The Deadly Israeli House

There are few weapons as deadly as the Israeli house. When its bricks and mortar are combined together, the house, whether it is one of those modest one-story hilltop affairs or a five-floor apartment building complete with hot and cold running water, becomes far more dangerous than anything green and glowing that comes out of the Iranian centrifuges.

Forget the cluster bomb and the mine, the poison gas shell and even tailored viruses. Iran can keep its nuclear bombs. They don’t impress anyone in Europe or in Washington, DC. Genocide is equally not worthy of attention when in the presence of the fearsome weapon of terror that is an Israeli family of four moving into a new apartment downwind from Jerusalem.

Sudan may have built a small mountain of African corpses, but it can’t expect to command the full and undivided attention of the world until it does something truly outrageous like building a house and filling it with Jews. Since the Sudanese Jews are as gone as the Jews of Egypt, Iraq, Syria and good old Afghanistan, the chances of Bashir the Butcher pulling off that trick are rather slim.

Due to the Muslim world’s shortsightedness in driving out its Jews from Cairo, Aleppo and Baghdad to Jerusalem, the ultimate weapon in international affairs is entirely controlled by the Jewish State. The Jewish State’s stockpile of Jews should worry the international community far more than its hypothetical stockpiles of nuclear weapons. No one besides Israel cares much about the Iranian bomb. But when Israel builds a house, then the international community tears its clothes, wails, threatens to recall its ambassadors and boycott Israeli peaches.

You can spit on the White House carpets and steal all the gold in Greece. You can blow up anything you like and threaten anyone you will, but you had better not lift a drill near Gilgal, where Joshua and a few million escaped Hebrew slaves pitched their camp.

Obama has yet to respond to the Muslim Brotherhood coup in Egypt. The gangs of paid rapists assaulting women in Tahrir Square on behalf of the Sharia state are nothing for the White House to worry about. Everyone has their standards and he and the international community have theirs. There are things that we all cannot abide. And for all the Miss America answers about ending war, hunger and people who wear plaid in public, the one thing that everyone will stand up against or sit down in opposition to is the Israeli house.

White House officials are already insisting that Netanyahu “humiliated” Obama by authorizing the building of houses. This is the worst Israeli crime since two years ago when the city of Jerusalem passed some houses through one stage of a multi-stage approval process while Biden was visiting the country.

Hillary called it an insult and spent two hours yelling at Netanyahu over the phone. Axelrod declared it an affront. Biden was so furious that he refused to come down for dinner until an hour later. For weeks the media howled that Netanyahu had humiliated Obama through the dastardly act of allowing one of the country’s mayors to approve housing while the sacred presence of Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. was intersecting with Israeli airspace.

Now that Netanyahu has gone to the mattresses, literally, by authorizing new housing, the media has begun braying that Israel has humiliated Obama all over again. They say that every time a bell rings, an angel gets his wings. But every time an Israeli jackhammer roars, Obama stands, like that famous trash-mourning fake Indian, off Highway 1 between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, with a tear slowly making its way down one glistening cheek at the sight of another humiliating Israeli house.

According to the New York Times, which is never wrong, building more houses makes peace impossible. Peace, which is not in any way obstructed by rockets, suicide bombers, unilateral statehood bids and declarations of war, comes up against only one obstacle. The stout unyielding wall of the Israeli house. You can shell Israeli houses, bomb them and break inside to massacre the people living inside, but then after all that, Israel goes and builds more of those damn things.

Hamas shoots thousands of rockets and Israel builds thousands of houses. But Israeli houses generally stay where they’re built, while Hamas rockets are as likely to kill Gazans as they are to put holes in the roofs of those dastardly houses. And in the arms race between houses and rockets, the Israelis appear to be winning. And that’s not good for peace. If Israelis get the dangerous idea that they can just keep building houses and outlast all the talented rocketeers who spend their time with the Koran in front of one eye and the Anarchist’s Cookbook in front of the other, then what hope is there for peace?

That is why no one cares much about Hamas rockets, which only kill Israelis, who most reasonable people in London, Paris and Brussels think have it coming anyway, but get into a foaming lather about an Israeli house. Killing Israelis has never been any obstacle to peace. Twenty years of killing Israelis has not dissuaded a single Israeli government from sitting down at the table to dicker with the terrorists. But an Israeli family living in a house is holding down territory that it will be harder to then cede to terrorists.

This peace plan, which has worked as well as fighting fire with gasoline, has not in any way been endangered by two decades of terror, but trembles down to its toes every time an Israeli hammer falls on an Israeli nail in the vicinity of Jerusalem. Because that land must go back so that rockets can be shot from it into Israel, so that Israel can invade it and reclaim it, and then sit down for another peace process to return the land from which the rockets will be fired, which will be invaded, which will be given back… for peace.

