The Most Adorable Muslim Beheading Sign You Will Ever See

Welcome to Sydney, Australia, where Islam is introducing its version of family values to the country. Aren’t they so cute?

Australian officials are bewildered and outraged by this adorable display of a Muslim family teaching its children to kill non-Muslims.

NSW Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione says he was outraged to see children holding signs that called for the beheading of anti-Islamists at a Sydney protest. “It was an outrage,” he told reporters in Sydney today. “To see a young child with a placard thrust in his hand calling for the beheading of a person is simply something I cannot comprehend. It’s just not what we teach our children.”

But Andrew fails to see that it is what Muslims teach their children. And Muslims may hold Australian citizenship, but they are not Australians. They are Pakistanis, Indonesians, Malaysians or Lebanese who happen to  live in Australia and hold local citizenship. Their allegiance is to the Religion of Peacefully Beheading People.

The Muslim family is not doing anything wrong by their standards. Islam, from Mohammed’s day, killed people who offended him. This is their religion and Australia, like America, Canada and Europe, is going to have to come to terms with that.

Prime Minister Julia Gillard says the violence seen at a Sydney protest against an anti-Islam film has no place in Australia. Six police officers were injured during clashes outside the US consulate yesterday.

‘‘I absolutely condemn the violence that we saw yesterday,’’ Ms Gillard told reporters in Brisbane where she addressed the Queensland ALP state conference. She said the anti-Islam film, which was made in the US, was ‘‘truly repulsive’’ but ‘‘there is never any excuse for violent behaviour’’.

‘‘To anybody who wants to replicate that behaviour today, I just want to say very strongly that this kind of conduct has no place on the streets of our country,’’ the prime minister said.

But it does. If Islam is going to be in Australia then Salafists beating Sydney cops and tykes holding up KILL THE INFIDELS signs is going to be part of Australian life.

As Andrew Bolt points out, “Violence Works.”

Communications Minister Stephen Conroy has called for YouTube to consider taking down a video that ridicules the Prophet Mohammed which sparked a violent protest in Sydney yesterday.

Conroy joins Obama and probably every Euro politician in calling for censorship. As if the riots are about the video, rather than about the power of violence.

The gap must be closed, Gentlemen

But in response to the violence in Sydney, and to similar outbreaks across the world, Foreign Minister Bob Carr said he had asked all Australian diplomatic posts to “redouble their efforts” in closing the gap between Islamic and western societies….

“I have asked Australia’s diplomatic posts around the world to redouble their efforts to bridge the gap between civilizations to encourage the overlap of cultures and the dialogue between faiths,” the Foreign Minister said.

Poor Bob. Doesn’t he see that the civilizations are already overlapping? When there are children holding signs calling for beheadings in Sydney, then the civilizations have already overlapped and he doesn’t like the results.

NSW Premier Barry O’Farrell said he was “horrified” by the street battles and clashes with police yesterday. “We’ve got 200 different nationalities in this city but what we saw yesterday was the unacceptable face of multiculturalism,” Mr O’Farrell said.

Why not call it what it is, the Muslim face of multiculturalism… because Islam is not multicultural. It is for one culture, its culture, and for beheading all other cultures.

Tony Abbott said the ugly scenes did not fairly reflect the Islamic people of Australia. The Opposition Leader said newcomers to Australia were not expected to surrender their heritage, but were expected to surrender their hatreds.

But what if heritage is indivisible from hate? What if religion commands you to hate and kill to protect your identity? What then?

How do you deal with people whose family values can be seen displayed in the lovely outing above? Is there any place for such people in Australia, America or Canada? Sure, so long as we understand that as a result, there will eventually no longer be any place for anyone else. Just Muslims, their hatreds, their holy books and their way of life.

Nationals senator Barnaby Joyce said politicians should speak out to protect Australia “from what we might become years down the track”.

“It’s not xenophobic to ask what is in your national interest and what values we support and what actions we will condone,” Senator Joyce told the Nationals’ federal conference in Canberra.

No, it’s sane and sanity has become a rare commodity.

