The Freedom to be Silenced

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In March 1937, the State Department apologized on behalf of the United States to Adolf Hitler for comments made about him by the Mayor of New York City, Fiorello LaGuardia.

“In this country the right of freedom of speech is guaranteed by the constitution to every citizen and is cherished as a part of the national heritage,” James C. Dunn of the State Department said. “This however does not lessen the regret of the government when utterances either by private citizens or by public officials speaking in an individual capacity give offense to a government with which we have official relations. I very earnestly deprecate the utterances which have thus given offense to the German government. They do not represent the attitude of this government toward the German government.”

75 years later the great tradition of American diplomats apologizing to mass murderers for the American tradition of freedom of speech remains alive and well.

The first response from the U.S. Embassy in Cairo was to apologize for “those who abuse the universal right of free speech to hurt the religious beliefs of others.” Secretary of State Hillary Clinton joined in saying, “The United States deplores any intentional effort to denigrate the religious beliefs of others.”

Following the same script, Obama said, “Since our founding, the United States has been a nation that respects all faiths.  We reject all efforts to denigrate the religious beliefs of others.”

Even in the face of the brutal murders of its own people, the State Department was relentlessly holding to the line that freedom of speech must take a backseat to respect for Islam. As documented in Frank Gaffney’s pamphlet for the Freedom Center, “The Muslim Brotherhood in the Obama Administration,” the Obama Administration collaborated with the Organization of Islamic Cooperation in its attack on freedom of speech by internationalizing Islamic blasphemy laws.

As discussed in, “The Muslim Brotherhood in the Obama Administration,” Secretary of State Hillary Clinton helped the Organization of Islamic Cooperation assemble a blasphemy resolution that both Islamists and their Western useful idiots could agree on. Resolution 16/18 of the United Nations Human Rights Council, a body whose members consist primarily of repressive dictatorships, was a revised version of the OIC’s usual “Blasphemy against Islam” resolution ushered through with the support of Hillary Clinton and the Obama Administration.

Resolution 16/18 criminalizes incitement to violence and some have already suggested that any act that is offensive to Muslims and can result in Muslim violence constitutes incitement to violence. Under this definition, Muslim mobs decide what speech is free and their actions will in retrospect lead to legal action against a writer, a cartoonist or a filmmaker for driving them to riot, burn and kill.

Hillary Clinton’s statements after the attacks reflect the language of Resolution 16/18, affirming an official distaste for blasphemy against Islam as part of America’s tradition of “religious tolerance.” Obama’s statement used similar language, thereby marginalizing freedom of speech by depicting it as a form of religious intolerance.

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  • Stephan

    Maybe the government should have listened to George Washington:

    The great rule of conduct for us in regard to foreign nations is, in extending our commercial relations to have with them as little political connection as possible. So far as we have already formed engagements let them be fulfilled with perfect good faith. Here let us stop.

    Europe has a set of primary interests which to us have none or a very remote relation. Hence she must be engaged in frequent controversies, the causes of which are essentially foreign to our concerns. Hence, therefore, it must be unwise in us to implicate ourselves by artificial ties in the ordinary vicissitudes of her politics or the ordinary combinations and collisions of her friendships or enmities.

    Our detached and distant situation invites and enables us to pursue a different course. If we remain one people, under an efficient government, the period is not far off when we may defy material injury from external annoyance; when we may take such an attitude as will cause the neutrality we may at any time resolve upon to be scrupulously respected; when belligerent nations, under the impossibility of making acquisitions upon us, will not lightly hazard the giving us provocation; when we may choose peace or war, as our interest, guided by justice, shall counsel.

    Why forego the advantages of so peculiar a situation? Why quit our own to stand upon foreign ground? Why, by interweaving our destiny with that of any part of Europe, entangle our peace and prosperity in the toils of European ambition, rivalship, interest, humor, or caprice?

