The Long-Delayed Trial of the Fort Hood Terrorist

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It’s around 5,000 miles from El-Bireh, a dirty little administrative center for the Palestinian Authority bureaucracy, to Kileen, Texas. A year after Nidal Hasan opened fire in Fort Hood, killing 13 and wounding 29, a public square in El-Bireh was dedicated to Dalal Mughrabi, a terrorist who took part in the murder of 38 Israelis, including 13 children.

El-Bireh may one day yet dedicate a public square to Nidal Hasan, the most famous of its sons, but for now Hasan sits in Bell County Jail, where the Texas weather is twenty degrees warmer than back in El-Bireh, and the families of his victims sit in their own jails, waiting for Hasan to finally be brought to trial.

The Fort Hood courthouse was being boarded up two years ago for the hearings that have dragged on. Fences were added, windows were covered over and the court was made wheelchair accessible as a courtesy for Nidal Hasan, not for any of his victims, like Staff Sgt. Patrick Zeigler, who in the time that Hasan has sat waiting for a trial, has managed to learn to walk again.

Every year the cost of keeping Hasan locked up runs about half a million dollars, payable by the army to the county. That’s over a million dollars in the last two years. Where does all that money go?

Nidal Hasan’s living quarters are not exactly those of the ordinary prisoner. He has a handicap accessible shower in his cell, along with his own bathroom, and a bed with an air mattress.  Those are better conditions than those of veterans in many VA hospitals, who describe everything from blood spills to fecal matter, and who would welcome the kind of facilities that a murderer of American soldiers enjoys.

Hasan’s defense team has relied on one tactic, endless requests for postponements in a delaying game that has gone on for years. After all their delaying tactics, the trial is scheduled for August of this year. Whether it will actually take place then is another matter.

Faced with an unwinnable case, public anger and a difficult client—Hasan’s defenders have stalled for time, hoping that public interest will die down and that their client will become more cooperative at playing the part they need him to play. An insanity defense would be their best shot, but a jihadist like Hasan is not likely to welcome being portrayed as a madman.

The endgame of the defense is to keep Hasan from receiving the death penalty. That’s why a capital mitigation specialist has been digging into Nidal Hasan’s biography looking for a way to unbalance the scales of justice. The mitigation specialist has led to more delays and a quarter million dollar bill to the government for his services on Hasan’s behalf.

Sooner or later Hasan will face some small amount of justice, but it will not be until the defense team has wrung every last billable hour and every dubious claim out of the process, while the families of the dead stand by and wait. If Hasan gets the death penalty, then he will eventually be executed. More likely though he will spend another thirty years in a room with a private shower, with regular visits from a physical therapist, and more comforts than a man in his condition would enjoy out of prison. While the Obama Administration slashes Tricare benefits for veterans, Hasan has nothing to worry about.

Nidal Hasan had told Anwar Al-Awlaki that he couldn’t wait to join him in Islamic paradise, but for now his paradise is taxpayer hell, as the men he tried to kill are forced to help foot the bill for his daily comforts. Meanwhile the years pass.

To the Obama administration’s misfortune, the shooting happened on an army base by a terrorist who was serving as a military psychiatrist, making it impossible to move him into the civilian court system.  But it has done its part by refusing to recognize him as an Islamic terrorist, or a terrorist of any kind. Instead the Fort Hood Massacre was classified as “workplace violence.”

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  • Goemon

    He wants to join anwar al alaki in paradise? Seriously? Hahaha, he’s in for a big (and very hot) surprise!

    • David, Thailand

      No surprise at all, he will be dead then. In reality he is alive and believes that Paradise is waiting for him.

  • Larry

    He was a serving military officer, and killed and wounded serving military personnel. He should have faced a military court and a firing squad years ago. The fact that the AG has never met an anti-American terrorist he didn't like should never have been allowed to interfere with that.
    As for it being "work place" violence, what a crock of obama!!!!!!!

    • Johncdavidson

      Eric Holder should be the one on trial for allowing this to drag on for far too long. The criminal element in our society is having a field day since he took control of the American justice system.

      • Chiggles

        He has no jurisdiction.

      • trickyblain

        That's strange. because the crime rates in virtually every statistical category have dropped every year he's been in that position. For example, the number of murders is below any year since 1968, when we had over 100 million fewer people in the US.

      • Roger

        The only thing that would have made this guy more popular with Holder is if he carried a night stick outside a polling station to scare away non muslim white folks.

    • BS77

      yeah, same for old 9/11 KSM…who has spent YEARS in Guantanamo loading up on fried chicken and ice cream, goofing off, playing cards or whatever…….this is sickening..