And Israeli houses endanger this cycle of peace and violence. They endanger it by creating “facts on the ground,” a piquant phrase that only seems to apply to houses with Jews. Muslim houses in no way create facts on the ground, even though they are built out of the same material and filled with people. Or perhaps they create the good kind of facts on the ground. The kind of preemption of negotiations that the professional peacemakers approve of.

UN Chief Ban Ki-moon has declared Israeli houses to be an “almost fatal blow” to the peace process. It is, of course, only an “almost fatal blow” because the peace process, like Dracula, cannot be killed. Israeli houses, fearsome as they may be with their balconies and poor heating in winter, are never quite enough to kill it.

Like the monster of a horror movie, the peace process always comes back and no matter how many blows the Israeli house delivers to it, a year later there’s a sequel where the Israeli house is being stalked by the peace process monster all over again.

The army of lethal Israeli houses, which may not be built for another five years, if ever, seem formidable in the black newsprint of the New York Times, in the fulminations of Guardian columnists and the shrill talkingpointation of CNN talking heads, but its actual potency is limited to housing Jewish families and infuriating international diplomats and their media coat hangers.

Europe is furious, Obama is seething, the UN is energized, and somewhere in Tehran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad wipes the grease out of his mustache and wonders what he could do to get this much attention. He briefly scribbles down some thoughts on a napkin but then dismisses it as being too implausible. As much as it might get the world’s attention, there is just no way Iran can put up apartment buildings in Jerusalem.

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  • BS77

    pretty amazing article. imagine that…building a home as a provocation!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Bert

      What is really amazing is that those homes "which may not be built for another five years, if ever," are causing such an uproar. The Israelis must be really stupid to take such heat long before they actually build the homes. It would be better to just build the homes as fast as possible with no advance notice and ignore the critics. It is also notable that columnists here can tell the truth with no fear but the corrupt Israeli government and the corrupt American Jewish leadership only know how to cringe in total self-debasement and unable to utter a single word of righteous defiance.

  • UCSPanther

    Keep building Israel, and if anyone tries to tear it down, waste 'em!

    • du da

      I hope someone blows up their entire area and takes their gas that is before their coast

      • Michael David

        Who?, you are a serious villain.


  • AdinaK

    Well, when the game plan is to encircle Israel, then surely adding on toilets, porches, roofs etc is as deadly as assaults by Muslim Brotherhood Mafia devotees with lethal weaponry.

    And it is not as if the Pyromaniac-in-Chief is alone in his treachery.Not at all. Most EU leaders are more than pleased to play the 'good cop/bad cop' routine. And this blogger is more than familiar with how the 'game' is played. Yes, she is.

    Regardless, the majority Zionist public will eat its leadership for lunch, if they continue down their usual path of appeasement.Hence, Bibi pronounced that we will build…and he would do well to stick to his guns –

    Adina Kutnicki, Israel –

    • Gee

      I noticed one error in the article. "That is why no one cares much about Hamas rockets, which only kill Israelis".

      The truth is Hamas rockets have also killed more 'Palestinians' than the IDF did. Over half of their rockets landed in Gaza.

      • Yoni

        I wouldn’t be surprised if that were the case but it seems like an unlikely statistic. Do you have a source for that claim I could share?

    • Brian Lux

      And let us not forget that both Obama and Hilary Clinton declared that Jerusalem was the eternal undivided capital of Israel. Of course, that was in 2008 when both were fighting for Democratic
      nomination. True, Obama did retract ONE DAY later, but still said he could not see how one could physically divide Jerusalem. Maybe he now has a plan?

    • lightharry

      Some where and some how someone will pay the price of the violence being done to both sides. Israel as well as Palestine should leave a back door open for escape if this conflict goes the false way. The world is not smiling at Israel at the present time, taking into consideration that Israel has the right to live. Netanyahu has lost a lot of support in the USA through his attempt to get Obama thrown out and the Canadiens are also watching as to what direction they will have to take. I hop Israel makes a right decision.

  • crackerjack

    Who are you trying to fool Mr Greenfield, yourself or others?

    The international community considers settlements in occupied territory to be illegal. Israeli neighborhoods in East Jerusalem and communities in the Golan Heights, areas which have been annexed by Israel, are also considered settlements by the international community, which does not recognise Israel's annexations of these territories. The United Nations has repeatedly upheld the view that Israel's construction of settlements constitutes violation of the Fourth Geneva Convention. The International Court of Justice also says these settlements are illegal and no foreign government supports Israel's settlements.