    It is our true policy to steer clear of permanent alliances with any portion of the foreign world, so far, I mean, as we are now at liberty to do it, for let me not be understood as capable of patronizing infidelity to existing engagements. I hold the maxim no less applicable to public than to private affairs that honesty is always the best policy. I repeat, therefore, let those engagements be observed in their genuine sense. But in my opinion it is unnecessary and would be unwise to extend them.

    • Rifleman

      Thumbs up, and sound advice in general, but at the time George Washington wrote that Europe and Africa were two months away, with luck, by the fastest conveyance, and Asia even further. Jihadis couldn't travel here and kill thousands of us and seriously damage our economy with box cutters. Today, one can hit any spot on the globe with enough force to destroy an entire city in about 30 minutes. We are no longer "detached and distant," from the rest of the world.

  • Judahlevi

    The Obama administration tried to apologize for free speech values, asked our highest ranking military officer to call a pastor in Florida to limit his free speech, and asked Google/YouTube to basically remove the free speech rights of one of their members. If the head of our government cannot get up on the world stage and support one of our most cherished freedoms, we should kick him out of office for that fact alone.

    Americans will not kowtow to Islamic rage and walk on egg shells every time they are around. They are not 'victims', they are murderers. Over 19,000 innocent people have been murdered since 9-11. How many more will be murdered before we have an American president who gives up the game of appeasement and apology? Appeasement did not work with Hitler – and it won't work with these fanatics either.

    Either we defend free speech or we bow before Islam. We know Obama's position. Time for a change.

    • MaryS, CA

      For another example they didn't like what one of the Pollster's had to say so they called them into the White House and told them they needed to change how they take polls, free speech these people want to shut you up America, how much longer do you think that we are going to be able to communicate our thoughts and idea's across the pages of the internet, how long before they shut this down. This whole thing with the riots in regards to the video that most of these useful idiots have never seen in the first place, only what their Imams have told them in their mosques to get the stirred up to Jihad is totally bogus and for our Embassy in Cairo to come out with a statement apologizing for some man's (albeit an Egyptian man living here in America produced the video) as the cause of this is utter non-sense. They want to throw America and the West under Shariah law and that means "Freespeech" as well. For the State Dept., DOJ, FBI, Homeland Security and the
      Dept. of Defense not to have had every base, every Embassy on high alert with 9/11 approaching is nothing more than negligent and stupid.. you get the picture. marys, CA

    • Nancy

      Right! On November 6 we must see that Obama is defeated if this country is to survive.

    • Bailey

      You are exactly correct. We will lose more than free speech if Obama is re-elected – too bad the moron'swho still support this fool don't understand they will be included as well.

  • Rifleman

    If the msm/dp weren't such hypocrites, they would be insisting the government fund 'art' work titled "piss mohomed" and "Koran covered in dung" about now.

    I posted thison another thread, but it belongs here even more than there.

    • JoJoJams

      Exactly! I’ve used that point in many a debate with neo-libs. It is absolutely amazing the logical fallacies they use! On the one hand, they deeply defend the “art” of “Piss Christ” and the sh1t covered modanna, and chide Christians for even speaking up that they don’t want their tax dollars going to fund “art” like this, and then the neo-lib ALSO adamantly screams about “respecting the beliefs of others” vis a vis ANY action in political art that shows the REALITY of islam, and demanding censorship of art and political commentary ! Including merely pointing out what the islamic holy books and immams themselves state about mad mo!! Most of what the “mocking” of mohammed was, in the movie, was just pointing out what the islamic writings themselves state, but with the modern perspective of…..ummm…. he was a warmongering pedaephile and tyrrant, spreading his “faith” by the sword and killing all who “mocked” him – which is why islamists are following that very example… But hey! Let’s not let reality get in the way of our neo-lib lunacy now!

  • Eddina Symns

    Speaking the truth is not blasphemy. If a listener takes offense at truth, it is the fault of the listener, not the speaker.

