The Global Warming Cult and the Death of Science

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At the end of last year, the media widely trumpeted the “recantation” by Richard Muller, a physics professor at Berkeley. Muller’s confession of faith was met with the unreserved glee of fanatics who believe that conversion equals validation of the True Faith. Now Dr. Fritz Vahrenholt, a prominent German chemistry professor and green activist, announced that he is coming out with a book breaking with the Warmist view. Naturally, this recantation wouldn’t receive nearly the same prominence, except when the inevitable stories kick in about Vahrenholt being a tool of the oil companies.

But set aside the partisan bickering, and one professor accepting a view he had formerly rejected, while another rejects a view he had formerly accepted, is all part of the normal scientific debate. The journey from hypothesis to rock solid consensus is a long one, and it doesn’t end just because Al Gore makes a documentary or a few ads show crying polar bears. Positions are argued, minds change and then a century later the graduate students have fun mocking the ignorance of both sides. That’s science.

Unfortunately, the Cult of Warm doesn’t accept that there is a debate. As far as they are concerned, the debate never happened because it never needed to happen because they were always right. They can’t intelligently address dissent, because their science is not based on discovering the evidence needed to lead to a consensus, but on insisting that there is a consensus and that accordingly there is no need to debate the evidence.

In an ordinary scientific debate, a professor leaving one side and joining another might occasion some recriminations and name calling, but it wouldn’t make him anathema. But like being gay or Muslim, hopping on board the Warm Train makes you a permanent member, and there is no room for changing your mind. Once a Warmist, always a Warmist. That’s not a rational position, but then the Cult of Warm is not a rational faith.

Scientific debates have often had big stakes for human philosophy, but Global Warming is one of the few whose real world implications are as big as its philosophical consequences. At stake is nothing less than the question of whether the human presence on earth is a blight or a blessing, and whether every person must be tightly regulated by a global governance mechanism for the sake of saving the planet.

The Warmists have pushed their agenda through with alarmist claims and hysteria. They have flown jets around the world to argue that everyone must be taxed for their carbon footprint. They have smeared and intimidated anyone who stood up to them. That is not the behavior of people arguing over numbers. It’s a battle of much larger ideas.

If you believe that freedom is at the core of what it means to be human, then the Warmists and what they stand for are instinctively repulsive to you. On the other hand, if you believe that human society must be organized into a moral collective for the betterment of all, then the Warmist idea provides a wake up call compelling us to form into ranks and goose step in recycled rubber boots into the green future.

It’s an exaggeration, but that’s what debates over the proper role of man tend to become. We don’t fight wars over temperature gradients. The passions on both sides are motivated by much larger issues. This isn’t science, it’s the continuing battle over industrialization, the modern society and the rights of the individual dressed up in the garb of theory. And just as a debate over the IQs of minorities will never be a dispassionate inquiry, neither will a debate over whether the world would be better off if we never existed– which is the theme of the environmentalist movement.

The place of man in the university not a question that science can answer, but like so many other controversial issues in the past, it can be aided by manufacturing a scientific consensus that supports one position or another. Nor would this be the first time that science was used in this fashion. It takes a great deal of humility to look outward without prejudging what is out there. When that humility is lacking, then instead of seeing what is out there, the learned doctors and professors come away seeing what is inside them instead.

That unfortunately is what the debate is actually about. The world is not in any danger, but human beings are, as usual, wrangling over their theories of how the world should be.

The debate is not a purely philosophical one. As with all debates about the nature of man, there’s a creed and money at stake. If the Warmists win, then the environmentalist movement takes another step forward to creating a post-religious spiritual crisis for which they have the solution, and a mandate for virtually unlimited power over mankind, over every nation and every individual. That power translates into concrete wealth, which many of the “experts” are already experiencing. But their investments are on the ground floor of what is supposed to be a “green” revolution which will see everyone taxed to save us from ourselves.

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  • Ozonator

    How much is the author being paid to repeat the same old thing found time after time on extremist Republican and Christian websites?

    • mrbean

      Global warming is a hoax and watermelon politics that are hreen on the outside and red on the inside. I see you don't like Christains – and probably prefer the cult of Islam.

    • Freedom Fighter

      There is nothing extremist about the truth, sir. This is a ploy by the Left. They have always used the word "extremist" to marginalize their opposition. The key for freedom lovers is to not be intimidated by the likes of you and your brain dead ilk who are really just bullies and the real extremist for TYRANNY….No, it won't work anymore, my dear comrade…….We are on to you Al Gore, President Obama, Edward Markey, Bobby Rush, Henry Waxman, etc. etc. etc. etc. and you useful idiots out there who are used by these socialists in our government…….

