The Innocence of Obama

Ten years ago most left-thinking liberals were constantly worried about the erosion of civil liberties under the War on Terror, though they could rarely name an instance where an American citizen had actually experienced such an erosion.

This was, after all, before the days when naked scanners and drone strikes had entered the vocabulary, and the best they could do was to haul out Jose Padilla, aka Abdullah al-Muhajir, ACLU’s choirboy of the month, a Brooklyn-born convert to Islam who was being held in jail for no reason at all except aiding terrorists and plotting to build a dirty bomb.

Ten years later the lefty civil liberties types were proven right. The War on Terror did erode our civil liberties, and America’s first political prisoner in generations has spent a month in jail for making an inconvenient movie at an inconvenient time.

When Charles Woods, the father of Tyrone Woods, one of the Navy SEALS who died fighting in Benghazi, met with Hillary Clinton, the Secretary of State assured him that “We’re going to have that person arrested and prosecuted that did the video.” And they got him, officially on charges of violating parole, unofficially on charges of violently offending violent Muslims.

The woman whose policy had overthrown the Libyan government and then placed a barely defended consulate in the middle of a city of jihadists did not promise the grieving father that his son’s killers would pay. She promised him that the man who offended his son’s killers would pay. Not only would his son be the first casualty of that appeasement policy, but the Constitution that his son had sworn to support and defend would be the second casualty.

Mark Basseley Youssef is not the first filmmaker to have been sent to prison by a Democrat in the White House for making the wrong kind of movie and interfering with his foreign policy. That would be Robert Goldstein who made the The Spirit of ’76, a movie about the American Revolution, at a time when Woodrow Wilson was trying to get Americans deeper into World War I.

Wilson’s Justice Department directed Chicago Police Deputy Superintendent Metellus Lucullus Cicero Funkhouser to confiscate The Spirit of ’76, and Goldstein spent three years in prison and eventually died in a Nazi concentration camp. Both Youssef and Goldstein made two bad movies that were politically inconvenient. The Spirit of ’76 was not welcome in 1917 and the origin of Muslim violence is not an appropriate topic for 2012.

Goldstein’s federal trial took place in the Southern District of California. Mark Basseley Youssef’s trial will take place in the Central District of California. The strange confluence of using Chicago politics and California federal courtrooms to cover up the nakedness of a progressive president’s policies has a certain resonance less than one hundred years later. Youssef and his video trailer made a convenient scapegoat so that progressive politicians could avoid talking about the collapse of Libya into roving bands of Islamist militias and the triumph of Al Qaeda in North Africa.

After Obama had denounced Youssef in every forum from 60 Minutes to the United Nations to Pakistani TV, he was arrested, not to protect the Innocence of Muslims, but to protect the Innocence of Obama.

Blaming the Innocence of Muslims briefly silenced the more dangerous questions about what had gone wrong in Benghazi and the even more dangerous questions about what had gone wrong with the Arab Spring. Youssef, like Goldstein, was a foreigner, and an excellent choice as a scapegoat. And for weeks people focused on Youssef and his many aliases, and not on the question of why Americans died in Benghazi.

Americans died in Benghazi for the same reason that American hostages had been taken in Iran and for the same reason that Leon Klinghoffer had been murdered on the Achille Lauro and US Marines had died in Beirut. They died because their government had appeased Muslims, had given their terrorist groups hope that they could achieve their aims if they killed enough people, had saved them at the moment of their greatest weakness and had elevated them to power.

The innocence of Obama is intertwined with the innocence of Muslims. If Muslims are innocent of terror, then so is the foreign policy that has empowered them. But if Muslims are guilty of terror then the politicians who have pandered to them are guilty of enabling it at the least. If Muslims are innocent of terror, then Obama is innocent of complicity in their terror. But if Muslim terror is a true thing, then the man who helped them unleash it by toppling stable governments and replacing them with Islamist movements and militias shares in their guilt.

The War on Terror has not impeded the civil liberties of those who oppose the war, but of those who oppose the terror.

Under the new civil liberties, the right of a Muslim to praise terrorists, upload videos promoting terrorism and even fund terrorist charities would be sacrosanct under the Bill of Rights. But make a movie mocking Mohammed and suddenly the Bill of Rights won’t be returning your phone calls as you are being frog-marched to your new cell.

In civil liberties circles it is claimed that the war against terrorism has deprived Muslims of their civil rights, but in reality Muslims have gained rights, while we have lost them. The balance between the civil rights of Americans and the need to avoid offending Muslims has been shifting their way, and we all pay the price when we fly and soon enough we will begin paying it when we talk.