  • pierce

    I, for one am angry, very angry with this President. Apologize to the world, bow to a foreign king, who in the hell does he think he is. All Presidents of these United States have never subjected their people to such an embarrassment, until now. We have less than 2 months to election day, let us not forget what he has done, I will not, and I will do my damnedness to insure this President does not win. He has shamed the USA, and the office he has held.

    • Nancy

      I totally agree with you.

    • Sunbeam

      Americans have every right to pressure him down because it is the people who elected him in office. And since he has work contradictory against the principles and values of America, it is time for the American people to put their feet down together to pressure him out. Americans can gather by the thousands to protest against him for not doing what he ought to do but instead shaming America.. He is not fit to be President anymore. He must be stopped before more harm comes to America.

    • guest

      He is a muslim.

  • Cranky_Yank

    One very unfortunate byproduct of free speech is pornography and I would find it hard to believe that any conservative could talk about our values and free speech without recognizing that this ugly cancer has nothing to do with the intent of the doctrine. I would even venture to say that 'free speech' as it is defined and shaped by various cultural forces has contributed to some of the degradation of public life.

    • oldtimer

      Free speech is doing exactly what YOU are doing now…..

    • White Hunter

      Please dry up, Cranky, and turn your sights against the enemy, instead of at this site. You sound like the kind of "protest" voter who gave us Clinton by "protesting" with a ballot cast for H. Ross Perot. I'm sure Bill and Hillary appreciated that, right? Duh! How'd that work out for ya–and for the country?

    • Faundel Macaque

      You'd appreciate porn if you knew where to find the good stuff.

    • Kufar Dawg

      What does pornography have to do w/the imposition of islamic blasphemy laws under the guise of religious tolerance? Oh, that's right, nothing, nothing at all. You get my argument by red herring star for the day.

  • Kevin Stroup

    Freedom may not always be pretty or pleasant, but it sure beats the alternative, which is extremely horrible and grotesque.

    • Bailey

      I wonder if the stupid supporters of Obama (they have to be stupid to continue to support him) realize that all the immigrants that came to this country came because of horrendous oppression where they lived? They came here for opportunities for a better life – voting for Obama will take all of that away – including all of your freedoms. HE IS A MUSLIM…why do you think he courts the middle east and helps a Muslim get into power? Doesn't talk to Nethanayou or supports Israel? What's wrong with some of you Jewish supporters?

  • JoJoJams

    ….and the alternative to the open free speech we currently enjoy is even messier and deadlier than some "porn" and "degradation" of public life. Maybe this could fall under what one of our founding fathers stated – that our form of government willl only work under a godly and moral people…. Food for thought.

  • JasonPappas

    Odd that everyone, including Hollywood stars, comes to the defense of Pussy Riot but they are silent when our government intimidates Nakoula.

  • steven L

    Why no one in the congress is fighting back?

    • Questions

      Frankly, they are scared that they, too, will be assassinated.

      • Kufar Dawg

        Or, alternatively, they've been compromised by islamofascist NGO's or states.

  • Fabio Juliano

    “If your freedom of speech has no limits, may you accept our freedom of action.”

    Fine, as long as the Muslim mob accepts our own freedom of action, which should start by dropping napalm and/or cluster bombs on them whenever they assault one of our embassies. Then again, I see about as much reason to have an embassy in any Muslim country as I do in the admission of Muslim immigrants.

    • ElenaG

      Flatten a few of the islamists' cities, starting w/Benghazi. Islam knows only the sword and the eternal grudge. Their "freedom of action" brought about the Crusades that remain an active topic of grievance.

      Islam will not "secularize" and cannot be wiped out; therefore, the best we can hope for is to keep it contained through brute force.

  • Mike Villano

    What a pathetic joke.
    So many on the left have spent their lives and made careers denigrating the Jewish and Christian faiths.
    And now Hillary Clinton and co. have the unmitigated gall to try selling this crap with a straight face.
    Bill Clinton sold us out to China in the 90s.
    Today Hilary and Barack along with the State Department sell us out to the same culture and mind set that flew planes into our buildings murdering 3000 Americans on 9/11.
    What great "people."