    • Don Perry

      Rather, how much is Al Gore being paid to repeat the same old, discredited claptrap found time after time on alarmist websites created by ecological extremist lemmings who maintain untenable positions to continue receiving fat government grants?

    • jrobinson

      Typical leftist cliche. Keep calling the Republicans "extremists", even though there's nothing extreme about them, keep bringing Christians into it, even though Christianity has nothing to do with it… and all the while, avoiding having to discuss the overwhelming facts that are arrayed against you. And who is this targeted at? Not the people opposing you – they already know the truth, and this pitiful display won't convert them back… no, this is aimed at the people on your side, to keep them dumb and on your plantation. What a sad little warmist monkey.

    • warpmine

      Probably more than you earn in a year.

    • bruce

      Less than the liars in academia are paid to propagate their extremist lies and frog pond fantasies.

    • Don_Watson

      If you read Richard Muller's piece
      on global warming you will see that he makes no claim on the idea that excess CO2 is heating up the world. Rather his study is a new reduction of temperature data and concludes that temperatures over land masses are getting warmer. The causes are unaddressed. Muller has craftily put him self into the lime light (read more grant money) with out actually drinking the Koolaid, for which he would be lambasted in academia. His studies do not conclude anthropogenic warming of the planet. If you read it carefully you will see that he in fact says so.

    • truebearing

      So what if these ideas are written on Christian or Republican websites? You rather stupidly assume that that means they, and he, are thereby automatically wrong simply because of being Christians or Republicans. That is some fine non sequitur thinking on your part.

      Maybe if you were a little brighter you would know better than to make such profoundly bigoted comments.

      • Ozonator

        Your system is so screwed up that I can't unsubscribe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • rogelio

    Unfortunately ther is no global warming according to NASA, HADCRUT and the whole lot just look at the latest data 30 years do you see any trend

    • warpmine

      How would NASA know. I thought their mission was to pander to Islamic hellholes and make them feel good about the constributions of Islam. LOL!

    • DeepBreathPeople

      Or you can check this graph and see if you can spot a trend during a longer period of time:

      Or over 2000 years:

      And even if almost every climate scientist IS wrong, so what? We STILL should stop relying on fossil fuels from the whack jobs in the middle east. Whichever country best figures out efficient solar, wind, etc is going to be set for the 21st century.

      • Not Bill

        We have more shale oil in America than in all of the middle east.

        By your logic we should stop buying diamonds from De Beers because of the warlords in Africa.

        • DeepBreathPeople

          If we had an emerging technology to produce diamonds ourselves, then hellsyes, I would say we should stop buying diamonds from De Beers.

          The difference is we can't get diamonds domestically so we give money to scum. We CAN get energy domestically so we don't have to give money to OPEC.

      • sycodon

        And there is the true test of the veracity of the Warmists.

        We have the technology to greatly reduce co2 emissions, the majority of which come from coal, en Nuclear Power. A technology that is really just at the beginning of its technological exploitation.

        IF you find a Warmist that embraces Nukes because we have to do something NOW and not 15-20 years from now as "green" technologies mature, then you can assume that they are sincer in their beliefs.

        If not, then you can be assume that they are not really interested in solving the AGW problem because it provides the perfect vehicle for them to impose their values and beliefs on the rest of the world without having to rely on force of arms.

  • Jimmy

    These climate deniers look and act more and more like lunatics.

    To any self respecting conservatives left out there…your party was hijacked thanks to lots of corporate money spent on Operation Dumbdown.

    • tarleton

      I'm tempted to call you a halfwit , but THAT would be much too generous

      • warpmine

        You got that right!

  • Russ P.

    I suggest you read this thorough debunking of AGW by Burt Rutan:

    • Russ P.

      Operation Dumbdown is being run by the public schools — and it is promoting the alarmist line. You are clearly one of its victims.

    • davarino

      Hey Ozonator, can you refute Burt Rutan's data and analysis? Please opine.

  • tarleton

    GW is over … will go the same way as acid rain and the ozone hole

    • macdaddy

      You can add in "global cooling" which was the apparently the leftist chant back in the 60's or 70's – by some of the same folks that are screaming about "GW" now.

    • DeepBreathPeople

      Umm, you know the ozone hole still exists, right? It is finally starting to shrink because we stopped using CFCs. This is more or less common knowledge (or a Google search away).

      • tarleton

        so we were saved by the eco-twits again .?..but there is another possibility ; that the ozone hole danger was exaggerated into hysterical proportions by the drama queens in the enviro movement ?

