The Love Story of Romeo and Omar

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Of the remaining Canadian citizens of Clan Khadr, Abdullah was caught while trying to acquire surface-to-air missiles to resell to a high-level member of Al-Qaeda. Canada has refused American requests to extradite him. But like Romeo, Abdullah Khadr has gone into documentaries and has appeared in “Son of Al-Qaeda.”

Zaynab Khadr married a terrorist at a wedding attended by Osama bin Laden and has been accused of aiding Al-Qaeda. In an interview she has said, “I’d love to die a martyr. It’s a desire that I believe that any Muslim would have or should have.”

Abdurahman Khadr, once a temporary ward of Osama bin Laden, was captured and also sent to Gitmo. He is also back in Canada and the scriptwriter for “Hotel Rwanda,” which featured Romeo Dallaire, is supposed to be writing the movie based on his life. The producers would like Johnny Depp to play him.

There’s only one conclusion to be drawn from all this. Romeo Dallaire is looking for a new movie deal. Rwanda, which he has spun into a string of films starring his mustache, is old news. Afghanistan is still new news. African genocide is so ’90s, but sympathetic Islamic terrorists are so ’00s.

The Khadrs have been in more movies than Romeo Dallaire and he would like to work on a joint deal. Maybe “The Love Story of Romeo and Omar,” a drama about a general and a 25-year-old child soldier battling to come home and blow up parts of Canada. Even if Johnny Depp doesn’t come calling, there’s bound to be at least one CBC documentary in it for him.

Romeo Dallaire, freelance moral conscience of the world, walking proof that you can watch genocide happen and then turn that into a lucrative career of telling people how sad the genocide made you, is joining forces with Abdul, Zaynab and Abdurahman to bring the last Khadr to Canada. Unlike Zaynab, he probably won’t go on a hunger strike while sitting in a burqa on Parliament Hill. Instead he will wax his mustache and deliver furious denunciations of the United States and Canada for refusing to give him Omar right this minute.

In 2008, Romeo Dallaire compared the United States and Canada to terrorists. Conservative Member of Parliament Jason Kenney replied: “Is it your testimony that al-Qaeda strapping up a 14-year-old girl with Down syndrome and sending her into a pet market to be remotely detonated is the moral equivalent to Canada’s not making extraordinary political efforts for a transfer of Omar Khadr to this country?”

“Absolutely,” Romeo Dallaire replied.

So speaks the man whose own bio on his own site shamelessly praises his “defiant dedication to humanity” and talks up his “courage and leadership.” A “devoted humanitarian,” our poor Romeo sits on the anti-terrorism committee, but cannot tell the difference between Al-Qaeda and Canada. This is the mark of the moral blindness which is the true devil whose bony hand Romeo shook in Rwanda and which he still clasps as he agitates for Omar Khadr.

Christopher Speer, along with nearly a million Rwandans, is dead. While the Khadr clan romps through Canada, defended by Romeo’s valiant mustache, Christopher’s children were left with no father. They are the true “child-soldiers,” forced to face the world alone in a war that the Khadr clan wanted.

We know how many Rwandans died because Romeo stood below the genocide balcony with firepower, but no will to use it. The question now is how many Canadians will die because of Romeo Dallaire?

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  • Jakareh

    Outstanding article. I had only recently heard of Romeo Dallaire. He didn't move a finger to stop the genocide in Rwanda–he had orders, you know–but he's supposed to be a hero. Why? Because he felt bad about the whole thing. Incredibly, he seems to think that shaking hands with one of the head butchers was an act of courage. In less relativistic times, a military officer–the modern-day equivalent of a knight–would have been expected to lop off the head of such an individual nice with him.

    Romeo Dallaire went to Rwanda and showed himself to be a coward. Back home in Canada, he proved himself a traitor.

    • Jakareh


      would have been expected to lop off the head of such an individual instead of making nice with him.

