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The Death of the Drakes Bay Oyster Company: How Obama is Murdering the American Economy, One Small Business at a Time

Posted By Daniel Greenfield On November 30, 2012 @ 12:12 pm In The Point | 16 Comments


Over-educated tourists often make a pilgrimage to Cannery Row, lined with rows of defunct canneries, but named after John Steinbeck’s novel Cannery Row. The novel with its eccentric characters exists, the real life canneries are gone.

Not only have the sardine canneries of Cannery Row closed, but little noticed, the last sardine cannery in America closed this year, with the end of Stinson Seafood in Eastern Maine.

In 1950, Stinson Seafood used to pack 384 million cans. But environmentalists succeeded in their regulatory eco-jihad. Sharp cuts in the amount of fish that fishermen were allowed to catch made the business unviable. The eco-parasites won. American workers lost.

Now Obama has succeeded in shutting down the Drakes Bay Oyster Company [2], the last oyster cannery in California. Most of its workers are Latinos and the incident is yet another example of how the left gives welfare to minorities with one hand while taking away jobs with the other.

The environmentalists hailed the destruction of a 100 year old cannery.¬† “A heartfelt salute to Secretary Salazar for his wisdom and statesmanship in choosing long-term public good over short-term private interests,” said Sylvia Earle. But of course Salazar and his boss, Barack Hussein Obama, chose the private good of his eco-cronies over the public good of a functioning economy.

The Drakes Bay Oyster Company, which produced 40 percent of California’s oysters [3], did its best to win over environmentalists, touting its sustainability and its ecological commitments, but that was no use, because you cannot negotiate with or win over fanatics, whether they are Salafist Jihadists, Bolsheviks or Environmentalists, whose only goal is to wipe all things that do not fit into their belief system and ideology off the face of the earth.

What novels like Cannery Row remind us is that the left once pretended to care about the working class, only to wage war on it and destroy it.

Just another day, with more Americans forced out of their jobs, in the Obamonomy.

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