        • DeepBreathPeople

          Tell that to the people in Chile and Australia who are getting skin cancer at record rates. I'm sure they're just imagining their deaths, too.

          • NotBill

            Nope, you're just ignorant and can't tell the difference between events happening more frequently and being reported on more frequently.

          • DeepBreathPeople

            Who reports on the ozone hole anymore? No one, really. Doesn't mean there still isn't one and that it doesn't have real consequences.

            kin cancer is about 10 times more common amongst Australians than it is amongst other fair skinned people in Northern Europe. Melanomas are increasing by at least 10% every year there.

            Maybe you'll trust the Australians themselves:
            "However, it is reasonable to
            assume that any increase in UV radiation as a result of ozone
            depletion has contributed, and will contribute, to increases in the
            incidence of skin cancer."

    • Jim Jenal

      Well, acid rain "went away" because of a cap and trade program (look it up) and as someone else noted, the problem of an ever expanding ozone hole was fixed because of the Montreal Protocol that banned the most dangerous ozone depleting chemicals.
      In both cases, there was a serious threat to human health and the environment and in both cases, concerted action – not denial – solved the problem.
      AGW is orders of magnitude greater a threat than either acid rain (a regional issue) or the ozone hole (driven by a relatively small number of activities). But the solution to AGW – if we are to find one – will come about the same way: by clear-headed action by those who acknowledge the facts, not denialists who scoff and deride the science they cannot understand.

    • NamewithheldWatt

      the same way as acid rain…..largely solved through regulation and the groundbreaking US Acid trading scheme!!!

      the same way as the ozone hole ….. slowly repairing due to the historic global agreement to restrict the use of CFCs!!!!!

      I hope you're right!

  • tarleton

    Have you noticed how many of the eco twits just happen to be gay ?

    • DeepBreathPeople

      I have! It is around the same percentage as the general population!!

    • TG Browning

      What the hell does that have to do with the subject at hand?


      • tarleton

        because it's clearly part of the Leftist agenda …most homo's are politically Left

        • DeepBreathPeople

          I don't get why homos are politically Left when those on the Right are so accepting. Very confusing!

          • NotBill

            Not every conservative is an anti-gay bigot, just like not every liberal is a radical communist. Don't let them color us all by association.

          • DeepBreathPeople

            I know and agree with you, I'm just messing with tarleton. I know plenty of conservatives that are quite tolerant.

            But would you agree that if there were a poll of liberals and conservatives in this country that conservatives would be more likely to consider homosexuality a deviant/evil/unholy way of life?

          • jrobinson

            But that's only because the Left purges people who don't follow the groupthink, while the Right accepts everyone. Even homophobes.

          • DeepBreathPeople

            If you think the Left is unified about most anything in this country, that's funny. I wish the Left was as organized as the Right.

            But I will agree with you, there is little room in liberalism for intolerance and hate. And I'm OK with that.

          • NotBill

            Well, I'll agree that there's little room in liberalism for intolerance and hate on matters of skin color or sexuality, but on matters of income or beliefs I completely disagree with you.

            I think that both sides have their demons and that everyone on both sides of the aisle should freely call theirs out. It's the only way we can all improve ourselves as a people.

          • DeepBreathPeople

            Fair enough, though I will say that most on the left have no problems with income or beliefs. Just pay your share if you're rich and don't shove my face in your beliefs.

        • NotBill

          The only difference between social conservatives and liberal democrats is what time of day they want to control your life.

          I really wish you anti-gay folks would switch parties and go back to the Democrat hate plantation you came from.

  • tarleton

    If al gore says it true , that alone should tell you that it's almost certainly bogus ,,,that sanctimonious windbag generates enough hot air to start his own windfarm ……and to think , that creep almost became president ! ! ! ! !

    • warpmine

      On that note, perhaps we could get these twits to hook up to a heat exchanger, then we could see progress. The AlGoreactor, has a nice ring to it.

  • tarleton

    G W is the single greatest scam in modern history …try and read james Delingpole's latest book WATERMELLONS for all the details …any person over 30 years old who believes such green propaganda should be ashamed of themselves

    • Otipua

      Would that be James "intellectually raped" Dellingpole?

  • tarleton

    These greenshirts have almost surrounded my house with their windturbines ..I'd like to crucify them on their sacred turbines until they look like something from the ''Life of Brian ''

    • DeepBreathPeople

      Yeah, why make your own power when you can buy it from the Saudis?

      • tarleton

        wind and solar are the eco twit's wet dream ….it's a green fantasy

  • Zachary Shahan

    Yes, attack on science indeed. Attack on scientific consensus around global warming:

    & Fritz caught up in the middle of it:

    • warpmine

      You can put that rag positively on the Warmist side of the question. The Daily Telegragh at least is open to both sides.


    this leftist demon can't be exorcised by talk (see some loony left comments above). They will have to be exterminated.