  • Mick

    I say let him meet his mates in paradise, let us help him to get there as soon as possible, maybe allowing a convicted serial killer to share his cell with him for a time, and a little incentive to the serial killer to tidy up while he is in that cell, then when the terrorist os gone he can have it, as a reward for services rendered.

  • oldtimer

    All part of the Islamist plan..Tie up the courts, costing US taxpayers millions. They attack in all directions. He should have be brought before a judge immediately after the crime, and hung or shot.

    • Roger

      And the fact that this administration (with a president of muslim heritage) allows it shows which side they're fighting on.

  • KarshiKhanabad

    Nidal Malik Hasan, born & raised here in the belly of the "Great Satan", is a perfect example of an "All American Muslim". Growing up amid our freedom of choices & personal liberty seems to have moderated his Islamic faith not in the slightest. Hasan remains a pure Muslim even though surrounded by "infidels".

    • Alex

      Excellent comment!!!! This is the rut of our demise – liberal agenda brought to practice. US services as a dumping ground for the relief valves from the islamic countries.

  • davarino

    So its obvious who's side this "president" is on, and he was slick enough to sucker Americans into voting for him. He is a discrace to the office and a slap in the face of all military personell. On the one hand he acts like he has respect for the troops and on the other he continues the real war against America.

    Why is this piece of $hit nadal still breathing air. He should have been eliminated like the human debris he is.

    • Porky's2istan

      Don't blame Obama

      I think any president would do the exact same thing going all the way back to Ford. We are addicted to that black crack called oil, and the muslims have it. Until we kick that addiction we are on our knees sucking muslim, "oil spigots".

      Bush was just as chummy with Saudi Arabia. If there were any justice on this earth the wahhabi peddeling saudis would be nuked off the face of the earth, instead we kiss them (bush), bow (obama) and hold thier hands (bush).

  • StephenD

    Terrorist Attack becomes "workplace violence" and a want to be King becomes "President." All that's left is for Free Citizens to be come "Subjects."

  • Johncdavidson

    Everything seems to be on hold while we, the people, are deciding whether we want to tranform our system of governance to the policies advocated by Karl Marx or to retain those principles this nation was founded upon.

    Socialism removes power from the people and gives it to theorists. That's always been a problem throughout history, but with this bunch, it has reached a very serious level.

    I don't mind the stall. I do mind that so many still are being fooled by this administration that they care about our welfare.

    So, this November, we must put an end to this madness immediately, then we can settle these other issues realistically.

  • Schlomotion

    When Hasan gets the lethal injection, I wonder exactly how many minutes Mr. Greenfield's eyes will sparkle and how long he will rub his hands together and cackle before reverting to the bitter, shriveled man who needs another execution, one more war, and ten more yards of Israel in order to smile.

    • reader

      I thought that you were "Cacausian" who does not care about the likes of Hasan. Yet, the urge to troll gets the better of you. Your takiyya is really sloppy.

    • tagalog

      Schlomotion, shscholomotion!

      • Looking4Sanity

        Shlub lotion.

    • Looking4Sanity

      All I know is that when you croak, we're all going to have a week long feast and celebration.

      • Schlomotion

        Stop likening me to Jesus. You are making me blush.

        • Looking4Sanity

          It never occurred to me that you had a messiah complex. I suppose it's only natural, considering your own deity is none other than Obama himself.

          • Schlomotion

            I suppose I could tell you one more time that I voted for McCain…

          • Looking4Sanity

            Unlikely…as anti-semites rarely turn out to be Republicans. Your story doesn't add up.

          • Schlomotion

            Maybe you should use something other than a religious fundamentalist calculator.

          • Looking4Sanity

            Perhaps you should abandon the stupidity of atheism.

          • 4_Constitution

            Guess who?!

          • Looking4Sanity

            Welcome back! You were missed.

          • 4_Constitution

            Thanks! :o)

            I feel refreshed for taking a few months off from this stuff. After last night's win, I'm in a good mood today!

          • LazyBoyPatriot

            Skip to the loo? :o)

          • 4_Constitution


            I was thinking about renting one of these. Crutches are a B….I just went into moderation for saying that word. LOL.

          • LazyBoyPatriot

            Yeah, I hate crutches too. Too much like being a regressive cripple or, just as bad, one of these:

          • MAD JEWESS

            He is a Jew HATER.
            Why are you calling him an 'anti-semite?'

          • reader

            I suppose you keep throwing around self-contradicting snippets because you're used to your ward mates who believe everything you say.

          • MAD JEWESS

            You voted McCain?
            That sounds racist.