  • David R

    Romeo Dallaire is still shaking hands with the devil and doesn't even have a moral inkling of the consequences. This Canadian Royal 22nd Regiment mustachio started his own career as a small and unimpressive boy soldier in the Republic of Quebec, and made it up the ranks to general. Quite small in stature, he probably developed a complex, and like many small Napoleons and Hitlers in society, always wanted to wear bigger shoes and possess the power toy to impress and compensate for a weak self-esteem.
    Rwanda was too big for his capacities and competence, just like the world issues today, obliging him to make major decisions and counselling he must now make as an ornament in the Senate. Having to live up to his movie star status and earn his expensive keep, he still tries as hard as the devil lets him to stand out…but always showing his moral blindness in situations where true logic and compassion must stand out.
    I wonder if he has a picture of Christopher Speers beside his beloved Omar sitting on his desk, and I also wonder how the heroic medic hero's family feel towards Dallaire's blind quest to make wrong seem right, while wasting Canadian taxpayers money and the country's solid world reputation, trying to save a radical Muslim terrorist who was bred from birth to hate and destroy us and God's blessed Jewish people.
    Regardless of Romeo's moral confusion, he still has a chance ahead of him to truly show compassion towards his terrorist teen…why not offer him a place to stay when he sets foot in Canada? Surely Dallaire's home would be the ideal haven to rehabilitate this killer and make him forget all the nasty injustices done to him by us?
    But Romeo be warned…while you chant your blind love words to Omar up on your balcony, he might just drop a bomb-laced flower pot on your head, or worst still…while you sleep with his photo next to you, watch that he doesn't slit your throat with the very razor you use to trim your now famous moustache!

  • Bet

    Had never heard of him before. A rat from hell.

  • David R

    Romeo Dallaire is still shaking hands with the devil and doesn't even have a moral inkling of the consequences. This Canadian Royal 22nd Regiment mustachio started his own career as a small and unimpressive boy soldier in the Republic of Quebec, and made it up the ranks to general. Quite small in stature, he probably developed a complex, and like many small Napoleons and Hitlers in society, always wanted to wear bigger shoes and possess the power toy to impress and compensate for a weak self-esteem.

  • TruthPlease

    ignorance pandering to the ignorant

    • aspacia

      Invalidate the claims, and stop with the fallacious personal attacks.

  • Oleg

    While I don't agree with his position on Omar Khadr I think this comes off as too much of a hit piece on Romeo Dallaire. I don't know what political career he was supposed to have built from his military service and experience in Rwanda, unlike the U.S senate Canadian senators are appointed by the prime minister, either Jen Creatin or Paul Martin, and are not elected, so it's not like using media exposure would have got him elected to the job.
    As for stopping the Rwandan genocide, maybe he could have done more but it was only a small peacekeeping force, not an entire battalion. There was also no support from anyone else to put a stop to the genocide, all of the other peackeeping forces were withdrawn, what about their cowardice?
    With regard to Omar Khadr, this is also not a cause celeb for Romeo Dallaire alone, this is the position of the Liberal Party of Canada. Even though Khadr was detained in 2002 while the Liberals were in office, and held in detention from that time until 2006 when they left office, they did not concider him an issue. Once they were gone and the Conservative war in power all in a sudden it became the human rights cause of the Liberal party and the rest of the Canadain left, even though he was captured, detained, and interrogated in Gitmo on their watch. Dallaire is just another Liberal Party foot soldier doing his job of bashing Harper's Conservatives.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      And do you really think his international profile had nothing to do with his appointment?

    • aspacia

      Dallaire is a threat to Canada and and naive regarding the West's enemies. Why apologize for this fool?

  • Ar'nun

    "which at the age of 25, makes him one of the oldest child soldiers in history"

    Well to be fair, Daniel, according to President Obama a 25 year old isn't adult enough to get their own Health Insurance!. ;)

    • Daniel Greenfield

      And a 45 year old isn't independent enough to be able to decide whether to get health insurance or not…

  • Ar'nun

    "Maybe “The Love Story of Romeo and Omar,”"

    Or maybe Broke Back Jihad. A love story where a moustached creton helps a child soldier fit bombs in an uncomfortable place.