  • גבר עצוב

    My question is this: In which (corresponding) year of the downfall of the Roman Empire are we now? My current guess: we are at about the year 350 CE, more or less. So, you think that means I think we still have another hundred years or so? I hope so, but I dunno … in fact, I would guess not …

    Things happen much more quickly now …

    We need help … NOW.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Downfall is a process. Or to put it another way, you wouldn't have wanted to live in the Roman Empire even long before any of the dates that mark its official fall.

      • גבר עצוב


        No, given my druthers I wouldn't have wanted to live during the protracted period of Roman downfall, but, G-d help us, we are doing precisely that now. The USA, the light of civilization that has provided protection to our lives as Jews, and made possible the establishment of the other light, Israel, appears to be somewhere on the downfall slope. As I wrote, my guess is that we are at around 350CE, or so, but, precise details aside, the real point is the horrible feeling of how inexorable it all is.

        B. Hussein Obama, as awful as he is, isn't as frightening as something else. The Anointed One could choose (sadly, he won't) to resign today. The REAL danger is that now, the USA is now comprised of a population that ACTUALLY ELECTED him. *That* won't just "go away" …

        Hashem, you who helped my father and mother survive the concentration camps, thus allowing me to have life, please help us now. Please!

        • Daniel Greenfield

          It's not inexorable, it's just hard to reverse. It may take another 20 years before we hit the irreversible point. That's our window to wake people up to the consequences of leftist power, political, cultural and institutional.

          • MotherGoose

            I''m going to have to cite you for optimism – how weird is that? I think we will hit irreversibility long before then. If the uneducated, dependent class re-elect this sorry excuse for a POTUS, I don't even give it 4 more years.

            You're one of my favorites and my first read everyday..keep up the great work. :)

          • objectivefactsmatter

            "It may take another 20 years before we hit the irreversible point."

            Assuming Iran can be controlled and no other state emerges with the same threats of nuclear blackmail.

  • Cathy

    All I can say is, "WAKE UP PEOPLE!"……

    This is not, nor has it ever been, a peaceful religion! There are not moderate muslims….. their religion has told them it is ok to lie, cheat and deceive those that do not follow Islam…. in order to either convert, enslave or annihilate them….

    • Daniel Greenfield

      They are moderate. You can tell because it says "Behead", not "Mutilate, Set on Fire and then Hold Corpse for Ransom".

      That's moderate Islam.

      • MikeWood

        I love that Daniel. Dark humour. I burst out laughing at work.

  • Paul R Brown

    My response to child holding "beheading" sign. Exterminate all who support Jiihad. The film "Innocent Muslim" told the truth. These murdering savages hate free speech especially when the truth about Muslims and Islam is foretold. The "Holy Koran" as the muslim in the Oval Office calls for the spread of Islam by any means necessary, and to murder anyone who offends the child-molesting Mohammad and anyone who does not convert must die.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "My response to child holding "beheading" sign. Exterminate all who support Jiihad. "


      "Re-education" sounds horrible because it is associated with using lies to support a totalitarian ideology. However, we can just as easily create a reeducation program with minimal standards for immigration. Any immigrant must now take more extensive classes before being granted permanent status as resident or citizen. Without permanent status, any Jihadi or mosque association is grounds for a multi-phased remedial program that can lead to deportation or imprisonment. Make sure to follow due process. Eventually you can apply this to those who violent crimes of treason, once more eyes are open as to what constitutes treason (remove the notion that a religious belief can protect one from being accused of treason).

      There will be no need to violate any current laws or Constitutional values. We only need to define the enemy with more clarity and precision to expose the treason occurring on a daily basis. Even if many beat the charges, if we have an even-handed and just prosecution of these offenses, the power will shift away from the fifth-columnists perhaps permanently. We need to name Islam specifically as being only partially protected as a religion in the same way that Shinto is partially protected: for individual worship, and not for political trouble-making.

  • גבר עצוב

    A lovely sidebar to the photo is the fact that a revolting Muslim hag (how can I know she is a revolting hag, given that her face is not showing? Easy: because she IS a revolting hag) is taking a picture of the adorable little tyke with an i-phone.

    How sweet. The myriad technologies that had to be developed to make it possible for her to have an i-phone, in many cases based on research in physics and engineering performed by Jews and other intelligent people, came from Direction A. The filthy hag, her filthy children, her filthy parents and every other aspect of her filthy background, came from Direction B. Direction B points 180 degrees away from Direction A.

