The Implosion of Mayor Bloomberg

The most important thing that non-New Yorkers need to understand about the protracted reign of Mike the First is that he was not elected and reelected because the people liked him, but because the Democratic alternatives were worse. Bloomberg was not only a dead zone when it came to charisma or empathy, he was unlikable and affectless from the start. His only calling card was competence and Sandy may have taken it away from him for good.

Walter Russell Mead has some thoughts on what Bloomberg was up to. “Michael Bloomberg must have hoped that Sandy would be his own 9/11. A population in shock turned to the mayor in their hour of need. He dominated the airwaves; he issued decrees. He seized the occasion to speak out on the big issues: climate change, endorsing a president. He worked to project an air of authority and calm: the Marathon would go on.

It must have looked for a while as if he had done a Rudy and resuscitated a tired mayoralty, relaunching a national career. Perhaps a cabinet appointment in a second Obama administration, perhaps another shot at an independent presidential campaign.”

It’s certainly possible that the perpetually out of touch Bloomberg was thinking that a few tiresome press conferences, empty of content, would show the people his true greatness. That’s something he can tell the people of Sheepshead Bay. And with Christie on the scene hogging the spotlight, in every sense of the word, there was never a chance of Bloomberg or Cuomo getting to turn themselves into the heroes of the hour.

The core difference between Giuliani and Bloomberg, is that the former tried to get a handle on an unprecedented crisis, and did better at it than the governor or the president. While Bloomberg messed up a crisis that the city should have been prepared for, but wasn’t. Like Giuliani, Bloomberg had rubbed New Yorkers the wrong way with petty regulations, but that would have been forgiven if he had shown any ability to handle a big crisis.

Bloomberg blew the snowstorm and that was bad enough. But he blew Sandy and that is much worse. There are too many dead, too many people who feel left alone and isolated, by a mayor who couldn’t get past his uptown mentality to look in on Staten Island, Brooklyn or Queens, who denied access to the National Guard because of his finickiness about guns and kept the marathon going because in his circles that was a thing to do.

Rather than tackling emergencies, Bloomberg has cackled about climate change and obesity, he has tackled trendy Obamanoid causes with rhetoric and micro-regulations, instead of fulfilling core governance obligations by preparing for real emergencies.

The final illusion that Bloomberg is anything but a liberal drone comes from his Nation interview, where he says that,  he endorsed Obama “not because I’m thrilled with him, but to me, choice, gay rights, the environment are the real issues, more important than economics.”

That is exactly the mindset of a man who will ban large sodas while letting the flood waters rise.

  • Thomas Wells

    The response to Storm Sandy is a mixture of poor planning, incompetence , and criminal negligence amid an atmosphere of avoiding individual responsibility in favor of accepting handouts from a nanny statist government. There is blame enough here for ten disasters. Prior to the poorly conceived and badly lead creation of a Department of Homeland Security,and FEMA, the Civil Defense program functioned in a local, but nationally organized manner with well stockpiled shelters,wardens,training, and with the full cooperation and coordination of area businesses,government,military,and community organizations.

    What is lacking today is room for the human mind and initiative. High tech computer drawn game plans may be fun exercises that pad one’s resume, but if they put backup generators in the basement of a flood prone area,they are a dangerous substitute for human thinking ,experience and common sense. If a gasoline station has gasoline in it’s tanks,but has no electricity for the pumps,,and pumps or cans can be used to get the gasoline up fro the underground tanks.Likewise using life savings resources for entertainment instead of relieving human suffering is not only stupid,it is evil.

    The storm damage on the east coastal areas is not the sole responsibility of a few posturing politicians. If it is true that:” no man is an island” ;then help could come in greater amounts from states in the region that had power and services restored more rapidly; not just a few coats or volunteers, but a full court press effort of mass logistics. In a disaster of this magnitude the regular Military, not just National Guard units, is trained and equipped to mobilize a large enough timely response,assuming that the Commander -in Chief is not AWOL. Either: E Pluribus Unum means something ; or we regress back to a barbarian time when the “nobility” lived in protected castles with their professional lackeys,scribes,and jesters, while the “peasants” were lucky to get scraps and rags.

  • @NYCRight

    The Republicans should have supported Herman Badillo in 2001. The party leaders were bought by Bloomberg and the rank and file followed.

  • M. Milne

    We should also rethink those who expect to rebuild in flood prone areas at taxpayers expense.
    Sure, it sounds nice to rebuild in Breezy Point, Long Beach, or other beach areas. But these are barrier islands and were meant to protect the mainland from storm surges.

    • Mary Sue

      I am reminded of something I learned years and years ago:

      'The foolish man built his house upon the sand…'

  • Clarice Hair

    Guiliani was perfect for New York because he was neither an effete elite (Bloomberg), a loud mouthed closeted gay man who craved the attention (Koch) or an utter incompetent whose skin color was supposed to make us all weep for joy at his victory (Dinkins). In other words, Rudy for all his faults, was more in touch than all three. NY has a hard time attracting "normal" people for high positions. The Midget Mayor has become a parody of himself. One wonders, in the midst of want, he would ban those large sodas right now. After all, under his watch, donations to shelters are no longer welcomed because the calorie and nutritional content of the food DONATED TO THE HOMELESS TO KEEP THEM FROM STARVING is not certifiably organic enough for the Midget. He is a farce and a laughingstock. Just like all lefties who eventually become VISIBLE figures of ridicule because leftism is the stuff of fools and the fooled.

    • Mary Sue

      I bet there's leftists out there still crying:

      "There's a holdup in the Bronx, Brooklyn's broken out in fights/
      There's a traffic jam in Harlem that's backed up to Jackson Heights/
      There's a scout troop short a child, Kruschev's due at Idlewild


  • mister natural

    Sheepshead Bay has been devastated. The bungalow style houses which have been here since the 1920’s have been destroyed. Every restaurant or other business that lined Emmons Ave is devastated.
    Sheepshead Bay Road is like a war zone ghost town.
    we all wish bloomy, the little fascist worm , would die