The Islamic Paradise of the Needle and Powder

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The world’s largest drug field was formerly in the Bekaa Valley where the land is warm and moist. Reflecting the poor state of agriculture in the Muslim world, some of the most arable land in Lebanon where the Romans raised acres of wheat was turned over to cannabis and opium production. In the ’90s the situation was so bad that 80 percent of the world’s cannabis came out of the valley. The valley helped finance the PLO, Hezbollah and the Syrian army which invaded Lebanon partly to get in on the drug trade.

The Clinton Administration cut deals with the Taliban in Afghanistan and the Syrian occupation of Lebanon to try and cut down on production. Officially production went down, unofficially the party never really stopped.

With the Syrians gone and the PLO living off American foreign aid on the West Bank of Israel, the lucrative Lebanese drug trade is in the hands of the Shiite Islamists of Hezbollah. Drugs have turned the Party of Allah into a global narcoterrorist ring with tentacles in Latin America and ties to Marxist narcoterrorists there and up to America and out across Europe and Asia.

There is no contradiction between the Islamic identity of Hezbollah and its drug trade financed wealth. The Mumbai terrorists of the Army of the Righteous, who during their killing spree murdered a rabbi and his pregnant wife, snorted cocaine. The Beslan terrorists of the Islamic Brigade of Martyrs who murdered hundreds of children were running on heroin. Forensic tests conducted on the bodies of suicide bombers have found that they were routinely given heroin before being sent off on their missions. And if we had been able to run forensic tests on the Al-Qaeda terrorists who carried out September 11 there would probably be a miniature pharmacy in their bodies.

The intimate connection between drugs and Islam began with the prohibition of alcohol. The ban on wine and other spirits made the need for alternatives more urgent. Coffee was the safer alternative to alcohol, and the Middle Eastern obsession with it reflected the outlawing of wine and beer. Religiously coffee was also useful as a stimulant and came in handy in some Muslim rites. But there were more efficacious stimulants that could do more than coffee and those were equally popular.

While there were at times attempts to similarly prohibit drugs, they never achieved the same status as the ban on liquor. Hashish in particular had useful religious and military effects. The right drugs could give the devout the illusion of a mystical experience, allow them to stay up all night memorizing verses from the Koran or make it easier for them to kill and for Muslim leaders to control their private armies.

The Order of Assassins, whose name “Hashishin” derives from the substance they were addicted to, consisted of young men given the drug and told that their visions were a foretaste of paradise. While the Hashishin achieved legendary status the same pattern has become commonplace among Muslim terrorist groups who ply their followers with drugs to addict them and direct them along the path of Islamic terror as the road to the paradise of the powder and the needle.

Culturally the use of drugs is far more widely accepted in the Muslim world than alcohol is. The Ayatollah Khomeini even ruled that, “Wine and all other intoxicating beverages are impure, but opium and hashish are not.” In some countries drug use is so widespread that it has practically become a national identity. That is the case with Qat in Yemen, a plant-based amphetamine whose use is so widespread that its cultivation consumes nearly half the country’s water supply.

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  • David M

    The Muslim world has a BIG drug problem and worse than that is Islam.

    • Roy

      The Western world with all its support of Islamists around the world to fight the Soviets and the billions, no by now trillions, given to the Muslim countries in the 20th century and counting into the 21st century, made it possible for Islam to acend. So many times in Asia and the Middle East and Africa, the Western world favored Muslims over non-Muslims in those regions. The British backed the partition of India, now Pakistan is the world's headache. You thought only the Hindus of India would suffer, and suffer they did as they had for a thousand years because of Islamic jihad. But now you know, undermining non-Muslims elsewhere and favoring Muslims is undermining yourself ultimately vis-a-vis Muslims. Now they, Muslims, are powerful – and still living off of Western billions, and now Western acceptance of Islamists winning "democratic" elections in the Middle East. Still the West gives Muslims money and political legitimacy, and more and more countries are taken over by radicals. The Muslims world owes the Western much thanks for their resurgence. They would not have been so well financed without them.

  • Alvaro

    "While Islamists like to think of themselves as the moral alternative to the decadent West, they have thoroughly corrupted themselves and their own people."

    I know a girl from Teheran. She said she was shocked to see drugged prostitutes in the street s of Teheran down to the age of 9. All of them wore hijab, of course. If not they would have been arrested. Talk about moral and ethical bankruptcy of the people who point their finger at us.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      A Hijab does cover a multitude of sins.