    • GoodLord

      I don't know why people call some conservatives "extreme."

      There is nothing extreme about wanting to exterminate 100 million Americans (those on the Left).

      • trickyblain

        Not to mention that 8 people gave the idea a "thumbs up."

        Power of the powerless.

  • The Infidel

    For those who believe in human caused global warming. Seeing as there are far too many of us humans on earth for the earth to sustain, are you prepared to remove yourselves from the gene pool, thus reducing the stress on the planet?

    If you say no, if you own an ipad, computer, car, clothes, anything that has fossile fuels or non renewable resourses in its manufacture, you are a hypocrite and not worth listening to.

    And the hate replies comming in 3…..2………1………

    • Eric G

      No hate mail coming from me Infidel. You nailed the hypocrisy on the head.

    • warpmine

      They'll insist upon a green way of extermination, they have a condition for everything and I have the solution, quit breathing or wear a co2 scrubber.

  • Freedom Fighter

    The bottom line is….Do you stand for individual freedom and liberty? This manmade global warming hoax was started by communist in the Easter Bloc who had no where to go, no way to push their tyranny anymore after the wall came down, so they use the next best thing….Doom and gloom, Destruction by man of the environment, Earth-centric religion instead of God-centric beliefs…….It is a hoax, pure and simple, and freedom loving, God fearing people everywhere must unite against this tyranny…These leftists must be ridiculed, marginalized, and removed from power….Listen to your politicians, and if they even mention that they might go along with legislation to tax you for the environment, confront them, vote against them, and run them out of power…..The bottom line on this is that they are DANEROUS TO INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM….Put them out to pasture! Be brave. Don't let these Leftists bully you…..You have the momentum because freedom always trumps tyranny.

  • sedoanman

    "…their science is not based on discovering the evidence needed to lead to a consensus, but on insisting that there is a consensus and that accordingly there is no need to debate the evidence."

    It's a little more basic than that. With liberals, the PARTY decides truth, not an objective examination of the facts.

  • Freedom Fighter

    We're on to you….Al Gore, President Obama, Ed Markey, Bobby Rush, Henry Waxman, and all you useful idiots out there who trumpet these socialists in our government…..We know the score, and you will be defeated in your socialistic goals for this country. This planet works for man as God gave us dominion over it as good stewards, not the other way around where the Earth is worshipped and man is subject to this worship……sorry comrades…..It will not stand anymore that we kowtow to this false religion……

    • Jim_C

      Interesting–you cite politicians, but not the vast majority of scientists all over the world who agree with them. Why not?

  • tagalog

    I'm wiling to agree that climate is changing, as it always has. I'm even willing to agree that humans, during their short time of existence on planet Earth, have PROBABLY contributed to some degree to global climate change.

    The problem for politics and science is that we don't have the first idea of how much humans have contributed, and therefore we have no idea whether or not curtailing some human activity (such as burning fossil fuels, for example) will have any measurable effect on climate change. Since we don't know that, we don't have enough evidence for any scientific conclusions about the extent of human-caused climate change or for any political conclusions about what must be done – if anything.

    Until we have those two conclusions grounded in reliable foundations, there is very little reason for humans to modify their conduct other than to satisfy the One-Worlders and collectivists among us.

    A consensus doesn't mean a thing. There was once a consensus that the universe is subject to Euclidean geometry (i.e., is "flat"); there was once a consensus that the Ptolemaic universe is the way things really are. There was once a consensus that the universe is eternal and unchangeable. A consensus of scientists agreed with Einstein that the cosmological constant should be discarded; now a consensus believes that there is some unknown force expanding the universe and they've reversed themselves on the cosmological constant. There have been many consensuses (consensi?) that have turned out to be questionable, subject to interpretation, or just plain wrong. To do things by consensus is fine for a "majority rules" government, but it's really crappy science. It even fails from time to time as a viable political approach, as in the ongoing existence of slavery in a republican democracy grounded in liberty, until it was terminated by war.

    • wsk

      If the universe is expanding ( and I can't argue either way); what is it expanding into?

    • nightspore

      In fact, the use of the word "consensus" is a giveaway. In genuine scientific discourse the object is to resolve differences, not achieve consensus. Consensus is always associated with politics.

      As always, these people give their game away – in what they actually do, which includes (in this case) their perlocutions.

