamic values” and boasting that he was a better Pakistani than the Labour Muslim candidate he was running against because he avoids pubs.

Galloway had celebrated his return to parliament with a cry of “All Praise to Allah” and by lending his name to the Global March on Jerusalem. A month earlier Carole Swords, the chairwoman of the Respect Party in Tower Hamlets, had been convicted of assaulting a Jewish man who had blocked her from destroying Israeli products.

Pro-Israel MPs have come under organized attack from MPACUK, the Muslim Public Affairs Committee, whose website asks, “Is your MP a Zionist?” Asghar Bukhari, a founding member and head of the organization, has written that, “Any Muslim who fights against Israel and dies is a martyr and will be granted paradise.”

This month the flames spread to the offices of the Harrow East Conservative Association and Bob Blackman, the conservative MP. The attack was similar to the one that had been carried out by Muslim activists against the publisher of the Jewel of Medina. It was, as MP Blackman said, a reminder that “There are people who will pursue threats.”

But much of the landscape of the war on the Jewish State in the UK, from the boycotts to the vandalism and the assaults, are already a reminder of that. After the Toulouse massacre of Jewish children by a Muslin gunman, MP Mann wrote, “For the last five years the All-Party Parliamentary Group Against Anti-semitism has warned that such an attack was depressingly predictable.”

The threats against Jewish or pro-Israel MPs have already accomplished their intended purpose by marginalizing them and diminishing their ability to connect to their constituents. This has always been the strategy of the other side: to isolate a group and then isolate its members, drive them out of their positions, while continually maintaining a campaign of hatred against them. That is the practice and the endgame of the red-green alliance. These are the tactics that the National Socialists employed against the Jews, and they are the tactics that the Socialist Unity Network and their Muslim allies are employing against Jews in the UK now. It is important to know them and vital to resist them.

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  • Andream

    This is an old cry, but one that should be raised again: UK Jews should bring their money and their talents and their skills to Israel and live here. Their children should be free to be Jewish and Israeli and live their lives free without antisemitism and harassment and threat. They should have the Israeli police and army to protect them against danger. That's why Israel exists – as a haven and a refuge from those who would harm us. Pack your bags and come home.

    • Langhorne

      Either to Israel or the US… British Jews need to leave Londonstan ASAP.
      Unfortunately they require their own Talouse to begin to feel convinced.

    • jacob

      Weren't Jews expelled from England either in the 13 or 14 hundreds ???

      And wasn't CROMWELL who invited them back ???

      Then. since Brits prefer Muslims to Jews, how about packing your bags and move to ISRAEL ??
      Not to good old USA, being as it is, well in the way of becoming the United States Muslim America

      • Roger

        This is a misconception. Muslims aren't just targeting Jews. Oh, that's one of their favorite targets, but it isn't stopping there.

        This intolerance of sharia is seeping into the society at large.

        • stern

          Perhaps, but it certainly starts with Jews.

          • Roger

            Of course. But we can't make the mistake of allowing them to separate and isolate each small group of victims. We need to stand united against the threat.

      • mlcblog

        British Jews, not all Brits.

      • aspacia

        Yes, the 1100s after a Jewish moneylender asked the king to pay his loan.

    • Juddea

      Tuck tail and run, again. As we have for three millenia. Enough is enough with POS's. It's time to fight back.

      • Roger

        The battles of tours. It's time again.

  • Ken

    These are typical tactics of the Left and Islamists. They know their argument will not pass the smell test, so they threaten and insult. They make problems where none exist to further their goal of total power so they can stifle any opposition or criticism. The lamestream, Left-dominated media is willing accoplice in this. When you attempt to silence opposition and criticism to your agenda, you have alrady proved that it is malevolent in its intent!!

    • mlcblog

      You meaning them, I take it.

  • Goemon

    Anream, you have a death wish for them? Israel is gonna be finished one day. Its surrounded by enemies and is too small in land area for all the hate it gets. I dont get how anyone could have faith in it.

    • Abisja

      Goemon, Your last sentence contains the word "faith" – do you for one moment know what word "faith" means? Israel will never "be finished one day" – dreadfully hurt? – may be, but not finished. If you are a believer( I doubt, but if I'm wrong forgive me) go and read/research Romans 11. You know, one in every five verses in the Bible, is prophecy of which 80% has been fulfilled( I certainly have no doubt that the remaining 20% will not come to pass); so with all of us(perhaps not) long gone – ISRAEL SHALL STILL BE THERE. I'm not Jewish, just a realist with an open mind who are still waiting for solid proof that Bible prophecy is wrong.