  • Barry

    Absolutely brilliant again, Daniel….one more reason I am not proud to be a Canadian.

  • Rory

    Dallaire was, is, and always will be a contemptible, cowardly little villain of a man. As a serving officer of Her Majesty's Canadian Armed Forces he was a worthless little politician of a General- just the thing for serving as Commander of a U.N. mission. "The Right Stuff" in that context meaning a snivelling, whining, incompetent. As a serving member of the Canadian Army, I am ashamed to breathe the same air and inhabit the same province as this disgraceful, worthless little self-promoter. Anyone who reads this forum, or has an interest in justice, freedom, and actual "Human Rights" should be outraged at the utter duplicity, hypocrisy, and shamelessness of this pathetic vestige of a human being. He didn't even have the balls to kill himself effectively. Rather, he made a couple of shameful "suicide attempts" which were nothing more than pathetic attempts at getting attention, which- unlike his attempts at self destruction- were entirely successful. Shame on him. Always and forever!

    • Michael

      You are right 100%This pathetic sick man belong to mental institution.

  • Silver Scumbag

    The respect the Canadian public has for this useless clown who has done nothing in his life but live on the nipple of the Canadian over taxed public.

    The belief that Omar Khadr is an innocent child soldier is wrong. Like another over paid Senatorial clown, Irwin Cutler, the Canadian version of Bernie Sanders, in politics to feed his own pocket, he believes the same.

    In fact, Irwin has written such in many editorial Op-Eds. Yet, while Irwin's constituents are 75% Jewish, I cannot find any public editorial demanding the release of Gilad Shalit when he was held by the hamas vermin.

    Terrible shame Canada allows these no talent bums a life long salary and pension. Canada is broke 10 times Tuesday with limited credit.

    Our govt leeches and parasites do not make me proud to be Canadian. But as far as I can see, every Western govt. is full of leeches and parasites. This is the nature of govt.

  • mrbean

    As for Rwanda, Rwanda has main three ethnic tribes namely Hutu, Tutsi and Twa. The historic rivalry and hatred between Hutu and Tutsi tribes which ultimately led to the brutal genocide in the year 1994. In this genocide people of Tutsi tribes were killed at a massive level. The local African media incited the slaughter of Tutsi tribes by broadcasting volatile matter. The UN peacekeepers were very poorly equipped for combat. Remember that even young boys were wieldin machetes chopping of limbs and heads. Canadians as peacekeepers at that time were instructed by their leaders in Ottawa not to engage in combat with the local population lest Canada be labeled "baby killers" like those awfull Americans. As for Romeo Dallaire. he was, is, and always will be a"Trudeau" political eltitist who is unfit for commanding any combat unit anyway.

  • Canuck

    If nothing is done soon by the Canadian government, in the next few months, Omar Khadr will be returned by the US to Canada – Barack Obama practically pardoned him. However, Khadr may be dangerous, and at least will be a propaganda win for al-Qaida. Because the MSM and legal societies strongly support Khadr, he will be a media darling, and may win a settlement of millions of taxpayer dollars in a lawsuit against the government. BTW, Irwin Cotler’s riding is less than one third Jewish, and support by Jews and others in the riding is swinging towards the Conservative Party.

  • Drakken

    The time has come to make sure the troops of any western nation does not take muslim prisoners, the only good muslim jihadist is a dead muslim jihadist. Take Kadr and his inbred relatives and take them out back and hang them.

  • marios

    Everything and everyone having connection to Liberals (in his case to Liberal party of Canada) has the result: corruption, betrayal, hypocrisy, cynicism… Nowadays Liberals are leftists, socialists, neo-communists… the same definition actually for all of those titles. Leftists have the same goal as Islamists and use much the same in tactic as the last ones. Almost in all Western countries they control media and use propaganda as main arm to fool gullible people as under democracy they so far need to be elected. once they grab power their regime remind pure dictatorship. I think that many Liberals/leftists are on Islamists payroll. Saudi's use petrodollars to destroy Western countries from within, for instance. So that Romeo is just symptom of fatal modern illness "Liberalism".