America’s first political prisoner in generations is under arrest for offending Muslims and as a cover for Obama’s failed policy of appeasing Muslims. If history is any guide, then he will not be the last. The more bombs go off, the more buildings burn and the more questions are asked, the more Youssefs will be needed to deflect those questions and protect the innocence of Muslims and of their political panderers.

The War on Terror is a war waged to convince Americans that there is no such thing as Muslim terrorism and to convince Muslims that they should stop being terrorists.

The more people die of Muslim violence, the more the innocence of Muslims must be upheld, because it is no longer just the innocence of Muslims that is at stake, but the innocence of the political establishment that has looked away from Muslim terrorism. And a political establishment determined to protect its innocence will go to any length to cover up its crimes

After the Arab Spring and the Libyan War, it has become impossible to untangle the guilt of Obama from the guilt of Islamists. That is the dirty secret that the establishment is determined to protect. The cover-up of Islam’s conduct has become their cover-up of their own conduct as well. So long as Islam can claim innocence, they can claim innocence as well, and those who challenge the innocence of Muslims and by extension the innocence of the political establishment will become the first political prisoners.

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  • Mary Sue

    I find it odd in the extreme that Hilary would offer the head of the one who made the movie, rather than the actual murderer(s), to the father of the murdered son. If it was me I would be like "WTF Hilary? I wan the guys that killed my kid, not some movie maker that had nothing to do with this. You think you can make me happy with that? Hell no. You wanna make me happy? DO NOT get the movie maker. Let him go if you have him, you freaking IDIOT."

    • kafir4life

      At least Bill Maher had the (in)decency to gve President Stinky (BO) a check for a million dollars when he made HIS anti-islam movie. Why isn't that sack of pig feces in hiding? Why have the RoP ™ allowed him to live? Why hasn't Stinks and Cankles Clinton taken him into custody?

      • Mary Sue

        silly, because he's an atheist liberal! :p (And because it was never about the movie in the first place, and I think many muslims would be hard-pressed to pick out anything particularly anti-muslim about Religulous, heck they probably never saw it).

        • @undefined

          They never saw "The Innocence of Muslims" either. At the time the administration first started blaming it on the film, it had recorded only 15 views on you tube.. These liberal liars are total lowlifes if you ask me. Hussein MUST go!

          • Mary Sue

            the primary focus of "Religulous" is Christianity though, and the Muslim Extremists are down with that being made fun of.

    • mlcblog

      She is entirely out of touch with the American dream.

    • Sunbeam

      Nothing can be more right than that, Mary. The thing is they're trying to cover up the whole picture, the actual truth that is as clear as noonday.. They can't deceive this from us, those of us who had been following the event from day one till now, what better proof have got to say except easier to blame it all on the movie maker. These are the ones who are not American Patriots but are traitors who sold out American rights and liberty and they should be brought to stand trial in the American courts if convicted. Whoever is appointed the President of this great nation should know better to protect the Constitutional Rights , Bill Rights, liberty that this great nation has been enjoying since its independence. And nobody should make appeasement on behalf of the nation in regard to this nature, not the President, not the secretary or any of the State Department. They're guilty if they do. America has done nothing wrong with the movie, and to deserve this back leash that had claimed four innocent lives is too heavy a price to pay. The killer has to be napped, not the film maker, neither are we to blame. These enemies who are not stupid at all will get bolder and bolder until all their energy faculty were straightened and leave us astray and drain. This is what they want and waiting for. And we're not to give in, even an inch.

    • Tom

      They will announce the killing of those responsible within the next few days…Mark my words it will be the NOvember surprise that helps re-elect Obama because people will believe he actually did it. It won't matter who actually died, it will be a show bombing to make a political score before 11/6.

  • Mary Sue

    also LOL nice title, I C what you did there. *grin*

  • posse101

    there is absolutely NO innocence to what he's doing. we're the ones who are naive for thinking that every move he makes is not caliphate driven.

  • Twiggy

    Does anyone find it strange that Hillary Clinton kept saying the US govt. had nothing to do with making the movie about the prophet? She doth protest too much. Is it possible the govt. did have it waiting in the wings to shame us into accepting the desired blasphemy prohibition when an opportunity presented itself?

    • curmudgeon

      you are giving government way too much credit. in a strange perversion of hanlon' razor (never attribute to malice what can be explained by incompetence), the muslim in the white house gives us both incompetence AND malice.