    • Rifleman

      Reading the Bible might help you understand faith, and then there's the 'miracles' of '49, '56, '67, and '73. I put miracles in scare quotes because cultural differences are key to Israeli success against such overwhelming odds. The successful implementation of Western military doctrine is incompatable with islam. They have to rely on rigid and inflexiible soviet doctrine.

    • Roger

      As long as their God is all powerful, Israel will stand.

    • ziontruth

      "Israel is gonna be finished one day. Its surrounded by enemies and is too small in land area for all the hate it gets. I dont get how anyone could have faith in it."

      Even as an unbeliever, you ought to know Israel can only be destroyed at the cost of the cities of those nations who would destroy it. Your glee at the future prospect of the Jews (of all nations) being robbed of their nation-state is a wee bit misplaced, anti-Zionist scum.

    • Sage on the Stage

      That's what faith is…defying the odds…and winning. Israel will survive…and thrive.


      That is not what the bible says, and since you dont read the bible, you obviously have not a shred of hope.
      Israel is the ONLY place that survives the end ages


      This is what I could expect from an anti Jewish scum; absolutely ZERO mercy.
      The post is about an email. The email is a person who wants the death of an innocent human.
      You are a sick demented psychopathic pig

  • Lady_Dr

    Goemon, people have said that before, and that the land could not support more than a million people. They were wrong. Besides if Israel were to disappear where would all the former Moslems go for help, and medical treatement? Where would all Moslems (including the 'Palestinians') go for medical treatment? Where would the 50,000 Philipinos who live and work here go? Where would all the Christians go on pilgrimage? (IF Islam were to take over I cannot image Christian bus tours of Jerusalem and Nazareth, can you?) Where would the Baha'i go? Their world HQs are in Israel and they are much respected by Jews and Christians alike in Israel, while in Iran where they were Bahaism was founded they are persecuted.

    Goemon, you need to study history, and visit Israel.

    • Rifleman

      Israelis are like Americans, they make a habit of doing what others claim can't be done. I wonder if those same people were the ones that were claiming in the 70's and 80's the world would run out of food by the early '90s?

  • Lady_Dr

    Thank you Tony Blair. It was recently revealed that the Labour Party over the past 11 years as DELIBERATELY allowed more than 1 million people, mostly Moslem into the country to create more 'diversity'. As if Britian were not in enough trouble without this – this is the end of a great country.

    • jacob

      IN CHIPRE….

      Therefore, is there anything they should wonder coming from said political party ?????

    • Larry

      Any time you see a leftard politician use the term "diversity" translate it into what they really mean, which is "racially and/or culturally segregated groups being paid with tax payers' money to stay that way and vote left".

  • Ezra

    Maybe the world should help them on their way to paradise.

  • MikeWood

    These rabid "anti-Zionists" ought to wipe the scum from their eyes. Perhaps they might then see that the world would be a far better place if Israel was far bigger than it's current size. At the very least, the Middle East as a whole should try to emulate Israel in its intellectual and cultural prowess, not destroy it.

  • Stan Lee

    British Labourites have picked up where the Nazis left off. They seem unconscious to the fact that Islamists in the UK are just licking their chops about Brit Jew-haters doing the job for Islam. Imagine, a nation that gave its all to beat Nazism, continuing the Nazi doctrine of Jew persecution.
    The Labourites are the people who'd happily sell of Buckingham Palace for conversion to a mosque. They
    are godless and that's what it takes to be what they are. When I was a kid during the WW2 days, we sang "There Will Always Be An England" in school. What a brave, patriotic, and religious people they were!
    With all due respect to those Brits who still love their country and uphold freedom for its democratic citizens, I cannot go on believing in the goodness of that nation. I'm so sorry about that.

    • mlcblog

      I know. It is unreal, isn't it? and yet, right before our very eyes…

      …ever since the major nationalization began in Lloyd George's day just as QE 2's reign was ending. Sad. They have buckled to socialism, now this! all godless. See the fruit we get.