  • Bashy Quraishy

    The Islamic Paradise of the Needle and Powder by Daniel Greenfield is another "Pie in the sky" from FrontPage. It seems that there is no limit to homemade theories, fictional borderline insanity and "rabbits out of hat" mentality among the contributors. I can understand the need for this Islam hate from a certain group because of political and ideological agenda, but there ought to be a limit to the human stupidity.
    If Muslim world has a drug problem how come the biggest users are in Latin America, USA, India and Europe.
    The people in FrontPage often forget that they are living a good life due to the mercy of Arab and Chinese rulers who lend USA billion upon billions of dollars. USA is broke and have no way to give back the money and one day, the whole US economy will come down crashing.
    So instead of bashing the Muslim world and others, please stop going to them with begging bowel and then all the printing of dollars may not be enough to save you.

    Kind regards

    • guest

      too late bash – the world has awakened to the filth that is islam – we're on to you and your twisted, sick 'religion'

      • PhillipGaley

        Myself, I agree with those who say that, in principal character and effect, Moslems have not nearly so much of a religion, as a criminal ideology, and not inculcated in and doctrines, but established upon the mere force of arm-twisting and murder, . . . there are remedies, . . .

    • davarino

      Hows it feel knowing that all muslim countries have to export is oil or drugs. You better hope the oil doesnt run out, or we get smart and start tapping our own reserves. But hey, I think it is smart for us to use up your reserves first then watch as the muslim countries slip back into obscurity because all they did with their oil and drug money was try to take over the world instead of building first world nations (infrastructure, military, education, ….ect.)

      Thanks for lending us the money. We are about to pay it back and stop borrowing

    • Ron Carnine

      Dear Bashy, I find it interesting that you sign your opinion with "kind regards". It seems a bit hypocritical in light of what you had to say. The article is correct. I spent a good portion of my adult life fighting the influx of drugs (cop 16yrs, now retired). Certainly a good portion of drugs are now home grown with the popularity of meth but when it comes to poppy production, Islamic countries are the majority producers. It seems a bit hypocritical to complain about western values like booze when you are producing narcotics. A small amount of money is paid to the poppy producers who with their families live in poverty. The massive amount of money goes into the pockets of the leaders of these Muslim countries. There is no country in the world that gives more money to the Islamic world than does the United States. Your argument falls short and you are just repeating what you've read. Try doing your own investigation into history for it does not lie. An old proverb says if you lie with dogs you'll get up with flees. That is a good truism to describe what goes on in the Islamic World.

    • Genie

      "So instead of bashing the Muslim world and others, please stop going to them with begging bowel and then all the printing of dollars may not be enough to save you.

      Kind regards "

      A veiled threat with "kind regards."

      Isn't that sweet, Daniel?

      Excellent, post. I learned some things.

      Thank you.

      • Daniel Greenfield

        Poor Bashy and his pleading intestines.

    • ISAIAH5417

      There is no such thing as a moderate muslim. Silence! I keel you! hahahaha!

    • Ghostwriter

      Gee,Bashy. Do you ever wonder why many Americans have such a negative view of your religion? Mainly,it comes from people like you who continually blame the United States for all of the Muslim world's problems but do nothing to solve them. It's sad when entire countries like the ones described in the article have to give out poison to other countries just to stay afloat. But then again Bashy,you've never really cared about this country or it's people. What's your solution,Mr. Quriashy or is it more blame?
      Knowing you,just more blame.

    • Erik

      1 in 50 Iranians are heroin addicts.
      Iran has a rate of 7% AIDS infection.
      Afghanistan AIDS 28%


    • crypticguise

      Bash, the truth hurts. This is not news, just becoming more obvious all the time. Iran has the highest percentage of drug addicts in the world.

      Islamic countries export "drugs"…and if they have oil…oil. Oh, yes..they also export terror, murder, intolerance and hatred of non-Muslims. Inshallah.

    • mlcblog

      wow! well, at least bashy is clever about making up a fictitious name. It even rhymes.

  • cheese_burger

    Sure, and we should believe your taqiyya because you say so, right? We kaffirs should trust you because Muslims have such a sterling record of speaking the truth… right?