  • SHmuel HaLevi

    Does anyone believe that when Islamics face the US Naturalization Judge and pledge to the Constitution Flag and the Republic they really mean it? If you do you are walking right into their death grip.
    Those people are ONLY committed to the Koran and its convenient supplements. All the rest of us are "infidels" against whom they will never cease to conspire and worse.
    It is in the Koran in plain language.
    According to the same Koran and a long list of further items of evidence Mr. Barrack Hussein Obama is a Muslim. It is not his choice even if was not inclined and clearly identified as such. He was born to a Muslim father. Ce tu.
    Everything he has done is intrinsic to him being a Muslim.
    Everything, including allowing and even worse in the murder of the 4 US Government representatives in Benghazi.
    As to Clinton. What can possibly be expected from somebody that found it of no consequence that she was being made a joke by her husband. Who know what she has to conceal as well.
    The US citizens are facing a mortal danger i they do not find the time to understand who and what are those people.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "Does anyone believe that when Islamics face the US Naturalization Judge and pledge to the Constitution Flag and the Republic they really mean it? If you do you are walking right into their death grip."

      Nobody with a functioning brain believes that. Demo-zombies are the enablers, as always.

      "It is in the Koran in plain language."

      And testimony day after day proves how many are loyal to the Koran in attacking the West as kaffir.

  • devdeep

    Appeasement of thugs at taxpayers'money

  • Gene W 1938

    When we realize that God authored the Bible [http colon // jc dot does-it dot net] and Satan authored the other holy books … then we can understand that we are in a battle of evil versus good.

    A person, who believes and follows a faith based on satanic verses, is anti American and anti Judeo-Christian. Such a person believes Biblical wrongs are right and find no value in human life since people are mere animals. They refuse to believe God creates and sustains everything.

    Mocking and exposing such an evil belief should be lauded but are hated by the unrighteous.

    Scholars have shown the Babylonian Jewish descendants were the scientist and mathematicians of the Arab world and the descendants of Ishmael never had peace or created anything of lasting significance [except Jihads and wars].

    Show proof contrary to the above.

  • Pier

    If you want to re elect Obama, you can begin to pray the Shema and say kadish !…

  • Sonnie Anndersson

    +I'm sure I'm not the first to think of this, but I would like to see our nation plastered with the following signs, banners, etc.:


    Let's get them UP IMMEDIATELY.

  • Schlomotion

    Mr. Greenfield said:

    "though they could rarely name an instance where an American citizen had actually experienced such an erosion."


    The loss of civil liberty and civil rights by real Americans tangential to the War on Terror is well documented. Mr. Greenfield is simply on the wrong side of civil liberty because he is a foreign-hearted tribalist who loves Israel more than civil liberty.

    • Gislef

      "though they could rarely name an instance where an American citizen had actually experienced such an erosion." – Lie

      He said, refusing to name an instance.

      • Schlomotion

        Just because I catch Mr. Greenfield in a lie about my country and 11 years of history does not mean that I have to list every suspension of civil liberty since 9/11. There are news aggregators for that.

        • Roger

          Then go ahead, if you caught him at a lie, as you pretend to have done…. then why not explain when he was wrong and in what instances?

          Why not man up for once and try to show you're not juts a twisted paper tiger?

        • HiPlainsDrifter

          When trying to make a case, specifics, with backup, tend to lend credibility to your argument.
          You, a dealer in non-specific blanket accusations and innuendo, are NOT making any substantial case..
          Notice how Greenfield backs up most everything he says? You should try it..

          • Schlomotion

            My case is made. The average Frontpage commentator did miss Posse Comitatus, or Habeas Corpus when they were suspended. They did not miss Miranda Rights when they were attenuated. They did not balk at internal checkpoints when they were installed. They did not bat an eyelash at warrantless wiretapping. The fact is, the Frontpage commentator is more concerned with Israel than with the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Frontpage commentators are on the wrong side of civil liberty.

          • reader

            Your case is made in your medical chart – with the same pictorial on the folder -, schizo.

          • Gee

            Still can't name a single person. Like are your claims it is just more bovine scatology from the truly ignorant

          • Schlomotion

            You know best.

          • Mo Schlotion

            Father knows best.

          • Sunbeam

            Schlomotion, you're utterly wrong in your assumption about the commentators at Fpm. We're not as what you assumed. You can not be us, so how can you read our thoughts?

          • Schlomotion

            I can be you. All I have to do is discard self-assurance and identify with the affiliation of the warped margin of people who believe they are morally and historically entitled to commit every atrocity in the name of being Jewish. It's not hard. It's garden variety self-righteous cruelty taken as a collective identity. You are not that complicated.

          • Mary Sue

            I think of a man, then i discard reason and accountability.