      • Hanna

        One of Britain's "great" socialists "red Ken" Livingstone has said he wants to make London a beacon for Islam:
        Says it all, lefties for Islam !
        England is losing the battle.

        • StraightShooter

          Sadly, England, Europe, USA, Australia, Canada and the rest of the countries being invaded are not even aware that there is a battle. They're not losing the battle – they're not even fighting!

  • Abisja

    UK and pro Islam Brits – tread carefully; a few days after the "great" Churchill turned his back on the then newly formed State of Israel, he was ousted. You see – its all about the black god OIL

  • scotsirish

    The appeasers in GB will be the first to go… their heads, that is.
    How foolish, how incredibly foolish have these Brits become.
    While the bodies of their young men lay strewn across Europe fighting Hitler's same.
    They are not Britts anymore and this IS the tale told by an idiot, the sound and the fury.

  • waltjr

    "Whatever line there is between anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism is swiftly being blurred away to nothing."

    Daniel, the line is past being blurred, it has frighteningly disappeared many years ago.

  • babyanng

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    • mlcblog


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  • BS77

    The England of Churchill and WW II is long gone…now it is an Orwellian socialist welfare project in steep decline. Britannia that used to rule the waves, of whom it was said, "the Sun never sets on the British Empire" etc etc…now look at it. The Sun has set on the Brits…..their debilitating socialist agenda, their leftist government policies and sky high taxation have led the stumble bums to the abyss.

  • jacob

    Right after the first FLOTILLA incident, President CHAVEZ of Venezuela in his own words "From
    the bottom of my soul to the bottom of my entrails I curse Israel for stopping the humanitarian
    help to the people of Gaza….
    Lo and behold, the ONE who made BALAAM bless Israel instead of cursing it, job for which he
    had been paid by the Cannanite chieftains and who promised Abraham : "I WILL BLESS ALL
    WHO BLESS YOU AND CURSE ALL WHO CURSES YOU" fulfulled his promise, giving CHAVEZ
    the cancer he is presently dying from……
    Coincidence ????
    Probably but perhaps it would pay for him and the rest of those who curse Israel to think about
    on their way to hell where all of them justly belong….


      the bottom of my soul to the bottom of my entrails I curse Israel for stopping the humanitarian
      help to the people of Gaza….

      Well, he reiterates the word of the mighty one of Israel.
      Genesis 12.

  • Schlomotion

    Greenfield is pushing the "threat" against Jews and their non-Jewish supporters in the same way that The Lobby tugboated the "problem" of black racism in the early 1990s and is tugboating it again now in full fury. Like all the other articles about it being unsafe for Jews (meaning Zionists) in France, Norway, and other countries, Greenfield is penning yet another fake death knell for yet another country. MAYBE someone sent the illustrious, Israel-loving John Howell a death threat because he is partner in Ernst & Young, a corrupt company that swindles shareholders out of annuities, lent money to embezzler Sean FitzPatrick, conducted negligent accounting in gold and dollars, falsified court documents, engaged in repo 105 fraud, helped collapse Lehman Brothers, and violated securities laws.

    Such corruption! Is it any wonder John Howell is also a vociferous supporter of Israel? Does Mr. Greenfield think Ben Bernanke is so popular that if he started vociferously supporting Israel, the love letters would really pour in? What about Jon Corzine?

    • dave

      Funny though how Jews are blamed for the worlds inequalities and non Jews get away with it. This blatant fact is why I am worried. The idea that if the Jews were made extinct, the world would become a utopian equal society or would somehow usher in a 'new age' of peace and harmony, needs to be addressed as many people actually believe this. Hitler wanted to free mankind from the disease of 'moral consciousness' which he felt Judaism had inflicted on mankind through the 10 commandments. Jewish ethics along with Roman and Greek influences are the 3 bedrocks of Western civilisation and need to be defended. The history of Man shows that in every generation you will have certain people who want all the power. Today money represents that power, so whoever can amass the most is the most powerful, but in any other system the same thing would happen, look at communism. None of us know what it is to live under totalitarianism and should be careful what we wish for. Capitalism needs to be made fairer, yes, but has proven to be the best system ever on the planet. To support Islam or Communism without having experienced life under them is a dangerous self defeating game to play.

      • Schlomotion

        I agree with most of this.

