The Genocide that Obama Refuses to Prevent

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There is no genocide in Syria. At best there are “atrocities”, a vague word that can mean just about anything. Nor is there any actual threat of genocide. Not in Syria or Libya or Egypt, or any of the other places that Obama intervened. The only place in the Middle East that lies under the shadow of genocide is the Jewish State.

There is no serious prospect that the majority of Arabs will be wiped off the face of the earth. Nor the majority of Persians or Turks. There is only one group in the Middle East whose extermination is called for in every Muslim capital, whose murder is preached in mosques, whose massacre is written in blood on the pages of Islamic scripture.

Mohammed began his rise to power with the persecution of the Jews. He ended it with the ethnic cleansing of Jews and Christians and his successors have perpetuated his crimes, generation after generation, teaching their children to hate and kill, grooming them with cartoons and songs to make genocide seem virtuous.

Today there are more Jews living in Germany than there are in the Muslim nations of the Middle East. There are more Jews living in Poland, where over 90 percent of the Jewish population was exterminated during the Holocaust, than there are in Iran. Within a generation the Muslim world was emptied of Jews more comprehensively than even Poland and the Ukraine had been after the Holocaust.

Not satisfied with an ethnic cleansing that Hitler could only envy, the Muslim world dreams of a final orgy of death, the genocidal vision so often quoted by its Imams and incorporated into the Hamas charter, “The prophet, prayer and peace be upon him said, ‘The time will not come until Muslims will fight the Jews (and kill them); until the Jews hide behind rocks and trees, which will cry: O Muslim! there is a Jew hiding behind me, come on and kill him!’”

Instead of using his stage at the Holocaust Museum on Holocaust Remembrance Day to confront and address this genocidal shadow over the Jewish State, Obama used it to unveil an Atrocities Prevention Board, headed by Samantha Power, who had discussed invading Israel with a mammoth force while warning with a chuckle that it might alienate a “domestic constituency of tremendous political and financial import”.

It was the kind of talk you might have expected from a Nazi propagandist, not an official whose job it was to prevent genocides from taking place. But the Atrocities Prevention Board had shelved genocide prevention, watering it down to atrocities prevention, a vague term that made opportunistic wars like Libya possible. And it has no interest whatsoever in preventing the one genocide that has been brewing in the region since the days of Mohammed.

Iran has made it clear that it wants to exterminate millions of Jews, and it is not alone in that desire. From the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, which drew organizational inspiration from the Nazis, to Al-Nahda in Tunisia, and the AKP in Turkey, the Muslim world is licking its lips at the prospect. But this would-be genocide is described as a “conflict” in need of more peace negotiations, much as Bashir’s genocide was dismissed by Obama with the same language.

Mohammad Hassan Rahimian, the Iranian Supreme leader’s representative, has made the stakes quite clear. “The Jew is the most obstinate enemy of the devout (Muslim). And the main war will determine the destiny of mankind.”

The language was ominously similar to statement that had been made by Hitler, as was its intent. The Ayatollahs, like the Nazis, see the extermination of the Jews as the linchpin of their plans for the human race.

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  • truebearing

    Obama, The Great Enabler of Evil. That will be how history remembers his perfidy. Words can't convey the intense disgust I feel at the mere sound of his fork-tongued voice. He is the Prince of Lies and a serpent of the vilest order.

    • Jim

      Ditto. Can't add to it.

    • elihu

      A resounding "Amen"!

    • Asher

      Obama is the Lawless one…the precursor to the Anti-Christ. His evil knows no bounds or bonds!

    • Jaladhi

      History will also remember how Americans were fooled to elect this non-American as their President!!

    • rap66

      Why would you characterize this President this way. Maybe you need to characterizel the Isreali President as the. HANDLE your own problems, there's many problems in this Country that has not been addressed. _

  • KKKK

    "across Islamic Iran…there is one cry only: Death to America!" [MEMERI TV: 2-11-07 DEMONSTRATIONS IN TEHRAN] why osama-obama refuses to see this genecidal threat to our lives amazes me.

    • WilliamJamesWard

      Because of the upcoming election he is hiding his glee…….what destruction he has yet to
      bring about will probably set America ablaze with rage………………….January and a new
      Administration can not get here fast enough…………………William


      DEATH to the islamic republic of iran!


    • Linda Rivera

      Why does Obama refuse to see the genocidal threat to America with Iran's cry of: Death to America?

      Muslim Obama sees and KNOWS of the genocidal threat to America. Obama clearly has NO problem with Iran's demonic goal of America's total destruction and death.

      Obama: "My Muslim Faith"

    • teq

      Perhaps because we know that Iran is incapable of destroying America. They are still a few years away from being able to launch a nuclear strike and Israel and they know full well that Israelis would see it coming and hit back with everything they had, wiping Iran from the face of the earth.

  • ze-ev ben jehudah

    Mr Barack Hussein Obama,the name of the president of the U.S.A..What is in a name becomes
    clearer every day.This president likes to look the other way when it concernes the Jewish people.
    He likes muslims ,but does'nt like Jews.I rather have Jimmy Carter back as president above
    Barack Hussein obama.Carter has peanuts for brains and B.H.O. is a slinky one.