    Up untill now, Israel has managed to evade any meaningfull financial or political repercussions concerning its settlement policy but now, with a major diplomatic breakdown and sanctions looming, isnt it time to get back into the real world, address the real facts, find real solutions?

    • UCSPanther

      All Israel has to do now is cut off the PLO financially and let the farce we know as the Palestinian nation collapse in on itself, which it will do in due time.

      BTW Canada will not recognize Palestine and I, as a Canadian will gladly rub that in your face.

      • crackerjack

        Get back into the REAL world UCSPanther. Canada does not recognize nor support Israel's annexations and settlements and never has.

        • SilverScumbAG Canada

          These are not settlements nor colonies. They are cities with modern plumbing better than one finds in Paris!!!

          • Lucifer Dye

            They ought to be, Scumbag, since you and I paid for 'em with our tax dollars.


            Our AFTER TAX dollars, and AFTER TAX dollars of the entire world are forced to pay for $100 per barrel oil and $4 per gallon gasoline.

        • Snorbak

          What land other than the Golan, has Israel annexed?
          Not the Sinai, Israel returned it to Egypt in return for peace, nor Gaza, as Israel handed it to the PA Arabs/ Hamas (who by the way are doing a sterling job in governing), & not Judea & Samaria which by the way, was liberated in 1967 after it was annexed by Jordan in 1948.
          Cry me a river mate, the Jews won the Arabs lost, so sad to bad!

        • UCSPanther

          Funny. Our Prime Minister has been recalling our diplomats from that area and Israel has far more support amongst the Canadian population than you realize.

          And being a Canadian, I know that better than you ever will. It is you leftists who aren't in the real world.

          Palestine will die an ignominious death and no one will care. They sure didn't when Arafat died.

          • Mary Sue

            Yeah and if I'm reading the news story right it was because they need a meeting and see what to do about this stuff but it wasn't a thing that was meant to be a slight against Israel.

          • aywat

            I thought Canadians were all sweet and non-confrontational… : )

          • Mary Sue

            That was Trudeau, Mulroney, Chretien, and Martin (3 liberals, one "Progressive" Conservative).

            The Liberal and NDP ones are non-confrontational except when confronted by Conservatives and logic. ;)

        • Mary Sue

          Idiots in Canada that are part of the NDP and some of the Liberal Party (and most of the Bloc/Parti Quebecois) feel that way, but the Conservative Party, which is the majority ruling party in Canada and has been for a few years now, does not feel that way. They will recognize Israel's things properly like they should.

    • Mary Sue

      The International Community, for the most part is full of cowards and antisemites. WHY should Israel be bound by a consensus that means them ill or at the very least doesn't give a ___t about Jews? What you are suggesting is like the Untied Nations forcing the Untied States to dismantle thousands of Black Ghetto housing projects because a bunch of KKKers say so.

      The UN is full of s___. I deny their legality and I never voted for them so they are worthless and an illigitimate authority.

      • crackerjack

        If you don't accept the rules, leave the team. Nobody forced Israel to join the UN, accept its annexation, occupation and settlement rules, and seek recognition through the UN General Assembly 1947.

        If israel can't accept UN statutes and views the body as anti-Semetic and hostile, the only reasonable course of action will be to recall its membership and retire from all UN institutes.

        • SilverScumbAG Canada

          What is your position on the illegal occupations of:

          1) Gibraltar 2) Falklands 2) Jamaica and 3 ) Barbados and Colombia, the USA, Canada, Brazil,

          all stolen, annexed in the name of a King, Queen and Jesus!! by white people. The Gibraltar example is an interesting one. Read your history. The Spanish want it back and Bolivia wants their territory stolen by Chile.

          • Stern

            Not quite the same because it was annexed by the Chinese, but I'll add Tibet to your list.

          • Rostislav

            Please add to your list Karelia, which became a part of the USSR (now – of Russia) after Stalin's aggression into Finland in 1939! The USSR was thrown out from the League of Nations for it, but a bit later FDR and Churchill decided that it was our lawful territory anyway. And no UN ever voiced their righteous indignation about Brezhnev's, Mao's or Pol Pot's crimes against human rights. This "international community" was as vile then as it is now. So, in general, I think that Crackerjack's last words about "get back into the real world, address the real facts, find real solutions" could ring quite true – if only to change his "real" for "vile". And to get back into vile world of Evian conference, of Karelia theft, of UN leadership in the best Nazi traditions of Kurt Waldheim is hardly a task worthy of a decent country – even if this country is as lonely as Israel today. Rostislav, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

          • reader

            Don't forget Koniksberg and Kuril Islands. In many ways, these are more in line with the subject matter, because, unlike Finland, the Arabs were aggressors in 1948 and beyond.