    • tarleton

      your comment is fair minded and filled with earthy wisdom , but please let me add ; GW is the return of LYSENKOISM … science corrupted by political ideology
      Here in England , we have just had the most miserable summer in over 15 years , but who are you going to believe , the ''climateologists '' or your own lying eyes ?
      This pseudo scientific cult of GW is losing credibility fast , as it is a victim of it's own bogus predictions …these eco twits are the Elmore Gantrys of ''climate change ''

  • Mik

    Quick, think of a synonym for evolution. The answer is change. Unless the process of evolution has stopped, change is the only constant. So to say that there is climate change is only to affirm evolution. But to say that climate change is necessarily bad or that is the result of human activity is not science. Evolution demands that there always has been change and that there always will be change. But when geologic time is reduced to the lifetime of the observing scientist, it can even appear that the ridiculous electricity consumption at Al Gore's Tennessee home is causing polar bear cubs to drown. Whether I believe in evolution or not is not the issue. Scientist, in general do. Yet those who support the AGW theories, seem incapable of synthesizing their own scientific training with the philosophical consequences of evolutionary theory. Go figure.

    • Jim_C

      Evolution is not mere change but adaptation.Perhaps the climate, then, is "adapting" to the greater presence of GHGs?

      Admittedly, some people support AGW theories because it comports with their worldview. But most scientists find AGW a valid concern because of overwhelming data.

      When you ask any so-called skeptic what would actually make them accept AGW, if the current amount of scientific evidence doesn't do the trick, you will find far more cognitive dissonance than you describe in your last line.

  • Eric G

    Global warming will postpone the next inevitable ice age, which will cause far more deaths due to shortened growing seasons than global warming.

    • warpmine

      That's what they want secretively, that mankind is erased from the Earth. The cults followers are seriously ignorant of what their leaders truly believe. They'll follow because in their feeble minds with limited exposure to real scientific fact is logical to them as I've said absent of facts.

      Now our public school system has been very successful at training followers that won't revolt, won't think for themselves because they weren't taught critical thinking. Checkmate, they win because there is an absence of resistance.

      • DeepBreathPeople

        Who is "they?"

        • tarleton

          the liberal take over of the public schools …a whole generation of vunerable children are being indoctrinated with green propaganda …a captive audience

    • tagalog

      I have an ongoing fantasy: the climate-change advocates win the debate, we institute drastic policies to bring the average global temperature down on a worldwide basis, and we actually succeed in cooling the atmospheric temperature enough that we trigger a new ice age 5,000 years earlier than earth's climate (if left untampered-with) had it scheduled. Congratulations, Al Gore! You've helped drive us prematurely into a hundred thousand years of human misery, death, and destruction!

      • Jim_C

        Why fantasize? We could live in a place like China, where there are no nasty regulations, the air is thick with pollution (from which people die), the sea with red tides, they've got dust storms from over-plowing, dead rivers, and all sorts of other crap. But hey–business is booming, and I hear they're good at math!

        If you look at the measures we've taken to protect our air, water, and soil so that it can sustain life–they were all fought tooth and nail every step of the way by the predecessors to today's "conservatives," using the same methods of ridicule and accusations of "hypocrisy."

        • tagalog

          No, they weren't; President Nixon, yes, Nixon the Great Satan himself, signed the NEPA into law along with the Clean Air Act and the Clean Water Act.

          And wasn't it one of the global-warming advocates (remember THOSE days?) who said that pollution was keeping the earth cooler?

          • Jim_C

            Last I checked, Nixon wasn't conservative.

  • Voslucky

    The bottom line of glo-bull warming is that the politicians have seen this as an opportunity to have government take more control over our lives. Look at it! The government tells us what light bulbs we must use, how much water we can use to flush our toilets, how many miles per gallon we must get from our cars, how much energy we are allowed to use to run our household appliances … the list goes on and on and on of government overreach and Constitutional violations, all in the name of glo-bull warming!

    Ladies and gentlemen, is is way past time we restore Constitutional Rule of Law to replace the rule of men we now have. We must regain our individual sovereignty and Essential Liberty as provided in our Declaration of Independence and US Constitution. Time to throw out the self-serving politicians and replace them with true Statesmen who understand that it is We, The People, who own this government. We, The People, who have the power!

    It may be too late to take this country back from the Marxist/socialist elements which have taken control over the years. But if we don't stand and fight this critical election year, what little personal freedom and liberty we have remaining will be lost forever. God Bless America!

  • UCSPanther

    On Earth day, we should fire up some vintage internal combustion engines (everything from old lawnmower engines and motorcycles, to earthmovers and locomotives) as a big FU to the environmentalists.

    • wsk

      Our very existence is a giant FU to the Greenies. Thanks for participating.