    • curmudgeon

      perhaps you will explain why jews voted for obama in '08, and there is no evidence that they will not do the same dirty deed in '12.

      • teq

        There's a saying: "Jews earn like Episcopalians and vote like Puerto Ricans." It may be because Jews tend to identify with whoever they believe is the underdog, remembering the days when they were underdogs. So laws against illegal immigrants from Mexico might remind them of when they were trying to emigrate from Nazi Germany and so many count5es closed their doors.


          Quite a stretch.

          Jews fleeing national Socialist Europe were trying to save their lives.

          Mexicans leaving Mexico for the US are here to make money. Their lives are not being threatened by the Mexican government.

    • Asher

      A Saudi Plant put in the White House by gullible people…Another set- up just like 911…They took advantage of the Gullible West and Media that does not inform the people or tell the truth about his background!

  • StephenD

    There is an old saying in Government, “If you want an issue to die, assign it to a committee.” This is the tactic employed here by Obama. "Atrocities Prevention Board"…what a joke! If you want to prevent an “Atrocity” you take those attempting to perpetrate it out of the picture. Period. You don’t play around with conducting meetings and holding discussions, you take the bastard out! Since Obama has assigned this to a committee we know from the get go he has no intention of actually “preventing atrocities.”

  • scum

    Well, I for one am stunned. Bashir is rightly wanted by the ICC. But what's the reality? It was precisely Bush and the neo-cons who refused to join the organization, thereby weakening its very potential. At the time, it was unclear why the Bush regime refused to join, but of course after the waves of torture scandals, it became all too clear. The ICC is precisely the organization that the Right abhors, so, as I say, I am stunned by the thrust of this article.

    • Roger

      Why? What about it was actually wrong?

      It didn't even go into the fact that this warmongering president acted outside his power to give Libya to al qaida and all the bloodshed that has happened since with oil revenue funding terror in Africa.

    • elihu

      "scum" – you have rightly chosen your screen name…

    • curmudgeon

      the "torture scandals" were neither about torture, nor were they scandals. only a small cadre of anti-american scum who infest government the democratic party, and the media kept proclaiming "torture".

    • Ghostwriter

      Maybe scum,there would be those who were afraid that innocent Americans might be shanghaied and end up in the Hague before people itching to throw Americans in jail.


      scumbag, The US refuses to turn over its sovereignty to Socialist Europe.

      Socialist Europe is dying. One Euro country after another is failing – thanks to Socialism.

      Failing France going Hard Left is to be expected.

      The US is not Europe (Thank GOD!) and the events in France may be a bellwether for the US – a fip – from Socialist Obama, BACK to the US Constitution.

  • Schlomotion

    Mr. Greenfield says that the most important thing about Obama's speech was the null set that he failed to include in the speech, about the speculative subjunctive future genocide of the Jews by the Iranians. This has to be taken as absurdist Gematria. The most important element of a speech is to strip it of all its elements and complain that among that lack of elements, the most lacking element was Jewishness. How dumb is that?

    • Choi

      I Just knew that if one scrolled down far enough,one would find the JEW-HATING POS TROLL " schlomotion" spreading his manure.

    • Ghostwriter

      Another day,another ant-semitic comment from Schlomotion.


      What's going on in Schlock head.

      Jew this.

      Jews that.

      Israelis have too many guns.


    • Western Canadian

      Amazing the way this jew-hater can’t resist demonstrating his talent for assdom.

  • Linda Rivera

    Iranian Supreme leader’s representative: “The Jew is the most obstinate enemy of the devout (Muslim). And the main war will determine the destiny of mankind.”

    Why would this Muslim leader make this statement? It is because the Holy One, Master of the Universe, gave His Laws to Jews. Laws that are utterly UNACCEPTABLE to Muslims who follow the Koran. Devout Muslims regard it a virtue to MASSIVELY break God's Laws:


    The breaking of God's Law: YOU SHALL NOT MURDER, was celebrated with great joy and delight on 9/11 by THOUSANDS of PA Muslims who danced in the streets, passed out candy and fired into the air. CELEBRATING the cruel slaughter of our cherished 3,000 innocents. Whenever Muslims blew up amongst Israeli Jewish innocents, thousands of PA Muslims celebrated in the streets. God's Law had been broken.

  • Linda Rivera

    "The Muslim Brotherhood, a group whose spiritual leader has praised Hitler for carrying out the Holocaust and called for the extermination of the Jews."

    The call for extermination of Jews is from the Koran war book. Because it is exclusively through the Jews that the entire world's people has been blessed, and will be blessed exceedingly abundantly, in the future, that devout Muslims seek to utterly wipe out the Jews.

    Devout Muslims want TOTAL POWER over ALL humanity. It is only Jews that can stop this, because it is to Jews that God gave wonderful promises in the Bible for humanity.

    A future world where the evil ones will NEVER AGAIN hurt another human being. The enemies of God believe that if they can wipe out the Jews, they can prevent God's promises and future wonderful world from coming into being.

    • Asher

      The Brotherhood has been enabled in the Middle East and sits in US government positions, all due to Obama's Presidency!