          • Mary Sue

            the only reason I even know about Karelia is the board game "Axis and Allies" but now that you mention it, yeah the Soviets did gobble it up pretty fast.

          • mcwrath

            The whole of the middle-east, north africa, central asia parts of europe was annexed by the most brutal slaughtering enslaving horde of islamic jihadists…who no one ever hears express an ounce of guilt for those henious crimes against humanity….that would of course contradict their evil fuhrer muhommad and be ‘unIslamic”. But what do you expect from the inculcation of such an amoral psychopath, after all the sense of guilt requires a conscience.

        • striker

          So Crackerjack…

          Now that Palestine is on the "team", will they stop shooting missiles into Israel?

        • Raymond in DC

          The UN clearly doesn't even follow its *own* rules. Jewish rights to Palestine were enshrined in the League of Nations mandate of 1922, and they remain in force and effect under the UN Charter.

          No, what we have with the UN is a classic "tyranny of the majority" that creates rules and resolutions at will, selectively enforcing those it chooses. And for your information, there's no true entity called "international law", only rules and procedures that are mutually agreed on by sovereign states. It doesn't matter, for example, what rulings come out of the ICC; they only apply to those countries that agreed to abide by said rulings.

          • Stern

            Thank you Raymond, for summing it up so neatly.

          • Simon Brockwell

            Raymond, the status of “international law” and the relevance of the International Court of Justice it is actually weaker than you put it. The ICJ never made a ruling between parties in dispute, it gave an “advisory opinion” on the question of the legality of Israeli housing projects beyond the 1949 armistice line; proper courts don’t offer advisory opinions. The ICJ chose to disregard that body international law dating back to the League of Nations in the 1920’s which is still binding, presumably because that provides all necessary the legal justification for Jewish settlement upon all of the land of the former Mandatory Palestine. The ICJ didn’t address the legal ramifications of the failure of the UN’s 1947-8 proposed “International Zone” around Jerusalem to materialize. What the ICJ did do is focus exclusively on the Section 3 “Occupied Territories” (Articles 47-78) of the 1949 Fourth Geneva Convention and on that basis alone found against Israel. This is no surprise because that “Geneva Convention relative to the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War”, as its title suggests, purportedly concerned itself with the welfare of civilians during war, but in reality was crafted with new-born Israel (which, to everyone’s surprise and the chagrin of many, not only survived the Arab world’s attempt to strangle it at birth, but came out of the 1948-49 war with more land that the UN’s Partition Plan awarded it) very much in mind. As an aside it is truly astonishing for anybody who has studied Public International Law how much of it has been generated since 1949 and in relation to Israel alone. Ask yourself: how does an international convention protecting civilians during wartime have any bearing on what is happening in the West Bank today? Answer: because the 1948-9 war is legally deemed to have never ended; there exists a state of armistice only not peace. So the ICJ’s advisory opinion is predicated on the absurd legal fiction that the West Bank is in its 64th year of continuous war, with Israel as the occupying power. The ICJ doesn’t trouble itself with asking the all-important, hugely problematic, question: from which sovereign state is Israel occupying the territory, because answering it – none – would reveal the bankruptcy of what some reader here correctly described as a “jurisprudential hoax”.

        • Mary Sue

          Oh yeah, like I could unilaterally pull ANY country out of the UN [/sarcasm]
          *rolls eyes*

          I'm sitting here in Canada so I would be about as able to unilaterally pull Israel out of the UN as I could reach through the monitor and grab you by the lapels.

    • @sheikyermami

      When it comes to Islam, please stop this “problem” and “solution” nonsense

      Many continue to believe that if we argue that Islam itself is the problem, this will leave the West with no solutions.

      There is no “solution” to the war being waged on Israel. Nor is there a “solution” within Israel to the presence of those, Muslim Arabs, who do not and cannot feel loyal to the state of Israel, and wish the Jews and the State of Israel ill.

    • SHmuelHaLevi

      This fellow does not seem to get it.__Allow me cracker, I have a few moments to waste so why not doing that on your recitations. The Land of Israel is JEWISH cracker. Thousands of years before the ghastly "un" took over the Roman Empire functions. You people will not longer steal our Heritage or murder our people.__The PILTDOWN like "pelistines" are proxies of the inheritors of the RE.__And the "un" is a cesspool contaminated by self elected elements with no authority to declare "new peoples or states". Read the charter is that ability graces your level. __Left to their own devices the nomads claiming to be a people will end up like Syria, Iran, Iraq and most other such things. And they will allowed to do that precisely. __And now more good news for you.__Friday we drive to visit our kids in two central locations, and on Monday to Bnei Brak. From there to two new housewarming parties in the Hebron and Jerusalem areas, Two cousins of mine children built two new houses there.