    • Kufar Dawg

      The zero administration has reached new lows in hypocritical mendacity.

  • LindaRivera

    Libya’s Gaddafi was fighting AGAINST AL-QAEDA. US, France and NATO
    united with Al-Qaeda and other barbaric terrorists and waged war for
    many months to defeat Libya and Gaddafi and place excessively cruel
    Muslim terrorists into power.

    The US/NATO war enabled and empowered the ANTI-Gaddafi Muslims to
    perpetrate horrific atrocities and genocide of blacks in Libya. Blacks
    were safe under Gaddafi. Obama, Clinton and our supposedly civilized
    Western leaders were silent about the atrocities and genocide. SILENCE
    IS CONSENT. US/NATO created hell on earth in Libya.

    America is reaping the harvest of horrors they sowed in Libya.
    Gaddafi was hunted down by a US/NATO aircraft enabling his violent
    beating and savage sexual attack by ANTI-Gaddafi Muslims. The exact same thing that was done to U.S. ambassador, Christoper Stevens. Stevens supported the jihadis who barbarically murdered him.
    This is what happens when you COOPERATE with, and EMPOWER EVIL.

    The West must stop empowering barbaric Muslims! Stop supporting global jihad!
    The West must stop waging wars for totalitarian, colonizing Islam!
    Our world is being placed in great danger and and our beautiful and extremely MERCIFUL civilization is in great danger of being destroyed by Western leaders!

    • Kufar Dawg

      Um, Gaddafi funded/orchestrated the airline bombing over Lockerbie, Scotland.

    • Ghostwriter

      Kufar Dawg is right,Ms. Rivera. Gaddafi ordered a number of terrorist attacks throughout the 1980's. The bombing of a West German disco. The aforementioned Pan Am Flight 103. Gaddafi was a monster and I'm happy he's gone. I have no idea what's going to happen in Libya,hopefully,something better than Gaddafi's terrible reign.

      • curmudgeon

        khadaffy was effectively neutered by the nearly successful airstrike against him. the job was completed when he saw the other hussein monster (the one that isnt the president of the united states) deposed. he was our beech. that is why the hussein monster (the one that is POTUS) had him murdered. we cant have a dictator who is minding his own business when we could replace him with a criminal government that is fanatically inimicable to the united states.

  • RoguePatriot6

    The first response from the U.S. Embassy in Cairo was to apologize for “those who abuse the universal right of free speech to hurt the religious beliefs of others.”

    So, I take it that Hollywood, the likes of Bill Maher, just about every liberal comedian, main stream media…etc, all have alot of apologizing to do to Jews and Christians for all of their demeaning and vile insults not to mention their stupid stereotypical portrayals of them.

    I'm waiting. Oh….how silly of me. The rules change when it comes to people who don't quite fit into the agenda, huh. The level of PC in this nation is enough to make those with the strongest stomachs lose their lunch.

    • Kufar Dawg

      No one mentions the fact that the holey quran and islamic hadeeths are full of the most vile antisemitic vomit this side of Mein Kampf, or that some of the verses call for the worldwide extermination of Jews.

  • LindaRivera

    When will millions upon millions of us take to the streets declaring we will no longer accept the rapes, atrocities and barbaric mass murders of our precious non-Muslim brothers and sisters?

    To the hundreds of millions of my precious non-Muslim brothers and sisters barbarically murdered by Quran-obedient Muslims, rest in eternal peace.

  • RoguePatriot6

    “Since our founding, the United States has been a nation that respects all faiths. We reject all efforts to denigrate the religious beliefs of others.”

    Bull!!!! The founding fathers may have supported this principal however President Obama only rejects efforts to expose the truth about Islam or his obvious failure as a leader of this nation. He and his sidekick Hillary, are trying to make it a crime on the international scale, to say anything that could be considered an insult to Muslims or Islam. Last year in December at a convention with the OIC, he and this women voted yes on a bill to legalize the prosecution of those who insult Islam. Something I'm sure that few if any will ever see on lame stream I only report what supports the liberal agenda media.

