The Latino Vote and the DREAM Act

Liberal Republicans and Latino groups are making the case that the Republican Party needed to get behind the DREAM Act to win the Latino vote.

Obama garnered 71 percent of the Latino vote nationwide compared to Mitt Romney’s 27 percent, according to the exit polls. Romney’s showing among Latinos in 2012 is the worst for a GOP candidate since Bob Dole won 21 percent of the Latino vote in 1996. When President George W. Bush won in 2000, he received 44 percent of the Latino vote, and in 2008 John McCain won 31 percent of the vote….

So let’s look at those numbers. Even the best performance by George W. Bush did not break even in the Latino vote. But let’s assume that Republicans successfully jump on the train and push legislation that legalizes millions of illegal Mexican aliens and effectively opens the door to the entry of tens of millions of Mexicans into the United States dramatically shifting the national demographics… further.

In the short term, getting 44 percent of the Latino vote can win elections. In the long term you’re shifting the demographics so that winning elections becomes impossible. And that’s at 44 percent. Imagine it at 31 percent. Then imagine running against the first Democratic Mexican candidate for president.

Demographic unsustainability is as bad as the financial kind. And what is being proposed might win two presidential elections before making it completely impossible to elect a Republican president ever again.

If Republicans really want to focus on a minority group, they might want to try Asians who decisively went to Obama, thanks in no small part to Asian community groups linked to the Democratic Party. Asians are the fastest growing minority in the United States and are far more economically productive and business minded than Latinos.

If the Republican Party is to focus on minorities, go after Asians and Indians, who have values in common with the Republican Party. And keep immigration laws sought of the border as tight as possible or the Republican Party is done.

  • Mary Sue

    I don't think that it's impossible to successfully court these groups. Stephen Harper managed to do so when the Conservatives made a majority government in Canada last time around. A significant number of Conservative Members of Parliament are East Indian (of the Sikh faith, either devout or nominal). The LIberals and the NDP took the support of these groups for granted.

    Granted, there's not a significant presence of black Canadians (many of whom are from Jamaica or transplants from USA) to effect elections to any significant degree compared to say Asians of any sort (including East Indians who are now lumped into "South Asians").

  • BLJ

    I like the Asian and Indian strategy myself. I think the Latino mindset is too set on entitlements and more and more of them show more affection for Mexico anyway. They also but in the idea that the Southwest should be part of Mexico.

    Once the economy really starts to go into the tank the idiots who voted for Obama will all come crying for help. I say leave them to the mother loving rats.

    • gerry

      No,direct to the ones they elected.The party is full of millionaires,so it is quite natural that hey shoud contact them!Those living in California,are the luckiest,Hollywood is the place to go!

  • LMBass

    First, set up charter schools for Hispanic children. If necessary teach them in Spanish, but help them learn English. Build into the curriculum a heavy portion of U.S. history (the real stuff, not left-leaning revisionist material), logic, ethics, and conservative political science. Most Hispanics are strongly connected to family and they could easily be brought into the Republican tent.

    • Seek

      Not buying any of this. Heather Mac Donald, a highly intelligent conservative with the Manhattan Institute, made a powerful case in National Review Online today why Hispanics are NOT “natural conservatives” in need of some extra GOP “outreach.” Face it — a great many Hispanics, especially recent arrivals, won’t assimilate. Not just can’t, won’t.

      How about it if the Republicans engaged in some outreach toward the white vote? Yes, the white vote. Heresy!

      • Steeloak

        I agree. Mexico had a socialist revolution in 1910 and was ruled by a single socialist party (PRI) until 2000. Most Mexicans are socialist in their beliefs and are natural Democrats when they come here. It is fool's gold to think that immigration reform will ever win them away from the Democrat party.
        Instead, the path is a grass roots movement of people reading & studying our founding philosophy and educating themselves and their friends & neighbors. Libertarians and the Tea Party are leading this movement. Socialism has had 100 years to corrupt this country, it may take nearly as long to fix it.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Some Hispanics will assimilate and some will not. Hispanics living in clustered communities and regularly making trips home will assimilate the least.

      Hispanics also covers a wide variety of groups.

      Mexicans in regions near Mexico have historical reasons for believing that the territory belongs to them and that they lost it in an unfair war. Combined with extensive linguistic and cultural accommodation, the assimilation tends to go the other way.

      • Jeff

        Absolutely! The INTELLEGENT and EDUCTED consider assimilation as a necessary course for advancement (just as an "Americano" would learn Spanish if desiring to be an ex-pat living in Mexico), the problems generated are due to the UNEDUCATED: they are the ones who cannot make a living in Mexico, they are the ones who ILLEGALLY ignore international boundaries and law, and they are the most impressionable to the Communists and Anti-American concerns. As far as Mexicans feeling they've received "unfair" treatment by losing territory, they have no one to blame but the Coward of San Jacinto, Generalessimo Santa Ana who pocketed the $$$ of the Gadson Purchase.

        • Jeff

          Whoops! "Gadsen" Purchase.

  • truebearing

    This argument that we have to pander to the Latinos is ridiculous, but it points out how fractured the white voters are when it comes to competing with the racially unified, and hostile, black and hispanic blocks. Whites could win every election, despite the increases in minority populations, but only if they voted just like the other ethnic groups do, as a racially self-interested group who sees other ethnicities as the opponent(s). Whites are the only ethnicity that is so fractured.

    Appeasement doesn’t work and it never has.

  • Ben Cohen

    Agreeing to support the Dreamact just to get a few Hispanic votes is stupid, not because it will hurt the Republicans in the long run but because the Dreamact is bad for America. We have a fundamental problem because the number of people who want to come here vastly exceeds the number we can take in and anything that rewards illegal aliens will attract more illegal aliens. Even hardcore Democrats like Ed Schultz have said this.

  • AngryBruin

    The only thing illegals are interested in is suckling at the teat of government, Obama's government.

  • cynthiacurran

    Republicans ignored asians unless its Orange County Ca with the huge Vietiamise population. But even in the Oc there is always the talk among Republicans to go after the hispanic vote. It may because asians are less christian but about 33 percent of vietmanise are Catholic and about 40 percent of Koreans are protestant.

  • erica

    Illegals have made it clear they can be bought but the cost is too high for us.
    The ones we’ve legalized are trying to barter amnesty programs as a trade off for votes. They don’t act as American citizens, their only interest is “their people .”

    We’ve had 7 amnesty / dream acts ,that is how we got into this mess.
    The more you give up and make them legal citizens ,the more come in illegally expecting their “fair share” and rights .Dream acts turned a trickle of illegals into a flood with welfare as the bait.

    This cycle has been ongoing since the 1970’s.
    How many millions have been legalized for no reason other than political vote grabs ,who pretend illegals contribute to our society . Show me all the great citizens ,businesses and advantages they’ve given the US.Where are the hispanic philosophers ,scientists and entrepreneurs ?

    What benefits can Republicans offer to draw them into the party when liberals already give them everything ? They’ve been bought and paid for already .

  • Mary Sue

    Oh I dunno, if Obama crashes your guys' economy bad enough, it'll be Americans sneaking into Mexico to get the decent paying jobs! :P

    • Jeff

      Light another Bowl Mary Sue (it goes well with the Kool-Aid you're obviously drinking)