      • Chaya

        Woohoo!! I wish I could give you a million thumbs up!!! Thanks Shmuel x

    • Gamaliel

      crackerjack you are crackers. Making Judea and Samaria Judenrein will not bring peace. Just the fact that Abbas demands that those areas be Judenrein shows he's a Nazi against peace and it's outrageous that the craven oil sucking islamo-fascist appeasing international community goes along with this including your Obama god. If you say to anyone that you can't have peace if you live in a certain place than you are the warmonger not the person who decides to live there. No one has the right to say that Jews can't live in Jerusalem. No one has the right to threaten them with violence or boycotts for doing so. What if someone told you you couldn't have peace unless you move out of where you live?

    • Graham Ford

      Dear Crackerjack, There are several problems with the position you take.
      1) The 'international community'is a fantasy: the relations between allies of nation states remain largely a matter of force and piracy. If the UN had stopped that, why is Tibet still under under the Chinese jackboot?
      2) In war, an aggressor who looses the war generally cedes land, e.g. Germany in 1945, Japanese conquests in 1945,etc. In 1967 the combined forces of Syria, Egypt and Jordan were the aggressor.
      3) International Law is still a concept, not a reality, except in a few narrow areas of agreement, such as Maritime Law.
      4) The West Bank is actually Judeah and Samaria, and it was Jewish 3000 years ago and has had a permanent Jewish presence ever since, despite all the tens of attempts to overturn that fact through violence.
      5) If Fatah or Hamas control East Jerusalem – that includes the Old City – then they will burn the churches as well as the synagogues, just as their coreligionists have done in formerly Christian lands for 1400 years,and are still doing to day in scores of countries. Remember the fact that the Tomb of Christ is now a stone mock-up: an Islamic ruler hammered the original into dust in 1006 AD.
      Finally, the land of Eretz Israel is the only piece of land on earth that has been allocated to any people in perpetuity by the true owner of land, i.e. its Creator. If you find that laughable, laugh at this. Every single prophecy in the Bible concerning the land and this people has come true so far, and the only ones yet to be fulfilled concern wars with Israel and the events surrounding Armaggedon (Har-Megiddo or the Hill of Megiddo) and the return of the Messiah.
      The world can huff and puff all it likes about illegality, the key issue here is justice. How dare Europeans (or anyone else for that matter) lecture Jews about where in their own land they can build their houses.

      • Snorbak


      • crackerjack

        Dear Graham Ford.

        Nobody forced israel to join the UN and in so doing, adopt the UN Charta. Israel is free to recall its UN membership, retire from all UN institutes and reestablish its state as one of divine promise.

        You can't have it both ways.

        • Mary Sue


        • M.S,

          One light can put off a lot of darkness!

    • BVK

      Well, that is just outrageous. I can't wait for the UN to impose sanctions for the following nations:

      Morocco – for settling in Rio de Oro/Western Sahara.
      Chile – for settling on Easter Island.
      France – for settling in French Polynesia, St. Martin, etc.
      The UK – for settling in Gibraltar, British Virgin Islands, Falklands.
      The United States – for settling in American Samoa and Guam.
      New Zealand – for settling in Tokelau.

    • mannyfi

      Itis you that is ignoring the truths of Mr Greenfields article: you and the antisemitic world who ignores the atrocities and affronts to world Jewry and Israel. If I had my way Mr Crackerhead. – you and your ilk would be sentenced to a year or two in sourthern Israel on the GAza border and let the rockets rain down on your cracker head and see how you fare. You and your ilk can kiss my humass! Ooops – did I spell that right?

    • mannyfi

      Itis you that is ignoring the truths of Mr Greenfields article: you and the antisemitic world who ignores the atrocities and affronts to world Jewry and Israel. If I had my way Mr Crackerhead. – you and your ilk would be sentenced to a year or two in sourthern Israel on the GAza border and let the rockets rain down on your cracker head and see how you fare. You and your ilk can kiss my humass! Ooops – did I spell that right?

    • YBrandstetter

      The illegality of the so-called settlements is a jurisprudential hoax. Simply put. Who did Israel annex this land from? The pallies? ther was no Pal-state then, nor now. The Jordanians? They annexed this land when they invade the West Bank in 1948 and held it by force of arms, then renounced all claims in a peace treaty with Israel? With who? With Israel. Therefore this land is all israeli, and the Arabs are invaders from the East bank. Ask them, they will tel you where their family come from. Dont believe me? Here is their "Foreign minister" speaking to the heart of Egypt

    • Drakken

      Heres an idea, if you love those effing muslim pali savages so much and have such empathy and sympathy for them, go bloody well go live there and show your undying support and love. Darwin is going to love ,you. Too death!