    • DeepBreathPeople

      Seriously! We need more pollution. I friggin hate clean air. I wish everyone's air looks like the air in Los Angeles.

    • tagalog


    • Jim_C

      Actually, I think we should all drive what we want and burn all the fuel we can afford to create a situation to where we can finally move beyond our dependence on fossil fuels.

  • jrobinson

    Follow the math… none of these facts are controversial, and are all well-established:

    1% of the total atmosphere are green house gasses.

    Of the 1%:
    91% is water vapor, the most prevalent greenhouse gas. It is 3-35 times more insulating than any other greenhouse gas, and caused by the sun striking the ocean. (Which is why solar variations drive climate more than anything else)
    8% of greenhouse gasses are CO2.

    Of the 8% CO2:
    4% represent the entire human footprint. 96% of CO2 is naturally occurring, and we couldn't do anything about it if we tried. And if we destroyed all of human civilization, it would only affect 4% of the total CO2.

    Of the 4% human-caused CO2:
    Kyoto and Copenhagen only sought to regulate 12-17%

    FACTS: There isn't enough CO2 to affect temperature, we aren't responsible for enough of it, and we aren't even trying to regulate enough of that.

    It's a scam. And continuing the debate only makes the pro-global warming people look bad – which is the real reason you want it to stop. You manufacture a phony "consensus", then bitterly attack anyone who dares question it, all the while claiming the "debate" is over – when it's really only just begun. You're like a one-trick pony… and the trick isn't even that good.

  • asg

    Its the same tactic they use with Darwinism. They never address that Darwin's theory is still to this day unproven, and incomplete, but that doesn't stop them from declairing it the end all be all of evolution. And of course the main defense they use is, "It's the mainstream opinion." or "They even teach it in schools now." As if that is a justification of an incomplete science.

    • ytarleton

      trying to compare and equate Darwinian evolution with ''predictions '' of global warming is PATHETIC

    • DeepBreathPeople

      All science is incomplete. This is a good thing.

      Do you also not believe in the "theory" of gravity? Because that is still to this day unproven, and incomplete.

    • Jim_C

      You do realize that discoveries made with state of the art equipment Darwin never dreamed of bear out his theory? That some medicines that save lives have their basis in Darwin's theory?

      But it brings up a good point: Darwin met with vehement resistance from the same types of people.

  • jrobinson

    They have their own garden of eden story, where earth was a paradise before it was spoiled by man. Each person born has an original sin – of breathing, and using resources. As religions go, it is an apocalyptic one: unless you convert, not only will you perish, but so will all of humanity. They have their sacred holiday in the spring, which is observed worldwide and promoted by all the media and government. To convert, you need to practice certain sacred rituals – the sorting of trash, the purchase of particular "blessed" products. Indulgences are offered as well – one must buy carbon credits to offset the sin that is one's existence, in order to be "clean". They have their sacred texts; Earth in the Balance, Silent Spring, etc. They have their prophets; Al Gore, Rachel Carson, Michael Mann. This religion is also completely endorsed by our government, and we are forced by law in many ways to conform to its beliefs. They believe that the oceans are rising, even though they aren't; that the world is getting warmer, even though it isn't; that the ice is melting, even though it isn't. They have a list of sacred totem animals they worship: the polar bear, the dolphin, the snail dart.

    But, most of all, they believe. With all their hearts. And they won't rest until you do, too.

    • tarleton

      EXACTLY …they have their ''holy symbol'' too's the sacred green windturbine that is ecocative of the ''cross'' and would look good worn as an political armband …they have their legions of true believers and martyres , naturally , but watch out for the heretics …''thou shalt not suffer a witch to live ''

      In a broader historical sense , it's the return of pre christian paganism with a high tech veneer …none of this should be surprising , as christianity has shaped the Western world for two millenia , but has now been undermined by the advances of science …that vacume of existential despair is now being filled by the fastest growing quasi religion in the western world …neo -pagan enviromentalism

  • stephenx100

    "Jrobinson" has provided an excellent fact filled summary of the science underlying the global warming scam. Many of these commenters understand that this scam is a modern day equivalent of the "Lysenko" genetic theories promoted by Stalin's control of the Soviet media and the sycophants that catered to the whims of the mass murderer Stalin. Just as Stalin had his American useful idiots, there is a new generation of American Marxist idiots as demonstrated by the OWS contagion. The OWS adherents including the Liberal leaders who continue to praise them only reflect the fact the the American electorate has been brainwashed to believe the warmist religious dogma. Even Republican presidential candidates have been victims of this warmist brainwashing. When one considers that children from Kindergarten to college campus are continuously fed this warmist brainwashing, it is no wonder that a majority of the population subscribes to that warmist propaganda. I wish that the American electorate would be enlightened by "jrobinson's" accurate scientific facts, but that may be wishful thinking. We are being overwhelmed by the warmist party line and their government funded Lysenko type of science. We are doomed!