  • LindaRivera

    Infidel-haters, Islam-adoring Western leaders are condemning a film instead of condemning the mass violence of Muslims in many countries. The killings and barbaric murder of the U.S. ambassador. The Muslim violence has expanded into Australia where OUR policemen have been severely beaten by Muslim immigrants and OUR policemen are carried injured and bleeding to the hospital.

    Eternal shame on our Western leaders who make it appear that it is acceptable to wage violent jihad on our people for a movie.

    This despicable behavior by our Western leaders who continuously bow down and submit to Islam, massively encourages Muslims to increase their violence and murders against our people. What a horrible betrayal by Western leaders of non-Muslim innocents!

    We are in desperate need of patriotic Western leaders who believe that non-Muslims should be protected! Who believe in freedom and human rights for non-Muslims! Western leaders and Quran-obedient Muslims have teamed up against us!

    We are in a desperate battle for our freedom, safety and human rights. For our beautiful and extremely MERCIFUL civilization. It is a battle we dare not lose or the darkest period the world has ever known will descend upon us!

  • RoguePatriot6

    "Resolution 16/18 criminalizes incitement to violence and some have already suggested that any act that is offensive to Muslims and can result in Muslim violence constitutes incitement to violence."

    We've already given this the okay by apologizing for our actions against Islamic imperialism. Barack and all those of like minds have "okay"ed this by their actions or lack thereof. Examples: Bowing to the Saudi Prince, apologizing for the buring of the Koran after our soldiers were killed in retaliation (eventhough bible burning is a highlighted event in every Islamic country)…the list goes on and on. I would say that we have a totally spineless administration however if you really observe their actions, lack of intestinal fortitude isn't really the issue. They seem to have no problem courageously countering every principal of decency or traditional Christian values that shaped us into a great nation. What is the issue is his and other's alike hatred for America and it's people. (cont'd)

  • Reacher

    As long as we have politicians, whose hearts bleed for the enemy, the bleeding of Americans will continue unabated.
    We may not be at war with Islam, but they are certainly at war with US, whether Obama and Clinton et all, acknowledge it or not…
    Far from over..

  • RoguePatriot6

    I don't mean to sound cruel or incompassionate towards the families of those killed at the embassies but what happened last week is a foreshadowing of the fate that lay ahead for all of those who are appeasing these Islamist's radical agenda. I want everybody to REALLY observe the overall picture. Did it matter to these people that Barrack basically helped them accomplish their goals of hijacking Egypt, Tunisia, Lybia…etc? Of course not, they were useful idiots who were a means to an end and in the end they just used abused and tossed them aside like rotting garbage. That's what lyes in wait for all lib/progessives and everyone else who figures "oh, all we have to do is cater to their demands and go out of our way to show how culturally sensitive we are and they will be our friends" They don't want cultural sensitivity they want totally annihlation of our culture, society and our nation.

    • RoguePatriot6

      What happened last week is exactly the picture of what's coming as we silence free speech and quell the voices of all those who show conscern for our future as a nation to this ghreat, by calling them "bigots", "racists" and "islamophobes". Except the fates of most useful idiots will probably be a mass grave for all their hard work in undermining the founding principals of this nation.

      • Kufar Dawg

        I think the amoral, apathetic, corrupt collaborators/enablers/apologists will be among the first to convert to islamofascism, after all, being amoral, apathetic and corrupt doesn't do much for your courage.

        • RoguePatriot6

          The thing they seem to overlook is the fact that alot of the vile and hedonistic garbage they try to force down the throats of socially conservative communities will be met with an executioner's sword once shariah is imposed.

  • LindaRivera

    WND.COM: Muslim cleric Abu Islam burns Holy Bible
    Tells cheering crowd: 'Next time I will urinate on it'

    (CONTINENTAL NEWS) Muslim cleric Abu Islam Burns the Holy Bible in front of thousands of Muslims at protest outside the US Embassy in Cairo, Egypt, on Tuesday, 9/11. His action was met with applause and anti-Christian cheers from the demonstrators.