        • dave

          Well then jump ship dude, I did, you lose some lefty friends but will be surprised at how many people will admire you. Most people are sick and tired of the left but are too frightened to leave. The left is no longer the left anymore,it is like a religion. They just want to bring it all down rather than make it better and fairer, and will get into bed with anyone who can help them, ie the Islamists who are against everything the left used to stand for. They have exposed their true agenda but seen to get away with it because they control the boundaries of our personal and political discourse via the TV, news, etc. I have never known a time when freedom of thought and speech has been so restricted and how utterly brainwashed I used to be.

          • Schlomotion

            That's like asking me to quit smoking. I don't smoke.

    • aspacia

      Read Eurabia for some facts:

  • innocen snail

    What did you expect was going to happen – this is the product of "multi-culture", gazillions of moozis now residing in the West and throwing their weight about – literally. If the Jews leave the Western countries and flee to Israel they will be safe but what about the native Whites, where are we supposed to flee now that our countries are being overun by third world throwbacks?
    Socialist libtard Jews are the biggest advocates of the "multi-culture", thanks a lot guys, now we really can blame the destruction of the West on you.

    • Raymond in DC

      Where are we supposed to flee, indeed! Once upon a time those "yearning to breathe free" could seek out the Anglo countries – Britain, the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand in particular. But each of them over the last decade or two have put out the welcome mat to immigrants from Muslim lands – failed states all – and imposed, to a greater or lesser extent, a multicultural ethos. Many of those immigrants are recreating the cultures they left behind in their new homelands, with the added sense of resentment that they're now minorities for the first times in their lives.

      When our neighborhoods become "no go zones" with de facto sharia enforcement, Jewish sites require added security, our freedoms to speak and write are constrained, and we decide to flee, where indeed do we go now?

  • MethanP

    They've been terrorizing for years. We've stuck our heads in the sand for years. So why should they behave?
    The terror hwas worked, is working, and will continue to work.
    The west is made of cowards. It's like turning your back on a wolf. They "must" respond.

  • Stephen_Brady

    islam is setting itself against the world as its enemy. We need to treat Islam, as such.

    • Chezwick

      Hey amigo. Hope all is well. I guess I'm temporarily unbanned.

      • Stephen_Brady

        You were banned? And Amused is still amusing himself, here. Interesting ….

        All is well, and I hope it is with you.

        • WilliamJamesWard

          Startling news………………..William

  • Margita
    • Whatsinaname

      Thank you for this link. I read the article and could not help but think that British culture, government and police all have a part in this insanity. The simply do not want to prosecute these violent anti-Israel, anti-Jewish offenders. How typically English.

      • Whitehunter2

        Watch the Anthony Hopkins/Emma Thompson movie "The Remains of the Day" if you haven't already. If you have, watch it again. The sneering antisemitism of Lord Darlington and his friends in the 1930s ("Every society needs a penal system. The Germans call theirs concentration camps; we call ours prisons. What's the difference?") has come back with an ugly vengeance.

        Britain–once the cradle and bastion of Western civilization, is committing national suicide and throwing away everything that once made her great. Unless the British immediately come to their senses–which seems unlikely–Britain is finished as a civilized nation. They've inexplicably invited the deadly enemy through their gates, and it is quickly metastasizing to kill the host. Just like cancer.

  • Margita
  • RoguePatriot6

    "Accusation of Jews having their “tentacles” and “financial grip” on the Western world are not just the sort of thing you read about in old articles on the politics of the 1930s; they are a recurring theme in the parliamentary proceedings of the present day."

    I guess that's what it all boils down to, doesn't it? At least it does, to the non-Muslim leftists that are rotting away the U.K. "You have and wahhhhhhhh….I don't".
    Hmmm… know, that tune sounds familiar….I wonder where I heard that before…..OWS? Nahhh….they're just misunderstood and the fact that Jew hatred runs rampant among them also, I'm sure is purely coincidence. Of course then there is the childish tendency to point fingers at others instead of examining the reason of why you don't have anything. Well the phrase of "not having anything" to them is a bit different from reality isn't it.

    I don't subscribe to this "tuck your tail and run" idea either. Too often, you use up your places to run. It's time to fight. It's time that those that are being pushed by these Islamist goons give them a reason to feel terror or afraid.
    Some, such as Islamists, won't listen to reason, period. Fight or die as a people. It's a simple choice.