    • reader

      "The loss of civil liberty and civil rights by real Americans tangential to the War on Terror is well documented."

      This is a lie, actually. Not a single case brought up under the Patriot Act, for example.

      • Schlomotion

        Government assurances that civil liberty will not be abused are not good enough to substantiate a 5 year-renewable agreement to suspend the Constitution of the United States. The burden falls on the government, not on the citizen to disprove the violation of our liberties. It is wholly unacceptable that an organization not representative of the people views them as a foreign occupier of a homeland than rather than citizens of their country. You fail to understand this because you love Israel more than your own freedom, and the values of Jewish tribalism are not the same as the values of the Enlightenment. Your insistence upon a listing of Sanhedral challenges to one particular act as a matter of case-law is ridiculous and arbitrary.

        • Roger

          Only a -2? The day is still young.

        • reader

          It's bad enough that you ramble at all, but getting into the weeds of the American legal system without any grasp of how it works makes it sheer pathology. Stick to your expertise in sharia.

    • knucklehead

      Oh good God, Schlo-idiot, get off your jew-hatred soap box. It really is tiresome to read your crap. Why don't you go to your favorite anti-semitic liberal websites and spout your garbage there.

    • Ghostwriter

      How about the filmmaker's right of free speech,Schlockmotion or can't he criticize Muslims without going to jail? Answer that question,pinhead.

      • Schlomotion

        I already told you several times already that there is a difference between a filmmaker and a bank swindler who duped a bunch of actors into making a YouTube video. You defend the latter. You do it because you are an immoral anonymous stooge who defends any crime if it is done for the benefit of Jews. If you did it using your real name you know you would sacrifice social acceptance. So you do it like a Klansman instead.

        • reader

          "You defend the latter. You do it because you are an immoral anonymous stooge who defends any crime if it is done for the benefit of Jews."

          Wow. Impeccable logic. Reminds me a joke about a Russian Nazi saying that the Jews sold out Russia on a radio show. So, a Jew calls in and asks him if he understood that correctly. The Nazi says, "Yes you did, a stinking Yid." So, the Jew says, "Very well then, so where I can get my share?"

          • Schlomotion

            Yep. And look at the people here lined up for their "share."

          • reader

            Yes, schlo, the Jews are coming for your gold. Jump out the window. Fast.

          • Mary Sue

            Reader that had me ROFL. What would make me laugh even harder is if Schlo actually does that!
            *has a mental image of schlo jumping out a second story window with his bag of gold to hide from 'teh j00s' and bury it like a leprechaun*

          • Mary Sue

            They're always after me lucky charms!

  • patron

    On top of this, Obama stares down Romney in a national debate trying to intimidate him. GE/Universal, Westinghouse/Viacomm, and Ted Turner's newsrooms give him a pass.

    Imagine if George Bush or Dick Cheney stared down political opponents concerning the White House questioning free speech and rationalizing hurting people for what they say. They would be in a feeding frenzy.

  • watsa46

    This has nothing to do with innocence.
    We still do not know the true ideological agenda of this Pr.
    This looks like, smells like and talks like the communists of the Russian revolution (1917), therefore it is neocommunism.

  • LindaRivera

    Daniel Greenfield: "After Obama had denounced Youssef in every forum from 60 Minutes to the United Nations to Pakistani TV, he was arrested, not to protect the Innocence of Muslims, but to protect the Innocence of Obama."

    Obama Admits He Is A Muslim

    Obama insulting the Bible – YouTube

    As a devout Muslim, Obama's biggest concern is NOT to protect non-Muslims who are in great danger, his biggest concern is to ensure that Muslims are not offended:

    <a href="” target=”_blank”> Barack Hussein Obama told the UN General Assembly today: “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.”

    I consider that statement a death threat to me and all anti-Islam bloggers, authors, and activists by the President of the United States.

    As a devout Muslim, Obama, with Hillary's help, has placed Muslim Brotherhood operatives in places of enormous power in our government. The stated goal of the Muslim Brotherhood in America is the DESTRUCTION of civilization and global Islamic conquest.

    • Sunbeam

      Thank you Linda for your effort in putting up the You Tube for viewing . It helps in the recalling……..Do keep on with this effort in the fight against evil that is seeking to prevail the world. We need you as much as we need each other.

      • LindaRivera

        Hi Sunbeam, Yes, we all need each other! ALL non-Muslims in non-Muslim countries must unite together in the fight for freedom!

        • Sunbeam

          Yeah, I like that.