    • Ghostwriter

      Hey,crackerjack! It's a little hard for the Israelis to talk peace when the other side is too busy screaming that they want to kill them. But then,you don't care about the Israelis. You just want them DEAD!!!! You're a Jew hating creep. When someone drops a rocket on your house and destroys it,don't come crying to me. You've done nothing to earn my sympathy.

    • M.S.

      You picked a good name for yourself "crackerjack". For 3,500 years before Chritianity and the muslems existed This land belongs to Israel. the Jews are the only remaining living people indigenus to the land Palestine. The Jew does not need to "return" any land that historicaly belongs to the Jewish people. Study the history befor you make a fool of yuorself! Yes, you can make fun of my spelling but when my family ran away from Egypt shortly after the expultion of the French and the Brits. The Egyption Goverment then run by Abdul Nassar stript us of $50,000 of cash and a large Peice of RealEstate. Our family of six went on to Italy with $15. dollars.

    • Boris

      Out of honest curiosity, can you please cite which part of the Fourth Geneva Convention building in occupied territory breaks? Also What do you think defines the middle east borders that says that the west bank does not belong to Israel. Again asking out of honest curiosity, not an attack.

  • Bamaguje

    It’s about time Israel stops giving a damn what the dhimmi “international community” thinks, and acts in the long term best interest of the Jewish people.

    • LindaRivera

      Protecting Jews is protecting ALL Non-Muslims! Global jihad targets every non-Muslim.

  • Mary Sue

    Hilary, Biden, AxelRose, and Ban Ki Mooncake are idiots. Either that, or they know full well what the deal is and they are all secretly Jew hating bastages.

    • mlcblog

      The latter, and it is documented, at least in Hilary's case.

      • Mary Sue

        Now that's interesting! Hilary a stealth antisemite…that explains a lot.

        • mlcblog

          Oh, yeah. During the various (Paula Jones to be specific) rape trials of her husband, Hillary was exposed to be always swearing about "those Jew bastards," among other unlovely and hateful epithets. This on the testimony of a State trooper who was privy to it because of his guard duties. His name was Patterson.

    • BonniePrinceCharlie

      I wouldn't call them 'bastages'. They're Jihadists. They support people who want to destroy Israel and annihiliate Jews.

      But an absolutely brilliant piece. Just a shame it can't get to a wider audience.

      • Mary Sue

        "bastages" is another way of saying "basterds" (intentionally misspelled, like in Inglorious Basterds).

  • @airborneone1990

    It has been written down for Centuries that the World would turn against Israel and I see it more Every Day. Peace will be made for 7 Years and still people will deny. The Very pages are Alive.

  • MikeWood

    I haven't enjoyed reading about this subject so much before. Your pen is soaring to new heights, Daniel.

  • striker

    Mr. Greenfield…I was ready to read another "attack on Israel" article after following this link.

    I was wrong…and would now like to shake your hand, sir. Excellent read…

  • Stern

    Great article, sir, thank you! I will share far and wide.

  • LibertyMan

    Jimmy Carter … call your office …

    and in other news today famous jew hater/racist Al Sharpton visits White House giving Obama advice

  • Gene W 1938

    Great article … Judeo-Christian love mankind and builds … Satanist hate and destroy. Our administration can not stand Israeli patience, endurance and success.
    Billions against a few million and Israel still has the most home grown advanced tecnologies, percapita production, academic achievments, culture and wisdom.
    The world would do well to join and learn from them instead of fighting those who are loved by God!

  • Zionista

    I'm sure the UN is in a tizzy over what's going on in syria – oh wait, they're too busy giving it to Israel, their favorite punching bag, over some apartments.

    Build baby build!!

  • SPZ

    I think your article convinced me to vote for the Bayit Yehudi party

  • LindaRivera

    Western countries' ruling elites have LONG OPPOSED HUMAN RIGHTS FOR JEWS.

    What other people on earth do the haters seek to deny INDIGENOUS
    PEOPLE the right to live, breath and build on their own WORLD-FAMOUS
    BIBLICAL Jewish homeland – the eternal capital of Israel-Jerusalem-the
    site of the GOD designated Jewish Temple, and Judea and Samaria.

    Israel ignore the rabid Jew-haters – build three million homes! Do it for GOD! Do it for EVERY non-Muslim on earth!

  • LindaRivera

    All Muslims have to do is move to another country and then declare the land is Islamic and belongs to Muslims. Muslims have done this in Israel.
    Islam's War Against Jews is part of global jihad against ALL non-Muslims.

    Not one inch of Free World Jewish land to the enemies of humanity!