  • hammar

    even moham will be dragged from his grave and judged….like any other man. Pray Lord Jesus to forgive
    us all……Amen

  • Linda Rivera

    Before massive Muslim colonization of Europe and the UK took place, Europe was a beautiful, SAFE, peaceful place. Those wonderful days are gone. The consequences of importing large numbers of Muslims into a nation are frightening: The total loss of safety for Jews, and the total loss of safety for intensely hated non-Muslims who have the great courage to speak out for justice for global jihad victim, little Israel. They are the great heroes of our time. They risk their lives to speak up for Jews, and ultimately for ALL intensely hated non-Muslim infidels. May God protect these heroes!

  • innocen snail

    Where l live in Australia there arent many Whites left – we have been subsumed by an avalanche of third worlders. No doubt the government and the socialist libtard drivers of multiculturalism expect us to "blend" with the newcomers, well its more like rape.
    Its White genocide whichever way you view it. The US will soon catch up to the likes of Australia, Sweden and the rest of the previously White majority first world countries. When that tgime comes Americans will start to understand the agenda of the libtard/socialist one worlders. That many of the intellectual drivers of the "blending" are socialist Jews isnt a conicidence. These socialist Jews do the world and their fellow non-socialist Jews a great disservice – they should be called out and loudly.

    • dave

      Socialists are socialists first and last. The whole point is that they don't want to be defined by ethnicity or nationality, their religion is socialism.

    • Ghostwriter

      innocen snail,I've got a question for you? Is your favorite book,"Mein Kampf?" It would sure explain a lot.

      • StraightShooter

        Ghostwriter, I think you may have misread – innocen snail does not rail against Jews, only against those leftist ones who would act as the Islamic cheer squad.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    In many Jewish homes there is a true soul searching for alignment to a Nation but not identity,
    hopefully the Jewish identity is solid and unmoved. The UK is floundering as a Nation and sickeningly
    so at the filthy hands of leftist traitors to freedom. Leftists have grown where lack of moral integrity
    is spread like a plague, Jews just seem to not fit in with Godless societies and merry old England
    has lost it's way and soul. Good people are welcome in good places, surely the World still has
    refuges of goodness and integrity. Israel is the only decent place in the Middle East and maybe
    within what is left of my generations life in the World, yes there is a war on for the soul of mankind
    and evil is at the door……………………William

    • Mary Beeman

      William, you have hit the nail on the head. It is a war for the soul of mankind. Who else could produce so much hatred in people's souls but Satan himself. He knows his days are short and he is making the most of them. Seeing how many souls he can pull down into hell with him and his minions. We should all be on our knees praying for God's intervention. It's distressing to see our cousins in Great Britain and the rest of Europe being taken over by these hate mongers. We can see the same thing happening here in the USA. We are just steps behind you. We need a Great Revival and a return to God and His ways. Mary Bee Colorado USA

      • WilliamJamesWard

        Time is short and this year we will see great and awful things………………Regards, ……….William

  • Dispozadaburka

    The beat on the street is that England is in a state of anarchy.

    Christian and Jewish citizens are trying to escape Britain and France as well as Egyptian Christians.

    The Saudi's are building a huge complex in Washington DC that will "forbid" the sale of alcohol.

    Thank you Obama for kissing the Saudi King's hand in submission to Islam.

    Remember what the name for people of your skin tone is in Saudi Arabia. .. is
    "ABEED" which means SLAVE or "Black"

    Remember the people that "sold" your people from Africa were Muslims and they still maintain slaves or abeeds in Saudi Arabia and much of the Middle East to this day.

    Barack ABEED Obama

  • kenaan

    I think the Jews who accepted to be tools in the hands of global Zionism ,and refused to listen to the moderate Jews who are usually condemned by Israeli govt ,I think they will need another wailing wall ,because the boasting feeling of power will let no friends to the Israelis ,and after all in a country which taught what is democracy to the whole world .Britain is Britain , and doesn't need to learn lessons from a state stolen from her original people ,and whoever is not happy within :Pack your bags and leave.

    • dave

      do you care that Iran was stolen from the Persians?

  • Meg Gido

    The English people have not spoken yet.

  • Ronald Johnston

    The UK is finding out why genocide has occurred so frequently in other countries with muslim populations!!! The UK will ultimately have to practice genocide to ever stabilize their country!!!!

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