    What’s ironic is that the film clip “Innocence of Moslims” is actually a very accurate, both islamically and historically, depiction of mo and his thugs and the crimes against humanity that they are guilty of committing.

  • riverboatbill

    The only reason that Obama has not made the pilgrimage to Mecca is that there is no golf course there.

    • Mary Sue

      well that and he can't maintain plausible deniability if he IS a Muslim because Muslims are the only ones allowed at the pilgrimage. Non-Muslims are strictly forbidden. If he's not a Muslim he hasn't made it because he's not allowed.

  • jeanjean4

    It's the same with Tommy Robinson in England. He is a critic of muslim violence and rape, witch followed the deliberately desstructive mass emigration policies the british elites foced upon its people. If he is gulty,(it does not matter how stupid the accusations are) the regime is innocent and muslims peaceful..,

    • Schlomotion

      Tommy Robinson is a British Nazi Party affiliate.

      • jeanjean4

        Not true. Perhaps you are missleaded by the upheavel Mrs, Geller made some time ago. Today she is back on Tommy's side, as you can read on her website.

        If you really think, that Nazis work together with jews, gays or blacks, support Israel and praise the judeo.christian herritage of Europe – well then I can't help..

        • OrdinaryFella

          Be quiet for heavens sake…..According to the Loony Left, anyone who speaks out against the mass immigration of foreigners to the UK or criticizes the backwardness of muslims or their childish rages is deemed to be a Nazi, racist or islamophobe. They are the 3 most favorite words worked to death by muslims and their Leftist dhimmi friends….
          The Left, like their muslim supremacist friends are always scapegoating the victims rather than the real perpetrators of hatred and violence….

  • Sunbeam

    He must be denounced or America will be doom.

  • amused

    you folks need sedatives , and lots of 'em .

    • Len_Powder

      And you need an eye opener. Someone needs to unstitch the threads Obama shut your eyes with. But then, you probably prefer having your eyes shut so that you can continue imagining the Marxist Utopia Obama has planned for you.

  • ObamaYoMoma

    There are several things we don't know yet because Obama is stalling. However, there is one thing we do know for sure, yet everyone is being silent about it. There is no doubt that Obama and Hillary were using the tragedy as a medium in which to condition the American people to accept the supremacy of Islam and Sharia over the constitution and the freedom of speech in order to pander to the OIC. Why the silence?

    Indeed, by their actions the Obama administration believes it is more important to condition the American people to accept the supremacy of Islam and Sharia like Europe does already than it is to tell the truth to the American people, yet somehow Republicans are letting Obama off the hook. Amazing…it's political correctness run amuck! Why are they cowards? Are they afraid to offend what in reality are non-violent stealth and deceptive jihadists living in infidel America for the sole purpose of eventually making Islam supreme via demographic conquest.

  • Len_Powder

    An excellent article as usual Daniel! I hope and pray that your words, ideas and thoughts reach millions of deluded, uninformed, and misinformed Americans. Already those who understand the dangers of Islam and Sharia are on the defensive as Muslims beat their drum signifying their victimization and hurt feelings. Thank goodness that they are such a small minority in this country, but their malicious intentions will acquire hurricane proportions once their numbers become significant. The onslaught will then have the force of a destructive tsunami. Our future as a country depends on defeating Obama, the forces of Marxism he represents, and Islamic Jihad, whether stealth or overt. We will need voices like yours for a long time to come if we are to have any hope of defeating these malicious diseases.

  • Felice

    If Obama and others in his administration are so cavalier and contemptuous about the lives of employees of the federal government – ambassadors and the military, imagine what their indifference must be to the lives of ordinary American citizens. He must be got out of office and everyone who collaborated in the government with this terrible scandal. Either election defeat or impeachment.

  • Jon_Babtist

    It is likely Obama identified more with those attacking the embassy than those protecting it.
    Obama supported his Islamist cousin Odinga who ran for office in Kenya on a platform of installing Sharia Law. When he lost there was rioting, church burnings and killings. Jerome Coursi revealed Obama's emails that showed he not only supported the killings and rioting but suggested and encouraged it. To believe for a moment that Obama is not sympathetic to the most virulent for of Islam is to overlook much of what he has said and done.

  • Nust

    "The innocence of Obama is intertwined with the innocence of Muslims." Please, DO NOT push the whole of Muslim Community into this heck. A true Muslim never wants violence. "Al-Qaeda" is not made up of "Muslims," rather it is a group of brainwashed extremists. And the BRAIN WASHERS are NOT MUSLIMS.

  • Burt

    They blame an unknown video on Youtube that no one had seen, but ignore the 21 times Obama claimed he kill Osama.