  • RonL

    Romeo Dallaire is a detestable souless party hack and leftist clown. But he is nowhere near as contemptible as the people who vote for his.

  • Ghostwriter

    I wonder what the slogan for Romeo Dallaire's campaign will be? "Vote for me,I failed to stop a genocide" or "Elect me and I'll coddle terrorists"? Sounds to me as though the only position Dallaire would be qualified for is dog catcher.

  • UCSPanther

    The Khadr family are as much loyal Canadian citizens as the German American BUND around WWII were loyal American citizens…

  • Leo

    Canada does not want Khadr. Dallaire is just another of those bleeding heart liberals, pandering to a certain elitist group who do not realize that Khadr is an unrepentant murderer but still are willing to take him back into this country. Perhaps Daillaire should move to Afghanistan and take Khadr into his own home in that god forsaken country

  • Stephan

    Daniel, you are such a good writer. You should write something like "White Cells" together with Pierre Rehov.

  • Diane

    This is certainly an intriguing case. The Canadian Supreme Court has twice declared the Gtmo trial illegal and Khadr's rights violated, with Canadian participation, in 2008 and in 2010. They didn't uphold lower court decisions ordering the Government to ask for Khadr's return, because they didn't want to interfere in foreign policy, but they said the Government's foreign policy had to be in accordance with Canadian law and had to consider the need for a remedy to the violation of the rights of an individual.

    Canada's participation in the trial consisted of about 3 intelligence interrogations, out a large number of others, conducted at Gtmo when Khadr was 16 or 17 and had no legal advice at the time, nor knowledge that he would be charged with a crime, according to Canadian officers.

    The Government's first action in response to the Court was to ask the US not to use "Canadian" evidence in the trial. The US said it was up to the judge. How one would know the "Canadian" evidence from the other evidence is hard to say, but the judge didn't exclude any. The Government's next action in response to the Court decision seemed to be signing the agreement to "favourably consider" transferring Khadr to a Canadian prison to serve out the remainder of an 8 year sentence after one more year in Gtmo. According to the agreement, signed in September of 2010, they knew this would be used by the US to help convince Khadr to plead guilty and accept the deal on the sentence. But, would this really remedy to the violation of rights the Court declared? Who knows? Possibly it would be considered the best Canada could do under the circumstances.

    The request for transfer was received, as expected, and the US approved, as expected, but the Government has been stalling ever since. Khadr's lawyers have launched yet another court case, asking the courts to force the Government to live up to the deal and make a decision. The Government says it's missing information and wont talk any more because the case is before the courts. What information could there be that they couldn't have requested before they agreed to "favourably consider" a transfer, or very soon thereafter, almost two years ago?

    Public opinion hasn't really changed. Canadians have always been roughly evenly divided, except that, predictably, the side opposing Khadr's return has grown more vociferous, knowing it might happen sooner rather than later, and, predictably, a lot of the most vociferous are among the Government's own supporters.

    It seems Khadr must be returned to Canada at the end of his sentence, if not before. Can the US be expected to keep a Canadian citizen in prison indefinitely, after offering him a plea bargain and after the sentence runs out, just because Canada refuses to take him back? There is no argument to expect any other country to take him.

    It would seem to be in Canadian security interest to get him to a prison in Canada ASAP, so Canadians can assess the situation for themselves and get an idea of what is best to do from a security point of view, what measures are needed to mitigate any risk, what kind of surveillance methods can be used after the sentence runs out, and so on. There doesn't seem to be any argument that the US or any other country should assume this responsibility at this point, unless I'm missing something.

  • Not Ovenready

    Bang on. We need you to speak in Canada.