The Election Farce in Libya

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The central purpose of the Libyan election is to maintain the illusion of stability even as the fighting goes on. Benghazi, the “cradle of the revolution,” whose clashes with Gaddafi’s forces were used by Obama to justify the bombing of Libya, is still at war. The Libyan provisional government has already threatened that it will use force to suppress the Cyrenaica National Council, which seeks autonomy for Eastern Libya.

Before long the fighting in Benghazi will force the new Libyan government to engage in a crackdown similar to the one that was carried out by Gaddafi. There are reports that this may be happening in parts of Libya already. But don’t look for Obama to run to the UN Security Council for another No Fly Zone, when it’s the NFA and the Brotherhood killing Benghazi civilians.

Benghazi may be bad, but Tripoli isn’t that much better. There is still gunfire in the Libyan capital and rogue militias are out there looting and raiding. Unlike the Egyptian election, the Libyan election is not about finalizing a government. Its goal is to unite as many groups as possible behind a version of the existing authorities in order to calm the situation.

The Libyan Muslim Brotherhood, in its various forms, has not yet made its full bid for power, but it has established itself as the single largest united faction in the country. Unlike the NFA it is not dependent on a hodgepodge of small factions. The name of its largest party, the Justice and Construction Party, is a statement of short term goals.

As the West sends money to reconstruct Libya, a good deal of those contracts will go to Muslim Brotherhood businessmen with construction companies. While NFA chieftains sit on the boards of national companies, like Abdul Rahman Al Shater, the Secretary-General of the NFA and the CEO of Libya’s national telecommunications company, the Brotherhood’s big wheels will carve out their own monopolies. Between them the regime businessmen and the Brotherhood businessmen will form a mafia splitting Western economic aid and contracts between them. And when the Brotherhood is finally ready to make its move, Mahmoud Jibril will end up as sidelined as Egypt’s Mohamed El-Baradei.

The real message of this election is that the alliance between the Libyan establishment and the Muslim Brotherhood is still holding together. The NFA and the Brotherhood are both opposed to autonomy and are both determined to stop any regional independence bids. The elections and the coalition will give the new regime the appearance of legitimacy while its thugs go back to doing what Gaddafi’s thugs were doing in Benghazi.

The Libyan election was a farce which saw the NFA and the Muslim Brotherhood join together for a sham election whose true purpose is soliciting Western money while uniting to crush eastern separatists. It is not a step forward for democracy, but a return to tyranny.

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  • @LandDestroyer

    Don't forget to mention that Gibril/Jibril is a Wall Street proxy – spoke before corporate-financier Brookings Institute back in May of 2011 pledging to convert Libya into an instrument for the recolonization of Africa – was educated and spent many years in the US. He is a Western proxy, wrote an entire "plan" for Libya with IMF funding – and if he is working with sectarian extremists, it's because fake-Islamophia fearmongers told him to. It is the Neo-Cons that both cultivate legions of sectarian extremists worldwide while cultivating constant fear in the West of their own monster.

    • Ghostwriter

      That sounds like something rehashed from the 1960's. Few bought it then,few buy it now.

  • TopAssistant

    I would love to see more articles on our history with Shariah/Islamic law starting with the letter John Adams and Thomas Jefferson wrote in 1786.

    Here is just a part of the March 28, 1786 letter to John Jay, the United States Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Continental Congress, signed by John Adams and Thomas Jefferson concerning their conversation with the Tripoli ambassador. (Thomas Jefferson. "The Papers of Thomas Jefferson". Princeton Univ. Press. pp. 9:358.)

    As you read the letter keep asking yourself if you see any similarities between 1786 and today’s challenges. Here is a part of the 1786 letter from Adams and Jefferson:

    The Ambassador answered us that it was founded on the Laws of their prophet, that it was written in their Koran, that all nations who should not have acknowledged their authority were sinners, that it was their right and duty to make war upon them wherever they could be found, and to make slaves of all they could take as Prisoners, and that every musselman who should be slain in battle was sure to go to Paradise.”