  • WilliamJamesWard

    Atrocities Prevention Board, where were they when needed to stop Obama from becomin
    POTUS and severely damaging the lives of millions here and abroad. Come to think of it
    the Democrap party should be top on it's list but ASPCA would object to the situation of
    dogs eating dogs………………………….William

  • maria

    BHO plays game to fool Jews and he needs Jews money and their voices to be reelected. I don't comprehend how such talented people can be so gullible, deaf, blind and (alas!) fool not seening that he is his enemy is judge him by his deeds?
    By Islam's sacred book Sunna (descriprion of muhhamad's life) only after Muslims defeated Jews (Israel in modern sense) they can achieve domination in the world which their goal. So israel in in first line in the battle with Islam. israel defend all of us, all Western civilization from barbarian hords who want to conquer all the world. Stand with Israel!

    • Asher

      Read Robert Spencer's book, Stealth Jihad: How Radical Islam is Subverting America without Guns or Bombs!

  • cassandra

    This is to puff up his "atrocities" (anti-semitic, anti-israel) board, headed up by arch nazi, Samantha Power.

  • elihu

    Everyday in ever way, this despicable reprobate gets worse. At the very best, he is totally amoral.

  • curmudgeon

    your assertion that there is no genocide in egypt is erroneous. while islam threatens to destroy israel, the peaceful egyptian muslims are actually murdering copts. a final solution seems to be their intent. islam has genocided hundreds of millions of people. the jews of israel are only a small portion of their plans, and in the past they have been equal opportunity genocidists–everyone is eligible. the main goal of the united states regarding genocide should be to prevent ourselves from being genocided. to further that goal, we could do the world an enormous favor by exporting our entire muslim population to some festering islamic hellhole. this might encourage other countries to do the same, including israel, which has an intolerable burden of muslims within its borders (any is too many). take this simple precaution, and islamic jihad would become a very difficult task. i would surely like to know why our elites swallow the notion that muslims are justified in murdering americans because we are "in their country" while those simpletons see no problem with muslims conquering our country.

  • Vermont Yid

    Here's a suggestion for all the Jews who read the above article.

    Talk to your fellow Jews, especially those azzholes who voted for Obama. They need to understand that Obama is the worst enemy that Israel and ALL JEWS have EVER had in the White House. Bittching about him on FPM is not enough. Help our brethren to understand that it's not just about politics anymore – it's about the survival of Israel,
    G-d's gift to the Jews.

    • Boston

      Not going to happen. I have at least one friend who declared Odumbo to be the "best US president in the past 100 years". With an outlook like that and the person being Jewish, I'm not going to convince her of anything, least of all the faults in the so-called Messiah. Israel will outlast BHO, Schlubemotion and the next 4 years, although probably just barely.

    • joe

      There are many US Jews that : at best don't care what happens to Israel ,at worst they welcome Israel 's destruction .

      Hollywood is a perfect example.Spielberg,Streisand etc made millions of movies about Jews and have already donated millions to Obama,who will sit back and watch Israel burn.

      I guees it's a good investment for their next movies.

  • kafir4life

    Should Stinky (aka BO) win in November, I'd expect that his idiological pals on trial at Gitmo to be given a presidential pardon, and positions in his administration.

    What did he have to do to Moochella that fat-bottomed media sl*t to cause TWO babies to fall out??

  • Ghostwriter

    Unfortunately,President Obama believes if he can just talk to these people,that they can mend their ways and be decent people. He's living in a dream world if he thinks that'll ever happen.

  • Jeamar

    I'm glad there are news sites to keep us informed of what POTUS says so I can give it only a quick scan. My spouse and I gave up on listening to his talks years ago–about the time he said he sat he Wright's congregation for 20 years and didn't know Wright was a raving racist. Obama is a compulsive liar and that is the best thing I can say about him. "Truebearing" has Obama all figured out!

    • rap66

      Its obvious your intelligence comes from some sewer to think the Reverend Jeremiah Wright was a "raving racist". Study different denominations first before you spew your varmit. The Black Church ministers tell what is perceive in the "black community" what they deal with on a daily basis and "no one" listens to their cries.White America needs to "wake up" before its too late for them. Many minorities groups are "tired of the treatment they receive from the dwindling WHITE RACE. Afterall, you people came to this Land and Mass Murdered the Native Indians.

      • Western Canadian

        Study the english language before you make a total ass out of yourself, again. Yes, obummers ‘minister’ was a vicious race hater. And by the rest of your delusional post, so are you.

  • SoCalMike

    Obama hates Jews, hates Israel and absolutely despises free and prosperous middle class Americans who see him for the malignant career parasite he is.
    He's never operated a lemonade stand much less a 7/11.
    Commander and Chief? Try Chamberlain and Marx on steroids.



  • semus

    There will be those even knowing this stuff (which the should have known last time.) will still support him.

  • Dan Gilfry

    Another Jew whining and wheedling! Unbelievable! Jews own the whole world and STILL they whine and wheedle! Dear Messiah, please come back soon and exterminate these creeps!
    Dan Gilfry
    Swedish Liberation Party