The Israeli George Zimmerman and the Muslim Trayvon Martin

Israel has its own No-Go Zones and in those territories, having an available firearm can mean the difference between life and death… as you are about to see in this video.

Imagine that George Zimmerman was Jewish, as reporters initially thought based on his last name. And imagine that Trayvon Martin was a member of the country’s most hallowed minority group. That’s what happened in this video and the only real difference is that the Muslim Trayvon Martin chose not to repeat his American counterpart’s mistake.

In this video, an Israeli driver is passing through Abu Snan, an Arab area, when he comes under attack. His quick thinking and firearm helped save his life when confronted with an attacker about to break into his vehicle with a 7-pound metal pipe. Often stories like this don’t have happy endings. They end with a dead victim.

This particular incident ended with the attacker sentenced to a year in jail. The driver was unable to stay behind because of the nature of the area, but the Israeli Police did their job and made their arrest. Incidents like these are not unusual and you are only seeing it because the dashboard camera captured the action. But this is life in Israel for those who aren’t privileged enough to be complaining about the price of apartments in Tel Aviv. It’s real and it’s dangerous.

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