    According to Mary Abdelmassih in a story carried by the Assyrian International News Agency (, the cleric, before leaving the demonstration and getting into his car, told the crowds “next time I will urinate on it.”…

    Quran-obedient Muslims constantly reveal their rabid HATE for God and their rabid HATE for God's eternal, HOLY Laws given to His faithful Jewish, Hebrew servant, Moses, in the Bible:


    The Quran calls for the massive breaking of God's Laws.

    Who will not fear the Mighty, One Great God of the Universe, the Magnificent and Awesome Creator? Who will dare to make WAR on God and God's Holy Laws?

    Bible, Psalm 47:2 For the Lord Most High is to be feared, A great King over all the earth.

  • RoguePatriot6

    "Islamists and their fellow travelers understand quite well that if they stage enough violent incidents, then there will be restrictions on the sort of speech that appears to cause them to behave violently."

    Words cannot express my disgust to this mentality. It's like cowtowing to a spoiled rotten little brat. "..speech that seems to cause them to behave violently"????? REALLY??????? What do we do to children that can't seem to control them selves or mis-behave? I know what I would do and I'll give you hint. It doesn't involve apologizing for those excercising their legitimate right to free speech.

    BTW When are we going to get an apology for the countless acts of senseless violence conducted against U.S. civilian citizens? When are we going to hear some apologies for their numerous insults against Christianity, Jews and not to mention their perpetual threats of genocide against the two? When are they going to apologize for burning our flag and what seems to be a favored past time, BIBLE BURNING?

    I won't hold my breath and niether should any of you.

  • drcrazycatkid

    Wow! I never knew that about Fiorello LaGuardia. I'd love to see more detail about whatever it was LaGuardia said.
    More and more folks are making a connection between this submission to Islam's demands and Battered Spouse Syndrome. We(the victims) accept that it is all our fault and keep trying to appease but the anger of the abuser (Islam) just grows. We know we may be killed, but continue in a state of denial- hoping for a peace that never comes.
    The only solution-Leave the abusive relationship.
    With all the handwringing, not to mention some laws recently passed regarding bullying- perhaps the left needs to write in an exemption for the Muslim bullies of Americans. What an upside down world!

  • pagegl

    So, if Resolution 16/18 is implmented and provides for sanctions against someone in the USA for blaspheming Mohammed or Allah which leads to the dolts rioting ang raising hell, would the same apply if a bunch of Baptists rioted in front of the Egyptian embassy because the fool imam burned the Bible and threatened to piss on it next time? I'm not suggesting we riot to get our way, but… well, we do have some alternatives they don't. Why don't we tell them to cut the cr@p or we make Mecca thermonuclear glass.

    • ElenaG

      Pls understand, in islamic thought, only islam is a religion. All others are NOT religions and must be exterminated.

      In islamic thought, only muslim males have what we call human rights. Muslim women are half the worth of a man. Dhimmis are barely tolerated; and should one make a mistake, the whole community is punished w/overwhelming punishment. Kafirs have no value and may be killed — nay, should be exterminated unless they convert.

      Don't get wrapped up on the "peaceful" Meccan koranic verses. They have been superseded and abrogated by the "sword" verse.

  • 2012

    Morsi was testing Obama, and Obama failed. Now the Muslim Brotherhood knows that Obama will not stand up to the Islamists even to protect his own diplomats…surely Obama will not aid Israel.

    Morsi probably planned the whole thing even the killing of Stevens.