    In Islam, peace is achieved when a hated infidel nation is attacked, conquered and destroyed. The dirty, MURDEROUS peace that is sought for little Israel. No Muslim terror state implant in TINY Israel!

  • LindaRivera

    I know this is a very serious thing, but I laughed all the way through! Daniel, you state things brilliantly! It's a gift from God! Thank you!

    What is the biggest impediment to peace that the world has ever known? PEACEFUL Jews living, BREATHING, and building on their own Jewish land!!! LOL!

  • Arley Steinhour

    Excellent format, attitude, and presentation, Mister Greenfield, very worthy of one of my 'Yeee-Haaa!!! and AMEN's.' This is one of the best formats I've seen, for describing the 'Insanity,' of reaction to creating explosive dangers … A 'Jew's' roof-line damage, compared to Bombs and Rockets, red-glare.
    Enjoyable read of a distressing situation. Thanks.

    LindaRivera says Well,

  • Drakken

    As far as a westerner like me is concerned, Israel should tell the UN and Combrade Obummer to go eff themselves, and if the savages start another round of rocket fire, return the favor with some MOABs and lots of arty fire. Encourage the left/progressive traitors in our midst to become human shields for their muslim masters, and open fire.

  • Marty

    A house for a Jewish family on land that has been Jewish for 4000 years. The arab/islamic presence is an unwelcome and uninvited one that is the result of a military invasion that resulted in the slaughter or forced conversion of hundreds of thousands if not millions of people, none of whom wanted either the inbred arabs or the diseased mindset of islam they insisted on bringing with them.

  • mercury

    But you forgot to mention the bigger outrage…those Israeli houses will actually contain…happy families! How can we allow this? Aren't all the homes in this part of the world supposed to be filled with Molotov-cocktail-hurling youth? Rock throwing teenagers? Angry subversives and terrorist heroes? But these Israeli houses might instead produce scientists, doctors, business men and women, and other assorted good people (gasp!). Absolute travesty.

    • johnnywoods

      Yea but just you wait till those "Jew houses" start attacking poor Pali terrorists who are just doing thier thing as they fire rockets at unarmed Israeli civilians. Then you will see how dangerous those houses are:)

  • Brujo Blanco

    It is a sad state of affairs when Israel is ostrcized for building homes in Israel. This situation is just an excuse for Jew haters to do things to Israel. The Jews have been kicked out of every country in the Mideast and North Africa. They are now in the process of being kicked out of Europe. Now the Jew haters want them out of Israel. If the Arabs stop the threats and violence all the negative activity will stop. Obama has abandoned Israel and it would not surprise me if he provides substantial military assistance to Israel's enemies.

  • Thomas Wells

    The Egyptians,and other islamites would rather have the Jews in slavery ,making bricks for islamic monuments and mosques.

  • Jakareh

    Israel's big mistake was not annexing Judea, Samaria, and Gaza immediately after the 1967 War and encouraging the Muslims to move out the same way the Czechs and Poles encouraged the Germans after WWII. The lesson is: being nice to Muslims doesn't pay.

  • Matthew Dow

    Build my people build. G-d has given the land he promised to Abraham, Isaac, And Jacob(ISRAEL). It is meant to be filled by our Jewish people. Again, I say " BUILD,BUILD, BUILd!!!!!!! This is Israel's land!!!!!!!

  • Stuart Parsons

    I am no supporter of Hamas or Hezbollah but I cannot see how Israeli settlements contribute to a solution in the area.

    • Arlie

      There is no solution to a FALSE problem. A square peg does not fit in a round hole. The solution is to stop the false problem, the lies and treachery against G-d's holy land and stand with the Israelis right to live and have a nation. The fact is that they have given up more land than they should have. Their land is deeded them from G-d from the Euphrates to the Nile. Through intimidation and false promises they have negotiated for peace and the more they give the more they lose and the killing, blood thirsty Islamist become more treacherous and the lies continue. Pray for Israel to stay strong and love G-d's wisdom.

    • Zionista

      yeah – giving gaza back to the arabs worked out soooooooo well

  • WilliamJamesWard

    If it were possible I would buy one of those homes and move in, though these Jewish families
    are thousands of miles away I consider them my neighbors and people I am glad to share
    the World with. May they continue to live forever…….pray for Israel………………William

  • Ken Palmer

    Bibi recently made an observation that all of us (Muslims included) should remember:

    If the Jews were to lay down their arms, there soon would be no Israel.
    If the Muslims were to lay down their arms, there would be world peace.

    Worth some thought!

  • hmurveit

    Great article….but the most important point is that Israel has the right to build there…Reasons;Jewish presence in that area for 3000 years, Modern times-Balfour declaration 1917, San Remo conference 1920, Defensive war of 1967 and most recent The Levy report. Immediate annexation is the answer.