    • warpmine

      Very good analysis indeed.

      • jrobinson

        I've found that keeping it simple is best. Very often when debating these idiots, you get dragged down into obscure arguments over the relevance of tree rings in 14th century Bavaria… its much better to keep the debate on simple, uncontested, facts that have been well-known for many decades. You know, stuff that a child can understand… because we are dealing with children.

    • tarleton

      Here in socialist Britain , the Leftist G W cult is older and more entrenched , but the good news is that ''this too shall pass ''………like any cult making apocalyptic predictions , it has fallen foul of it's own bogus predictions and is losing credibility FAST ………GW , sorry ''climate change '' is becoming a JOKE and laughing stock and will eventually go the same way as previously manufactured hysteria like the ''ozone hole and acid rain ''
      We can expect the eco twits to become even more shrill and hysterical as they are finally ignored ….haha …like some ageing hollywood actress who cannot except that she's just not wanted anymore

  • dirt

    "They have flown jets around the world to argue that everyone must be taxed for their carbon footprint. They have smeared and intimidated anyone who stood up to them" This is all hypocracy and need no attention nor reaction.

    But if they voluntarily to pay CO2 tax for taking jets and cars instead of sail boats and horse wagans, maybe their lead by example is worth some consideration. But then the CO2 tax is just another example of how the leftists want other people's money so badly.

    No matter how many rules and regulations men put out, people with intention will find a way to go around it. Only conscience and moral can govern people's behavior without taking away anyone's freedom or money.

  • tarleton

    Looking at these events through a wide angle historical lens , enviromentalism is a kind of hybrid of both of the two great political ideologies of the previous 20th C …the socialism /big goverment/ spread the wealth of the Reds and the romantic neo pagan / anti humanism of the Nazis …both of these secular political religions attempted to fill the vacume left by the undermining of Judai/christianity by science

    • Jim_C

      Right, it's neo-paganism when people don't want to breathe carcinogens and drink pathogens. No biggie if the river starts on fire. Who needs regulations, it's just a leftist plot to get in your pants.

      • DeepBreathPeople

        Seems that the scorecard is:
        Judai/Christians = love pollution
        Socialists/Governments/Communists/Pagans/Humanists-Nazis = hate pollution.


  • Logan in AZ

    The general philosophical and political views of the AGW side are not obscure or concealed. The leaders have made many frank statements on such matters. There is a website that has collected a number of quotes from such leaders, and which explains the Agenda 21 politics. See —

    The irony is that natural cycles are turning down, and the sun has also entered a less active phase. Thus, warming will not be a problem for some time, and in the interim it appears that energy generation will be much improved. If you are not familiar with recent developments, study about Rossi’s E-cat,which seems to make something like ‘cold fusion’ work well, and other claims that will be tested this year.

    • jrobinson

      I'm so happy to hear someone else who has been following Rossi. I had pretty much thought cold fusion was a lark; but he appears to have stumbled onto something interesting. Notice all the true energy advancements are occurring in the private sector; not one "green energy program" anywhere to be found. I guess Rossi wasn't on the Obama re-election committee.

  • Harvard Conservative

    Galileo with his simple telescope confirmed the Copernican theory that the earth revolved around the sun and not vice versa. This blasphemy against the prevailing Aristotelian theory and the Catholic hegemony led to his being placed under house arrest for many years.

    Mere house arrest is to kind and gentle for the global warmists who would just as soon send all doubters to a Gulag prison camp for their blasphemy than acknowledge a crack in the warmist orthodoxy.

    Who will give voice. and when will the world hear the anti-warmist truth teller command an analogous cry from the heart to——-"Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall."

    God save our Republic. God save the western world.

    • tarleton

      The cult of GW is more advanced and entrenched here in qusi socialist England , but the good news is that it's dying a natural death , a victim of it's own bogus predictions !
      It's like a punch drunk boxer who is held unright by the weight of his apponent and his supporters in the crowd …..GW ….R I P

  • Gamaliel

    I don't think our leaders our stupid because you need to be smart to get elected. They make speeches that support the wrong things with beautiful rhetoric but that's a sign of intelligence.

    • tagalog

      You don't need to be particularly smart to get elected to political office in this country. You need to be able to avoid controversy and you need to have enough money to out-campaign your opponent(s). Speechwriters write the speeches.