  • Andy

    I found a very simple way to deal with defenders of Islam. I threaten to become violent and then they quickly spin on a dime for fear of offending me. That's what its all about. FEAR. The squeaky wheel. If you make it clear to folks that you are ready to kill when they offend you, no matter how ludicrous your criteria is on what it is that offends you, the Neville Chamberlain in most folks takes over and they begin to bow and back away. Some of my lifelong friends as part of their senility in the ageing process have become bleeding heart liberal lefties. Back in 2001 one of these made some comments about 9/11; something to the effect that we asked for it, etc., and I blew up. I was ready to kill him. He has been very careful to control his leftist ideology in my presence ever since. What we need to do, perhaps is burn down some U.S. based embassies of Muslim countries to get them to understand how WE feel.

  • Serafino

    He is not my President. He is the biggest fraud, thief and racist this great country of ours has ever experienced. The man sent over 40 Tweets about his fundraiser with some rapper gangsta and only ONE regarding the loss of American lives in Libya. What the hell has happened to my fellow Americans… those of you who voted for this fraud ought to be ashamed of yourselves. Next time vote for a person based on their character and not the color of his/her skin.

  • Eva

    Killing American diplomatic officials IS an act of war, to which the only right re-action should have been a carpet bombing by us of a Libyan military base. An eye for an eye. Militant Muslims understand and respect only one response: violent aggression. We are not respected worldwide because we don't show our teeth. We just write checks to all these barbaric nations, hoping that this will buy their loyalty and cooperation. How is that working wor us?

  • Jim_C

    Those of you who advocate a more hands-off doctrine–you may be on to something. I think intelligence work and Special Ops should have been our modus since Sept. 12, 2001. Let these maniacs slaughter each other. Let the ones among their own people ho have some inkling of what freedom means win it for themselves. In that, at least, we may be able to help. Which is what this diplomat was in part trying to do.

    The rest of you, I applaud you on what seems to be a new discovery that diplomats sometimes do dangerous work in dangerous countries.

    I find this newfound concern over our ambassador–and the reflexive anger many have toward our president–very touching. It is really a relief, after several US embassies were attacked, and two ambassadors assassinated during President Bush's tenure, that some have finally gotten around to acknowledging these things! Sure, it only happens after your president is out of office–but better late than never, right?

    Why, I even hear some here advocating AGAINST nation-building! Here! On the very site that was one of the most vehemently pro-nation-building sites of the last 10 years!

    That's progress.

  • JakeTobias


  • sharida Mohammed

    In the 1950´s the blacks, or the negroes, or the Afro Americans could not eat in the same restaurant like the whites, or sit in the same cafeteria as the whites, be attended by the same hospital like the whites, they had to sit at the back of the bus, their drinking water fountain was a slum compared to that of the whites and if a black was beaten by a white it became the joke of the town. Then it was the Japanese, then the Russians and then Gorbachov told Reagan that the USA would have to find a new enemy and they found the Muslims? Is that why George Bush did 911 to start the humiliation, the ridicule and the kicking of the Muslims? Is it that the Americans have to have humans under their feet to step on them, to trash them and to kick them around? Nice people. Let us ask the USA 7 questions about 911.

    • JoJoJams

      WoW! YOu really have a twisted sense of reality! Of course, by your name – you're a muslim. That pretty much explains everything. Newsflash: It's not individual muslims we "hate" – it's the despotic evil "religion" called islam. And, looking around this small world, wherever "islam" is – there is nothing but mayhem and problems. It's your "religion" of evil we hate.

    • Kufar Dawg

      Gee, what you describe kinda sounds like how foreigners are treated in any islamofascist Gulf state in the here and now, not to mention the black Africans who are being enslaved by Arab muslims in the Sudan, oops, but I already did Abdullah.