  • Edward teach

    Get a petition going. It's not racist to protect our country and her people. DEPORT!!! DEPORT!!! DEPORT!!!

  • g_jochnowitz

    In addition to beheading, there is amputation as a punishment for theft, according to the Qur'an.
    Here's a case that happened in Mali a month ago:

  • Mike

    Doesn't Australia have child endangerment laws or child protection laws that prohibit such madness by an ignorant neglectful parent ?

  • FPF

    "Foreign Minister Bob Carr said he had asked all Australian diplomatic posts to “redouble their efforts” in closing the gap between Islamic and western societies" What gap? The distance between Muslim's sword and your neck?

  • zionit

    When in the history of Australia has there been protest signs calling for beheadings? It's a first – let it be the last. It's simple – Islam IS sharia and sharia IS savagery. Sharia is the antithesis of EVERTHING the West stands for.

  • Reese
    • egr

      Had to copy/paste your link into browser… I clicked on the link only to receive a message "not available"… I do believe google is biased lol

  • mindRider

    That's what Australia got after, indeed by democratic means of election ousting their former PM who DID take a strong stance against importing the Black Death of Islam into his country and electing the left wing softy Gillard.

  • Deerknocker

    The West has seen its share of intolerance but in rising above it the West has made a fetish of toleration. We now find ourselves in a quandary. Can a tolerant society tolerate intolerance? Is the tolerance inherent in a modern Western society a good thing if it requires that society to admit into its fold those who would infect that societies with violence and bigotry? I don't think it so terrible for the West to insist that any who seek to live among us first abandon any philosophy or creed that seeks the suppression, submission, and death of those who do no not share their beliefs. In short, tolerance of intolerance is not a virtue. Intolerance of intolerance is a virtue.

  • Ian

    Honour Killings have no place in the West, the parents of three teenage girls in Canada, last year killed by drowning, Crime guilty of listening to western music, Australia, teenage girl murdered because she refused
    to go back to Pakistan and marry a pakistani demanded by her parents, England teenage girl smothered with a plastic bag by her parents, crime wearing western clothes at school, and many more.
    I object strongly to paying taxes to keep these murderers in gaol , if they are found guilty execute them ,
    All out War with Islam is coming of that there is no doubt and the sooner better, the only part that upsets me
    is the huge number of Men Women and Children who will loose their lives in this conflict of cultures.
    Both cultures have good and bad points but there is no way tjhey can live together, it is now time to take
    action and bring on this War that has to be.

  • Domus Canus.

    The charnel house that was Libya the night Ambassador Stephens was sodomized, tortured and slaughtered was the last straw for me. It clearly showed the absence of reason from these islamic throwbacks who descended into an orgy of sex, blood, and a total disregard for human life, and in particular the life of this Ambassador. That an American president then came to the microphone and made reference to the 'insensitivity shown toward the religion of peas' with the making of some tu'penny ha'penny film was the night I walked away from showing any tolerance to that same, hate filled religion of peas, or in the man masquerading as an American President in the White House. In Australia there is at least one mother who made a sign for her kid that flaunts her demands for the beheading of those who are not in lock-step with her and her accursed religion. Yet Australia is the same country that gave her and her tribe sanctuary from whatever cave they crawled out of. Seemingly it's not enough as she demands all or nothing in her quest for submission to a guy that was murdering Jews and raping women and children in the 7th century. Today, she and the despicable acolytes of this cult seek to continue these same quaint customs that pander to a dead paedophile, and apparently this is the way to go if we want to survive. That aside, was this female arrested for incitement to murder her fellow citizens or has Australia fallen under the yolk of the bearded ones? As for me, as I have seen no evidence of any active brain power from these specimens of inhumanity I think it a good idea to make them irrelevant in every sphere of my own life. Many thanks to Daniel Greenfield for his splendid reporting on this subject.

  • Alexander Patalenski

    Islam must be forbidden as a sect, preaching violence and terror! The same way we have zero-tolerance to Neo-Nazism, the same should be applied to such “protests”! And, BTW, encouraging others to kill or humiliate is a serious felony anywhere in the world – what about Australia?!

  • Lujack Skylark

    Western Judeo Christian nations are importing the Moslems whom down the road will behead them. (Revelation 20:4) Our politicans have betrayed us.