      The truth of the above can be found in the quality of the leaders we now have. There's not a one of them who could hold a candle to Jefferson, Madison, or the self-taught Lincoln. And they wrote their own speeches to boot.

      • jrobinson

        Yes, but there's all kinds of smart. Sociopaths can be smart. Hustlers and con artists are smart – at fooling people.

  • James Morgan

    People, people, people . . .if you don't know it by now, there is no hope for the survival of freedom. The great goal of the warmists is . . .SOCIALISM! (And the destruction of capitalism and freedom.) Read what they are saying from their own mouths . . (see the following comment.)

    "Global Warming Caused by Man" is the horse the SOCIALISTS have chosen to ride to impose their failed ideology on the world. An ideology which has caused the murder of over 100 million people trying to make it work. An ideology which has failed in every country where it has been tried. See "Black Book of Communism".

    And Obama and the Democrats are riding that horse for all it is worth!!! VOTE OBAMA, ALL DEMOCRATS, AND ALL RINOS OUT OF OFFICE IN 2012! Or you WILL suffer the consequences! Read the above quotations again and ask yourself if Obama is not pursuing each of the implied goals.

  • klem

    Yes it likely has cut his power bill in half, even still it will take 20 years to pay for itself, if ever. You know why? Solar panels must be cleaned regularly or they don't work and that includes snow, falling off the roof just once offsets all the power savings, the roof installed panels cause leaks, they also void roof shingle warranties, wind storms can cause solar panel damage and they can’t be fixed they must be replaced, panels usually must be removed before the house can be sold because they reduce the selling price, over time the efficiency of the panels goes down so they don’t produce as much power as when they were new. There's lots more.

    • DeepBreathPeople

      Even if it takes 20 years to pay for itself (and they are becoming more efficient every year, like every technology) so what? They still *pay for themselves*. And my neighbor did the math – 6 or 7 years before he breaks even. After that it is gravy.

      Any reputable solar installer won't destroy your roof. Many solar panels don't need cleaning (rain often does the trick), but if you do then use soap and water. Not a big deal.

      And I don't know where you are getting your information, but solar ADDS value to your house, so you wouldn't have to remove them any more than you'd have to remove your remodeled kitchen. Don't believe me? Listen to Realtor Magazine –

  • Jim_C

    Isn't the difference between a "cult" and a "religion" merely the number of members? If so, then it would appear those who find compelling evidence for anthropogenic global warming a bona fide religion, hardly a cult.

    Surely there are conservatives out there who can admit: it's a reality. Simply admitting it is a reality does not mean we have to go out and regulate every industry to death. But it does mean we probably have some responsibilities to consider rather than ignore and belittle.

    I often say, global warming doesn't concern me much in itself. But if what most scientists say is true, and we have some part (however large or small) in actually changing the climate of the planet, there's probably even more pressing things we need to be concerned about, like air and water quality and its effect on connected ecosystems.

  • Ozonator

    As seen with impossible to predict earthquakes, looting Heartland’s/Limbaugh’s Pick Santorum is consistent as both a lethally bad scientist and theologian. God was not in the following predicted AGW earthquakes but the free toxic and other pollution from supporters of lumpy Rick Santorum were. “1 Kings 19:11 … there was an earthquake, but the LORD was not in the earthquake” (Bible; “The Wrapped Up … [73.14] On the day when the earth and the mountains shall quake and the mountains shall become (as) heaps of sand let loose. [73.15] Surely We have sent to you an Apostle, a witness against you” (The Koran; Untreated AGW (anthropogenic global warming – climate change) has metastasized into a legal killer. “Toll up to 113 in Philippine earthquake” (, 2/20/12). With condolences, I predicted this quake in… . Last couple of week’s Vancouver, Northern California, Oregon, and Brewer’s nasty finger Arizona were a correct AGW quake predictions from moi made on 2/4/12 under -

  • Guest

    Is that sentence, "The place of man in the university not a question that…." supposed to read, "The place of man in the universe is not a…."?

  • Don Kosloff

    Predicting earthquake where earthquakes often occur takes no skill.

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  • Sugarsail1

    “post-religious spiritual crisis” indeed. Unfortunately, their solution is to create another religion whose church will try to convince everyone that the world is going to end unless you repent by giving them your money. If not, you are crucified in the media, labeled a denier (heretic), and then get your grant money revoked. And it’s been working! The theme of the sea levels rising and destroying civilization due to mankind’s transgression unless repentance is served is a timeless religious motif and exists in nearly all world mythologies. They are all fiction, as is the AGW narrative. Same story, new wrapper.