      Schlocky cried a river over the execution of his "freedom fighter" osama bin laden.

      Happy Eternal Nakba Schlocky!

    • Atlas_Collins

      I think his execution should be hanging by pig intestines, then he should be drawn and quartered and it should all be televised on every broadcast and cable television channel. Then every subhuman muslim in North America should be interned and deported to "muslim lands" where they will feel more comfortable amongst their own subhuman kind.

      Just sayin …

      • Looking4Sanity

        A little controversial, but I could get on board with that. The whole "drawn and quartered" thing on a corpse is a little over the top though. What would be the point?

        • Roger

          In case the pig entrails aren't strong enough to hang him to death.

    • RoguePatriot6

      I used to somewhat, respect you, that is until you made this disgraceful comment. Then what little respect I had, quickly evaporated. I used to think that even a JEW HATING BIGOT like you could even stoop as low as this, but that's my bad forgetting that nothing is really beneath lib/progs. Even if this comment you made was supposed to be a joke, it's tasteless and one more slap in the face for those whose loved ones died in this barbaric incident of ISLAMIC TERRORISM.
      Yea that's right, I said it, ISLAMIC TERRORISM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Since you are so quick to judge Mr Greensfields disposition as someone who enjoys death, I have a question. Will your eyes sparkle when American taxpayers have to pay their hard earned bucks to support this mass murderer's life sentence in prison?

      • Schlomotion

        No. My eyes will sparkle when someone does an expose' on what an unpatriotic dump Fort Hood is and how it's a base for leading attacks and drones against the American people.

        • RoguePatriot6

          Why question the soldier's patriotism at Fort Hood? Why not question the patriotism of the administration that would give the orders to do such a thing? Why don't you question the patriotism of those who took the Patriot Act (designed and intended to protect the American people from it's enemies) and now waves this about and turns it on it's own people as a foolish child would wielding a loaded gun?

          If you are really concerned about it, get to the root of the issue.

          • Schlomotion

            I agree with that. I just don't buy in that the Patriot Act was conceived with the best intentions and corrupted by subsequent Presidencies. I think we have passed well into the period where the Oath Keepers are necessary.

  • tagalog

    I'm with Nidal Hasan: I too can't wait for him to join Anwar al-Awlaki. Why can't the defense team help Mr. Hasan out in that regard?

  • sedoanman

    Re: "…better conditions than those of veterans in many VA hospitals, …"

    Once again showing that you have no rights until you've committed a crime.

    • Johncdavidson

      The VA wnted to send me to one of their hosptals 2 years ago, Said I needed new heart valves. I told them I'd rather smoke a cigarette. Turned out to be the better choice for I'm still taking care of myself without a crutch..

  • BS77

    Interesting contrast between Timothy McVeigh, who was jailed, tried , convicted and executed relatively fast….and this pile of garbage, who keeps drawing breath as the months and years go by. I guess in our PC liberal "justice" system, some animals are "more equal" than others.

    • Afghandad



    Will CAIR agree to stone hasan to death?

    Will CAIR agree to hang hasan from a construction crane as their paymasters in Iran do to gays?

    Will CAIR agree to behead hasan?

    Will CAIR agree to cut off hasan nose as the taliban do to girls in Afghanistan?

    • Roger

      Fair is fair, if he fought to push sharia, why not allow it to be used for his trial?

  • Vince V. Viggins

    This is proof positive that the judicial system is in deep doo doo, putting it mildly…the fact that this is being POLITICIZED is beyond common sense.

    Those inept fools running this country need to be removed from service.

    They are all guilty of legalized crooks thieves liars, self centered, self praising inept buffoons, every last one of them should be flushed down the crapper.

    When Lincoln was shot, they rounded up 5 or 6 of those responsible, and they were all hung within a week. The same swift justice should be given to Naddel – sooner rather than later…

    The main stream media already has him tagged as THE VICTIM!! Shame on them for being blatant fools too!

    • trickyblain

      "When Lincoln was shot, they rounded up 5 or 6 of those responsible, and they were all hung within a week."

      It was more like a matter of months (April – July). Alas, probably not the best example as there is considerable doubt that two of the hanged were actually guilty.


    Schlocky, I recommend you get a blood transfusion from your hasan, after he has received his justice.

  • mrbean

    No trial. Take this arrogant sand n&*ger out at dawn shoot him in the head, wrap him in his prayer rug soaked in pig grease and burn him, then scatter his ashes in a pig excrement pond.

    • Vince V. Viggins

      There there Mr. Bean…that is awful, BUT GOOD! ; )

      • Roger

        I bet his cooks slip him food cooked with lard.