    The entire Islamic Trilogy is on-line… Koran, Sira and Hadith. There is very little mystery left in the minds of non-Muslims, where the doctrines, beliefs, thoughts and actions of Muslims are concerned. All of your Islamic Ugliness is out there to be read and viewed by the entire world, and there isn't an Islamic Lie big enough or slick enough to fool anyone with even half a brain.

    The 'Apes and Pigs' are coming for you lying Mooze, and there isn't a darn thing you can do, to stop the tsunami.

    What goes around comes around.

    • KarshiKhanabad

      We "infidels" should be thankful that our mortal enemies the Muslims are:

      Born stupid through inbreeding.
      Made more stupid with drug use
      Kept stupid by lifetime indoctrination in their murderous cult-ideology

      And their unholy book tells them they are superior to "infidels".

      What a pack of zombies! Problem is there's so many of them.

      • Indioviejo

        NOT a problem.

  • cheese_burger

    I googled 'maldives percentage muslim', and the results came up 99.41% Muslim, and claiming to be the only country that is 100% Muslim. Check it out.

    So, then I googled 'maldives drug abusers percentage' and came up with a list of hits that indicate that Maldives youth have a 40% addiction rate:

    Another web page:… supports the statistic. Check it out.

    This tiny bit of 'google research' does suggest that an almost 100% Muslim population has a severe drug problem. I suspect that the author of the article, and the people at FrontPageMag did their homework on the article more thoroughly than I did, so I tend to believe that the article is probably based mostly on ascertainable fact.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Yes though I didn't know about the Maldives. Thanks for adding that.

    • ObamaYoMoma

      I suspect that the author of the article, and the people at FrontPageMag did their homework on the article more thoroughly than I did, so I tend to believe that the article is probably based mostly on ascertainable fact.

      That may be true with respect to you. However, if they had done their homework a little more thoroughly, they wouldn't be conflating jihad and terrorism together as being equal and the same, because they would understand that mistake in perception, caused by the false ideology of PC multiculturalism, enables non-violent stealth jihad, such as mass Muslim immigration to the West for the purpose of stealth demographic conquest to make Islam supreme, to occur today throughout the West totally below the radar and completely unopposed.

      • Western Canadian

        It is truly amazing the way this moron keeps offering up his pathetic drivel about his own inability or dishonesty in the jihad/terror link…..

        Who would you believe, the nut job above, or mo himself??

        ‘I have been made successful through terror.’ Mo.

        • ObamaYoMoma

          Actually, the correct translation is: “I have been made successful through jihad,” unless you are reading one of those crappy English translations.

          In any event, according to you what constitutes the greatest threat emanating from Islam today, the threat emanating from violent jihad or the threat emanation from non-violent jihad?

  • Robert Pinkerton

    A L L that cannabis has in common with opium and its derivatives or coca-leaf and its derivatives, is O N L Y that they are all grouped together under the scare-word category, "drugs!" Take the cannabis trade out of criminal hands by rendering it nothing less than flat lawful — to cultivate, to process, to possess for sale, to sell, to buy, to possess for use, to smoke or otherwise use — under concurrent Federal and State tax control.

  • kkkk

    the Islamic Paradise is abolsute suck; it is a made-up sex-heaven where men get to fufill their every wish. they get wine, water, fine material things, perfect temperature, women…and boys!

    • Daniel Greenfield

      If you have to convince a bunch of nomads to die in battle, you have to offer them the kind of things they expect to win in battle.

      Loot and rape.

      • DMW

        Correct. Get 'em to first Covet (against the 10th Commandment) and everything thereafter falls into line.

    • Tabris

      Interestingly all the above things are forbidden on earth but permitted in Paradise. Does that make sense? Why would Allah forbid the same things on earth that are allowed in Paradise?

      Again more proof that Islam is a man made religion that has nothing to do with the truth of the Father taught by Christ.

  • Lady_Dr

    Another ape (pig) applauds your excellent story. But listen, I'd do drugs too if I were a Moslem. Having seen (up close and personal) the ignorance which is typical the average 'educated' Moslem it is the only way out of the hell-hole they have created for themselves.

    Here's a thought from one of my favorite comedians 'why don't we put the big portabello' over these guys?' As an added benefit turning the Sahara into glass would reduce air pollution world-wide.

  • Stuart Parsons

    If I had to pray five times a day to a god for whom there is no verifiable evidence whatsoever and whose 'Prophet' MURDERED all who spoke out against him and with the support of his booty and sex motivated followers, enslaved, lied, plotted, tortured, killed, robbed, ransomed and raped his way to power……. well i would be smoking pot, sniffing cocaine and injecting heroin.