    I suggest you read the entire letter, ask yourself some questions about what happened then and what is happening now. Are we experiencing the development of a worldwide Caliphate mentioned by the Tripoli ambassador? Is the United States paying “jizya” tax? We are doing this by paying Middle Eastern nations to adopt Sharia/Islamic law/finance and using our military to fight and die doing it. Why hasn’t the House and Senate Armed Service Committees ever held hearings on why Stephen Coughlin was silenced after he presented his research on Shariah/Islamic law and if it had been hijacked by radicals. He found it had not and Islamists are doing exactly what is taught in the Koran and other Islamic material.

    What does the Muslim Brotherhood have in common with the Tripoli Ambassador? Why hasn’t our government placed the Muslim Brotherhood on the terrorist list?

    The actual letter has been photocopied and it is here:

    The typed version is here:

    Are the Muslim Brotherhood and their affiliates such as CAIR, ISNA and other unindicted co-conspirators of the Holy Land Foundation terrorist funding trials a continuation of what we experienced before this nation was formed?

    Why did the Bush and Obama Department of Justice refuse to prosecute the unindicted co-conspirators? You need to go to Citizens for National Security (CFNS) website and link to the Task Force Update, Muslim Brotherhood Full CFNS Report titled: Homegrown Jihad in the USA – Muslim Brotherhood’s Deliberate,
    Premeditated Plan Now Reaching Maturity© an d view the PowerPoint that outlines exactly how the Muslim Brotherhood has spread throughout America since 1962 and our government is mum on it. No hearings.

    • Stephen_Brady


  • Infidel

    Top Assistant—nice job…in this nation we do have a serious problem with the acceptance of islam. They hold to their teachings that all nations must submit to islam or die. We need more people like you to take notice and spread the word/truth concerning the take over of our christian nation!! Thank you!

  • Stephen_Brady

    Well, make up your mind. Was it 9, or 11? …

    • HPD

      I thought Bush and Cheney did it? No?
      Funny…even when AL Qaeda admits culpability,

      the feeble minded (judeologue) refuse to believe it..

  • Stephen_Brady

    It is a safe bet that a group that broad includes terrorists and people too ugly for even Obama to shake hands with.

    … Or bow to …

  • mrbean

    The inept clandestine Muslim Marxist in the Oval Office and his equally inept post menopausal charwoman hag Secretary of State are setting up the Middle East with multiple Islamic Theocracies instead of just Iran. This guarantees a major Mid East war with Israel and te United States. Russia and China are already siding with Iran, Syria and Egypt.

  • HPD

    The Caliphate continues to expand…By order of our Muzlim-in-chief…

    Does Israel still possess the fire in the belly and the eye of the tiger to
    counter these cretins or has their time passed into oblivion, thanks to
    the US support for the Al Qaeda Brotherhood..

  • Lan Astaslem

    sammy ben laden who became fish food boasted about doing it, so who was it schmucko?

  • Ghostwriter

    As I said before,nineteen Muslim men did 9/11,not Israel. Al-Qaeda bragged about doing it. You,judeologue,are an idiot.

  • UCSPanther

    Like I said, get lost spammer.

    We don't care about your hairbrained conspiracy theories.

  • Marvin Fox

    The ordinary American has very little understanding of thngs going on in the Arab Muslim world. American mainstream media, Democrat politicians, and government agencies who should be informing them are out to lunch. The Muslims political movements have always been about who becomes or maintains power. Every tyrant preaches democracy to establish the political base for his tyranny. Tyrants do not speak of a rule of law that is equal to all. Thank God for our republican constitution and our rule of law.
    Marvin E. Fox

  • Roy

    I guess you are no fan of Jamie Dettmer at the The Daily Beast who has written several optimistic articles on Libya.

    {remove spaces in the link)

  • mah29001

    Are you stupid? The wars in the Middle East are NOT being waged for Israel's favor dumbass. Palestine supported the 9/11 attacks, there were Palestinians cheering the 9/11 attacks and then lying to blame Israel for it which morons like you believe quite openly.