  • Iron Yank

    Any bets that Hassan will be on Barak & Holders pardon list at the end of his term? I think they love what Hassan did because most or all the victims were white.

  • RoguePatriot6

    Why don't they just call the death sentence, "death by old age". I say this because more than likley that's what you'll die of before they execute you. Our justice system is such a politicized joke, it's pathetic. Whatever happened to "speedy trial"?

    It's insane what the Justice System will prosecute and focus on.
    BP CEO for Gulf Spill disastre
    A border patrolmen who shot and killed a cartel member in a firefight that killed his partner (and probably friend)
    George Zimmeran (very questionable if he actually committed a crime) Yet MSNBC, NBPP, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and Maxine waters seem to have all of the facts

    But they won't prosecute
    Those who illegally cross our borders and committ crimes in many cases
    The NBPP for placing a bounty on someone's head without due process
    Blacks that were involved with assaults and murders in retaliation for this perceived racially charged incident involving Zimmeran and the death of Trayvvon
    Nor those involved with Operation Fast and Furious which resulted in the death of borderpatrol agents and countless Mexicans who were shot and killed by the influx of guns to cartel members.

  • Hank Rearden

    This guy should have been considered a foreign soldier masquerading in a U.S. uniform and shot summarily as a spy. It should have happened the next day, and if they had to prop him up on a stretcher, so be it.

  • Jimi Belton

    We need a lot of Divine Intervention in this nation….else we perish…pray, pray, pray,…people of faith….Maybe G-d will hear us and turn our captivity,…[from the EVIL one]

  • clarespark

    It was the Fort Hood massacre that started my study of military psychiatry. It is a sorry mess. See…. I posted a query on a scholar discussion group of the history of psychiatry, and was directed to the books you see mentioned in my blog series.

  • Akoni

    The man committed (1) 13 counts of murder (2) because those murders were of soldiers in a state of war; An act of war (3) Treason, as he killed fellow americans in uniform. He should have been executed long ago.

  • Akoni

    And, by the way, Obama, the Oval Office occupier, is illegal; whether or not he was born in the US, his father was not a US citizen, therefore he is not ellegible to the Presidency. He is a usurper, along with all the Media and Politicias who are in cahuts with him in this conspiracy of silence and intimidation, Get rid of the treasonous scoundrel.

    • C.R.

      Barack H. Obama is illegally occupying the office of the president–and everything he has done in this position is illegal!

  • C.R.

    Justice will not come for the victims of this Islamic terror, from the corrupt American justice system–whatever happens to Nidal Hassan will not help the victims!

    Nidal Hassan an Islamic terrorist needs to be executed!

    Muslims should never be allowed into the military–Islam hates America and this will never change.

  • Supreme_Galooty

    Americans have gone soft. And I mean SOFT since the days of Rosy The Riveter. It shames and embarrasses me to be forced to share the country with such wimpy milquetoasts. May they rot in their bastions of academe, their Byzantine, miasmatic bureaucratic mazes, their union halls, their city halls, their ivy halls. A pox on the pompous bastards wherever they are found.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    Will Hasan plead not guilty by reason of Insanity? As and Islamist he may have a good argument
    in that way,crazy by culture, mad by design and evil by nature. Give him a fair trial and hang

  • Amused

    The UCMJ does not guarantee a speedy trial , bail or any of those things .Detention can be as long as the Mlitary wishes . Preparation of charges can take as long as the military wishes .And any defense delays can be cut short anytime the military wishes . Only one thing is for sure ,according to the UCMJ , ths P.O.S. will be executed .

  • Ted G

    For this alone I call obama a traitor!

  • Greta Wanyik MD

    Why the long wait? Do they hope we forget? We will never forget any terroristic act against our country,
    This man is a mass murderer, the name terrorist is to good for him. He is not a maryr either, also he would like that title. He is a brainwashed scum, full of hate and self unworhiness, a coomon crimal murderer. He wanted to show he
    is somebody, yes he is a reincarnate Satan. Beeing a physician makes this also totally inexcusable, he supposed to save lives and not take it. Let him meet his fate, according to our western law, he committed the crime here.

  • Schlomotion

    It's always amusing the various ways people confer sanity onto themselves.

  • RoguePatriot6

    Funny how you wold call the people who would feel relieved that our country is minus one less traitor that took the lives of "CITIZENS", that you were so concerned about in a comment below, "insane". Yet sanity to you would be for the American taxpayers to pay millions a year to support this traitor's lifelong stint in prison.

    I'm not in the hate game either however I wouldn't cause any more disgrace or pain to those who have already experienced far too much from this dude, in order to make his life confortable.