  • Asher

    The Islamic world wants to destroy American culture from within by promoting hard drugs to our youth and the generations that will represent our future. They know that you must divide people, and destroy honest- productive- faith valued youths who grow into honorable and faith valued adults who are productive in society and for their country, not Coke heads who's minds and health are destroyed. check out ERooms and the effects of Cocaine and Herroin on our youths and the strokes, paralysis, and Deaths caused from it.

  • Erik

    TY for mentioning the assassins.If anyone wants a fascinating read just google assassin and learn the history.

    And ty Mr.Greenfield for covering this topic.There has been an explosion of heroin deaths in the midwest (MO,IL) with the government’s import of ME refugees and returning military.Between the Mexican cartels,thugs and muslim drug dealers it seems heroin,coke,hash etc is available to our children in every school and street corner.All sold to supoort gangs,cartels and muslims aka terrorists .

    Interestingly AIDS is becoming a problem in the ME.

    • Demona83

      The assessins were like the CIA's special agents people with no convictions, they are paid to kill. They are not muslims, true muslims will not even step an ant. In the Koran, you find a verse saying: "kill only if they are killing you" which means, you can kill someone only in self defense. Other verses say: "God can forgive anything but taking souls". So the crime of killing someone is never forgiven in the islamic doctrine. These stupid dogs are wasting their time.

      • randy63ism

        @Demona83, Your comments most certainly prove Daniel Greenfield's point in his post above. Only a drug addled mind could produce such an absurd, moronic statement as yours. Well that and an ungodly amount of inbreeding.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    It is not a surprise that the depravity of Islam is tied to drugs, it's use and
    sale. I have wondered how the Mullahs could get their people to act so
    insanely and suspected drugs along with the power over the helpless in
    the mix of misery. We certainly have the drugs in America and that Islam
    is advancing in Europe and somewhat here should be a clarion call that
    wholesale degeneracy could take over, look at our elites as a prime
    example of this mounting problem……….corruption abounds…………William

  • Flipside

    Your attitude toward drugs is not only prudish but superstitious and incorrect. Nobody gets addicted to hashish. On top of that, you are demonizing people for growing or using drugs. What? Did you skip college altogether? What’s next? Muslims have sex? Muslims use too much sodium? Why are you a pansy? Get out there and smoke some hash. It’ll lighten you up.

  • Demona83

    Daniel Greenfield, get your information right!!! Drugs are considered worse than liquor in Islam. Drugs are absolutely forbidden. Those who kill innocent people are not considered Muslims in Islam. So if they are taking drugs, of course they should be, because you should be a junkie in order to kill someone else. Their commanders use drugs in order to control them. These dogs are using stupid men to commit their atrocious acts and that under the flag of religion.

  • Demona83

    Another thing, I've been living in Lebanon for 28 years. I've never saw a drug addict or anyone selling drugs. Not even in the worst ghettos. During all my school and college days, I was never even able to get in touch with any drug resource. Opium was produced in the Bekaa during the civil war and after that it was replaced by other types of agriculture certainly Tobacco plants and USA is the number one importer of Lebanese Tobacco leaves.

    For your information also, most lebanese Christians and Muslims who drink alcohol, do that on occasions only (in the weekend mostly), scarce are those who suffer from alcohol abuse problems. You never see someone having difficulty in walking on the streets in Lebanon because of alcohol use. Also, alcohol is sold freely everywhere in Lebanon.
    If you want to report something about a country, at least visit it or get in touch with its citizens.

    • randy63ism

      @Demona83, You do know spam is made from pork byproducts don't you? Oh, sorry, I forgot, you're on drugs and all that Lebanese blonde hash must have given you a massive case of the munchies. So massive in fact that haram is starting to look halal.

      Don't feel guilty though, I love pork.


  • DrBukk

    Bashy is most likely another male victim of polygamy; unable to get a wife and has no future or children so what else to do but roam the internet in service of Islam?

    On another note, nothing could be better for society than alcohol. It allows people of all social strata to interact and become friends. It relieves pain and stress and facilitates forgiveness. Far more fun than tragedy is the gift of alcohol. In contrast, Muslims are insular, prone to marrying cousins and still obsessed with Cordoba.

  • marga

    How hypocrite can this religion be or at least its followers. UNBELIEVEBLE!!!!