  • Ghostwriter

    Good grief,sharida Mohammed! You're unbelievable! What does THIS have ANYTHING to do with the Muslim world's attempt to stifle free speech? Why don't you ask those like Salman Rushdie,Theo Van Gogh,Molly Norris and all the others that Muslims have tried to silence because they didn't like their message? Oh,I forgot. Salman Rushdie's still in hiding so you can't ask him. Theo Van Gogh is dead,murdered by a member of your faith so you can't ask him. Molly Norris is also in hiding when she tried to get a "Everyone Draw Mohammed Day" on the internet and someone of you faith threatened her life.
    Also,about 9/11. There are phone calls from the victims that say that the people hijacking the planes were Muslims,the DNA test on the hijackers later confirmed that they came from the Middle East. So there is a lot of evidence to say that 9/11 was done by Muslims. I heard this nonsense for years and I'm getting tired of people trying to pin this on the U.S. without any real evidence to back it up. If you have some evidence of what you talking about,please tell us about it. Otherwise,stop peddling this nonsense and write another book.

  • Marta T.

    Freedom of speech does not grant the right to insult others. People can state their values while respecting the values of others.

    "Muslims are murderers?" Whoever of you thinks that, do you see how grossly prejudiced a generalization that is? Does not every country, every continent have killers, criminals, extremists?
    The US has killed over a million people in Iraq alone since 2001 and is presently involved in 8 wars – although has not declared one! It kills by drones on a daily basis. And the people in the Middle East should not be angry?
    Concerning the recent attacks, the ambassador was one of those who helped bring about the killing of Gaddifi and hundreds of thousands of his loyal people. He who lives by the sword may die by the sword.

    • JoJoJams

      Yes, freedom of speech DOES include the right to "insult" others! Especially when the insulting is merely pointing out what the koran, hadiths and surrahs all SAY regarding mad mo and his deeds and edicts!! If pointing out that mad mo married a 6 year old, then consummated that marriage when she was 9 (after years of "thighing" her), in modern terms that makes him a pedophile! If muslims find that offensive – well – it's their own "prophet" that did this!! And Marta, if you think I made that up – just research on Aisha – mad mo's favorite wife. It's true! So, us islamorealilsts point out all that mohammed did, and what Sharia entails – which includes slavery and sex slaves – all sanctioned by their "perfect man" to be emulated. Can YOU not see where we are coming from in denouncing such ridiculous doctrines that IS islam??

    • Ghostwriter

      Well,Miss Marta. How should we in America feel for the decades of murders Muslim terrorists have doing to us and NO ONE in the Muslim World ever condemned? If you give me an answer to my question,I'd love to hear it.

    • Kufar Dawg

      You're delusional, the majority of deaths in Iraq have been the result of muslime on muslime violence or muslime on Christian violence. Go pound sand Fatima.

  • tedder

    Tactically speaking , to be a hot-headed, violent reactionary is a liability. It takes a lot less time and energy to draw a picture of Mohammad than it does to spend days in violent demonstrations against that act. Those presently involved in such demonstrations are doing so at the expense of what ever productive activities they normally engage, and it cost their respective governments money.

    When a single American citizen in some obscure town can cause the Islamic world to explode with such effort… well, that is one hell-of- a-power that he, and everyone of us has in our hands.

    If they want us to believe they with explode at any such misstep then we should make them prove it by keeping the the pot on constant boil. Every week there should be massive disrespect to Islam. Make everyday Draw Mohammad Day. We must force them to spend 365 days a year screaming their guts out.

    They are trying to cower us. They mean to enslave us. We have nothing to lose. It is better to draw a line over the littlest thing than wait for a big thing.



  • Mullah be Damned

    Christianity has been brutally criticized for hundreds of years. All of the bad things in Christianity have been exposed. But in the Middle East Islam cannot be criticized, upon pain of death. This failure to criticize is fatal to any political system. It can only lead to the darkest tyranny and brutality. Islam must be held up to criticism, satire, and scorn. All forms of authority need brutal criticism to keep them clean.

    • JoJoJams

      You got that right!!

  • marta t.

    What if the media lied all the time? What if the riot had nothing to do with a stupid video that had been on line for 2 months or so?

  • ross1948

    Now they want the US to EXECUTE that film-maker – if they don't eat him first!

  • retrocon

    So, all we have to do to make it illegal for anyone to criticize conservatives, or christians, or white men, is to riot in the streets? Immediately renders the offensive language illegal via UN resolution.