  • @shloimo

    they have no ideas what kind of power is hidden inside the jewish nation
    and houses are not the best "weapon" that jews have

  • Dvora Grainger

    Obama is eminently humiliatable. It will role off him like water off a duck's back
    He is singlehandedly working to destroy the USA and Europeanize (Socialism-ize) it.
    He is unperturbed by the Muslim Brotherhood which, if left to itself, will destroy all hopes of democratization and respect for freedom of individuals within the Muslim world, and to the rest of us if
    the Brotherhood's aim of the universal caliphate is ever realized.

  • imfineF.

    Does anyone recall that 800 of those homes being PLANNED to be built are for ARABS? There has been no dirt touched, no shovel shoveling to indicate the homes are presently in the process of being built.

    Gd is watching to see how this ends. It is His land and Jews are the caretakers of it. ''Let it be''….The message to the entire world is to .just keep an eye on Iran. Jews create, not destroy…….

  • Elliyahu

    Only one other Jewish weapon is stonger= building fences.

  • Frank Adam

    Not so often that a piece of journalism is actually funny! And accurate.

  • tanstaafl

    Next weapon in the Israeli arsenal – apartment buildings!




  • Brenda Landes

    I personally would prefer to build more houses in the Negev and in the Galil. Also we should be developing industry in these areas. So many people move to Tel Aviv to find work. We should also be strengthening all homes in Israel.(THere could be an earthquake) Millions of dollars have been spent in the West bank and on housing for some of our religous population who do not serve in the army! My children can not afford a home!! Let us build housing for the young couples who work hard and serve in the army and who do not want to live in the West Bank.I agree with you that the world is hypocritical, and whatever we do they will we are wrong. However Israel should strengthen our army, our industry and EDUCATION/ We should not give cheap housing in the West bank for political reasons. In an ideal world we should be able to build, but let us strengthen what we have. Israel can be strong without these new settlements!

  • Brenda Landes

    Iwrote a comment, why does it not appear???

  • Brenda Landes

    sorry , I missed it.
    Happy Channukah to all, Brenda from Kibbuts Geva

  • A. Chase

    Brilliant. Send a copy of this article to Obama and Co.

  • Lou Kessel

    Right on! We always seem to get attention when we do what's good for Israel. The world just can't seem to grasp the fact that we are here to stay. Beautiful article Mr Greenfield.

  • Otto

    Israel was forced into all conflicts with the ARABS ever since 1948. The attacks against Israel was defended in accordance with international law. The ARAB attackers were defeated every time and to this day they are refusing to enter into peace talks. After making concessions with Lebanon and Gaza the result was unsolicited violence against Israel. My concern is that an independent state on the west bank would do the same. The only method available up to now is to control the area by having strong holds in the territory. All the do gooders would like to have Israel pushed into the sea? What will they do when the Islamist will introduce Sharia law in their country? They will deserve nothing better.

  • timeklek

    Of the land ceded to Israel at the 1920 San Remo Conference, Israel only now retains 18%. History Proves' Hebrews need a Land of their own as Petty Jealousy' breeds Hostility Historically.

  • phil manley

    … for they have divided My land… an inheritance for God's King… pray for the peace of Jerusalem… not forth-coming,… but still .. pray eyes will be opened… hearts will be softened… the end is not yet… . .

  • Michael David

    I have to say that personally, I’m a JEW. A real JEW. I am also Christian and I’m tired of death threats in America, who is supposed to be an ALLY with ISRAEL and the KINGDOM OF G-D.
    A huge round of applause for BEN for watching over the SONS of ISRAEL.
    Hamas and terror organizations cannot continue with this “peace” process of suicide bombers and rockets.

    BENJAMIN, with all of my heart, thank you for protecting our SONS of light, CHRISTIAN and JEW.
    We will be friends for a long, long time, so until we can talk just cry…and know we’ll be friends for the rest of our lives.


  • babyr.antonioh

    The Bible stated glorious instances which G_d dispensed the based things, even unhonourable to shame, to confound, to scorn HIS enemies. Remember when G_d spoke, all creation came to existence? Remember when Yahweh G_d used Moses' staff to despise the tricks of Pharaoh's magicians? touched the water and turned it into blood? He used an ordinary, even shy young man named Gideon to lead Israel breaking an informidable wall of the feared Midianites? Remember when Jesus Christ simply spoke to satan, to the demon-possessed, to the dead, to the sick, they were freed, revived, healed. G_d is doing it conspicously again and He will affirm, assure the faith of the faithfuls. Hallelu Yah !!!

  • Vita

    Fabulous article, Daniel! Get the other side with humour, wit and sarcasm…I look forward to reading more of your articles.